HCGS Catalogue – Georgia

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GACensusThe Reconstructed 1790 Census of GeorgiaMarie De Lamar & Elisabeth Rothstein
GACensusGeorgia 1820 Census IndexRonald Vern Jackson
GACensusGeorgia 1830 Census IndexRonald Vern Jackson
GACensusGeorgia 1840 Census IndexRonald Vern Jackson
GACensusGeorgia 1850 Census IndexRonald Vern Jackson
GACensusGeorgia 1860Ronald Vern Jackson
GACensusGeorgia 1860 Agricultural CensusVol. 1Linda L. Green
GACensusGeorgia 1860 Agricultural CensusVol. 2Linda L. Green
GACensus1864 Census for Re-organizing the Georgia MilitiaNancy J. Cornell
GACensusIndexes to Seven State Census Reports for Counties in Georgia 1838-1845Brigid S. Townsend
GACensusCensuses for Georgia Counties Taliaferro 1827, Lumpkin 1838 & Chatham 1845
GADeathsAbstracts of Georgia Death Notices From The Southern Recorder 1830 - 1855Mrs. Vernon L. Lemaster
GAMarriagesColonial Georgia Marriage Records From 1760-1810Frances T. Ingmire
GAMarriagesMarriages and Deaths 1763 to 1820Mary Bondurant Warren
GAMarriagesA Resource Guide to Georgia Marriage Records
GACourtsGeorgia Intestate RecordsJeanette Holland Austin
GACourtsGeorgia's 1832 Gold LotteryMary Bondurant Warren
GACourts1805 Georgia Land LotteryVirginia S. Wood & Ralph V. Wood
GACourts1807 Georgia Land Lottery Fortunate Drawers and GranteesPaul K. Graham
GACourtsAbstracts of Georgia Land Plat Books A & B 1779-1785Vol. 1Nathan & Kaydee Mathews
GACourtsAn Index to Georgia Colonial Conveyances and Confiscated Land Records 1750-1804
GACourtsAuthentic List of All Land Lottery Grants Made To Veterans of the Revolutionary Wary by the State of GeorgiaAlex M. Hitz
GACourtsGeorgia Land Lottery ResearchPaul K. Graham
GACourtsGeorgia's Revolutionary Bounty Land Records 1783-1785Nicole M. O'Kelley & Mary Bondurant Warren
GACourtsReprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827Martha Lou Houston
GACourtsThe 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of GeorgiaJames F. Smith
GACourts1832 Cherokee Land Lottery Revolutionary WinnersMarian M. Richardson & Jessie J. Mize
GACourtsThe 1833 Land Lottery of Georgia and Other Missing Names of Winners in the Georgia Land LotteriesRobert S. Davis, Jr.
GACourtsThe Fourth or 1821 Land Lottery of GeorgiaRev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GACourtsThe Georgia Land Lottery Papers 1805-1914Robert S. Davis, Jr. & Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GACourtsThe Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia
GACourtsThe Third or 1820 Land Lottery of GeorgiaRev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GACourtsPassports Issued by Governors of Georgia, 1785 to 1809Mary G. Bryan
GACourtsPassports Issued by Governors of Georgia, 1810 to 1820Mary G. Bryan
GACourtsSome Early Tax Digests of GeorgiaRuth Blair
GACourtsAbstracts of Colonial Wills of the State of Georgia 1733-1777Willard E. Wight
GACourtsAbstracts of Georgia WillsVol. 1Jeanette Holland Austin
GACourtsGeorgia Wills 1733-1860Ted O. Brooke
GACourtsIndex to Georgia WillsJeanette Holland Austin
GAHistoriesA History of GeorgiaKenneth Coleman
GAHistoriesHistorical Collections of GeorgiaRev. George White
GAHistoriesHistory of GeorgiaVol. 1Charles C. Jones, Jr., LL.D.
GAHistoriesHistory of GeorgiaVol. 2Charles C. Jones, Jr., LL.D.
GAHistoriesHistory of the Public Domain of GeorgiaS.G. McLendon
GAMilitaryGeorgia Confederate 7,000Gary Ray Goodson, Sr.
GAMilitaryGeorgia Confederate 7,000 - Part II: Letters and DiariesGary Ray Goodson, Sr.
GAMilitaryRoster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865Juanita S. Brightwell, Eunice S. Lee & Elsie C. Fulghum
GAMilitary600 Revolutionary Soldiers Living in Georgia in 1827-8Martha Lou Houston
GAMilitaryGeorgia Citizens and Soldiers of the American RevolutionRobert S. Davis, Jr.
GAMilitaryIndex to War of 1812 Service Records for Volunteer Soldiers From GeorgiaJudy Swaim Kratovil
GACemeteriesGeorgia Revolutionary War Soldiers' GravesVol. 1H. Rossw Arnold, Jr. & H. Clifton Burnham
GACemeteriesGeorgia Revolutionary War Soldiers' GravesVol. 2H. Rossw Arnold, Jr. & H. Clifton Burnham
GACemeteries30,638 Burials in GeorgiaJeanette Holland Austin
GASchoolsIndex to Georgia Poor-School and Academy Records, 1826-1850
GAGeneralA Brief History of Early Methodist Societies & Meeting Houses in Broad River ValleyJohn Wight Boyd, Sr. & Rev. Harold A. Lawrence, Jr.
GAGeneralA Decade of Georgia Information1851-1861
GAGeneralA Decade of Georgia Information 1851-1861
GAGeneralA Researcher's Library of Georgia History, Genealogy, and Record SourcesRobert Scott Davis, Jr.
GAGeneralA Researcher's Library of Georgia History, Genealogy, and Record SourcesVol. 2Robert Scott Davis, Jr.
GAGeneralColonial Georgia Genealogical Data 1748-1783No. 36William H. Dumont
GAGeneralDavis Names in Georgia 1870 Census Index
GAGeneralFamilies of Southeastern GeorgiaJack N. Averitt
GAGeneralGenealogical Material From Legal Notices in Early Georgia NewspapersJudge Folks Huxford, F.A.S.G.
GAGeneralGeorgia Families: A Biographical ListingDonald M. Hehir
GAGeneralGeorgia Genealogical BiblographyMary Bondurant Warren
GAGeneralGeorgia Genealogical GleaningsEmma Barrett Reeves
GAGeneralGeorgia Genealogical ResearchGeorge K. Schweitzer, Ph. D., Sc. D.
GAGeneralGeorgia PensionersVol. 1Dorothy E. Payne
GAGeneralGeorgia Research: A Handbook for Genealogists, Historians,Archivists, Lawyers, Librarians, and Other ResearchersSecond EditionRobert S. Davis & Ted O. Brooke
GAGeneralGeorgiansGov. George Rockingham Gilmer
GAGeneralGone to Georgia: Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and their Neighbors in the Western MigrationNo. 30William C. Stewart
GAGeneralIndex to Georgia's 1867-1868 Returns of Qualified Voters and Registration Oath Books (White)John David Brandenburg & Rita Binkley Worthy
GAGeneralInformation on Some Georgia Pioneers Joseph T. Maddox
GAGeneralMarriages and Obituaries From Early Georgia NewspapersRev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralPioneer Days Along The OcmulgeeFussell M. Chalker
GAGeneralResearch in GeorgiaRobert Scott Davis, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 1Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 2Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 3Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 5Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 6Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 7Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 8Edward E. Van Schaick, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 9Edward E. Van Schaick, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Georgia County RecordsVol. 10Edward E. Van Schaick, Jr.
GAGeneralSome Southern Colonial FamiliesVol. 1Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAGeneralThe Dorman-Mashbourne LettersJohn W. Lynch
GAGeneralThe Georgia Black BookRobert Scott Davis, Jr.
GAGeneralThe Georgia Black BookVol. 2Robert Scott Davis, Jr.
GAGeneralThe Georgia Frontier: Colonial Families to the Revolutionary War PeriodVol. 1Jeanette Holland Austin
GAGeneralThe Georgia Frontier: Descendants of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina FamiliesVol. 3Jeanette Holland Austin
GAGeneralThe Georgia Frontier: Revolutionary War Families to the Mid 1800'sVol. 2Jeanette Holland Austin
GAGeneralThe Georgians: Genealogies of Pioneer SettlersJeanette Holland Austin
GAGeneralThe Germans of Colonial Georgia 1733-1783George F. Jones
GAGeneralWhite Columns in GeorgiaMedora Field Perkerson
GAGeneralWhites among the CherokeesMary B. Warren & Eve B. Weeks
GAPeriodicalsGenealogical Gazette1984-1989
GAPeriodicalsGeorgia Genalogical Magazine1966-1968 & 1983-1984
GAPeriodicalsGeorgia Genalogical Magazine1985-1988
GAPeriodicalsGeorgia Genalogical Magazine1990-1992 & 1995
GAPeriodicalsGeorgia Genalogical Magazine & Master Index for Numbers 1-46, 1961-19721996 & Index
GAPeriodicalsGeorgia Settlers2001
GAPeriodicalsThe Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly1977 & 1982-1987
GAPeriodicalsThe Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly1988-1991 & 1994
GAPeriodicalsThe Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly1995-1996 & 2008
GAPeriodicalsThe Georgia Genealogist1978-1984
GAPeriodicalsAncestor Update1992-1993 & 2005
GAPeriodicalsGeorgia Genealogical Survey1981-1982
GAPeriodicalsNorth Georgia Journal1984-1992
GAPeriodicalsNorthwest Georgia Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly1979-1982
GAPeriodicalsNorthwest Georgia Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly1982-1986
GAPeriodicalsThe Were Here1968 & 1971
GAPeriodicalsThe Armchair Researcher1980-1981 & 1983
GAPeriodicalsThe Backtracker1982 & 1988
GABaldwinDeathsDeath from the Federal Union: Baldwin Co., GeorgiaSilas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GABaldwinHistoriesHistory of Baldwin County GeorgiaAnna Maria Green Cook
GABartowHistoriesBartow County Georgia Heritage BookVol. 1
GABartowPeriodicalsFamily Research Library1994-1999
GABibbMarriages and Obituaries From The Macon Messenger1818-1865Willard R. Rocker
GABurkeCemeteriesCemetery Records of Burke County GeorgiaJames A. Braswell, Sr., & Marjorie Abbott Braswell
GABurkeGeneralThe Families of Burke County, 1755-1855 a CensusRobert Scott Davis, Jr. & Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
GAButtsCensusCitizens of Butts County, Georgia 1860 Census IndexFrances T. Ingmire
GACalhounCemeteriesCemeteries of Calhoun County Georgia
GACarrollHistoriesThe Heritage of Carroll County Georgia 1826-2001
GAChathamCourtsAbstracts of Wills Chatham County, Georgia 1773-1817No. 6Mabel Freeman La Far & Caroline Price Wilson
GAClaytonCensus1900 U.S. Census Clayton County GeorgiaDoris F. Curry
GAClaytonMarriagesMarriage Index Clayton County, GeorgiaBooks: A,B,C,D (Females)Doris F. Curry
GAClaytonPeriodicalsAncestors Unlimited Edition1980-1987
GAClaytonPeriodicalsAncestors Unlimited Edition1988-1991
GACobbHistoriesThe First Hundred Years: A Short History of Cobb County, in GeorgiaSarah Blackwell Gober Temple
GAColumbiaCemeteriesCemetery Records of Columbia County Georgia
GACowetaCensus1850 Coweta County Georgia CensusShirley Pitts Steinback
GACowetaCensusThe 1860 Census of Coweta County, GeorgiaShirley Pitts Steinback
GACowetaCensusThe 1870 Census of Coweta County, GeorgiaShirley Pitts Steinback
GACowetaCensus1900 U.S. Census of Coweta County, GeorgiaVol. 1Jewel Layfield Kee
GACowetaCensus1900 U.S. Census of Coweta County, GeorgiaVol. 2
GACowetaCensus1900 Census Coweta County GeorgiaVol. 3, Index
GACowetaCensusThe 1910 Census of Coweta County, GeorgiaVol. 1Shirley Pitts Steinback
GACowetaCensusThe 1910 Census of Coweta County, GeorgiaVol. 2Shirley Pitts Steinback
GACowetaCourtsCoweta County, Georgia Distribution of Estates 1844-1892Book 1
GACowetaCourtsLetters of Guardianship Book B Coweta County, GeorgiaVol. 1, 1879-1899
GACowetaCourtsEarly Wills Coweta County, Geogia 1827-1910
GACowetaHistoriesCoweta County ChroniclesMary G. Jones & Lily Reynolds
GACowetaCommunitiesVanished Communities of Coweta CountyEdward W. & Helen T. Wolak
GACowetaCemeteriesCoweta County, Georgia Cemeteries
GACowetaGeneralKith & Kin: Some Early Families of Moreland, GeorgiaEmory Murphy
GACowetaGeneralLife in Coweta County at the Turn of the CenturyEdward W. & Helen T. Wolak
GACowetaGeneralCoweta County, Georgia Pioneers From the 1827 Land Lottery, 1830 Census and 1840 Census
GACowetaPeriodicalsNorma's Coweta Chatter1975-1981
GACowetaPeriodicalsThe Coweta Courier1982-1985 & 1992-1997
GACowetaPeriodicalsThe Coweta Courier1997-2006
GACowetaPeriodicalsThe Coweta Courier2006-2016
GADadeCensus1850 U.S. Census Dade County GeorgiaDr. John F. Schunk
GADecaturMarriagesDecatur County, Georgia Early Marriage Records & Abstracts of Early Wills
GADecaturHistoriesThe History of Decatur CountyFrank S. Jones
GADeKalbMarriagesState of Georgia DeKalb County Marriage Records 1840-1848Mary McCullough
GADeKalbMarriagesState of Georgia DeKalb County Marriage Book A 1846-1856Mary S. Fisher
GADeKalbGeneralResurgens 1882-1992 (Atlanta Fire Dept.)
GADoughertyCemeteriesDougherty County Georgia CemeteriesBook 1
GADoughertyCemeteriesDougherty County Georgia CemeteriesBook 2
GADouglasPeriodicalsDouglas County, Georgia Genealogy1978-1980
GAEarlyHistoriesSome Pioneer History of Early County1818-1871Joel W. Perry
GAElbertMarriagesElbert County, Georgia Marriage Records 1804-1859Frances T. Ingmire
GAElbertMarriagesElbert County MarriagesJoyce Hill Gossett
GAFayetteMarriagesFayette County, Georgia Marriage Records 1823-1850Frances T. Ingmire
GAFloydCensus1860 Federal Census of Floyd County, GeorgiaGrover Calvin Anderson
GAFloydMarriagesFloyd County, Georgia Marriage Records 1837-1870Frances T. Ingmire
GAFloydHistoriesA History of Rome and Floyd CountyGeorge Magruder Battey, Jr.
GAFloydHistoriesRome & Floyd County: An Illustrated HistorySesquicentennial Edition
GAFloydCemeteriesPleasant Hope Cemetery Floyd County, Georgia
GAFloydGeneralAll Roads To RomeRoger Aycock
GAFranklinHistoriesHistory of Franklin County Georgia
GAFultonCommunitiesHistory of Hapeville GeorgiaEdwin Milton
GAGilmerCensus1850 Federal Census Gilmer County Georgia
GAGradyGeneral"The Messenger's First Fifty Years" - Grady 1904-1953
GAGreeneMarriagesGreene County, Georgia Marriage Records1788-1875Frances T. Ingmire
GAGreeneHistoriesHistory of Greene County, GeorgiaDr. Thaddeus Brockett Rice & Carolyn White Williams
GAGreeneChurchesConference Minutes of Bethesda Baptist Church Union Point (Greene County) GeorgiaVivian Toole Cates
GAGwinnettMarriagesGwinnett County, Georgia: Marriages 1833-1900
GAGwinnettHistoryHistory of Gwinnett County Georgia 1818-1943Vol. 1James C. Flanigan
GAGwinnettGeneralGwinnett County Families, 1818-1968Alice Smythe McCabe
GAHancockGeneralHancock County, Georgia Early Records
GAHancockGeneralSome Members and Some History and Records of Some Hancock County, GA. ChurchesMargarette Goldsby Gaissert
GAHancockGeneralSome Members and Records and History of Some Hancock County, Georgia Churches and Hancock Cemeteries up to 1940Vol. 2Margarette Goldsby Gaissert
GAHarrisMarriagesHarris County, Georgia Marriage Records1827-1860Frances T. Ingmire
GAHeardCemeteriesHeard Co. Georgia CemeteriesLynda S. Eller
GAHeardPeriodicalsHeard Heritage1979-1980 & 1982
GAHenryMarriagesHenry County, Georgia Marriage Records 1822-1850Frances T. Ingmire
GAHenryMarriagesHenry County Georgia Marriage Records 1851-1900Freda R. Turner
GAJacksonCensusThe 1860 Census of Jackson County, GeorgiaTerri B. Boyd
GAJasperMarriagesJasper County, Georgia Marriage Records1808-1850Frances T. Ingmire
GAJonesMarriagesJones County, Georgia Marriage Records1813-1870Frances T. Ingmire
GAJonesHistoriesHistory of Jones County, Georgia 1807-1907Bicentennial EditionCarolyn White Williams
GALincolnCensusAn 1800 Census for Lincoln County, GeorgiaFrank Parker Hudson
GAMaconHistoriesHistory of Macon County GeorgiaLouise Frederick Hays
GAMeriwetherHistoriesHistorical Account of Meriwether County 1827-1974Regina P. Pinkston
GAMeriwetherHistoriesThe Heritage of Meriwether County Georgia 1827-2004
GAMeriwetherChurchesHistory of Allen-Lee Memorial United Methodist Church (Formerly Old Prospect Methodist Church) Lone Oak, Georgia 1844-1985Eleanor Culpepper Willingham
GAMeriwetherGeneralPioneers of Meriwether County, Georgia as reported in the Meriwether Vindicator
GAMitchellMarriagesMitchell County, Georgia Marriage RecordsMax L. Tatum
GAMuscogeeHistoriesColumbus Georgia 1827-1865John H. Martin
GAMuscogeeHistoriesColumbus Georgia 1827-1865, Index to
GANewtonMarriagesNewton County, Georgia Marriage Records 1822-1870Frances T. Ingmire
GAOglethorpeCensusThe 1800 Census of Oglethorpe County GeorgiaMary B. Warren
GAQuitmanCensus1860 Census Quitman County, GeorgiaSheryl Foster Harris
GARabunGeneralSketches of Rabun County History 1819-1948Andrew Jackson Ritchie
GARichmondCemeteriesSummerville Cemetery Augusta, Georgia
GAStephensHistoriesThe History of Stephens County GeorgiaKathryn Curtis Trogdon
GAStewartHistoriesHistory of Stewart County GeorgiaVol. 2Sara robertson Dixon & A.H. Clark
GASumterCommunitiesThis Was AndersonvilleJohn McElroy
GATroupMarriagesTroup County, Georgia Marriage Records 1830-1850Frances T. Ingmire
GATroupCourtsEstate Records of Troup County, Georgia 1827-1850Randall A. Allen & Danny Knight
GATroupHistoryHistory of Troup CountyClifford L. Smith
GATroupCemeteriesFamily, Church, and Community Cemeteries of Troup County , GeorgiaDorothy McClendon, Lillie Lambert & Danny Knight
GATroupCemeteriesMemories In Marble: Hill View and Hill View Annex CemeteriesVol. 06Forrest Clark Johnson, III
GATroupGeneralPaid in Kind: The History of Medicine in Troup County, 1830-1930Glenda Major
GATroupGeneralPeople of LaGrange and Troup County, GeorgiaVol. 05Forrest Clark Johnson, III
GAWalkerCensus1860 Census of Walker County, GeorgiaJessie June Griffith
GAWashingtonCemeteriesWashington County Georgia Tombstone InscriptionsElizabeth Pritchard Newsom
GAWilkesMarriagesWilkes County, Georgia Marriage Records 1792-1832Frances T. Ingmire
GAWilkesCourtsWilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A - VV 1784-1806Michal Martin Farmer
GAWilkesCourtsWilkes County, Georgia Tax Records, 1785-1805Vol. 1Frank Parker Hudson
GAWilkesCourtsWilkes County, Georgia Tax Records, 1785-1805Vol. 2Frank Parker Hudson
GAWilkesHistoriesChronicles of Wilkes County, GeorgiaMary Bondurant Warren
GAWilkesMilitaryArrangement of District Companies Col. Cunningham's Battalion Wilkes County, Ga. Militia 1790Frank Parker Hudson
GAWilkesGeneralEarly Records of GeorgiaVol's 1 & 2Grace Gillam Davidson
GAWilkesGeneralThe Wilkes County Papers 1778-1833Robert Scott Davis, Jr.
GAWilkinsonCourtsWilkinson County, Georgia Wills 1817-1920Joseph T. Maddox
GAWilkinsonHistoriesHistory of Wilkinson CountyVictor Davidson
GAWorthMarriagesWorth County, Georgia Marriage RecordsMax L. Tatum