Membership in HCGS is from January 1 through December 31. Annual dues are $20.00 for an Individual Membership and $25.00 for a Family Membership (2 adults living in the same household; one quarterly per household). Unfortunately because of cost increases it is necessary to add a $1.00 to the Membership renewals for those members who use Paypal to pay their  dues. Dues should be sent in by January 31st of the membership year. Members receive the Hopkins County Heritage, the society quarterly, following the end of each quarter, March, June, September, and December. If you join later in the year, you will receive all issues for the current year, if they are available. The December issue contains a membership list and surnames being researched.

Hopkins County Heritage

The quarterly published by our Society usually consists of 36 pages, with exception being the December issue which contains the membership and surname list. The yearly total of pages is approximately 150 pages. In 1995, our quarterly was selected the best quarterly in the state by the Texas State Genealogical Society, and we have continued to win other awards. We strive to uphold that recognition. The quarterly is mailed to over 125 members and 80 exchanges, which are located in many different states and university libraries. The quarterly is received by all members, and back issues are available for $5.00 each, plus postage. (See Hopkins County Publications for Sale page)

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