Large Archival Books

This collection is essential for those exploring historical legal records in Hopkins County. Dating from the late 19th to mid-20th century, it provides insight into societal and legal settings of the time. The collection features diverse records: jail logs, civil and criminal dockets, district clerks’ minutes, business ledgers, tax rolls, school records, birth and death registers, chattel mortgages, Assessor’s abstracts, and more.

Below is a database of the large red archival books for Hopkins County. Use this finding aid to locate the title you wish to see in our library.
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Shelf #
11Justice Criminal Docket1931
12Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
13Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
14Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
15Criminal Docket JP Court
Precinct 1
16JP Criminal Docket1940
17JP Criminal Docket1942
18JP Criminal Docket1945-1946
19JP Criminal Docket1946-1948
110JP Criminal Docket1949-1950
111JP Criminal Docket1950-1951
112JP Criminal Docket1951-1952
113JP Criminal Docket1952-1953
114JP Criminal Docket1953-1954
115JP Criminal Docket1956
116JP Criminal Docket1957
117JP Criminal Docket1958
118JP Criminal Docket1959
119JP Criminal Docket1959
120JP Criminal Docket1960
121JP Criminal Docket1960
122JP Criminal Docket1961
123JP Criminal Docket1961-1962
124JP Criminal Docket1962
125JP Criminal Docket1963
126JP Criminal Docket1963
127JP Criminal Docket1965
128JP Criminal Docket1966
129JP Criminal Docket1967
130JP Criminal Docket1967
131JP Criminal Docket1968
132JP Criminal Docket1968
133JP Criminal Docket1968
134JP Criminal Docket1968
135JP Criminal Docket1969
136JP Criminal Docket1969
137JP Criminal Docket1970
138JP Criminal Docket1970
139Justice Criminal Docket1970
140Justice Criminal Docket1970
141Justice Criminal Docket1971
142Justice Criminal Docket1971
243Justice Criminal Docket1973
244Justice Criminal Docket1973
245Justice Criminal Docket1974
246Justice Criminal Docket1974
247Justice Criminal Docket1974
248Justice Criminal Docket1974
249Justice Criminal Docket1974
250Justice Criminal Docket1975
251Justice Criminal Docket1975
252Justice Criminal Docket1975
253Justice Criminal Docket1975
254Justice Criminal Docket1975
255Justice Criminal Docket1976
256Justice Criminal Docket1976
257Justice Criminal Docket1976
258Justice Criminal Docket1976
259Justice Criminal Docket1976
260Justice Criminal Docket1976
261Justice Criminal Docket1977
262Justice Criminal Docket1977
263Justice Criminal Docket1977
264Justice Criminal Docket1977
265Justice Criminal Docket1978
266Justice Criminal Docket1978
267Justice Criminal Docket1978
268Justice Criminal Docket1978
269Justice Criminal Docket1978
270Justice Criminal Docket1979
271Justice Criminal Docket1979
272Justice Criminal Docket1979
273Justice Criminal Docket1979
274Justice Criminal Docket1979
275Justice Criminal Docket1980
276Justice Criminal Docket1980
277Justice Criminal Docket1980
278Justice Criminal Docket1980
279Justice Criminal Docket1980
280Justice Criminal Docket1980
281Justice Criminal Docket1981
282Justice Criminal Docket1981
283Justice Criminal Docket1981
284Justice Criminal Docket1981
285Justice Criminal Docket1981
386Justice Criminal Docket1982
387Justice Criminal Docket1982
388Justice Criminal Docket1982
389Justice Criminal Docket1982
390Justice Criminal Docket1982
391Justice Criminal Docket1982
392Justice Criminal Docket1983
393Justice Criminal Docket1983
394Justice Criminal Docket1983
395Justice Criminal Docket1983
396Justice Criminal Docket1983
397Justice Criminal Docket1983
398Justice Criminal Docket1983
399Justice Criminal Docket1983
3100Justice Criminal Docket1984
3101Justice Criminal Docket1984
3102Justice Criminal Docket1984
3103Justice Criminal Docket1984
3104Justice Criminal Docket1984
3105Justice Criminal Docket1985
3106Justice Criminal Docket1985
3107Justice Criminal Docket1985
3108Justice Criminal Docket1985
3109Justice Criminal Docket1985
3110Justice Criminal Docket1985
3111Justice Criminal Docket1986
3112Justice Criminal Docket1986
3113Justice Criminal Docket1986
3114Justice Criminal Docket1986
3115Constables Criminal Minutes1930-1933
3116Hopkins Co. Court Records1846-1850
3117Hopkins Co. Court Records1850-1854
3118Hopkins Co. Court Records1854-1856
3119Hopkins Co. Court Records1856-1859
3120Jury FundsFeb 1898-Nov 1906
3121Jury FundsNov 1906-Jun 1918
3122Jury Trial Docket1897-1904
3125Jury Certificates
District Court
3126Jury Certificates
District Court
3127Jury Certificates
District Court
3128JP Jury List1915-1926
3129Juror's Timebook1911-1926
3130Juror's Timebook1927-1935
3131Juror's Timebook1934-1940
3132Witness Account Cert.1937-1948
3133Record of Convict Labor
3134Register of Prisoners
Hopkins County Jail
3135Register of Prisoners
Hopkins County Jail
3136Prisoners's Jail Register1950
3137Register of Prisoners
Confined in County Jail
3138Prisoner Registry of
Hopkins County Jail
3139Prisoners Confined in
Hopkins County Jail
3140Record of Bail, HC1977-1984
3141Record of Bail, HC1984-1986
3142Record of Bail, HC1986-1989
3143Record of Bail, HC1989-1990
3144Record of Bail, HC1990-1991
3145Record of Bail, HC1991-1992
3146Courthouse & Jail Funds1894-1902
4147Criminal Docket1893-1897
4148Criminal Docket1897-1900
4149Criminal Docket1901-1904
4150Criminal Docket, Precinct 1Aug 1903-Nov 1906
4151Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
Nov 1906-May 1909
4152Criminal Docket, Prec. 11909-1911
4153Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
4154Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
4155Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
4156Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
4157Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 1
4158Criminal Docket, Prec. 21919-1922
4159Criminal Docket, Prec. 4Aug 1913-Sep 1916
4160Criminal Docket, Prec. 41916-1921
4161Criminal Docket, Prec. 41920-1926
4162Criminal Docket, Prec. 41926-1930
4163Criminal Docket, Prec. 41930-1932
4164Criminal Docket, Prec. 41952-1953
4165Number was missed - No Book
4166Criminal Docket, Prec. 4Feb 1958-Aug 1959
4167Criminal Docket, Prec. 4Sep 1959-Apr 1961
4168Criminal Docket, Prec. 61921-1928
4169Criminal Docket, Prec. 61931-1940
4170Criminal Docket, Prec. 61940-1955
4171Justice Criminal Docket
Precinct 8
4172Justice Criminal Docket1924-1948
4173Justice Criminal DocketJul 1927-Feb 1928
4174Justice Criminal DocketApr 1925-May 1926
4175Justice Criminal Docket1943-1945
4176Justice Criminal DocketDec 1965-Apr 1966
4177Justice Criminal Docket1979-1981
4178Justice Criminal DocketApr 1987-Nov 1987
4179Justice Criminal DocketJul 1989-Dec 1990
4180Justice Criminal DocketJan 1991-Aug 1991
4181Justice Criminal DocketSep 1991-Sep 1992
4182Justice Criminal DocketOct 1992-Dec 1994
4183Inquest Minute Book, Prec. 11894-1929
4184Inquest Record, Prec. 11930-1943
4185Inquest Record, Prec. 1Jun 1943-Jan 1952
4186Inquest Record, Prec. 11952-1956
4187Inquest Record, Prec. 1Apr 1956-Oct 1965
4188Inquest Record, Prec. 1Oct 1965-Apr 1969
4189Inquest Record, Prec. 1Apr 1969-May 1972
4190Inquest Record, Prec. 1Jun 1972-Nov 1974
4191Inquest Record, Prec. 1Dec 1974-Jul 1977
4192Inquest Record, Prec. 1Aug 1977-Jul 1979
4193Inquest Record, Prec. 1Aug 1979-Jun 1981
4194Inquest Record, Prec. 1Aug 1981-Oct 1983
4195Inquest Record, Prec. 1Oct 1983-Oct 1985
4196Inquest Record, Prec. 1Oct 1985-Feb 1987
4197Inquest Record, Prec. 1Feb 1987-Dec 1987
4198Inquest Record, Prec. 3Apr 1947-Mar 1958
4199Inquest Minute Book, Prec. 81903-1948
4200Criminal Docket Fee BookOct 1901-Mar 1904
4201Criminal Docket & Fee BookNov 1906-Mar 1909
4202Criminal Fee Book1907-1910
4203Criminal Fee Book1914-1917
4204Criminal Fee BookJul 1917-Oct 1919
4205Criminal Fee Book
District Court
4206Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11922-1923
4207Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11923-1924
4208Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11924-1926
4209Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11926-1927
4210Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11929-1931
4211Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11931-1932
4212Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11932-1934
4213Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11936-1939
4214Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11943-1947
4215Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11947-1951
4216Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11970-1974
4217Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11974-1977
4218Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11977-1979
4219Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11979-1982
4220Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11982-1983
4221Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11983-1985
4222Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11985-1986
4223Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11986-1987
4224Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11987-1988
4225Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 11989-1990
4226Justice Criminal Docket Prec. 1Feb 1928-Jan 1929
4227Examining Trial Docket, Prec. 21900-1904
5228Diposed Criminal Docket
County Court
5229Diposed Criminal Docket1906-1915
5230Diposed Criminal Docket1915-1931
5231Diposed Criminal Docket1924-1938
5232Diposed Criminal Docket
Precinct 3
5233Diposed Criminal Docket
Precinct 4
5234Diposed Criminal Docket
Precinct 5
5235Diposed Criminal Docket
Precinct 6
5236Criminal Docket1930-1945
5237Criminal Docket1946-1948
5238Criminal Docket1949-1950
5239Criminal Docket1950-1953
5240Probate Docket1905-1925
5241Criminal Docket Retired1929-1934
5242Past Criminal Cases1932-1946
5243State of Texas vs. San Antonio Brewing Assoc.,Lone Star Brewing Co., Houston Ice & Brewing Co., American Brewing Assoc., Galveston Brewing Co. & Texas Brewing Co.Vol. 3
Filed 8 Mar 1916
5244Record of Sheriff's Returns #21942-1953
5245JP Criminal Docket
Examining Trials
5246JP Criminal Docket1948-1949
5247JP Examining Trial Docket1951-1956
5248JP Criminal Docket, Prec. 21929-Dec 1946
5249JP Criminal Docket1938-1949
5250JP Criminal Docket1949-1950
5251JP Criminal Docket
Examining Trials
5252Criminal Docket - Examining Trial1951-1956
5253JP Criminal Docket, Prec. 41951-1952
5254Justice Criminal Docket1927-1930
5255JP Criminal Docket, Prec. 1Feb 1918-Nov 1921
5256Hot Check Docket, #1Feb 1984-Aug 1986
5257Small Claims DocketAug 1967-Apr 1974
5258Small Claims DocketApr 1974-Oct 1977
5259Small Claims DocketOct 1977-Jul 1985
5260JP Criminal Docket, Prec. 5Nov 1956-Feb 1958
5261Criminal Docket JP CourtApr 1910-Jun 1914
5262Minutes of Sheriff's
Account, No. 7
5263JP Criminal Docket, Prec. 11939-1940
5264Justice Examining Trial Docket1956-1962
6265Sheriff Docket1896-1911
6266Sheriff's Foreign Docket1889-1891
6267Sheriff's Foreign Docket1948-1953
6268Sheriff's Foreign Docket1954-1958
6269Sheriff's Foreign Docket1959-1961
6270Sheriff's Foreign Docket1961-1964
6271Sheriff's Foreign Docket1964-1967
6272Sheriff's Foreign Docket1967-1968
6273Sheriff's Foreign Docket1968-1970
6274Sheriff's Foreign Docket1970-1972
6275Sheriff's Foreign Docket1972-1974
6276Sheriff's Foreign Docket1974-1976
6277Sheriff's Foreign Docket1976-1977
6278Sheriff's Foreign Docket1977-1979
6279Sheriff's Foreign Docket1979-1980
6280Sheriff's Foreign Docket1980-1981
6281Sheriff's Foreign Docket1981-1982
6282Sheriff's Foreign Docket1982-1984
6283Sheriff's Foreign Docket1984-1985
6284Sheriff's Foreign Docket1985-1986
6285Sheriff's Foreign Docket1986-1987
6286Sheriff's Foreign Docket1987-1988
6287Sheriff's Foreign Docket1988-1989
6288General Fund Ledger1951
6289Treasurer's Cash-Book
Jul 1882-Dec 1889
6290Treasurer's Cash-Book
General Fund
Feb 1891-Jul 1899
6291Treasurer's Cash-Book1898
6292Treasurer's Cash-Book
Road & Bridge
Feb 1906-Nov 1912
6293Treasurer's Cash-Book
Court House Special
May 1912-Dec 1922
6294Treasurer's Cash-Book
Special Road Fund
Mar 1913-Aug 1922
6295Treasurer's Cash-Book
County Farm
Aug 1915-Dec 1922
6296Treasurer's Cash-Book
Sinking Fund, Dist. 1
Nov 1916-Dec 1922
6297Treasurer's Cash-Book
Sinking Fund, Dist. 2
6298Treasurer's Cash-Book
Sinking Fund, Dist. 3
6299Treasurer's Cash-Book
Levy Improvement, Dist. 1
Feb 1917-Dec 1922
6300Treasurer's Cash-Book
Jury Fund #4
Aug 1918-Dec 1922
6301Treasurer's Claim Register1919-1925
6302Treasurer's Cash-Book #2May 1919-May 1922
6303Treasurer's Cash-Book
Road & Bridge
Jun 1922-Dec 1923
6304Felony Cases1907-1909
6305Sheriff's Docket & Fee BookJun 1887-Jan 1890
6306Sheriff's Criminal DocketNov 1888-Nov 1893
6307County Treasurer's Cash-Book
School Fund
6308The Progressive Farmer Ledger
of C.C. Small
6309Wester Store JournalsJan 1965-Jul 1966
6310Wester Store JournalsAug 1966-Mar 1968
6311Wester Store JournalsJan 1970-Oct 1972
6312Animals Kills in the
Railway Right of Way
6313Justice Civil Docket1972-May 1975
6314Justice Civil DocketApr 1975-Jan 1980
6315Justice Civil DocketJan 1980-Apr 1984
6316Justice Civil DocketApr 1984-Jan 1986
6317Justice Civil DocketJan 1986-Jul 1987
6318Bond Register, Dist. 11916-1920
6319Minutes of Sheriff's AccountApr 1892-Nov 1895
6320Minutes of Sheriff's AccountApr 1896-May 1897
6321Minutes of Sheriff's Account1916-1919
6322Minutes County Trustees1927-1978
6323Sheriff's Docket & Fee BookFeb 1881-Jun 1883
6324Sheriff's Docket & Fee BookSep 1874-Jan 1876
6325Hopkins Co. Criminal SubpoenasSep 1919-Feb 1920
6326Hopkins Co. Criminal Subpoenas1927
6327Hopkins Co. Criminal SubpoenasSep 1932-Feb 1933
6328Annual Statement of School
Funds for Hopkins County
6329Annual Statement of School
Funds for Hopkins County
6330Annual Statement of School
Funds for Hopkins County
6331Annual Statement of School
Funds for Hopkins County
6332Annual Statement of School
Funds for Hopkins County
6333Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookFeb 1941-Jul 1941
6334Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookNov 1941-Feb 1942
6335Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookJan 1943-Apr 1943
6336Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookApr 1943-Sep 1943
6337Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookSep 1943-Dec 1943
6338Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookJun 1944-Nov 1944
6339Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookMar 1945-Aug 1945
6340Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookAug 1945-Jan 1946
6341Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookJan 1946-Jul 1946
6342Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookJul 1946-De 1946
6343Hopkins Co. Fee Receipt BookApr 1949-Sep 1949
7344Justice Civil Docket, Prec. 11958-1959
7345Justice Civil Docket, Prec. 21929-1936
7346Civil Docket1932-1940
7347Ledger (unknown)1930's
7348Civil Non-Appearance Docket1905-1914
7349Justice Civil Docket, Prec. 41904-1913
7350Civil Docket, Prec. 41910-1916
7351Civil Docket1903-1908
7352Civil DocketOct 1908-Jan 1914
7353Civil Docket, Prec. 1Jun 1919-Sep 1922
7354Civil Docket, Prec. 4Feb 1897-Nov 1903
7355Civil Docket, Prec. 41921-1928
7356Civil Docket, Prec. 61922-1950
7357Civil Docket1960
7358Civil Docket, Prec. 81913-1947
7359Civil Docket, Prec. 11924-1927
7360Civil Docket, Prec. 11929-1932
7361Civil Docket1914-1915
7362Civil Docket1916-1920
7363Justice Civil Docket, Prec 11927-1929
7364Civil Docket1937-1945
7365Justice Civil Docket, Prec. 11988-1989
7366Justice Civil Docket1989-1990
7367Bond Register1904-1968
7368Bond & Warrant Register1929-1968
7369Record of Fines Collected1908-1914
7370Election Minutes1904-1906
7371Execution Docket1893-1924
7372HC Administrative Hearing
Docket #1
7373HC Administrative Hearing
Docket #2
7374HC Administrative Hearing
Docket #3
7375HC Administrative Hearing
Docket #4
7376Justice Civil Docket1968-1972
7377Justice Civil Docket1987-1988
7378JP Civil Docket, Prec. 11940-1959
7379Minutes of Sheriffs Accounts
Felony Cases
7380Treasurer's Fund Book
Highway Funds
7381Scire Facias Minutes #21928-1945
7382Occupation Tax Register1912-1933
7383Jail Record1874-1890
7384Justice Civil Docket, Prec. 31933-1945
7385Accounts Allowed & Receipts1939
7386Justice Criminal Docket, Prec. 31929-1941
7387Minutes District Clerk &
JP Accounts, #4
7392Ledger - L.B. Wester1942
7393Ledger - L.B. Wester1944
7395J.D. Spence Lumber & Jewelry1885-1888
7396Barker & Son Gen. Merchandise
Sulphur Bluff
7397Cash Book1939-1940
7398Probate Fee Book1919-1950
7399Probate Fee Book1926-1945
7400Probate Fee Book1937-1962
7401Justice Criminal Docket, Prec. 31914-1925
7402Civil Supoenas1941-1968
8403Probate Court1846-1853
8404Probate Docket #11888-1911
8405Probate Docket #21917-1929
8406Probate Docket #31921-1926
8407Probate Docket #41926-1940
8408Probate Docket #51934-1958
8409Teller's Cash BookJun 1909-Jun 1910
8410County Treasurer's Accts #11930's
8411Divorce Docket1943-1951
8412Divorce Docket1932-1942
8413Divorce Docket1937-1951
8414Disposed Jury Civil Docket1904-1923
8415Civil Docket1916-1934
8416Disposed Non-Jury Civil Docket1908-1923
8417Disposed Civil Docket #31921-1940
8418Civil Docket County Court1928-1960
8419Civil Docket Retired1929-1939
8420Assessment of Property Tax
8421Treasurer's Ledger1959-1963
8422Treasurer's Receipts1956
8423Superintendent School Ledger1920-1921
8424Supplemental Tax Receipts1961-1965
8425CNB General Ledger #11937-1939
8426Disbursements for
Operating Funds
8427Treasurer's Claim Register of Warrants Issued by Comm. Court1932-1940
8428Chattel Mortgage Register1941
8429Chattel Mortgage Register1942-1943
8430Chattel Mortgage Register1943
8431Chattel Mortgage Register1944
8432Chattel Mortgage Register1946
8433Chattel Mortgage Register1947
8434Chattel Mortgage Register1948
8435Chattel Mortgage Register1949
8436CNB General Ledger1930-1931
8437First State Bank of Saltillo
General Ledger
9438Abstract of Lands1895-1902
9439Assessor's Abstracts1903-1908
9440Assessor's Abstracts1903-1908
9441Assessor's Abstracts1903-1908
9442Assessor's Abstracts1909-1912
9443Assessor's Abstracts1909-1912
9444Assessor's Abstracts1909-1912
9445Assessor's Abstracts1913-1916
9446Assessor's Abstracts1913-1918
9447Assessor's Abstracts1913-1918
9448Assessor's Abstracts1919-1926
9449Assessor's Abstracts1919-1926
9450Assessor's Abstracts1927-1929
9451Assessor's Abstracts1927-1934
9452Assessor's Abstracts1929-1936
9453Assessor's Abstracts1929-1936
9454Assessor's Abstracts1929-1936
9455Tax Roll1929-1936
9456Deliquent Tax Roll1921-1926
9457Assessor's Abstract1937-1944
9458Deliquent Tax Roll1937
9459Deliquent Tax Roll1961-1962
9460Deliquent Tax Roll1919-1958
9461Deliquent Tax Roll1919-1935
9462Inquest Tax Rec.1915-1926
9463Deliquent Tax Roll1955
9464Deliquent Tax Roll1952-1953
9465Deliquent Tax Roll1975
9466Deliquent Tax Roll1885
9467Tax Roll1894
9468Tax Roll1895
9469Tax Roll1896
9470Tax Roll1897
9471Tax Roll1898
9472Tax Roll1899
9473Tax Roll1900
9474Tax Roll1901
9475Tax Roll1903
9476Tax Roll1914
9477Tax Roll1919
9478Tax Roll1921
9479Tax Roll1922
9480Tax Roll1923
9481Tax Roll1924
9482Tax Roll1925
9483Tax Roll1926
9484Tax Roll1927
9485Tax Roll1928
9486Tax Roll1929
10487Register of Teacher's Certs.1921-1955
10488School Assessor's Guide Book
10489School Districts1907-1910
10490School Districts1927-1928
10491School Districts1928-1929
10492School Districts1929-1930
10493School Districts1930-1931
10494School Districts1931-1932
10495School Districts1932-1933
10496School Districts1934-1935
10497School Districts1935-1936
10498School Districts1936-1937
10499School Districts1937-1938
10500School Districts1939-1940
10501School Districts1940-1941
10502School Districts1941-1942
10503School Districts1942-1943
10504School Districts1943-1944
10505School Districts1953-1957
10506School Districts1949-1953
10507School Districts1946-1949
10508School Districts1944-1946
10509School Districts1957-1960
10510School Districts
1912, 1919, 1921
10511Brashear School1928-1945
10512School Districts1895-1897
10513Teacher Retirement System
Pay Record
10514Teacher Retirement System
Pay Record
10515School Journal, Teacher1943-1944
10516School Districts
10517School Districts
10518School Districts Tax1933
10519School Districts Tax1934
10520Monthly State & County
Tax Reports
10521Monthly State & County
Tax Reports
10522School Districts
Teacher Names
10523Tax Roll1930
10524Tax Roll1930
10525Tax Roll1931-1932
10526Tax Roll1933
10527Tax Roll1934
10528Tax Roll1935
10529Tax Roll1936
10530Tax Roll1937
10531Tax Roll1938
10532Tax Roll1939
10533Tax Roll1940
10534Tax Roll1941
10535Tax Roll1941
10536Tax Roll1942
10537Tax Roll1943
10538Tax Roll1944
10539Tax Roll1945
10540Tax Roll1946
10541Tax Roll1947
10542Tax Roll1948
11542ACity of Sulphur Springs
Assessor's Block Book
11542BCity of Sulphur Springs
Assessor's Block Book
11543City of Sulphur Springs
Assessed Valuation
11544City of Sulphur Springs
Deliquent Tax Roll
11545City of Sulphur Springs
Assessment of Property
11546City of Sulphur Springs
Tax Rolls
11547City of Sulphur Springs
Tax Rolls
11548City of Sulphur Springs
Tax Rolls
11549City of Sulphur Springs
Tax Rolls
11550City of Sulphur Springs
Corporation Court Docket
Feb 1948-Nov 1948
11551City of Sulphur Springs
Corporation Court Docket
Aug 1951-Jun 1952
11552City of Sulphur Springs
Corporation Court Docket
Nov 1954-Jan 1957
11552AMalcolm Bailey Abstract BooksMiscellaneous
11552BMalcolm Bailey Abstract BooksA-E
11552CMalcolm Bailey Abstract BooksM-R
11552DMalcolm Bailey Abstract BooksS-Z
11553Tax Roll1949
11554Tax Roll1950
11555Tax Roll1951
11556Tax Roll1955
11557Tax Roll1960
11558Tax Roll1961
11559Tax Roll1962
11560Tax Roll1962
11561Tax Roll1963
11562Tax Roll1964
11563Tax Roll1964
11564Tax Roll1966
11565Tax Roll1967
11566Tax Roll1968
11567Tax Roll1968
11568Tax Roll1969
12569Cash Book (unknown)1972-1976
12570Ledger (unknown)1857-1858
12571Wester Furniture Store Journal1945-1947
12572Wester Furniture Store Journal1958-1959
125731893 Store Ledger1893
12574George's Bakery Ledger1950
12575Ledger (Wester?)1941
12576Ledger (Wester?)1949
12577Ledger (Wester?)1950
12578Ledger (Wester?)1951
12579Ledger (Wester?)1951
12580Ledger (Wester?)1952
12581Ledger (Wester?)1953
12582Ledger (Wester?)1956
12583Ledger (Wester?)1958
12584Wester Furniture Store Inventory1940
12585Wester Furniture Store Inventory1943
12586Wester Furniture Store Inventory1946
12587Wester Furniture Store Inventory1947
12588Wester Furniture Store Inventory1949
12589Wester Furniture Store Inventory1951
12590Wester Furniture Store Inventory1952
12591Wester Furniture Store Inventory1953
12592Wester Furniture Store Inventory1954
12593Wester Furniture Store Inventory1955
12594Wester Furniture Store Inventory1956
12595Wester Furniture Store Inventory1957
12596Wester Furniture Store Inventory1960
12597Wester Furniture Store Inventory1962
12598Wester Furniture Store Inventory1963
12599Wester Furniture Store Inventory1964
12600Wester Furniture Store Inventory1965
12601Wester Furniture Store Inventory1966
12602Wester Furniture Store Inventory1967
12603Wester Furniture Store Inventory1968
12604Wester Furniture Store Inventory1969
12605Wester Furniture Store Inventory1970
12606Wester Furniture Store Inventory1971
12607Wester Furniture Store Inventory1972
12608Wester Furniture Truck Record
12610Hopkins Co. Expense Ledger1891-1895
12611Barker & Son Gen. Merchandise
Sulphur Bluff
ca. 1920's
12612Hopkins Co. Farm Ledger1894
12613Convict Expense Ledger1895-1897
12614Convict Expense Ledger1897
126151899 Store Journal1899
12616J.B. Lewis Store Ledger1923
12617J.B. Lewis Store Ledger1930's
12618J.B. Lewis Store Ledger1938-1943
12619J.B. Lewis Store Ledger1952-1957
12620J.B. Lewis Store Ledger1958-1965
12621Como Gin Ledger
12622Tax Roll1971
12623Deliquent Tax Roll1972
12624Tax Roll1972
12625Tax Roll1973
12626Tax Roll1973
12627Tax Roll (A to M)1973
12628Tax Roll (N to Z)1973
12629Tax Roll1974
12630Auto Tax Roll (A - Go)1975
12631Auto Tax Roll (Go - Ph)1975
12632Auto Tax Roll (Ph - Z)1975
12633Business & Farm P/P
& Cattle Rolls
12634Property Tax1975
12635Mineral Tax Roll1976
12636Auto Tax Roll1976
12637Farm & Business, Personal
Property & Cattle
12638Tax Roll1977
13639F. Nance Ledger Book
(Wood Co.)
13640Rock Creek Growers &
Shipping Association
13641Farmer Alliance Assoc.
13642Dock Reed Store Ledger
Miller Grove
13643Ledger (unknown)
13644John D. Ray Hardware
Store Ledger
13645Index to Births1929-1940
13646Register of Births1930-1933
13647Birth Certificate Register1937-1939
13648Birth Record1943-1947
13649Birth Record1942-1948
13650Birth & Death Register1930's
13651Birth & Death Register1928-1933
13652Birth & Death Register1933-1937
13653Birth & Death Register1935-1938
13654Birth & Death Register1932-1937
13655Birth & Death Register1937-1941
13656Birth & Death Register1938-1938
13657Index to Deaths1929-1940
13658Death Records1935-1939
13659Death Records1941-1946
13660Saltillo Birth & Death Record
13661Tax Roll1922-1928
13662O.M. Pate & Son
Transfer Ledger
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