Genealogy Seminars

Spring Seminar
May 18, 2024
Kelvin L. Meyers

Our Speaker: A fifth generation Texan and professional forensic genealogist since 1996, Kelvin L. Meyers is a frequent speaker to genealogical societies and family associations throughout the United States. Kelvin is a well-known speaker on land and Texas research. Kelvin was the founding director of the Texas Institute of Genealogical Research (TIGR) sponsored by the Texas State Genealogical Society (TxSGS) and has continued to speak each year at the TxSGS annual conference.
After being employed for ten years in the Genealogy Department of the Dallas Public Library, Kelvin now has a solo practice as a forensic genealogist serving clients that include probate attorneys, trust department of banks, the U.S. Immigration Service and energy companies. He also specializes in southern brick-wall problems for clients. In 2016, Kelvin co-coordinated with J. Mark Lowe, “A Swing Through the South,” at SLIG (Salt Lake Institute of Genealogical Research) and will be coordinating in 2024 the Southern Course “The Trans-Mississippi South” at IGHR (Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research) sponsored by the Georgia Genealogical Society.
Kelvin has recently published Research in Texas for NGS (National Genealogical Society) Research in the States series. In November of 2023 the Texas State Genealogical Society made Kelvin a Fellow of the society.

Seminar Topics:

  • With or Without Land: Using Land Records to Find Your Texas Ancestor – Because Texas was allowed to keep her public lands upon joining the United States, there are a myriad of ways our ancestors could acquire land.
  • Why did Scarlett Make a Dress of her Mother’s Drapes? – “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” However, death happens only once, but taxes must be paid every year. This makes tax records an important resource for genealogist. These records can sometimes provide information about birth, death, and marriage and can help separate two men of the same name. Tax records may even help you identify the owner of your enslaved ancestor.
  • Probate More Than a Will – Understanding the law in regard to inheritance, especially of land, is an important tool for interpreting records, especially in intestate estates. Knowing the law at the time our ancestor lived is paramount in understanding relationships based on inheritance of land.
  • Are the Records Really Lost? – When you find you are dealing with a record loss, no matter the cause, you must look at the remaining records with fresh eyes and new angles.


2023 Seminar

Spring Seminar
May 20, 2023

Our Speaker: John A. Sellers is a fifth generation native to Hopkins County, Texas. He graduated from Texas Tech University, with a degree in advertising/public relations and, received his teaching certificate in history from Texas A & M, Commerce; He has been doing genealogical and historical research since 1985. His favorite area of research is in the courthouse. He has visited courthouses in several southern states and has conducted extensive research in Texas and Louisiana.

John is an active member of the Hopkins County Genealogical Society and has served sixteen years on the executive board and as President, 1997-1998, 2017-now. He was several times a speaker at the FGS National Conference. He has been the featured speaker for more than 75 all day seminars located in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. John has given over 300 programs on genealogy and history.  He has been the featured speaker at the DRT Genealogical Conference at the Alamo and the Louisiana Historical and Genealogical Seminar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He has been a faculty member for Angelina College Genealogy Conference, in Lufkin and was a featured instructor at the new Texas Institute of Genealogical Research, in 2017,2019,2021 and 2023.  He has completed Genealogy as a Profession, Advanced Methodology, and Advanced Library Research courses at the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research, Samford University.

John was a lecturer at the Institute of Genealogical Research, Samford University, 2009, 2010,2014 and University of Georgia, 2018 and 2021 He compiled an addendum to the 1850 Census of Hopkins County. He is currently the Hopkins County Marker Chair for the Texas State Historical Commission.  He is also serving his fifth term on the Sulphur Springs City Council.

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2022 Seminar

HCGS Fall Seminar

October 15, 2022

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