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File CabinetDrawerSurnameDetails
FC 1Drawer 1Vansickle/Horton001--Ben A. Vansickle & Orleana to H.W. Horton, deed, 18561846
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Craft002--Owen S. Davis to Elizabeth Craft, deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Shelton/Pittman003--John Shelton to Francis Pittman administratrix for Julius Pittman estate, 18541847
FC 1Drawer 1Claybrook004--George W. Claybrook & Sarah Claybrook, 18721848
FC 1Drawer 1Foster/Thompsom/Dawson005--David Foster & Judith F. Foster to Abram Thompson & William W. Dawson, mortgage, 18591849
FC 1Drawer 1Weaver/King006--James A. Weaver to James B. King, deed, 1876
FC 1Drawer 1Smith007--Sarah M Smith to Gilbert Smith, Joseph D. Smith, mortgage, 1866
FC 1Drawer 1Elder/Hodges008--Benjamin H. Elder & Nancy A. Elder to Samuel Hodges, deed, 18561850
FC 1Drawer 1Pope/Couch009--James Pope & Loucinda Pope to S.P. Couch, deed, 1899
FC 1Drawer 1Emmons/Moore010--M.C. Emmons former wife of Joseph B. Moore (dec'd) & W.F. Emmons to Wm. B. Moore, deed, 1882
FC 1Drawer 1Stokes011--John E. Stokes to John A. Stokes, bill of sale, 18851851
FC 1Drawer 1Emmons/Eppars012--W.E. Emmons & Georgia Emmons to Louie Eppars, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1McKenzie/Eppars013--E.L. McKenzie & Rosa McKenzie to J.E. Eppars, warranty deed, 19281852
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson014--T.J. Jackson & T.L. Jackson to J.C. Jackson, warranty deed, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Turner/Jackson015--C.B. Turner & Bobbie Turner to J.C. Jackson, warranty deed, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Barker/Richardson016--C.J. Barker to E.L. Richardson, deed, 18761853
FC 1Drawer 1Barker/Ritchy017--W.W. Barker to J.S. Ritchy, bond, 1872
FC 1Drawer 1Barker/Connor018--P.J. Barker to T.C. Connor, deed, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Barker/Kirby019--W.W. Barker to J.D. Kirby, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Barker/Clutters020--Wilson H. Barker & W.W. Barker to Manerva Clutters, heirship deed, 18591855
FC 1Drawer 1Barker021--W.W. Barker & heirs of Henry C. Barker, agreement, 18591857
FC 1Drawer 1-022--missing1858
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson/Cowan/Barker023--J.H. Jackson admin. for estate of Samuell C. Cowan to W.W. Barker, deed, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1-024--missing1858
FC 1Drawer 1Barker/Drake025--W.W. Baker to Mary D. Drake, deed, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Powell/Freeman026--Leona Powell & R.L. Powell to D.E. Freeman, bill of sale, 1927 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Powell/Freeman027--Leona Powell & R.L. Powell to D.E. Freeman, warranty deed, 19271860
FC 1Drawer 1Harris028--G.M. Harris & L.V. Harris to J.C. Harris, warranty deed, 19281861
FC 1Drawer 1Corbit/Barnes029--Nannie Corbit guardian of Elouise Corbit & Chas. M. Corbit to Bessie C. Barnes, warranty deed, 19281862
FC 1Drawer 1Grissom030--John L. Grissom & L.S. Grissom to James I. Grissom, deed, 1886
FC 1Drawer 1Perry/Reily031--Wm. Perry to F.S. Reily, bill of sale, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Ximenes032--Joseph Ximenes & Aurelia Ximenes to Goldsmith-Haber & Co., of trust, 18601864
FC 1Drawer 1Ward/Lee033--James Ward & wife to Henry Lee, deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Starr034--George Starr & Elizabeth A. Starr, inventory, 18601865
FC 1Drawer 1Sellers/Myers035--Grover Seller vs. M.E. Myers, constable's to real estate, 19291866
FC 1Drawer 1Hill/Brim/Spence036--R.L. Hill & May Hill to J.K. Brim for benefit of J.D. Spence, of trust, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Jennings037--Sulphur Springs Loan & Building Association to R.P. Jennings, release of of trust, 19281867
FC 1Drawer 1McKinzie038--James T. McKinzie to Bonnie McKinzie to E.L. McKinzie, warranty deed, 19281868
FC 1Drawer 1Chandler/Corbin039--W.P. Chandler & Gussie Chandler to H.G. Corbin, general warranty deed, 19271869
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave040--W.P. Hargrave & Cora Hargrave to E.E. Hargrave, warranty deed, 19281870
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave041--B.I. Hargrave & Myra Hargrave to E.E. Hargrave, warranty deed, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave/Davis042--Robert Hargrave to Wm. R. Davis, bond, 18661871
FC 1Drawer 1Cook/Hargraves043--James D. Cook to W.L. Hargraves, deed, 1873
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave/Smith044--Robert Hargrave to P.L. Smith, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Sickles/Hargrave/Houghton045--Wm. Sickles & H.H. Hargrave to L.E.H. Houghton (County Judge), bond, 1866
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave/Houghton/
046--Hannah Hargrave (late wife of James Hargrave dec'd), H.M. Hargrave & Jane Hargrave, Robert Hargrave & S.A. Hargrave, J.R. Hargrave & Mary Hargrave, William L. Houghton & Lettice C. Houghton, David Hopkins & Anna Hopkins, Wm. Brinton & Elizabeth Brinton, W.T. Westerman agent of John B. Hargrave heirs, agreement, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Causey/Hargrave047--S.E. Causey to J.P. Hargrave, deed, 18751872
FC 1Drawer 1McKinney/Hargrave048--C.F. McKinney to H.A. Hargrave, lease, 18901873
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave/McFall049--James Hargrave to J.A.C. McFall, bond, 1848
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave/Billups050--Robert Hargrave to Robert W. Billups, deed, 18701874
FC 1Drawer 1Dial051--H.C. Dial & M.J. Dial to Texas Loan Agency, transfer of vendor's lien notes, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1Brewer/Morgan052--C. A. Brewer & Mary A. Brewer to W.H. Morgan, deed, 18781875
FC 1Drawer 1Edwards/Shackleford053--L. Edwards to Gus Shackleford, bill of sale, 1886
FC 1Drawer 1Garrison/Smith054--H.H. Garrison & A.E. Garrison to David M. Smith, of trust, 1885
FC 1Drawer 1Dodson/Bennett/Holbert055--James H. Dodson & J.D. Bennett to M.W. Holbert, affidavit, 18901876
FC 1Drawer 1Foster056--David Foster, sheriff's deed, 18581877
FC 1Drawer 1Matthews/McDaniel057--B.N. Matthews & M.J. Matthews to W.P. McDaniel, warranty deed, 1882
FC 1Drawer 1-058--missing1878
FC 1Drawer 1Askew/Blythe059--Richard L. Askew (principal), John Askew & Wm. L. Blythe (securities), bond, 18671879
FC 1Drawer 1Hopkins/Harmon060--James S. Hopkins to Lewis G. Harmon, deed, 1863
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Sanders061--J.H. Smith to Frank Sanders, deed, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Williams/Marrow062--N.E. Williams & R. Williams to George Marrow, deed, 18811880
FC 1Drawer 1Green/Cole/Dickson063--M.M. Green, W. Cole & B.R. Dickson to State of Texas, assignee's bond, 18831881
FC 1Drawer 1Crowder/Crawford/Longinotti064--Emma J. Crowder & James A. Crowder to John W. Crawford (trustee) for Jo Longinotti, of trust, 1882
FC 1Drawer 1Boss/Matthews065--S.S. Boss to Richard H. Matthews, deed, 18581882
FC 1Drawer 1Wilson/Hooper066--D.H. Wilson to L.C. Hooper, deed, 18751883
FC 1Drawer 1Ritchey/Green067--William Ritchey to B.W. Musgrove & Turner L. Green, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Reed/Cox/McDonald/Oldham068--John Reed, H.W. Cox, John McDonald, J.S. Oldham, agreement, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Batte069--T.A. Batte to Cain & Phillips, note, 18791885
FC 1Drawer 1Jones/Grant070--Thomas H. Jones & Susan R. Jones to James E. Grant, deed, 18701886
FC 1Drawer 1Steen/Holiness071--A.M. Steen & N.J. Steen to J.F. Holiness (trustee for Bennett & Templeton), of trust, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Gooch/Owens072--William Owens & William M. Owens to Benjamin Gooch, deed, 1847
FC 1Drawer 1Howell/Tucker073--James H. Howell & Martha Howell to A.M. Tucker, deed, 18831887
FC 1Drawer 1Williams/Flowers/
074--W.M. Williams & John Flowers (trustees for Richland Baptist Church) to Hopkins County, quit claim deed, 18851888
FC 1Drawer 1Flint075--Alfred Flint to Margaret Flint, bill of sale, 18871889
FC 1Drawer 1Givens/Reily/Nelson076--James Givens by agent James Reily, to H.W. Nelson, 18611890
FC 1Drawer 1Moore/Marks077--Samuel Moore to Joseph D. Marks, deed, 1862
FC 1Drawer 1Russell/Bop078--Harred Russell & M. Russell to S.S. Bop, deed, 18581891
FC 1Drawer 1Fuller/Price079--J.F. Fuller, Henry Price & Allen Price, application to apprentice, 18691892
FC 1Drawer 1Hart/Townsend080--Narcissa A. Hart to Daniel Townsend, transfer certificate, 18571893
FC 1Drawer 1Sherman/Smith/Bailey081--H.B. Sherman & W.A. Smith to J.R. Bailey, bond, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Denton/Payne082--Christian Denton to Francis M. Payne, deed, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Jones/Green083--estate of D.C. Jones, M.M. Green (assignee), 1883
FC 1Drawer 1Rogers084--Thomas F. Rogers, relinquishment of lots in Tarrant, 18571894
FC 1Drawer 1Hill/Mason085--Joseph R. Hill to Elizabeth Mason, receipt (slave deed), 18601895
FC 1Drawer 1Glover/Arnold086--T.S. Glover & M.R. Glover to A.J. Arnold, warranty deed, 18881896
FC 1Drawer 1Delay087--William Delay to Cole & Arnold, deed, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Tomlinson/Foster088--Samuel G. Tomlinson to W.C. Foster, deed, 18741897
FC 1Drawer 1Cole/Ewing089--D.W. Cole to C.L. Ewing, deed, 18591898
FC 1Drawer 1Pickens090--Allen B. Pickens to Nancy Pickens, gift of deed, 1854
FC 1Drawer 1Cole/Kidd091--D.W. Cole to F.M. Kidd, deed, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Connally/McDowell/James092--Drury Connally to J.K. McDowell & Narcissa James, deed, 1877
FC 1Drawer 1Starr093--Albert F. Starr to Joyce A. Starr, deed, 18751899
FC 1Drawer 1Matthews/Ewing094--John W. Matthews to Sarah Ewing, bill of sale, 18581900
FC 1Drawer 1Lawson/Bradford095--Thompson Lawson to Wm. H. Bradford, deed, 18591901
FC 1Drawer 1Matthews/Wright096--Richard H. Matthews to Richard N. Wright, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Roberts/Johnson097--O.E. Roberts & W.T. Johnson, agreement, 1862
FC 1Drawer 1Hooper/Thomas098--J.N. Hooper & Ann E. Hooper to James Bryant Thomas, warranty deed, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Hoff/Ragland099--J.W. Hoff & Amanda Hoff to W.D. Ragland, deed, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Robertson/Adair100--B.T. Robertson to The State of Texas, bond, 18811902
FC 1Drawer 1Cornelius/Blunt101--William P. Cornelius to Green W. Blunt, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Maupin/Edgar/King/Hunter102--W.H.H. Maupin & V.R. Edgar to W.H. King & Sam J. Hunter, of trust, 1883
FC 1Drawer 1Casey/Thompson103--Isaac Casey to Joseph Thompson, mortgage, 18561903
FC 1Drawer 1Hurley/Warren/Crigler104--T.N. Hurley to Gustavus E. Warren, guardian of minors (heirs of Christopher C. Crigler), mortgage, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Brooks105--Joseph W. Brooks to Wm. V. Brooks, quit claim deed, 18541904
FC 1Drawer 1Bryant/Hendrix/Byrd106--Virginia C. Bryant, A.F. Hendrix & Nannie T. Hendrix, Charles W. Bryant & Alice G. Bryant, J.J. Bryant & Sallie D. Bryant, J.M. Byrd & Sue I. Byrd to Thomas L. Bryant & Missouri C. Bryant, deed, 1891
FC 1Drawer 1Melton/Posey/Baker107--Mary Melton, Eri M. Posey, Charlotte J. Posey to James Baker, deed, 18601905
FC 1Drawer 1Connally/White108--Drury Connally to B.W. White, deed, 18741906
FC 1Drawer 1Nicholson/Melton109--John W. Nicholson & M.A. Nicholson to G.W. Melton, warranty deed, 18891907
FC 1Drawer 1Grant/Hopkins/Goodman/
110--Isaac A. Grant admin of E. Hopkins (dec'd) vs. Francis M. Goodman, G.H. Crowder & L.G. Harmon admins. Of Wm. W. Poff (dec'd), judgment, 18601908
FC 1Drawer 1Alders111--William M. Alders to Delila F. Alders, deed, 18861909
FC 1Drawer 1Mathews/Crisp/Davis112--Mansil W. Mathews & McNice Crisp to Owen S. Davis, relinquishment, 18541910
FC 1Drawer 1Chapman113--B.F. Chapman, surveyors field notes, 18901911
FC 1Drawer 1Walker/Wheeler114--Margaret Walker to Jesse Wheeler, deed, 1869
FC 1Drawer 1Gunter/Connor/Dikes/King115--Martin H. Gunter to Thomas J. Connor & Wm. F. Connor (interest of Geo. W. Dikes & Candice A.H. King heirs of Lovitt P. Dikes), 18591912
FC 1Drawer 1Beasley/McLerrin116--N.J. Beasley & Elizabeth Beasley to John McLerrin, deed, 18631913
FC 1Drawer 1Frost/Williams117--Archibald B. Frost to James C. Williams, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Bulkley/Aiken118--Chester A. Bulkley to Martha J. Aiken, deed, 18621914
FC 1Drawer 1Jones/Houghton119--Susan R. Jones to L.E.H. Houghton, deed, 18601915
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Goodjoin120--Thomas C. Davis to W.W. Goodjoin, quit claim deed, 1885
FC 1Drawer 1Townsend/Fanning/Emerson121--Mary E. Townsend (formerly Mary E. Fanning) to Benjamin K. Emerson, deed, 1853
FC 1Drawer 1Townsend/Harman122--Daniel Townsend to L.G. Harman, relinquishment, 18591916
FC 1Drawer 1Jones123--Wiley Jones to Benjamin Franklin Jones, of gift, 18591917
FC 1Drawer 1Adams/Joiner124--C.L. Adams & Mary Adams to Lizzie S. Joiner, deed, 1886
FC 1Drawer 1Pate/Blythe125--Adison Pate & M.J. Pate to William T. Blythe, deed, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Connally/White126--Drury Connally to Lydia Ann White, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Chapman/Morgan127--E.C. Chapman to A.L. Morgan, deed, 18711918
FC 1Drawer 1-128--list of grand jurors and petit jurors selected by the jury commissioners for the district court of Hopkins County, 18881919
FC 1Drawer 1Bowen/Tate129--Nancy K. Bowen to M.B. Bowen & Elizabeth G. Tate (children of Nancy), of gift, 18741920
FC 1Drawer 1Withers/Scott/Mann130--John H. Withers vs. T.W. Scott & J.W. Mann, copy of judgment, 18621921
FC 1Drawer 1Grant131--John J. Grant to Isaac A. Grant, deed, 18601922
FC 1Drawer 1Scroggin/Harman132--Josiah T. Scroggin to L.G. Harman, deed, 18601923
FC 1Drawer 1McDowell133--Joseph H. McDowell to Julia Ann McDowell, of gift, 18611924
FC 1Drawer 1Cobb/Williams134--John B. Cobb to W.B. Williams, deed, 18601925
FC 1Drawer 1Riddle/Woodley135--Leroy W. Riddle & Celia Riddle to Caleb Woodley, deed, 18651926
FC 1Drawer 1Busby/Moore/Hudspeth136--Cullin Busby & Elisha Moore (heirs of Alfred Busby) to G.E. Hudspeth & Syntha Stewart, deed, 18651927
FC 1Drawer 1Petty/Childress137--W.S. Petty to Wm. T. Childress, B.M. Childress & Asa J. Childress, deed, 18711928
FC 1Drawer 1Patrick/Patillo138--E.M. Patrick & Ann Patrick to Hetty L. Patillo, deed, 18721929
FC 1Drawer 1Carey/Baker139--Caroline E. Carey to C.C. Baker, deed, 18751930
FC 1Drawer 1Thomason/Waller140--Elisha Thomason to T.E. Waller, deed, 18731931
FC 1Drawer 1Bailey141--S.J. Bailey & W.W. Bailey to Harris & Blocker, deed, 18891932
FC 1Drawer 1Bowman/Ramsy142--James N. Bowman to John C. Ramsy, deed, 18531933
FC 1Drawer 1Crosby/Jackson143--W.L. Crosby to John Jackson, deed, 18611934
FC 1Drawer 1Tomlinson/Moore144--Samuel G. Tomlinson to John Moore, deed, 18701935
FC 1Drawer 1Mason/Hooser145--Smith Mason to Williamson Hooser, article binding children, 18571936
FC 1Drawer 1Caudle/Boss146--Green M. Caudle to Elizabeth Boss, deed, 18591937
FC 1Drawer 1Branom/Root147--J.A. Branom & D.N. Root to The Agricultural & Mechanical Fair Association of Hopkins County, Texas, 18791938
FC 1Drawer 1Veal/Houghton148--P.E. Veal to L.E.H. Houghton, deed, 18591939
FC 1Drawer 1McKinney/Harman149--E.D. McKinney to L.G. Harman, 18591940
FC 1Drawer 1Bridges/Minter/Brewer/
986--testimony & misc. papers: Henry Bridges, Dennis Minter,
Ollie Brewer, Allen Bates & Nora Powell, J.F. Palmer, T.P.
Quinn, A.H. Martin, grand jury report for January 1938, Etta
Hailey vs. W.A. Hailey, J.G. Reynolds, T.C. Mars
FC 1Drawer 1McLerrin/Heffner150--John McLerrin & Elizabeth McLerrin to Rachael A. Heffner, deed, 18641942
FC 1Drawer 1Harman/Foster151--Lewis G. Harman to David Foster, deed, 18571943
FC 1Drawer 1Proctor/Pollard/
152--Joseph W. Proctor to Royston W. Pollard, William W. Barker & Joel Boston, mortgage, 18541944
FC 1Drawer 1Maxwell/Bingham153--Martha Maxwell to Henry Bingham, bond for deed, 18521945
FC 1Drawer 1Morris/Collins154--Washington L. Morris/James A. Collins, power to attorney, 18571946
FC 1Drawer 1Buck/Jonas155--J.T. Jonas, by sheriff to C.V. Buck, sheriff's deed, 19281947
FC 1Drawer 1Stell/Crook/Hancock/
156--A.J. Stell (principal) & W.L. Crook, R.D. Hancock, L.G. Harman (sureties) to Z.G. Matthews, bond, no date1948
FC 1Drawer 1Skillman/Brashear/Harris157--C.H. Skillman & Joseph Brashear to J.A. Harris & Martha J. Harris, bond, 18751949
FC 1Drawer 1McMillan158--Hiram McMillan to Chief Justice, bond, 18611950
FC 1Drawer 1Harris/Morris159--R.T. Harris & Sarah A. Harris to C.D. Morris, deed, 18641951
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson/James/Richardson/
160--T.J. Jackson, Wiley Jackson, B.F. Jackson, E.B. James, N.A. Richardson, Texas King, Burnice Ivey, W.R. Ivey, Berta James, W.O. Jackson, W.E. Jackson, Dessa Ramey, H.A. Jackson & T.L. Jackson to J.C. Jackson, warranty deed, 19281952
FC 1Drawer 1Marshall/Stephens161--J.B. Marshall to Geo. C. Stephens (County Judge of Hopkins County, Texas), warranty deed, 19271953
FC 1Drawer 1Locklear/Jackson/Stacy162--Middleton Locklear to T.J. Jackson, Wiley Jackson, Joe Jackson & Mahlon Stacy, deed, 19281954
FC 1Drawer 1Locklear/Cochran163--Middleton Locklear to Caroline Cochran, deed, 18751955
FC 1Drawer 1Melton164--Chief Justice & Commissioners to Andrew G. Melton, power of attorney, 18571956
FC 1Drawer 1Flint165--Margaret Flint to Alfred Flint, agreement, 18871957
FC 1Drawer 1McDowell166--Julia A. McDowell, schedule for separation of property, 18611958
FC 1Drawer 1Shrode/Compton167--Joseph A. Shrode to John Compton, bond, 18611959
FC 1Drawer 1Harman/Houghton168--L.G. Harman to W.L. Houghton, deed, 18611960
FC 1Drawer 1Matthews/Reid169--John E. Matthews to T.F. Reid, deed, 18581961
FC 1Drawer 1Burkham/Martin170--James Burkham & Matilda Burkham to Mary C. Martin & A.J. Martin, deed, 18791962
FC 1Drawer 1Goodman171--F.M. Goodman to Fanny Goodman, of gift, 18551963
FC 1Drawer 1Wheeler/Wilson172--James Wheeler to A.J. Wilson, deed, 18691964
FC 1Drawer 1Posey/Montgomery173--Silas Posey & Elizabeth C. Posey to H.M. Montgomery, deed, 18661965
FC 1Drawer 1Beckham/Lyles174--W.R. Beckham to Lyles, agreement, no date1966
FC 1Drawer 1Raglin/Milner175--Samuel Raglin & Mary Raglin to G.W.C. Milner, deed, 18761967
FC 1Drawer 1Steen/D'Spain176--Daniel L. Steen & Malinda Steen to Ben D'Spain, 18571968
FC 1Drawer 1Garrett/White177--N. Garrett & F.E. Garrett to W.S. White, deed, 18751969
FC 1Drawer 1Brooks178--Allen Brooks & Micajah Brooks to John Brooks, deed, 18521970
FC 1Drawer 1Barrett179--Singer Sewing Machine Company to R.S. Barrett, lease, 19291971
FC 1Drawer 1Jones180--Como National Bank of Como, Texas, a corporation to W. Jones, 19281972
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Sewell181--S.M. Morgan & Mattie N. Morgan to O.C. Sewell, warranty deed, 19281973
FC 1Drawer 1-182--Gulf Production Company to Hopkins County, release of lease, 19281974
FC 1Drawer 1Cowan/Stephens183--W.G. Cowan & Ida Cowan to Geo. C. Stephens (County Judge of HC), warranty deed, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Ardis184--Ardis & Cambron to Louis Ardis, release of paving lien, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Sheppard/Hutcherson185--S.S. Sheppard to Sallie Hutcherson, warranty deed, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Chaney/Gregg/Laws186--Russell M. Chaney to Frank Gregg, Fred Gregg & Grace Gregg Laws, warranty deed, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Williams/Spence187--R.B. Williams & Jessie P. Williams to J.D. Spence, warranty deed, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Arthur/Griffith188--Frank W. Arthur & wife to C.H. Griffith, release of vendor's lien, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Cole/Orm189--D.W. Cole & W.H. Orm, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1McLaughlin/Porter190--F.M. McLaughlin to W.H. Porter, deed, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Nance/Garrett191--William L. Nance to John H. Garrett, deed, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Russell192--Hopkins County to James Russell, deed, 1853
FC 1Drawer 1Walton193--Littleberry Walton, Sr. to Littleberry Walton, Jr., deed, 1855
FC 1Drawer 1Hanson/Steed194--William T. Hanson to P.M. Steed, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Bebee/Koontz195--Adolphus Bebee to Robert W. Koontz, deed, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Bridges/Wood196--C.A. Bridges to J.F. Wood, release of vendor's lien, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Vetter/Moore197--J.G. Vetter to G.W. Moore, bond, 1863
FC 1Drawer 1Burkham198--D. Burkham to Mrs. Belle Burkham, warranty deed, 1918
FC 1Drawer 1Umphrey/Barnett199--J.J. Umphrey & V.L. Umphrey to R.A. Barnett, warranty deed, 1881
FC 1Drawer 1Deckard/Cambron200--John Deckard & Ann Deckard to Thomas Cambron, deed, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Ferrell/Lyday201--Wiley S. Ferrell to S.S. Lyday, agreement, 1862
FC 1Drawer 1Weaver/Pollard/Gage202--James A. Weaver (sheriff) to John B. Pollard (for est. of E.N. Gage), 1873
FC 1Drawer 1Portwood/Moore203--John H. Portwood to William Moore, deed, 1864
FC 1Drawer 1Hull/Cate204--Mrs. W.F. Hull (a femme sole, plaintiff) vs. W.R. Cate (defendant), lis pendens, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Payne/Richardson205--Tom Payne & Laura Payne to A.D. Richardson, lease, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Mays/Lindley206--Larkin Mays to Nancy Lindley, deed, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Hall/Hawkins207--Martin Hall & Louisa Hall, S.M. Hawkins, deed, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Crowder/Smith208--Green H. Crowder & Virginia C. Crowder to Josiah Smith, mortgage, 1856
FC 1Drawer 1Webb/Calhoun209--Anderson Webb & Eliza R. Webb to Jesse Calhoun, of trust, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Montgomery/Wiggins210--John M. Montgomery to Harland L. Wiggins, power of attorney, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Dowdy/Hopper211--Martin Dowdy to Elizabeth Hopper, bond, 1855
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson/Norton212--James S. Johnson to Henry W. Norton, deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Marshall/Fain213--Louisa Marshall to Sidney Fain, deed, 1853
FC 1Drawer 1Mann/Christian/Ransom214--Chas. L. Mann to John M. Christian & Edward Ransom, agreement, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Williams/Sigman215--Josiah Smith (admin. for estate of Reubin Williams, dec'd) to Jordan Sigman, deed, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Peer/Boyd216--Edward Peer & Amanda Peer to James S. Boyd, power of attorney, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Lowe217--M.P. Lowe, schedule of property, 1867
FC 1Drawer 1Martin218--Sun Oil Company to S.A. Martin & Ona Martin, release, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Cumby/Shuler/Clark219--R.H. Cumby & N.L. Cumby to W.G. Shuler & J.W. Clark, deed, 1872
FC 1Drawer 1-220--State of Texas to Hopkins County Common School District No. 6, account, 1873
FC 1Drawer 1Manwaring/Perkins221--J.W. Manwaring & Mary E. Manwaring to Zeno Perkin, warranty deed, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Morris/Matthews222--Iva Morris & Robert L. Morris to T.E. Matthew & Ruth Matthews, warranty deed, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Coots/Moore/Norwood223--Andrew Coots & Mary Coots to James Moore & Hampton L. Norwood, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Moore/Luther224--John Moore & Sarah J. Moore to John Luther, deed, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Brown225--Parthena Smith, G.G. Smith & J.C. Smith to Thomas J. Brown, deed, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Daughty/Leroy226--Henry Daughty to Joseph Leroy, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Mann227--J.W. Mann & Sallie Mann to H.E. Mann, transfer, 1873
FC 1Drawer 1Weaver/Houghton228--S.S. Weaver to L.E.H. Houghton, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Raynelds/Wilkerson/Jones/
229--John O. Wilkerson vs. Samuel Jones (David Raynelds, sheriff to Zephania G. Matthews), sheriff's deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Cawthron230--John W. Cawthron to Laura Cawthron, warranty deed, 1884
FC 1Drawer 1 James/McDowell231--Thomas James to V.A. McDowell, deed, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson/Chapman232--Martin D. Jackson to Leah Chapman, deed, 1864
FC 1Drawer 1Wood/Burkham233--S.S. Wood to Bell Burkham, warranty deed, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Garrison234--H.H. Garrison & A.E. Garrison to Jarbo Henderson & Company, note, 1888
FC 1Drawer 1Maxey/Tomlinson/McDowell235--Sam Bell Maxey (by agent, Samuel G. Tomlinson) to Mattie A. McDowell, quit claim deed, 1880
FC 1Drawer 1Averitt/Waits236--J.H. Averitt & L. Averitt to A.C. Waits, warranty deed, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Frost/Gilliland237--H.W. (or A.W.) Frost/William Robert Gilliland, letter of adoption, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Mason/Connally238--Elizabeth Mason to C.P. Connally, deed, 1864
FC 1Drawer 1Pate/Posey239--Joseph Pate/James H. Posey (trustees for school district) & J.C. DeGress (superintendent of public instruction), lease, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Mooney/Withers240--S.D. Mooney to S.T. Withers, deed, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Norton/Russell241--David O. Norton (agent of James Reily) to Jesse C. Russell, deed, 1847
FC 1Drawer 1Ferrell/Henderson242--Wiley S. Ferrell to James Henderson, deed, 1877
FC 1Drawer 1Crisp/Gage/Sleighton243--Redden Crisp (admin. for the estate of E.N. Gage) to D.H. Sleighton, deed, 1873
FC 1Drawer 1Crowder/Hopkins244--Green H. Crowder to James E. Hopkins, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Stedman/Waters245--Benjamin Stedman to John L. Waters, deed of trust, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Garey/Russell246--Samuel Garey to Jesse C. Russell, power of attorney, 1850
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Cox247--Daniel E. Morgan to H.W. Cox, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Shrode/Harman248--D.K. Shrode to L.G. Harman, bond, 1863
FC 1Drawer 1Wise/Hopkins/Williamson249--Nancy Wise (attorney for John L. Hopkins) to Paulina Williamson, bill of sale, 1851
FC 1Drawer 1Levens250--Joseph Levens to Rebecca Levens, Mariella Levens, Andrew George & James Elliott Levens, deed of gift, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Williams251--Owen S. Davis to Cyrus Williams, deed, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Whisenant/Conner252--Davis Whisenant to F. D. Conner, mortgage, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Matthews/Wright253--R.E. Matthews to R.N. Wright, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Wilson254--Owen S. Davis to W.H. Wilson, deed, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Black/Grigsby/Wilson255--P.J. Black & J.N. Grigsby to Thomas B. Wilson, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Houston/Payne256--C.M. Houston, Nancy Houston & C. Payne, agreement, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Spradling/Horne257--Jordan Spradling to L.W. Horne, deed of trust, 1883
FC 1Drawer 1Pace/Harris258--J.H. Pace & Sarah C. Pace to N.O. Harris, warranty deed, 1888
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Mattews259--P.L. Smith to Robert E. Matthews, agreement, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Foster/Anthony260--David Foster (sheriff of Hopkins County) to Charles James Anthony, sheriff's deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Melton/Click261--Andrew G. Melton (County Treasurer agent for Hopkins County) to Mathias Click, deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Day262--Hopkins County to Shepherd D. Day, deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Harris263--Simeon Harris to M.J. Harris, deed, 1887
FC 1Drawer 1Simms/Miller264--James A. Simms & Emily J. Simms to Joshua Miller, deed, 1877
FC 1Drawer 1Hurley/Price/Donaldson265--G.W. Donaldson to Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Company (others mentioned W.G. Hurley & Mary Price), transfer of vendor's lien, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Barnes/Brooks266--William Barnes to Allen Brooks, title bond, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Payne/Scott/Goodman/Denton267--W.M. Payne (attorney for L.W. Scott & Mary J. Scott) to F.T. Goodman & Christian Denton, mortgage, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Ofiel268--John P. Ofiel, homestead claim, 1878
FC 1Drawer 1Hopkins/Chenoweth269--Joslin Hopkins to John W. Chenoweth, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Neely/L.G. Harman270--G. Neely to L.G. Harman, deed, 1863
FC 1Drawer 1Richey271--A.J. Richey to R.L. Richey, bill of sale, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Houghton272--H.G. Houghton to L.E.H. Houghton, transfer, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Halbrook/Rucker273--John M. Halbrook (admin. of George Halbrook estate) to John S. Rucker, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Eldridge/Wortham/Moore/
274--Sheriff to N.F. Moore (others mentioned: Thomas M. Eldridge, William A. Wortham, Ben A. Vansickle, L.G. Harman, W.H. Portwood), sheriff's deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Coots/Moore/Norwood275--Andrew Coots to John Coots, deed of gift, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Mathews/McDaniel/Culver/
276--Sam J. Mathews & Lula C. Mathews to Nancy Mathews, Thomas Mathews, Mary McDaniel, Melissa Culver, Hizzie McCorkle, Henry Mathews & Lafayette Mathews, quit claim deed, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1Norwood277--H.L. Norwood to Mary A. Norwood, deed, 1876
FC 1Drawer 1Crosby/Russell278--William L. Crosby to Hariet Russell, deed, 1864
FC 1Drawer 1Newman/Lyster279--William C.B. Newman & wife to Thomas Lyster, deed, 1867
FC 1Drawer 1Hudgin/Hicks280--J.M. Hudgin to William P. Hicks, deed, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Hampton281--John J. Hampton to G.J. Hampton, deed, 1868
FC 1Drawer 1Burns/Wear282--H.B.W. Burns to William B. Wear, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Click/Wilkerson/Black283--Sarah Click vs. John B. Wilkerson & H.H. Black, judgment, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Thomas/McRae/Hargrave/
284--Washington Thomas to James H.H. McRae, H.H. Hargrave, John O. Wilkerson & Abram F. Cannon, deed of trust, 1856
FC 1Drawer 1Craig/Crook285--Samuel Craig to Lewis J. Crook, power of attorney, 1855
FC 1Drawer 1Allen/Barker286--Lee Allen to Dixon Allen, (also mentioned: Thomas William Barker), power of attorney, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Goodman/Russell287--Frank M. Goodman to Fanny Goodman (also mentioned: George Russell), deed of gift, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Faberaugh/Wallace288--Augustus Faberaugh to C.C. Wallace, deed, 1863
FC 1Drawer 1-289--school incorportation election at Black Jack Grove, 1891
FC 1Drawer 1Porter290--W.H. Porter to Ferily Porter, deed of gift, 1869
FC 1Drawer 1Crosby/Crain291--W.L. Crosby to Reuben Crain, bond, 1868
FC 1Drawer 1Jones292--S.E. Jones (wife of Benjamin Jones), separation of property, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Flemming/Arthur/Griffith293--W.G. Flemming per W.E. Arthur (also mentioned: A.H. Griffith), tax receipt, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Brooks/McGill294--J.E. Brooks for R.V. McGill, tax receipt, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Brancroft/Downing/
295--M.M. Bancroft & L.L. Bancroft for J.H. Downing (also mentioned: James Gahagan), tax receipt, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Flemming/Arthur/Griffith296--W.G. Flemming for W.E. Arthur (also mentioned: A.H. Griffith), tax receipt, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Weaver297--J.C. Weaver, schedule of property, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Nelson298--Ellen H. Reily to W.D.C. Nelson, H.W. Nelson, Jr. & John W. Nelson, deed, 1883
FC 1Drawer 1Long/Gayoso299--L.J. Long (guardian for: Robert, John, Riley, Ben, Dan & C.T. Long minors) to F. Gayoso, deed, 1886
FC 1Drawer 1Foster/McKinney300--Hopkins County to David Foster (also mentioned: C.D. McKinney), deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Ash/McKinney301--Hopkins County to Elizabeth Ash (also mentioned: C.D. McKinney), deed, 1854
FC 1Drawer 1Bracklin/Bolt302--J.W. Bracklin to J.O. Bolt & W.M. Bolt, bill of sale, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1Wheeler303--D.C. Wheeler to Jane Wheeler, deed, 1866
FC 1Drawer 1Dannell/Bridges/Clifton304--Coraline Dannell to J.R.P. Bridges & N. Clifton, petition, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Boyd305--Thomas Boyd & Martha J. Boyd to James J. Boyd, power of attorney, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Daniels/Ragland306--Sig Davis & J.J. Daniels to W.D. Ragland, deed, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Gurlock/Dial307--Henry Gurlock to Texas Loan Agency, acknowlegement of vendor's lien, 1890 (also mentioned: H.C. Dial)
FC 1Drawer 1Foster/Hopkins308--David Foster to James E. Hopkins, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson/Harman309--James F. Johnson does appoint L.G. Harman as representative, power of attorney, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Portwood/Jones310--John H. Portwood to Wiley Jones, bond, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Hudson311--Thomas J. Hudson to Abbie Hudson, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Starr/Martin/Noble312--James A. Starr (attorney for Edward Martin) to Sebron M. Noble, power of attorney, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Raynalds/Price313--David Raynalds to J.T. Price, warrnty deed, 1884
FC 1Drawer 1Jordan314--Heidenheimr Bros. vs. J.H. Jordan, judgment, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Plaisance/Logsdon315--H.B. Plaisance appoints H.J. Logsdon as attorney, power of attorney, 1876
FC 1Drawer 1Goodson/Crabstree316--sale of 2 mules to W.J. Goodson (also mentioned: Susan E. Goodson, Mary A.J. Goodson & H.H. Crabtree), note & mortgage, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1Farrer/Hamilton317--H.H. Farrer to A.R. Hamilton, deed, 1865
FC 1Drawer 1McBride318--B.N. McBride to H.J. McBride, title bond, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Wells/Morris319--W.G. Wells & H.J. Wells to J.M. Morris, deed of trust, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1Speake/Wright320--Henry Speake & Eliza Speake to R.G. Wright, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Weathers/Walker321--S.T. Weathers to James J. Walker, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Cummings322--Ellen H. Reily to Daniel T. Cummings, deed, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Figures323--W.B. Figures, request for records, 1886
FC 1Drawer 1Dickson/Byrd324--B.R. Dickson to J.C. Byrd, warranty deed, 1884
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Hopkins325--James Reily to Eldridge Hopkins, deed, 1847
FC 1Drawer 1Matthews/Cox326--R.H. Matthews to H.W. Cox, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Coots327--Andrew Coots, Sr. to John Coots, deed of gift & trust, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Jennings328--W.K. Jennings, resignation, 1876
FC 1Drawer 1Still/Hopkins329--George W. Still to Eldridge Hopkins, deed of trust, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Bevans/Humphreys330--James S. Bevans to John R. Humphreys, transfer, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson/Jones331--John Jackson to Thomas H. Jones, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Clifton/Weaver/Gafford/
332--names mentioned: D.M. Clifton, Sam H. Weaver, Nathaniel Clifton (dec'd), Salina C. Cifton, Amanda E. Gafford, Thomas Gafford, Mariah Williams, J.R. Williams Jr., M.A. Clifton, D.H. Clifton, Samuel Clifton, William Clifton, J.W. Clifton & W.F. Alexander, affidavit of heirship, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1Tomlinson/Buchanan333--Samuel G. Tomlinson to T.J. Buchanan, warranty deed, 1884
FC 1Drawer 1Morris334--C.D. Morris to T.L. Morris, deed, 1867
FC 1Drawer 1Caldwell/Leonard335--W.G. Caldwell to G.W. Leonard, bond, 1856
FC 1Drawer 1Starr/Leewright336--Amory T. Starr to L.J. Leewright, deed, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Spencer/Hampton337--Hiram Spencer to S.H. Hampton, deed, 1878
FC 1Drawer 1Craig/McMahan338--Thomas A. Craig & Mariah Craig to George R. McMahan, deed, 1866
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Lyser339--James Reily to Elizabeth Lyser, deed, 1869
FC 1Drawer 1Byrd/Ward340--Thomas C. Byrd to James Ward, deed, 1848
FC 1Drawer 1Ashley341--Jeremiah S. Ashley to William Ashley, bill of sale, 1846
FC 1Drawer 1Payne/Norton342--Abraham Payne to David O. Norton, transfer, 1847
FC 1Drawer 1Lasker/Blythe/Rogers343--M. Lasker vs. W.J. Blythe & T.S. Rogers, judgment, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Harman/Campbell344--Lewis G. Harman to Joseph H. Campbell, deed, 1855
FC 1Drawer 1D'Spain/Dodson345--Benjamin L. D'Spain to Buford H. Campbell, deed, 1868
FC 1Drawer 1Henderson/Williams346--J.W. Henderson & C.B.T. Henderson to D.F. Williams, warranty deed, 1888
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Cavener347--James B. Smith to H.C. Cavener, bond, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Harman/Hampton/Cartwright348--John Hampton (admin. for the estate of Ben H. Hampton, dec'd) vs. Mathew Cartwright (also mentioned L.G. Harman), judgment, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Norwood349--Mary A. Norwood vs. H.L. Norwood, relinquishment, 1876
FC 1Drawer 1Fisher/Williams350--J.K. Fisher to Cy Williams, deed of trust, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Collins/Kennedy351--J.F. Collins & L.J. Collins to J.R. Kennedy, warranty deed, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Grant/Doughty352--Isaac A. Grant to Henry Doughty, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Green/Dickson353--M.M. Green assignee of J.A. Dickson & E.R. Dickson estate, report, 1882
FC 1Drawer 1Collins/Larner354--Leonidas Collins & Lucretia Collins to Thomas H. Larner, deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1Darlin355--F.P.I. Darlin to M.J. Darlin, transfer, 1873
FC 1Drawer 1Clapp/Pickett356--John Clapp & Eliza G. Clapp to Nancy Pickett, deed, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Goodman357--Francis M. Goodman to Fanny Goodman, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Grant/Thompson/Speaker358--Isaac A. Grant to A.I. Thompson & B.R. Speaker, bond, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Ferrell/Garner359--Wiley S. Ferrell vs. Thomas Garner, sheriff's deed to Thomas P. Ferrell, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Hoffman/Katterwitz360--Nathan Hoffman to A.S. Katterwitx, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Heatherly/Kennedy/
361--O. Heatherly to J.S. Kennedy, J.W. Mosely & John McKinney, deed, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Ashley/Matthews362--Jeremiah Ashley (agent for James Ashley) tax sale of land owned by Robert E. Matthews, deed, 1851
FC 1Drawer 1Fuller/Irons363--James F. Fuller to G.S. Irons, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Wammack/Miller364--A.M. Wammack vs. E.L. Miller, judgment, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Clendenned/Graham/Kidd365--Rebecca Clendennen, Alexander Clendenned, Thomas Graham & Dulcena Graham to Ibrey J. Kidd, bond, 1857
FC 1Drawer 1Bartholomew/Koontz366--Rosa A. Bartholomew to A.B. Koontz, deed, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Lollar/McAfee367--L.A. Lollar to Margaret P. McAfee, title bond, 1877
FC 1Drawer 1Maxey/Putman/Mead368--J.A.B. Putman (agent for Sam B. Maxey to Ophelia Mead, bond for title, 1883
FC 1Drawer 1Mason/King369--John Mason to L.D. King, sheriff's deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Bishop/Terry370--W.H. Bishop to Virginia Bishop to E.E. Terry, deed, 1881
FC 1Drawer 1Raynolds/Glover/Burney371--David Raynolds to W.H. Glover & E.L. Burney, deed, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Henley/Sickles/Coffey372--Hiram Henley to William Sickles & John S. Coffey, deed, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Cook/Smith373--James D. Cook to M.Z. Smith, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Withers/Brooks374--S. Withers to W.M. Brooks, bill of sale, 1865
FC 1Drawer 1Taylor375--Moore & Jordan to S.R. Taylor, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Gays/Henderson376--J.H. Gays vs. A.W. Henderson, bill of particulars, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Gough/Moore377--L. Gough & M.A. Gough to Burris Moore, deed, 1883
FC 1Drawer 1Campbell/Dawson378--C.P. Campbell to W.W. Dawson, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Niolever/Rattan379--Charles S. Niolever to David Rattan, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Grant/Doughty380--J.A. Grant to Caroline Doughty, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1South381--Samuel South, land patent, 1864
FC 1Drawer 1Masters/Kidd382--J.R. Masters & S.I. Masters to R.A. Kidd, warranty deed, 1886
FC 1Drawer 1Barnes/Smith383--S.R. Barnes to L.C. Smith, mortgage, 1869
FC 1Drawer 1Ewing384--Charles L. Ewing to Sarah Ewing, bill of sale, 1858
FC 1Drawer 1Ward/Lee385--James Ward & wife to George W. Lee, deed, 1852
FC 1Drawer 1McKenny/Francis386--E.D. McKenny to Robert B. Francis, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Pittman/Fisher387--Mary A. Pittman to Jesse Fisher, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Watson/Russell388--Zephaniah Watson to Jesse Russell, indenture, 1849
FC 1Drawer 1Kyle/Milam389--M.J. Kyle (trustee for L.E. Kyle to L.K. Kyle) to L.K. Milam, indenture, 1886
FC 1Drawer 1Collins/Loving390--J.B. Collins to O.P. Loving, deed of trust, 1889
FC 1Drawer 1Lindley/Langford391--Eli F. Lindley to J.M. Langford, deed of trust, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Cochram/Milner392--Caroline Cochram to G.W.C. Milner, deed, 1875
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Dickson393--J.T. Smith, Z.T. Smith, G.H. Smith, William F. Smith, John E. Dickson & Victoria Dickson to David Smith, deed, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Hopkins/Potts394--Joslin Hopkins to F.M. Potts, mortgage, 1855
FC 1Drawer 1Crisp/Shelton395--M. Crisp to John Shelton, mortgage, 1855
FC 1Drawer 1Sills396--J.L. Sills to W.G. Sills, bill of sale, 1867
FC 1Drawer 1Coffey/Connally397--John S. Coffey to M.C. Connally, deed, 1890
FC 1Drawer 1Padon398--Alfred Padon & Elizabeth M. Padon to John B. Padon, power of attorney, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Grant/Goodman/Crowder/
399--Isaac A. Grant vs. Francis M. Goodman, Jason H. Crowder & L.G. Harmon, judgment, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Crawford/Waggoner400--Bob Crawfor to N.B. Waggoner, mortgage, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Williams401--Russell Williams & Nancy Evaline Williams to Mary J. Williams, deed, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Harris/Goodwin402--Simeon Harris to B.L. Goodwin, contract, 1878
FC 1Drawer 1Glazier/Garrison403--A.D. Glazier (constable) to J.W. Garrison, constable's deed, 1873
FC 1Drawer 1Doughty/Jones404--Caroline Doughty to Susan Jones, deed, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Latimer405--Owen S. Davis to Alex H. Latimer, deed, 1869
FC 1Drawer 1McBroom/Davis/Lindley406--Thomas F. McBroom & Nancy A. Davis to Jacob M. Lindley, deed or bond, 1860
FC 1Drawer 1Gray/Sinclair/Dickson407--S.W. Gray & Elizabeth Gray to Alexander Sinclair & Mary Ann Dickson, deed, 1866
FC 1Drawer 1Grant/King408--Isaac A. Grant to Lorrenzo D. King, deed, 1859
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Garison/Ferguson/
409--D.M. Smith to H.H. Garrison (principal) & J.A. Ferguson, J.H. Weaver (sureties), bond, 1883
FC 1Drawer 1Wortham/Thomas410--William Wortham to Sam Thomas, deed, 1874
FC 1Drawer 1Turner/Moore411--William Henry Turner to William Moore, deed, 1870
FC 1Drawer 1Rogers/Davidson412--S.L. Rogers to W.H. Davidson, deed, 1876
FC 1Drawer 1Mitchell/Wirz413--Benjamin F. Mitchell to Joseph Wirz, deed, 1877
FC 1Drawer 1Kitchens/Koontz414--L.D. Kitchens & Sary Kitchens to A.B. Koontz, deed, 1862
FC 1Drawer 1Derick415--Simon Derick to J.J. Derick, deed or bond, 1862
FC 1Drawer 1Walters416--John Walters to Ann Walters, deed, 1879
FC 1Drawer 1Houghton/Gooning417--William S. Houghton to Thomas Gooning, deed, 1861
FC 1Drawer 1Bass/Johnston418--S.H. Bass Bro. to Dr. W.I. Johnston, contract, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1Mays/Millhollon419--Hebron Mays & Louisa Mays to Emily Millhollon, contract, 1881
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Meyer420--Owen S. Davis to Emanuel Meyer
FC 1Drawer 1Gilbreath/Polk421--Harrison & Catherine E. Gilbreath to Sylvester Polk
FC 1Drawer 1Russell422--Jesse C. Russell to Hiram C. Russell
FC 1Drawer 1Richey423--Mrs. R.L. Richey
FC 1Drawer 1Philley/Dickson424--Bartis Philley to Jefferson Dickson
FC 1Drawer 1Ragland/Stuart425--W.D. Ragland & E.W. Ragland to J.D. Stuart
FC 1Drawer 1Green/Dickson426--M.M. Green to J.A. Dickson & E.R. Dickson
FC 1Drawer 1Dial/Fatheree/Bingham427--Martin Dial to H.H. Fatheree & Henry Bingham
FC 1Drawer 1Russell/Hart428--James Russell to Wm. R. Hart
FC 1Drawer 1Lindley/Coffey429--E.F. Lindley to J.S. Coffey
FC 1Drawer 1Finley430--Milton Finley to Orinda Finley
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Stephens431--Ellen H. Reily to A.O. Stephens
FC 1Drawer 1Garrison432--H.H. Garrison to Creditor in Bankruptcy
FC 1Drawer 1Larry/English433--S.S. Larry to T.B. English
FC 1Drawer 1Ingram/Hunsucker/Brashear434--W.J. Ingram to A.L. Hunsucker & O.H. Brashear
FC 1Drawer 1Bullion/Manning435--Thomas Bullion to G.L. Manning
FC 1Drawer 1Giddens/Miller436--James R. Giddens to John D. Miller
FC 1Drawer 1Anthony/Scott/Matthews437--Charles J. & Anna O. Anthony to Z.J. Scott & Z.A. Matthews
FC 1Drawer 1Garey/Russell438--Samuel Garey to Jesse C. Russell
FC 1Drawer 1Kennedy/Rains439--Alexander Kennedy to R. Rains
FC 1Drawer 1Moore/Wagoner/Birdwell440--Wm. Moore to Daniel Wagoner, F.G. Birdwell & John A. Moore
FC 1Drawer 1Well441--John Well to Catharin Well
FC 1Drawer 1Weaver/Midget442--S.S. Weaver to Levi Midget
FC 1Drawer 1Searls/Kendrick443--Thomas Searls to Levi Midget
FC 1Drawer 1Harman/Ringo/Black444--Lewis G. Harman to M.C. Ringo & C.R. Black
FC 1Drawer 1Kennedy/Faison445--E.C. Kennedy to J.T. Faison
FC 1Drawer 1Attaway/Stephens446--Joseph Attaway to Susan Stephens
FC 1Drawer 1Camp/Richardson447--B.M. Camp to James F. Richardson
FC 1Drawer 1Long/Proctor448--P.H. Long to J.E. Proctor
FC 1Drawer 1Halbrook/Grace449--John M. Halbrook to Joseph P. Grace
FC 1Drawer 1Grant/Busby450--Isaac A. Grant to Napoleon I. Busby
FC 1Drawer 1Barker/Smith/Wilkerson451--Wilson Barker to Josiah Smith & John O. Wilkerson
FC 1Drawer 1Moore/Layne452--Tom Moore to J.M. Layne
FC 1Drawer 1Hopkins/Carey453--James E. Hopkins to Samuel Carey
FC 1Drawer 1Boatman/Beard454--Jesse J. & Elizabeth Boatman to Andrew S. Beard
FC 1Drawer 1Wilson455--M.C.V. Wilson & J.O. Wilson to Hopkins Co.
FC 1Drawer 1Kitts456--W.B. Kitts
FC 1Drawer 1Scott/Garrison457a--T.W. & Mary Scott to Daniel Garrison
FC 1Drawer 1Merchant/Garrison457b--Edward & Martha Merchant to Daniel Garrison
FC 1Drawer 1Hargrave458--S.B. Hargrave to B.I. Hargrave
FC 1Drawer 1Miller/Fannin459--Mary A.J. Miller to Wm. Fannin
FC 1Drawer 1Young/Cooper460--C.A. Young & Mrs. Phebe Cooper
FC 1Drawer 1Whittle/Shook461--F.C. & Thurlla Whittle to W.A. Shook
FC 1Drawer 1Shook/Jones462--W.R. Shook to John F. Jones
FC 1Drawer 1Clifton/Hunter463--E.M. Clifton to R.L. Hunter
FC 1Drawer 1Martin464--J.J. Martin to E.C. Martin
FC 1Drawer 1Vaden/Martin465--J.I. & Mary Vaden to J.J. Martin
FC 1Drawer 1Martin/Vaden466--J.J. Martin to J.I. Vaden
FC 1Drawer 1Clifton/Hunter467--E.M. Clifton to R.L. Hunter
FC 1Drawer 1Plunk/Cates468--W.T. Plunk to W.M. Cates
FC 1Drawer 1Hennen/Plunk469--J.B. & L.A. Hennen to W.T. Plunk
FC 1Drawer 1Jones/Hennen470--J.F. Jones to John Hennen
FC 1Drawer 1Hunter/Carson471--R.L. Hunter to J.N. Carson
FC 1Drawer 1Stubbs472--C.D. Stubbs to Wm. Stubbs
FC 1Drawer 1Speed/Stubbs473--J.M. & Lola Speed to Wm. Stubbs
FC 1Drawer 1Scuff/Payne474--R.M. & Mary Scuff to T.J. Payne
FC 1Drawer 1Groom475--J.M. Groom for School Land
FC 1Drawer 1McDonald476--A.M. McDonald to A.E. McDonald
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Prentice477--James Reily to O.B. Prentice
FC 1Drawer 1Neely/Byrd478--J. Neely to Thomas Byrd
FC 1Drawer 1Reily/Prentice479--James Reily to B. Prentice
FC 1Drawer 1Rodgers480--James Rodgers, scrip certificate, 1871
FC 1Drawer 1White/Roach481--J.H. White to T.A. Roach, 1917
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Hamiter482--J.A. Davis to J.C. Hamiter, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1Carothers/Womack483--R.B. Carothers to R.M. Womack, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Heflin/Roach484--W. Heflin to T.A. Roach, 1917
FC 1Drawer 1Roach/Heflin485--T.A. Roach to H.W. Heflin, 1917
FC 1Drawer 1Pickett/White486--H.W. Pickett to J.R. White, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Gunnels/White487--P.W. Gunnels to T.H. White, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1Gunnels/White488--P.W. Gunnels to T.H. White, 1903
FC 1Drawer 1White489--J.D. White to J.R. White, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1Hamiter/White490--J.C. Hamiter to T.H. White, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1Hamilton/white491--C.E. Hamilton to J.R. White, 1907
FC 1Drawer 1White492--T.H. White to J.R. White, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1White/Doss493--T.H. White to J.R. Doss, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1White494--J.D. White to W.S. White, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1Gilmore/Davis495--M.E. Gilmore to J.A. Davis, 1898
FC 1Drawer 1Roger/Clifton496--J. Roger/J. Clifton, tax receipts, 1913-1918
FC 1Drawer 1Melton497--The State of Texas vs. Wayland Alexander, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Allen498--The State of Texas vs. Bud Allen, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Allen499--The State of Texas vs. Tom Allen, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Amox500--The State of Texas vs. H.T. Amox, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Anderson501--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Anderson, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Archer502--The State of Texas vs. Gary Archer, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Arnold503--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Arnold, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Back504--The State of Texas vs. Edgar Back, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1McVay505--The State of Texas vs. May McVay, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Bayless506--The State of Texas vs. Lena Bayless, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Beaty507--The State of Texas vs. Dewey Beaty, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Beckham508--The State of Texas vs. Bill Beckham, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Belcher509--The State of Texas vs. George Belcher, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Bennett510--The State of Texas vs. Olen Bennett, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Roan511--The State of Texas vs. B. Roan, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Berry512--The State of Texas vs. Jack Berry, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Betts513--The State of Texas vs. Clarence A. Betts, 1941
FC 1Drawer 1Birchfield514--The State of Texas vs. Barney Birchfield, 1950
FC 1Drawer 1Bird515--The State of Texas vs. Doll Bird, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Blackwell516--The State of Texas vs. C.B. (Pig Meat) Blackwell, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Blount517--Dewey Blount, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Boardman518--The State of Texas vs. Buster Boardman, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Boggs519--The State of Texas vs. Neal Boggs, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Bounds520--The State of Texas vs. Tom Bounds, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Bowser521--The State of Texas vs. Hester Bowser, 1902
FC 1Drawer 1Bowser522--The State of Texas vs. Robert (Wild Horse) Bowser, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Boyd523--The State of Texas vs. Allen Boyd, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Boyd523--The State of Texas vs. J.C. Boyd, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Braggs524--The State of Texas vs. Oscar Braggs, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Brand/Winkle/Payne525--The State of Texas vs. Howard Brand, Arthur Winkle, W.R. Payne & Willie Payne, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Bridges526--The State of Texas vs. George Bridges, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Brigham527--The State of Texas vs. Leroy Brigham, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Brinker528--The State of Texas vs. J.A. Brinker, 1908
FC 1Drawer 1Britton529--The State of Texas vs. George Britton, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Broadfoot530--The State of Texas vs. William H. Broadfood, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Brock531--The State of Texas vs. Bill Brock, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Brumley532--The State of Texas vs. Fate Brumley, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Brumley533--The State of Texas vs. Katie Brumley, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Brumley534--The State of Texas vs. Sanford Brumley, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Bunch535--Robert Bunch, statement, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Burke536--The State of Texas vs. Fred Burke, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Burks537--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Burks, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Burks537--The State of Texas vs. T.B. Burks, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Bussell538--The State of Texas vs. Nub Bussell, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Cadell539--Reba Caddell, statement, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Cameron540--The State of Texas vs. W.C. Cameron, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Campbell541--The State of Texas vs. Arlis Campbell, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Carpenter542--Van Carpenter, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Carr543--The State of Texas vs. Boy Carr, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Carter544--The State of Texas vs. Lundy Carter, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Carter545--The State of Texas vs. W.H. Carter, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Chapman546--The State of Texas vs. Fred Chapman, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Chapman547--J.W. Chapman, statement, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Clark548--The State of Texas vs. Alex Clark, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Clark549--The State of Texas vs. Walter Clark, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Coker550--The State of Texas vs. Miller Coker, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Cundiff551--The State of Texas vs. Albert Cundiff, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Conley552--The State of Texas vs. Albert Conley, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Cook553--The State of Texas vs. G.C. Cook, Alberta Cook & Fannie Cook, 1902
FC 1Drawer 1Cooksey554--The State of Texas vs. Will Cooksey, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Coppedge555--The State of Texas vs. Carl D. Coppedge, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Coppedge556--The State of Texas vs. Derwin Coppedge, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Cotton557--The State of Texas vs. Ira Cotton, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Courson558--The State of Texas vs. M.A. Courson, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Cowser559--The State of Texas vs. Roy Cowser, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Cox560--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Noah (Ida) Cox, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Craft561--Jack Craft, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Crane562--The State of Texas vs. Fred Crane, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Craven563--Jonta Craven, statement, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Crisp564--The State of Texas vs. Ed Crisp, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Culp565--The State of Texas vs. Bentley Culp, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Currin566--The State of Texas vs. B.L. Currin, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Cutts567--The State of Texas vs. P.C. Cutts, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Daniels568--The State of Texas vs. Howard Daniels, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Darden569--The State of Texas vs. Bill Darden, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Darden570--The State of Texas vs. H.B. Darden
FC 1Drawer 1Darden571--The State of Texas vs. Hilla B. Darden, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Darrough572--The State of Texas vs. Frank Darrough, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Davidson573--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Davidson
FC 1Drawer 1Davis574--The State of Texas vs. Earl Clifford Davis (alias: Earl Cliford Manning, 1941
FC 1Drawer 1Davis575--The State of Texas vs. George Davis, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Davis576--The State of Texas vs. Robert Davis, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Davis577--The State of Texas vs. S.S. (Happy) Davis, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Davis578--The State of Texas vs. Van Davis, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Davis579--The State of Texas vs. W.J. Davis, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Davis580--The State of Texas vs. Willie Davis, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Day581--The State of Texas vs. Claude Day, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Dennis582--The State of Texas vs. James Dennis, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Dickson583--The State of Texas vs. Bill Dickson, 1911
FC 1Drawer 1Dillon584--The State of Texas vs. Frank Dillon, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Dismore585--The State of Texas vs. Harry Dismore, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Dixon586--The State of Texas vs. Floyd Dixon, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Dorman587--The State of Texas vs. Carl Dorman, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Doss/Diamond588--The State of Texas vs. Lenoard Doss & Son Diamond, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Dowdle589--The State of Texas vs. Bill Dowdle, 1916
FC 1Drawer 1Ramey590--The State of Texas vs. J. Ramey, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Dye591--Mrs. Mettie Dye, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Edmonds592--George Edmonds, statement, 1911
FC 1Drawer 1Edwards593--The State of Texas vs. Zack Edwards, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Harris594--C.S. Harris, statement, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Enix595--The State of Texas vs. W.A. (Pete) Enix, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Evans596--The State of Texas vs. Maurice Evans, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Everetts597--The State of Texas vs. Earl Everetts, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Fite598--The State of Texas vs. Woodrow Fite, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Fleming599--The State of Texas vs. James Fleming, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Follis600--The State of Texas vs. F.M. Follis, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Folmar601--The State of Texas vs. G.M. Folmar, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Ford602--The State of Texas vs. J.L. Ford, 1909
FC 1Drawer 1Foster603--Amanda E. Foster, et al vs. W.T. Foster, et al, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Fouse604--The State of Texas vs. Bill Fouse, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Fouse605--J.R. Fouse, statement, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Franklins606--The State of Texas vs. Obie D. Franklin, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Fredrick607--W.C. McAnear vs. J.E. Fredrick, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Massengale608--Chester Massengale, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Gamlin609--The State of Texas vs. Bob Gamblin, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Garrett610--The State of Texas vs. Gene Garrett, 1939
FC 1Drawer 1Garrett611--The State of Texas vs. Stirling Garrett, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Geer612--C.E. Geer, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Geisling613--The State of Texas vs. Jack Geisling, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Gentry614--The State of Texas vs. Luke Gentry, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Gentry615--The State of Texas vs. Tom Gentry, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Lewis616--Jerry Lewis, statement, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Glasscock617--The State of Texas vs. Sigmon Glasscock, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Horn618--Baxter Horn, statement, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Sparks618--Ottis Sparks, statement, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Glasscock618--T.J. Glasscock, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Glenn619--The State of Texas vs. A.Z. Glenn, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Godsoe620--The State of Texas vs. Douglas Godsoe, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Gowan621--The State of Texas vs. Odie Gowan, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Grant622--The State of Texas vs. Gird Grant, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Green623--The State of Texas vs. C. Green, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Gurley624--The State of Texas vs. Tom Gurley, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Guthrie625--The State of Texas vs. George Guthrie, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Hale626--The State of Texas vs. D.A. Hale, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Hathaway627--The State of Texas vs. Tom Hathaway, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Hamilton628--The State of Texas vs. Plummer Hamilton, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Harris629--The State of Texas vs. Jud Harris, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Harris630--The State of Texas vs. Merridy Harris, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Harrison631--The State of Texas vs. D.H. Harrison, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Harrison632--The State of Texas vs. Roy Harrison, 1932
FC 1Drawer 1Hart633--The State of Texas vs. M.D. Hart, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Herman634--The State of Texas vs. Noble Herman, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Baker/Hettic635--J.D.B. Baker vs. Hettic, et al, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Hogan636--The State of Texas vs. Ora Hogan, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Holcomb637--The State of Texas vs. Lois Holcomb, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Holmes638--R.D. Holmes, borrower's statement, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Hooper639--The State of Texas vs. J.M. Hooper, Jr., 1902
FC 1Drawer 1Hopkins640--The State of Texas vs. F.V. Hopkins, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Hopkins641--The State of Texas vs. W.R. Hopkins, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Hopper642--The State of Texas vs. John Hopper, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Horn643--The State of Texas vs. Jud Horn, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Haugh644--The State of Texas vs. Truman Haugh, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Hough645--The State of Texas vs. Willis Hough, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Hull646--The State of Texas vs. Dixon Hull, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Hunter647--The State of Texas vs. Dough Hunter, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Hurley648--The State of Texas vs. Boyett Hurley, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Hurst649--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Hurst, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Irby650--The State of Texas vs. J.R. Irby, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Jacks651--The State of Texas vs. W.M. Jacks, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson652--The State of Texas vs. Bruce Jackson, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson653--The State of Texas vs. Haskell Jackson, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson654--The State of Texas vs. J.W. Jackson, 1900
FC 1Drawer 1Jackson655--The State of Texas vs. Wind Jackson, 1910
FC 1Drawer 1James656--The State of Texas vs. George James, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Jenkins657--The State of Texas vs. Alonzo (Fatty) Jenkins, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Jennings658--The State of Texas vs. Clyde Jennings, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Jarrett659--The State of Texas vs. E.E. Jarrett, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Jennings660--The State of Texas vs. Wess Jennings, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson661--The State of Texas vs. Alfred Johnson, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson662--The State of Texas vs. E.P. Johnson, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson663--The State of Texas vs. Fred Johnson, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson664--The State of Texas vs. Jack Johnson, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson665--The State of Texas vs. Jess Johnson, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson666--The State of Texas vs. W.C. Jonson, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Johnson667--The State of Texas vs. Willie Johnson, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Johnston668--The State of Texas vs. Ferris L. Johnston, 1922 & 1930
FC 1Drawer 1James668--The State of Texas vs. Fred Lee James, 1932
FC 1Drawer 1Jones669--The State of Texas vs. Earl Jones, 1911
FC 1Drawer 1Jones670--The State of Texas vs. J.C. Jones, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Jones671--Joe Martin Jones, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Jones672--The State of Texas vs. Lawson Jones, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Jones673--The State of Texas vs. Walter Jones, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Jones674--The State of Texas vs. Worth Jones, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Kelley675--The State of Texas vs. Dike Kelley, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Kerr676--The State of Texas vs. Lester Kerr, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Kidd677--The State of Texas vs. Neal Kidd, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Kimbrell678--The State of Texas vs. R.B. Kimbrell, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Kincaid679--The State of Texas vs. Coe Kincaid, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Kincaid680--The State of Texas vs. George Kincaid, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1King681--The State of Texas vs. B.A. King, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Kinser682--The State of Texas vs. Buck Kinser, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Burks682--The State of Texas vs. Fred Burks, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Lanier683--The State of Texas vs. Billie Lanier, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Laughlin684--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Laughlin, 1900
FC 1Drawer 1Lawrence685--The State of Texas vs. Fred Lawrence, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Lee686--The State of Texas vs. L.J. Lee, 1910
FC 1Drawer 1Lindley/Smith687--The State of Texas vs. M.T. Lindley & W.M. Smith, 1901
FC 1Drawer 1Lindsey688--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Lindsey, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Lindsey689--The State of Texas vs. John Lindsey, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Long690--The State of Texas vs. Fred Long, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Long691--The State of Texas vs. J.L.W. Long, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Loyd692--The State of Texas vs. Red Loyd, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Loyd693--The State of Texas vs. Robert Loyd, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Macon694--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Macon, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Manney695--The State of Texas vs. Maud Manney, 1917
FC 1Drawer 1Martin696--The State of Texas vs. C.H. Martin, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Mayfield697--The State of Texas vs. Will Mayfield, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1McDonald698--The State of Texas vs. Alva McDonald, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1McDonald699--The State of Texas vs. George McDonald, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1McGee700--The State of Texas vs. J.J. McGee, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1McGinnis701--The State of Texas vs. J.K.McGinnis, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1McKinney702--letter regarding Tom L. McKinney, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1McKenzie703--The State of Texas vs. Orville McKenzie, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1McPherson/Williams704--The State of Texas vs. J.G. McPherson & Jack Williams, 1902
FC 1Drawer 1Meadows705--The State of Texas vs. Stanley Meadows, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Melton706--The State of Texas vs. Aubrey Melton, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Mendoza707--The State of Texas vs. Sara Buston Mendoza, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Miller708--Clarence Miller, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Miller709--The State of Texas vs. Kitty Kay Miller, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Miller710--The State of Texas vs. Lester Miller, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Minter711--The State of Texas vs. D.L. Minter, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Minter712--The State of Texas vs. Dick Minter, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Minter713--The State of Texas vs. Henry Minter, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Mitchell714--The State of Texas vs. Alvis Mitchell, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Mitchell/Price/Bickham715--The State of Texas vs. Bill Mitchell, Joe Price, Jack Price, Charlie Bickham & Bill Bickham, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Mitchell716--The State of Texas vs. D. Mitchell, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Mitchell717--The State of Texas vs. W.H. Mitchell, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1-718--H. Seay & Company vs. Moore & Lynch, et al, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Moore719--The State of Texas vs. Dana Moore, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Moore720--The State of Texas vs. F.J. Moore, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Moore721--The State of Texas vs. Liff Moore, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Moore/Bell722--The State of Texas vs. William L. Moore & Hettie Bell, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Morley723--The State of Texas vs. Dick Morley, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Morris724--The State of Texas vs. Mattie Morris, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Mote725--The State of Texas vs. T.C. Mote, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Moyer726--The State of Texas vs. J.D. Moyer, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Myers727--The State of Texas vs. John Myers, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Myers728--The State of Texas vs. R.E. Myers, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Neal729--The State of Texas vs. Elbert Neal, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Neel730--The State of Texas vs. Robert Neel, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Nelson731--The State of Texas vs. Tom Nelson, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Newkirk732--Ralph Newkirk, statement, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Nichol733--Earl Nichol, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Nichols734--The State of Texas vs. Jack Nichols, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Nolen735--The State of Texas vs. Gurrie Nolen, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Norris736--The State of Texas vs. Glenn (Lynn) Norris, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Orren737--The State of Texas vs. Snow Orren, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Orren738--The State of Texas vs. Tom Orren, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Overall739--The State of Texas vs. A.R. Overall, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Pagen740--letter regarding William Pagen, Jr., 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Pannell741--letter regarding Pannell (no given name), 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Parker742--The State of Texas vs. Marvin Parker, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Patterson743--The State of Texas vs. Bill Patterson, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Payne744--The State of Texas vs. C.W. Payne, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Payne745--The State of Texas vs. Earl Payne, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Periga746--The State of Texas vs. Johnie Periga, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Perry747--The State of Texas vs. Henry Perry, 1903
FC 1Drawer 1Petty748--The State of Texas vs. Jesse Petty, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Phillips749--The State of Texas vs. Bob Phillips, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Phillips750--The State of Texas vs. Sammie Phillips, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Pickett751--W.O. Pickett, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Pitts752--The State of Texas vs. Logan Pitts, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Pogue753--The State of Texas vs. Nuge Pogue, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Ponder754--The State of Texas vs. F.M. Ponder, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Powell755--Dr. George F. Powell, trial testimony, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Price756--The State of Texas vs. Cluster Price, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Price757--The State of Texas vs. Jack Price, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Price758--The State of Texas vs. Joe Price, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Price759--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Price, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Price760--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. R.F. Price, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Pride761--The State of Texas vs. Albert Pride, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Prince762--The State of Texas vs. Will Prince, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Prichett763--The State of Texas vs. Truman Pritchett, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Proctor764--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Proctor, 1909
FC 1Drawer 1Pruitt765--The State of Texas vs. Buddy Bill Pruitt, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Pruitt766--The State of Texas vs. W.D. Pruitt, 1910
FC 1Drawer 1Putnam767--The State of Texas vs. Bill Putnam, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Ray768--The State of Texas vs. Gordon Ray, 1915
FC 1Drawer 1Reneau769--The State of Texas vs. Louie Reneau, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Renolds770--The State of Texas vs. Clyde Renolds, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Richardson771--The State of Texas vs. Richardson (no given name), no date
FC 1Drawer 1Richters772--The State of Texas vs. Ples Richters, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Ridgeway773--The State of Texas vs. Blondie Ridgeway, 1902
FC 1Drawer 1Roberts774--The State of Texas vs. E.H. Roberts, 1941
FC 1Drawer 1Robertson775--The State of Texas vs. E.H. Robertson, 1941
FC 1Drawer 1Robertson776--The State of Texas vs. W.T. Robertson, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Robinson777--The State of Texas vs. E.L. Robinson, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Robinson778--The State of Texas vs. Ocie Robinson, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Rockwall779--Clarence Rockwell, confession, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Romack780--The State of Texas vs. Jim Romack, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Ross781--The State of Texas vs. C.C. Ross, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Ross782--The State of Texas vs. Check Ross, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Rotramel783--The State of Texas vs. Charles Rotramel, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Ryan/King784--The State of Texas vs. Elmo Ryan & George Kimbell, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Scroggins785--The State of Texas vs. Floyd Scroggins, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Scroggins786--The State of Texas vs. Jennings Scroggins, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Scott787--The State of Texas vs. C.W. Scott, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Seacoy788--The State of Texas vs. H.D. Seacoy, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Self789--The State of Texas vs. Lester Self, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Sexton790--The State of Texas vs. Frank Sexton, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Seymore791--The State of Texas vs. Elmer Seymore, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Shelton792--The State of Texas vs. Erma Shelton, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Shelton793--The State of Texas vs. Henry Shelton, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Sherman794--The State of Texas vs. Andrew Sherman, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Sikes795--The State of Texas vs. E.B. Sikes, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Simmons796--The State of Texas vs. Offie Simmons, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Simpson797--The State of Texas vs. Murrell Simpson, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Skelton798--The State of Texas vs. Vernon Skelton, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Smith799--The State of Texas vs. Roy Smith, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Smith800--The State of Texas vs. Willis Smith, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Sparkman801--Dewit Sparkman, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Sparks802--The State of Texas vs. J.B. Sparks, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Sparks803--The State of Texas vs. Toney Sparks, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Staples804--The State of Texas vs. Tom Staples, 1940
FC 1Drawer 1Staphoffer805--Roy Staphofter, statement, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Stapleton806--The State of Texas vs. Alex Stapleton, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Stephens807--The State of Texas vs. A.L. Stephens, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Stephens808--The State of Texas vs. Jabbo Stephens, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Stevens809--The State of Texas vs. Dick Stevens, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Stevens810--The State of Texas vs. Tracy Stevens, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Boardman811--Buster Boardman, statement, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Stockard812--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Stockard, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Stockton813--The State of Texas vs. Delmer Stockton, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Stright814--letter regarding John Stright & Amos Stright, 1912
FC 1Drawer 1Stripling815--The State of Texas vs. Elton Stripling, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Stripling816--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Stripling, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Smith817--J.D. Smith, statement, 1888
FC 1Drawer 1Stubblefield818--The State of Texas vs. John Stubblefield, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Stubblefield819--The State of Texas vs. Roy Stubblefield, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Stubbs820--The State of Texas vs. Will Stubbs, 1915
FC 1Drawer 1Stubbs821--The State of Texas vs. Will Stubbs, 1916
FC 1Drawer 1Pogue/Sullivan822--Alfred Pogue vs. Albert Sullivan, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Sutton823--The State of Texas vs. Ottie Sutton, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Swaney824--The State of Texas vs. John Swaney, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Swindle825--The State of Texas vs. Henry Swindle, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Tally826--The State of Texas vs. O.L. Tally & A.A. Lindley, 1910
FC 1Drawer 1Taylor/Chester827--Melvin Taylor vs. H.D. Chester, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Teer828--N.E. Rash vs. W.B. Kitts, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Thomas829--The State of Texas vs. L.H. Thomas, 1909
FC 1Drawer 1Thomas830--The State of Texas vs. R.C. Thomas, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Tomerlin831--Myrtle Tomerlin, statement, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Tutt832--The State of Texas vs. Otis Tutt, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Umphres833--The State of Texas vs. Willie Umphres, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Vaden834--The State of Texas vs. Floyd L. Vaden, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Sheppard/Vaden835--A.D. Sheppard vs. Wesley Vaden, et al, 1901
FC 1Drawer 1Vandergriff836--The State of Texas vs. Jack S. Vandergriff, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Vanderslice837--The State of Texas vs. B.C. Vanderslice, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Vest838--The State of Texas vs. Sammie Vest, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Waddleton839--The State of Texas vs. Rudolph Waddleton, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Wallace840--The State of Texas vs. Baby Wallace, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Ward841--The State of Texas vs. Lee Ward, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Wardrup842--Roy Wardrup, statement, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Watkins843--The State of Texas vs. Clifton Watkins, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Watts844--The State of Texas vs. J.W. Watts, 1902
FC 1Drawer 1Weaver845--The State of Texas vs. Frank Weaver, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Weinert846--A.W. Weinert, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Wesley847--The State of Texas vs. H.C. Wesley, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1West848--letter regarding, Silas West, no date
FC 1Drawer 1White849--The State of Texas vs. A.E. White, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1White850--The State of Texas vs. Marvin White, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Whitten851--The State of Texas vs. Arthur Whitten, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Wilks852--The State of Texas vs. John Wesley Wilks, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Williams853--Arlice Williams, statement, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Williams854--The State of Texas vs. Ben Williams, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Williams855--The State of Texas vs. Bill Williams, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Fouse856--Floyd Fouse, statement, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Wood857--The State of Texas vs. W.O. Wood, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Woodard858--The State of Texas vs. J.M. Woodard, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Wooten859--The State of Texas vs. Cleo Wooten, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Sparks860--Elizabeth & Long Sparks, statements, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Smith/Searls/Minter/Jones/
861--Bill Smith, Robert Searls, S.A. Minter, Preacher Jones, Henry Granger, Aubrey Westbrook, Charles James, C.E. Stephens, Grover Franks & Carl Gafford, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Byers/McFarland861--Bob Byers, Bill Byers, Jim McFarland & Carl McFarland, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Thomas861--Bob Thomas, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Stewart861--Claud Stewart, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Watkins/Lindley/
861--Clifton Watkins, Jeff D. Lindley, Clem Arnold & Arnold Wallace, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Karney/Simpson/Bannister861--Clyde Karney, Alton Simpson & Ed Bannister, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Maddox/Waller/Williams
861--Clyde Maddox, Bernice Waller, Arlice Williams, Lonnie McCoy & Sammie Hudman, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Wilkens/Kirkbride/Duke/
861--Dr. Wilkens, Elmer Kirkbride, Roger Duke, Eric Bagwell, Johnnie Biggerstaff, Frank Perkins & Glenn Pickett, subpoena, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Turner861--Frank Turner, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Craighead/Petty/Johnson861--George Craighead, Chester Petty & Marsalis Johnson, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Franks861--Grover Franks, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Sellers861--Grover Sellers, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Miller861--Hubert Miller, subpoena, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Nash861--Hubert Nash, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1McKey/Petty/Holt/Mitchell861--J.C. McKey, Bob Petty, Aaron Hold & Gram Mitchell, subpoena, 1901
FC 1Drawer 1Coppedge861--J.P. Coppedge, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Hale861--Jay Hale, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Lindley/McClendon/St. Clair/
861--Jim Lindley, Leon McClendon, Irl St. Clair, Jack Maxwell, Jack Kennesure, C.T. Ashcroft & L.F. Bridges, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Martin861--Joe Martin, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Stephens861--Joe Stephens, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Faulk861--John Faulk, subpoena, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Jomes861--Kim Jones, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Goggans861--Luther Goggans, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Randolph/Chapman/Allen/
861--Marie Randoph, Frank Chapman, Hubert Allen, G.P. Smith, Luther Emerson, Pete George, Buddy Cunningham, Jack Dawson & Dr. Thomas, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1McKinney861--Morris McKinney, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Crisp/Arnold/Oxford861--Mrs. Mack Crisp, Charles Arnold, Charley Oxford & Mack Crisp, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Boone/Ezell861--Mrs. Willie Boone & ? Ezell, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Nance861--Noble Nance, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Prim861--Oscar Prim, subpoena, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Hatchet861--R. Hatchet, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Riffe861--Simon Riffe, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Ramey/Walls/Taylor/
861--Tom Ramey, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Walls, Connie Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Harrison, Joe & Bill McIntire, Roy Harry & L.W. Davidson, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Williams861--Verly Williams & Bertha Williams, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Rolsky/Jones/Pearson/
861--Walter Rolsky, Preacher Jones, Drew Pearson, Walter Harrison, J.E. McVay & Claud McKinney, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Lewis/Faucet/Kincaid/
862--Bob Lewis, Charlie Faucet, W.H. Kincaid, Alva McDonald & Otto Simmons, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Shoemaker/Wyatt862--C.D. Shoemaker & Thomas Wyatt, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Ivey/Randolph/Ticer/
862--Drew Ivey, Alcie Randolph, Sam Ticer, Joseph Minter & Attie Sparks, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Skidmore/Cunningham/Skeen862--Earl Skidmore, Buddie Cunningham & Barney Skeen, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Griggs/Fuquay/?/
862--Effie Griggs, Peter Griggs, Dr. Fuquay, Bessie ?, ? McAfee, Cecil Bennett, Curtis Smith & ? Brim, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Rhodes/Humphreys862--Elgie Rhodes & John Humphreys, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Virgil/Campbell/Lindley/
862--Evie Virgil, John Campbell, Maudy Campbell, Jacob Lindley, Patterson, Dr. Mead & Will Tennison, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Martin862--Fate Martin, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Culpepper/Smith862--Frank Culpepper, Aubrey Smith & D.Y. Culpepper, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Woolsey/Mans/Whitton/
862--H.B. Woolsey, Mrs. Cat Mans, Bruce Whitten, Harvey Hogs & Guy Dobb, subpoena, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Osteen/Kiser862--Homer Osteen & Mark Kiser, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Nash/Hicks/Peek862--Hubert Nash, Hubert Hicks & Will Peek, subpoena
FC 1Drawer 1Thomas/Dickerson/White862--J.B. Thomas, Ben Dickerson & Birtch White, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Combs/Bradford862--J.R. Combs & Jim Bradford, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Harris/Wilson/Green862--Jack Harris, Lewis Wilson, George Harris & P? Green, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Reynolds/Sparkman862--James Reynolds & Luther Sparkman, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Allen/McDonald/Davis
862--Joe Allen, Joe McDonald, Will Davis, Bruce Jobe, Moore Cannon & J.Y. Finch, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Kimbrell862--John Kimbrell, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Jones862--Kim Jones, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Ardis/Worsham862--Lewis Ardis & Joe Worsham, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Wit?/Albert/Towdy/Gitts
862--Lucas ?, Tom Albert, Al ? & J.G. Gist & ? Fitts, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Whatley/Allen/Harris/
862--M.H. Whatley, Otis Allen, Charger Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sheffield, Nick Sheffield, Mrs. Bud Pullen & Bob Morris, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Cox/Lanier862--May Cox, Ida Cox & Bob Lanier, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Collins862--Morris Collins, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Camp862--Mr. Camp & wife who lives in house with father Seaborne Camp, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Maskey862--Mr. Maskey, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Parker862--Mrs. A. Parker, J.D. Parker & Susan May Parker, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Henry862--Mrs. P.D. Henry, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Romans862--Mrs. Romans wife of Tom Romans, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Graves/Smith862--Newt Graves, Charlie Graves & Squint Smith, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Hamilton862--Ray Hamilton, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Lindley862--Robert L. Lindley, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Ivey/Williams/Peats862--T.C. Ivey, R.S. (Sam) Williams & J. Peats, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Lyles/Vanderslice862--Taylor Lyles & Milford Vanderslice, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Riley/Meadows/Smith862--Tom Riley, Mrs. Brown Meadows & D? Smith, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Davis/Morrison/Lyons
862--Valton Davis, Marvin Morrison, Clark Lyons & J.B. Stringer, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Jones/Carothers862--W.W. Jones, Sr. & R.B. Carothers, Sr., subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Steed862--W.W. Steed, subpoena, 1913
FC 1Drawer 1Gatlin/Johnson862--Will Gatlin & Henry Johnson, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Mitton863--Bill Mitton, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Hammond/Scott863--Rev. G.D. Hammond, C.W. Scott, subpoena, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Burnett864--B.B. Burnett, subpoena, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Rawlings865--The State of Texas vs. Eugene Rawlings, 1932
FC 1Drawer 1Burks866--George Burks, subpoena, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Dowdy866--Jessi Dowdy, subpoena, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Wilson/Long866--Percy Wilson, W.J. Long, subpoena, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Arrington866--Roland Arrington, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Owens867--Ben Owens & Dr. J.H. McKinney, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Kirby867--C.R. Kirby, Irene Kirby, subpoena, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1McKinney867--Dr. J.H. McKinney, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1McGinnis868--Mollie McGinnis, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Clinton/Holland/
869--Alton Clinton, John Holland, Julian Cargile, Fred Cousir, F.E. King, subpoena, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Clinton869--Alton Clinton, subpoena, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Clinton869--Alton Clinton, subpoena, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Massey869--Cade Massey, subpoena, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Williams869--Clyde Williams, subpoena, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Weedin869--Daisy Weedin, subpoena, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1King869--F.E. King, subpoena, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Carver869--Fred Carver, subpoena, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Allen869--Gary Allen, subpoena, 1946
FC 1Drawer 1Pitman869--Herman Pitman, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Potter869--J.E. Potter, subpoena, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Kelso869--Jim Kelso, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Mitchell/Duncan869--L.J. Mitchell & Fay Duncan, subpoena, 1932
FC 1Drawer 1Watkins869--Lula Watkins, subpoena, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Ratlin/Glass869--M.L. Ratlin, Louis Ratlin & Dock Glass, subpoena, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Rollins/Glass869--M.L. Rollins, Lonie Rollins, Mrs. L. Rollins & Dock Glass, subpoena, 1933
FC 1Drawer 1Reeves/Hill/Weeden/Roper/
869--Thad Reeves, Guy Hill, Rosie Lee Weeden, Daisy Weedin, Osage Nichols, Andy Roper, Mr. Scott, Carlyle Cooper, Lewis Crane & Mr. Radican, certificate & petition of grand jury for non-resident witness, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Clinton869--W.J. Clinton, subpoena, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Winfrey870--Jack Winfrey, subpoena, 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Dye/Winfrey870--John L. Dye, subpoena, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Prichett871--Ray Pritchett, subpoena, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Van Dyke872--Della Van Dyke, subpoena, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Wolffe/Pond872--J.A. Wolffe & V.H. Pond, subpoena, 1932
FC 1Drawer 1Derment873--Bessie Derment, application by foreman of grand jury for subpoena of witness, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Moore873--Billie Moore, subpoena, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Ellis873--Bob Ellis, subpoena, 1938
FC 1Drawer 1Wilkins/Minter873--Hal Wilkins & Jack Minter, subpoena, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Dozier873--Jack Dozier, subpoena, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Travis873--L.E. Travis, subpoena, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Beaty873--O.R. Beaty & A.S. Beaty, subpoena, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Sickler873--Ruby Sickles, subpoena, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Davis873--W.D. Davis, subpoena, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Horton873--Will Horton, subpoena, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Kirkland874--Eugene Kirkland, subpoena, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Hogsett875--W.E. Hogsett, application by foreman of grand jury for subpoena for witness, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1-876--Aubrey St?, subpoena, 1925 (last name lot legible)
FC 1Drawer 1Derment876--Bessie Derment, application by foreman of grand jury for subpoena for witness, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Irwing876--Bud Erwin, subpoena, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Minter876--Bud Irwin, subpoena, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Creel876--Joe Creel, subpoena, 1916
FC 1Drawer 1Rippy877--C.C. Rippy, subpoena, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Anderson878--Arthur Anderson, subpoena, 1936
FC 1Drawer 1Gunn878--Isabelle Gunn, certificate & petition to district judge for subpoena for non-resident witnesses, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Holmes/Bradshaw879--B.K. Holmes & I.J. Bradshaw, subpoena, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Kirkland879--Eugene Kirkland, subpoena, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1McLarty/Wilson879--Euly McLarty & Jim Henry Wilson, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Acker/Kight880--Carl Acker (guardian)/Bertha, Minta Lou & Herman Kight(minors), probate, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Alford881--estate of Jessie Lee & J.W. Alford(minors), probate, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Altom882--E.H. Altom (guardian)/Ruby, Edna & Charlie Lee Altom(minors), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Ashmore/Merrell883--John Ashmore & Dial Merrell, probate, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Attaway/Bullock884--Carroll Attaway (dec'd) & H.C. Bullock (admin), probate, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Ball/Sherwood885--M.B. Sherwood (guardian)/Allie Christine, H.P. & Elbert Ball(minors), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Baxley/Geer886--Mrs. Lutie Geer (guardian)/L.J. & Oliver Baxley(minors), probate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Bergin887--Edward G. Bergin (guardian for Lawrence, Gertrude & Mary Bergin), probate, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Boggs/Rowe888--J.A. Rowe (applicant for guardian)/John, Millas, Lou Ethel, George F. & Willie Ruth Boggs (minors), probate, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Bolton889--Ola Bolton & Elizabeth Bolton, probate, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Boucher890--Lillian Boucher (guardian)/Miriam Boucher (minor), probate, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Brown/Seale891--J.A. Seale (guardian)/Joe Thomas, Sammie M., Garland G. & Fay H. Brown (minors), probate, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Carothers/Thomas892--J.B. Thomas (guardian)/Mary Lou Carothers (minor), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Cawthron893--Mrs. Nannie Cawthron (guardian)/Homer & Hazel Cawthron (minors), probate, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Christian894--W.E. Christian (guardian)/Edgar & Ruby Christian (minors), probate, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Christian895--W.E. Christian (guardian)/Edgar & Ruby Christian (minors), probate, 1927
FC 1Drawer 1Clapp896--Nora Ozell Clapp (minor), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Clark897--Jewell Clark (guardian)/Mary Gertrude Clark (minor), probate, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Coffey898--Mrs. Vivian Coffey (guardian)/Margaret, Elizabeth, Vivian, Jno. S. Jr., Agnes, Henry, William & Thomas Coffey (minors), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Corbet899--Nannie Corbet (guardian)/Paschal, Charley M. & Nannie Elois Corbet (minors), probate, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Coleman/Freeman900--J.W. Freeman (guardian)/Ruby, Gardner, Freeman, Earl & Alto Coleman (minors), probate, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Coppedge/Robins901--Mrs. Alice E. Robins (guardian)/Ethel, Rubie & Pearlie Coppedge (minors), probate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Cox902--H.J. Cox (guardian)/Jesse T. & Elmer C. Cox (minors(, probate, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Davis903--Mrs. C.A. Davis, probate, 1918
FC 1Drawer 1France904--Laura France (guardian)/Dial & Murrell France (minors), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1France905--L.G. France (guardian)/Hazel & Paul France (minors), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Gilbreath/Russell/Whitson906--Jane Russell & Esther Whitson (heirs to the estate of James Gilbreath, dec'd), probate, 1856
FC 1Drawer 1Glaze907--W.O. Glaze (guardian)/Dora & D.R. Glaze (minors), probate, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Goggans/Troboy908--Ellen Troboy (guardian)/J.T. Goggans, et al (minors), probate, 1930
FC 1Drawer 1Goggans909--Joshua Fakes Goggans, last will & testament, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Goodson910--Wylie F. Goodson (guardian)/Sam Burnett Goodson (minor), probate, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Grainger/McCorkle911--Claud McCorkle (administrator)/John N. Grainger (deceased), probate, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Grainger/McCorkle912--Claude McCorkle (guardian)/Fannie Mae & William Grainger (minors), probate, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Gregg/Bell913--J.F. Bell (guardian)/H.M. Jr., Robert Henderson, Anna Belle & Sue Ezelle Gregg (minors), probate, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Gross914--W.M. Gross (petitioner for administrator)/R. Gross (deceased), probate, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Hammett915--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Carl, Grace Marie & Jack Hammett (minors), probate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Hammett/Thomas916--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Carl Hammett, affidavit of W.B. Thomas, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Hardaway/Bailey917--Estate of W.T. Hardaway (dec'd) vs. John Bailey et al (executors), probate, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Herring918--J.E. Herring (dec'd)/C.E. Herring, probate of last will and testament, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Hooten919--W.J. Hooten (guardian)/Ben Hooten (person of unsound mind), probate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Hopkins920--Mattie Hopkins (administratrix)/A.H. Hopkins (dec'd), probate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Houie921--Ed Houie, judgment & special issues in lunacy, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Hulsey922--Thula Hulsey (not of sound mind), guardianship, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Kelley923--F.M. Mabe (guardian)/Elise, Mack Dowell & Lula Mae Kelley, Wilda Fay (Kelley) Dodd (minors), probate, 1934
FC 1Drawer 1Kelley/Brumley924--Effie Mae Brumley (guardian)/Edith & Grover Boyd Kelley (minors), probate, 1931
FC 1Drawer 1Laminack925--Essie Laminack, probate, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Landers926--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Alice B. Landers, lunacy venire, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Landers927--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Andy Landers, lunacy venire, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Luttrell928--Mrs. Lucy Luttrell, application to set aside verdit & grand a new trial, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Marable929--G.H. Marable (guardian)/Champ Marable (dependent), letter from The Franklin Fire Insurance Company, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1McBride/Denton930--Mrs. M.A. McBride (dec'd)/A.W. Denton, application for the probate of last will & testament, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1McPhearson931--The State of Texas vs. Maurice McPhearson, commitment in lunacy, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Merchant932--B.L. Merchant (temporary guardian)/David & Evie Merchant, probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Merritt933--R.D. Merritt, discharge from San Antonio State Hospital, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Miller934--H.A. Miller (guardian)/Jim Miller (minor) probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Gibson/Minter935--T.S. Gibson (guardian)/Hazel Mae & Ada Ruth Minter (minors), probate, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Moore/Sherwood936--M.B. Sherwood (guardian)/Dana, Carl & Thelma Moore (minors), probate, 1918
FC 1Drawer 1Morton937--Charity Morton (admin)/M.H. Morton (dec'd), probate, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Murray938--Harris-Bryant Lumber Company ba. Mrs. W.A. Murray (dec'd), probate, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Beasley/Neeley939--Mrs. M.E. Beasley (temporary guardian)/W.N., Jessie/John N. & Francis Neeley, probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Nealey/Lidley940--The State of Texas vs. W.N. Nealey, affidavit & motion of Virginia Lindley to set aside judgment, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Neighbors941--L.F. Neighbors (guardian)/Leonard Neighbors (person of unsound mind), application for letter of guardianship, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Parker942--O. Parker (applicant)/Gazella, Mulilla, Velmie & Meskel Parker, probate, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Parker943--Estee Parker (administratrix)/Dan Parker (dec'd), probate, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Kendrick/Patterson944--Mrs. Priscilla Kendrick (guardian)/P.T. Patterson (minor), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Pickens945--Eugene Pickens (guardian)/Perry J. Pickens (minor), probate, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Pierce/Keeton946--Estate of Mrs. C.E. Pierce (dec'd) vs. Jessie Keeton, probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Richardson947--Lillian Richardson (guardian) vs. Fieldon Richardson (minor), probate, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Rushing948--Mrs. Ida Rushing (applicant for guardian)/Marvin Rushing (minor),, probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Shriner/Baker949--Estate of P.B. Shriner vs. Henry Baker, probae of will, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Simms950--Ada Simms (guardian)/Pat & Glynn Simms (minors), probate, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Singleton951--J.P. Singleton, discharge from Southwestern Insane Asylum, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Sloan952--Mrs. G. Sloan (guardian)/Katie Sloan (minor), probate, 1924
FC 1Drawer 1Sorrows/St. Clair953--W.I. St. Clair (guardian)/Reba Aimeta Sorrows (minor), probate, 1929
FC 1Drawer 1Speed/Cooper954--J.R. Cooper (executor)/Martha E. Speed (dec'd), probate, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Stephenson955--The State of Texas vs. Ada Stephenson, capias, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Wise/Stewart/
956--F.E. Wise (applicant for guardian)/Jewell Belle, Delbert B. & Lizzie Mary Stewart; Bertha Olita & Ollie Marie Vaughn; Bertha Willie, Martha & Rue Plunkett (all minors), probate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Stubblefield957--Estate of Willie Stubblefield (dec'd)/O.C. Stubblefield (admin), citation to give new bond, 1925
FC 1Drawer 1Anderson/Tarter958--W.C. Anderson (temporary administrator) vs. Estate of Tarter (dec'd), report of temporary admin., 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Templeton959--Leila G. Templeton (executrix)/P.W. Templeton (dec'd), probate, 1926
FC 1Drawer 1Thompson/Foscue960--J.M. Melson (member of Dial, Melson, Davidson & Brim attorneys vs. Phil H. Foscue (admin.)/Mrs. A.G. Thompson (dec'd), probate, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Tomerlin961--The State of Texas vs. R.D. Tomerlin, complaint in lunacy, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Trent962--Mrs. P.F. Trent (temporary guardian) vs. Arppie Trent (minor), notice of application for temporary guardianship to be made permanent, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Vick963--The State of Texas vs. Jud Vick, complaint in lunacy, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Wagley/Sherwood964--M.B. Sherwood (applicant)/C.V. Wagley (dec'd), application for probate of will, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Ward965--Lola E. Ward vs. Estate of Jno. V. Ward (dec'd), claim against estate, 1921
FC 1Drawer 1Wells966--Francis Wells vs. Henry Wells, application for guardianship of estate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Wells/Thomas967--W.B. Thomas (applicant)/Etna Wells (minor), application for letters of guardianship, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Wells/Buford968--W.A. Buford (guardian) vs. Henry Wells (a lunatic), application of Francis Wells to set aside estate, 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Wilkinson969--Mrs. F.A. Wilkinson (guardian)/Janice Wilkinson (minor), probate, 1922
FC 1Drawer 1Branom/Williamson970--J.M. Branom (temporary admin.) vs. Estate of Edna Williamson (dec'd), report & exhibit of temporary admin., 1920
FC 1Drawer 1Young971--Mrs. Anna Young, funeral notice, 1923
FC 1Drawer 1Foscue/Young972--John W. Foscue (temp. admin)/Valton G. Young (dec'd), probate, 1919
FC 1Drawer 1Rudman973--naturalization; William Morris Rudman
FC 1Drawer 1Bell974--release; Texas State Hospital, George Bell
FC 1Drawer 1Humphries975--grand jury notes--Lewis Humphries
FC 1Drawer 1Hedrick/Cundiff976--George Hedrick vs. Albert Cundiff, 1928
FC 1Drawer 1Ponder/Tapp/Gafford/
977--whisky at Pickton for grand jury (names mentioned; Red Welch, D.Y. Culpepper, Bud Whistnant, M.H. Ponder, J.C. Tapp, Doc Gafford, Skeet Stockard, Ruby Davis & Henry Aven), 1935
FC 1Drawer 1Landers978--receipt--from Rash, Smith & Company Dry Goods to A.P. Landers
FC 1Drawer 1-979--criminal jury list, no date
FC 1Drawer 1Landers/Streng/Lewis/
980--Alice Landers vs. National Surety Company;
A.J. Streng vs. Osburn Chevrolet, 1927;
Jerry Lewis - grand jury foreman & D.H. Holly, 1910;
Jerry Lewis - grand jury foreman & Mrs. John Gibbs, 1911;
list of grand jurors, Aug 1938;
grand jury summons for other counties, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Deal/Jackson/Holder/Smith/
981--misc bank checks: E.D. Deal, N.R. Jackson, D.S. Holder
(4), Robert Smith, F.E. Chapman, A.S. Potts, Jack Johnson,
Will Parker, W.S. Meadows, W.B. Webb, Mrs. J.C. Howard,
J.P. Harlin, J.T. Lindley (2), J.H. Harris, Milus
Robinson & Paul France
FC 1Drawer 1Rash/Sweden982--letters: (3) to Vera Rash; Amy Sweden
FC 1Drawer 1-983--grand jury report, 1937
FC 1Drawer 1Lee/Vandergriff/Stripling/Burks/Horton/
984--(1) Case #7391 Texas vs. Duane Lee - poss. & trans. of whiskey (dismissed)
(2) Case #7397 Texas vs. J.D. Vandergriff - burglary (dismissed)
(3) Case #7426 Texas vs. Elton Stripling - poss. of whiskey for sale (dismissed)
(4) Case #7463 Texas vs. Fred Burks - sale of whiskey (dismissed)
(5) Case #7468 Texas vs. Whit Horton - manufacturing whiskey for sale (dismissed)
(6) Case #7475 Texas vs. Roy Wardrup - trans. & poss. of whisky for sale (dismissed)
(7) Case #7488 Texas vs. Harold Miller - forgery (dismissed)
(8) Case #7494 Texas vs. Willard Friddle - driving drunk (2 year suspended sentence)
(9) Case #7453 Texas vs. D.A. Hale - abandonment of wife & child (2 yrs in penitentiary)
(10) Case #7454 Texas vs. D.A. Hale - forgery & passing forged inst. (2 yrs in penitentiary)
(11) Case #7465 Texas vs. Oscar Lee - possession of liquor for sale (dismissed)
(12) Case #7467 Texas vs. Henry Swindle - sale of whiskey (dismissed)
(13) Case #7455 Texas vs. D.A. Hale - forgery & passing forged inst. (2 yrs in penitentiary)
FC 1Drawer 1Cowser/Nelson/Lane/
985--witness statements: Roy Cowser, Ambrose Nelson, Tom Lane,
Howard Miller, F.O. Flippin, Lennie Fite, A.L. Jones, Jess
Holder & Pink Ward
FC 1Drawer 1Hale986--D.A. Hale, abandonment of wife & child, 2 years in penitentiary (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Hale986--D.A. Hale, forgery & passing forged instrument, 2 years in penitentiary (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Hale986--D.A. Hale, forgery & passing forged instrument, 2 years in penitentiary (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Lee986--Duane Lee, possession of whiskey - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Stripling986--Elton Stripling, possession of whiskey for sale - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Burke986--Fred Burke, sale of whiskey - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Miller986--Harold Miller, forgery - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Swindle986--Henry Swindle, sale of whiskey - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Walker986--inquest--E. Walker
FC 1Drawer 1VandergriffJ.D. Vandergriff, burglary - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Lee986--Oscar Lee, possession of liquor for sale - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Wardrup986--Roy Wardrup, transportation & possession of whiskey for purpose of sale - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Horton986--Whit Horton, manufacture of whiskey for purpose of sale - dismessed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Friddle986--Willard Friddle, driving drunk - 2 year suspended sentence (district court case)
FC 1Drawer 1Posey/Morgan987--warranty deed, M. A. Posey wife of W. S. Posey to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Green/Morgan988--release of vendor's lien, J. C. Green to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Morris989--release of vender's lien, E. L. Morris to G. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Jenkins/Morgan990--vendor's lien note, R. L. Jenkins to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Culberson/Morgan991--release of vendor's lien, D. B. Culberson to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Morris992--beneficiary certificate (Woodmen of the World) Edmon L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Marckley/Morris993--release of vendor's lien, John Marckley to Mrs. Mary E. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Smith994--field notes, J. S. Smith
FC 1Drawer 1Cloud/Morris995--warranty deed, B. F. & J. H. Cloud to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Morris996--warranty deed, N. T. Morgan to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris/Newkirk997--bill of cost, Mrs. E. L. Morris et al vs. George Newkirk
FC 1Drawer 1Morris998--burial policy, Mrs. E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris999--burial policy, A. J. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1000--truck insurance policy, E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1001--burial policy, E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1002--Hopkins County Burial Association, A. J. Morris to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Ransom/Morgan1003--general warranty deed, R. S. Ransom to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Young/Morris1004--deed of trust, J. L. Young to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Ransom1005--warranty deed, N. T. Morgan to R. S. Ransom
FC 1Drawer 1Culberson/Wims1006--warranty deed, D. B. Culberson to G. F. Wims
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1007--burial policy, E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Wims/Morgan1008--warranty deed, G. F. Wims to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Cloud/Morris1009--release of vendor's lien, B. F. Cloud to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Ishmael/Martin1010--vendor's lien note, Shade S. Ishmael to Edward Martin
FC 1Drawer 1Ransom/Morris1011--payment receipts, R. S. Ransom to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Bland/Hankins1012--warranty deed, J. B. Bland to J. G. Hankins
FC 1Drawer 1Hankins/Morris1013--vendor's lien note, J. G. Hankins to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1014--income tax return, E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1015--letter, G. C. Morris to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Ransom/Morris1016--vendor's lien note, R. S. Ransom to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Jenkins1017--warranty deed, N. T. Morgan to R. L. Jenkins
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Jenkins1018--warranty deed, N. T. & Dovie Morgan to R. L. Jenkins
FC 1Drawer 1Horton/Phillips1019--warranty deed, D. H. Horton & Mrs. B. A. Phillips to James & Mary Dodson
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1020--burial policy, E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Jennings1021--release of deed of trust, Pete Jennings
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1022--insurance policy, E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morris/Jenkins1023--release of vendor's lien, N. T. Morris to R. L. Jenkins
FC 1Drawer 1Posey/Morgan1024--release of vendor's lien, Mary A. Posey to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Colley/Morgan1025--warranty deed, J. F. Colley to N. T. Morgan
FC 1Drawer 1Beville/Posey1026--release of vendor's lien, W. A. Beville to Fredrich S. Posey
FC 1Drawer 1Thornton/Dobson1027--warranty deed, W. A. Thornton to J. H. Dobson
FC 1Drawer 1Beville/Posey1028--deed, W. A. Beville to F. S. Posey
FC 1Drawer 1Cloud/Morris1029--quit claim deed, J. E. Cloud, et al to E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Colley1030--release of vendor's lien, N. T. Morgan to J. F. Colley
FC 1Drawer 1Spence/Jenkins1031--release of vendor's lien, J. D. A. Spence to R. L. Jenkins
FC 1Drawer 1Garrett/Phillips/Horton1032--citation, John T. Garrett vs. B. A. Phillips & M. E. Horton
FC 1Drawer 1Harrison/Dobson1033--warranty deed, W. B. Harrison to J. H. Dobson
FC 1Drawer 1King/Cain1034--deed of trust note, Emmett King to B. B. Cain
FC 1Drawer 1Dodson1035--warranty deed, F. C. & S. W. Dodson to Jas. Dodson
FC 1Drawer 1Phillips/Horton1036--deed, James A. Phillips & wife to D. H. Horton & wife
FC 1Drawer 1Thornton1037--land certificate, R(h)oda A. Thornton
FC 1Drawer 1Morgan/Culberson1038--vender's lien note, N. T. Morgan to D. B. Culberson
FC 1Drawer 1Morris1039--receipts, E. L. Morris
FC 1Drawer 1Murray/Burton1040--warranty deed, J.J. Murray to D.L. Burton
FC 1Drawer 1Fry/Beasley1041--warranty deed, J.F. Fry to J.A. Beasley
FC 1Drawer 1Kirby/Richardson1042--deed, J.D. Kirby to E.L. Richardson
FC 1Drawer 1Wicker/Moors1043--warranty deed, S.C. Wicker to Lewis Moors
FC 1Drawer 1Murray/Russell/Burton1044--warranty deed, J.J. Murray Sr., W.G. Murray, Mrs. J.J. Russell, J.G. Murray & J.J. Murray Jr. to D.L. Burton
FC 1Drawer 1Milam/Proctor1045--warranty deed, J.K. Milam to J.B. Proctor
FC 1Drawer 1Proctor/Milam1046--warranty deed, J.B. Proctor to Milam Bros.
FC 1Drawer 1Jarboe/Proctor1047--warranty deed, J.R. Jarboe & Co to J.B. Proctor
FC 1Drawer 1Mahaffey/Wicker1048--warranty deed, Alex Mahaffey & wife to S.D. Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Proctor/Wicker1049--warranty deed, J.B. Proctor, et al to Dave Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Wicker1050--warranty deed, D.L. Burton & wife to S.D. Wicker also W.O.W. beneficiary certificate for S.D. Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Mahaffey/Brumley1051--warranty deed, M.C. Mahaffey & wife to J.F. Brumley
FC 1Drawer 1Moore/Mahaffey1052--warranty deed, Louis Moore & wife to M.C. Mahaffey
FC 1Drawer 1Cullum/Jarboe1053--warranty deed, Chas. Cullum to J.R. Jarboe & Co.
FC 1Drawer 1Beezley/Wicker1054--warranty deed, R.F. Beezley, et al to S.D. Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Wicker1055--vendor's lien, Lewis Wicker to S.D. Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Phillips/Wicker1056--material man's lien, A.W. Phillips, et ux to L.D. Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Lindley/Brumley1057--release of lien, J.C. Lindley to J.F. Brumley
FC 1Drawer 1Wicker1058--last will & testament of Nell Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Wicker/Sellers1059--correspondence from Nell Wicker to Chas. Sellers on the handling of her estate
FC 1Drawer 1Wicker1060--last will & testament of S.D. Wicker
FC 1Drawer 1Brumley/Lindley1061--vendor's lien, J.F. Brumley to J.C. Lindley
FC 1Drawer 1Beasley/Fry1062--promissory note, J.A. Beasley to J.F. Fry
FC 1Drawer 1Mills/Cullum1063--deed, M. Mills & wife to Chas. Cullum
FC 1Drawer 1Mahaffey/Buford1064--promissory note, M.C. Mahaffey to J.C. Buford
FC 1Drawer 1Dabbs/Mills1065--deed, J.W. Dabbs to M. Mills
FC 1Drawer 1Ferguson/Ramey1066--promissory note, J.J. Ferguson to Bob & Amanda Ramey
FC 1Drawer 1Wicker/Milam1067--promissory note, D. Wicker to J.K. Milam
FC 1Drawer 1Dial/Marchbanks1068--land grant, Martin Dial assee of James Marchbanks
FC 1Drawer 1Richardson/Proctor1069--deed, E.L. Richardson & wife to J.B. Proctor
FC 1Drawer 2King/Kilgore/Sellers001--M.L. King & Paul Kilgore, d/b/a Commercial Sales Company vs. Daisy Sellers, d/b/a Sellers' Cafeteria, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Blevins/Dial002--William R. Blevins & Daphne R. Blevins vs. Abe National Dial, Sr., 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson003--C.C. Johnson vs. Kohler Company, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Wilkerson004--Open Village Apartments by C&D Management Company vs. Jerry Wilkerson, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Martin/White005--Oscar E. Martin vs. Bobby White & Mrs. Bobby White, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2-006--missing
FC 1Drawer 2Adams/Glenn007--Elvis Adams vs. Travis Glenn,et al, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Chapman/Horton008--Joe N. Chapman, Jrs. vs. Richard Horton, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Wade009--Spring Meadow Apartments vs. Ernest Wade, Jr., 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Beachem010--Open Village Apartments by C&D Management Co., vs. George Beachem, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Ison011--Open Village Apartments by C&D Management Co. vs. Clovis Isom & Rosemary Isom, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Reed012--Secretary of Housing & Urban Development vs. John L. Reed, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Helm/Swenson012--W. Helm vs. Gary K. Swenson, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Knotts013--Larry M. Knotts vs. E.A. Ross, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Smith/Murray014--Henry George Smith vs. John Murray, Jr. & Patsy Jo Murray, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis/Bolger/Wileman015--Ann Ardis, attorney in fact for Elsi Fay Bolger vs. Robert Dean Wilemon, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Good/Finney016--Stripland Refrigeration by John Good vs. Hubert Finney, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Romack/Snider017--Ray H. Romack vs. Ralph Snider, d/b/a Stelra Farms, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2-018--J.J. Holcomb Mfg. vs. El Charro Restaurant, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Moore/Patrick019--James R. Moore vs. Ricky L. Patrick & Linda Vititow Patrick, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Elledge/Tuck020--Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Elledge vs. W.R. Tuck d/b/a Tucks Jewelers, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Edge021--Frances Edge vs. The Statesman National Life Insurance Co., 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Jones/McDowell022--W. McDowell vs. D.M. Jones, agent Dempco Chemical Co., 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Bonham/Skeen023--Sam Bonham d/b/a Sulphur Springs Parts Co. vs. Duane Skeen, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Darby/Tucker024--Jeanette Darby vs. Etta Broughton Tucker, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Buchanan025--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Jerry Buchanan, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Sewell026--The Department of Public Safety vs. Larry Wayne Sewell, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Chapman/Shrode027--B.F. Chapman vs. W.H. Shrode, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Green/Neal/Webb028--Pearl Green, J.C. Neal & Billie Jo Neal vs. Larry Webb, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Worsham/Cross029--Mrs. Flo Worsham vs. Jerry Cross, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Attaway030--Joda S. Attaway vs. American Family Life Insurance Co., 1972
FC 1Drawer 2Bolin031--The Travelers Insurance Co. vs. Clarence M. Bolin, 1972
FC 1Drawer 2Rhodes/Gossett032--R.W. Gossett vs. L.D. Rhodes, 1972
FC 1Drawer 2Ross/Knotts033--Larry M. Knotts vs. E.A. Ross, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Sims034--Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. Tommy Sims & Opaleane Sims, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Chapman/Horton035--Joe N. Chapman vs. Richard Horton, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Elledge/Tuck036--Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Elledge vs. W.M. Tuck d/b/a Tuck's Jewelers, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Smith/McDaniel037--H.S. Smith vs. Ronnell McDaniel, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Chapman/Horton038--Joe N. Chapman vs. Richard Horton, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Attaway039--Joda S. Attaway vs. American Family Life Insurance Co., 1972
FC 1Drawer 2Tolley040--Foxworth-Gilbreath Lumber Co. vs. Merle Kennemer Tolley, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Rodgers/Emerine041--G.A. Rodgers, Jr. vs. Vernon Emerine, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Adams/Coker042--A.W. Adams vs. Leonard Coker, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Amox/Horton043--Juanita Amox vs. Gene Horton & Leola Horton, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Petty/Goodman044--Ethel Petty vs. Gerald Goodman, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Askew/Franklin045--Amanda Askew vs. J.D. Franklin, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Askew/Franklin046--Amanda Askew vs. J.D. Franklin, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Parrish/Davis047--Bobbie Parrish vs. Verdie (Mutt) Davis, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Bethea/Thomas048--Danny Wilson Bethea vs. Maurice Thomas & Tom H. Watters, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2McKay/Minty049--Kenneth McKay d/b/a McKay Music Co. vs. Homer Minty, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Deaton050--J.P. Deaton vs. Service Training Center, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Gillian051--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. James Gillian d/b/a James Gillian Garage, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Young052--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. Harold Young, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Medders053--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. W.H. Medders d/b/a W.H. Medders Garage, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Stanley/Helm054--Walter Helm vs. William L. Stanley, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Forte/Lewis055--Robert Forte d/b/a Robert's Jewelers vs. Bobby Lewis, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Messinger056--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. B.B. Messimer, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Coffman057--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. Bobby Terrell Coffman, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Person058--Atlas Subsidiaries of Texas, Inc. vs. Dutch Person, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Frazier/Minor059--Albert Baker Frazier, Jr. vs. John Thomas Minor, Jr., 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Frazier/Minor060--Albert Baker Frazier, Jr. vs. John Thomas Minor, Jr., 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Smith/Williams061--H.S. Smith, et ux vs. Gerald Williams, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Edmondson/Woods062--G.H. Edmondson vs. Harry Woods d/b/a Harry Woods Plumbing, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Goldsmith/Davis063--Jimmy D. Goldsmith vs. L.E. Davis & L.E. Davis Paint Contractor, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Gammill064--Ora Gammill & A.M. Gammill vs. Community Life & Health Insurance Co., 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Tankersley065--Mattie Lou Tankersley vs. Continental Fidelity Life Insurance Co., 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Van Zant066--Ester Earl Van Zant vs. American Life & Accident Insurance Co., 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Kraker067--National Creditors Bureau, assignee of Eagle Lincoln Mercury vs. M.A. Kraker, d/b/a M.A. Kraker Oil Co., 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson/Pennington068--C.G. Johnson vs. W.V. Pennington, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Irvin/Wages069--Harlin Irvin vs. Tom Wages, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Watson/Wright070--William Watson vs. Malcom Wright, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Douglas071--Bonnie M. Douglas, Empire Live & Hospital Insurance Co., 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson/Brown072--W.F. Johnson vs. J.C. Brown, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Smith/McDaniel073--H.S. Smith vs. Ronald McDaniel, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Haire074--Johnnie R. Haire vs. Bankers Life & Casualty Co., 1968
FC 1Drawer 2White075--Jimmy Lloyd White, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Bailey/Nelson076--M.Z. Bailey vs. Peggy Nelson, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Edmondson077--Gaylord Edmondson vs. International American Life Insurance Company, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Goldsmith/Davis078--Jimmy Goldsmith vs. L.E. Davis, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Goodson079--The State of Texas vs. Joe Ed Goodson, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Sharp/Williams080--Minnie Moore Sharp vs. Rufus Williams & wife, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Bailey/Sartin081--M.Z. Bailey vs. Phil P. Sartin, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Bergin/Goldsmith082--Mary Bergin vs. John Goldsmith, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Williams083--Texas Department of Public Safety vs. Obie Williams, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Spigner084--The State of Texas vs. James D. Spigner, 1972
FC 1Drawer 2Clark/McDonald085--Pete McDonald vs. William James Clark, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Young086--Lee Young vs. Eric P. Littlejohn Insurance Co., 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Anderson087--David Allen Anderson & Frances L. Anderson vs. Wester Life Insurance Co., 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Orr/Land088--R.T. Orr vs. L.S. Land Sr., 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Bunch089--Rhonda Bunch vs. Walter F. Bunch, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Durham090--The State of Texas vs. Bill Durham, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Driggers091--The State of Texas vs. J.D. Driggers, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Lindsey092--The State of Texas vs. C.L. Lindsey, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Pate093--The State of Texas vs. Bart C. Pate, 1949
FC 1Drawer 2Proffitt094--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Floyd Proffitt, 1949
FC 1Drawer 2Friedman095--The State of Texas vs. Leon Friedman, 1949
FC 1Drawer 2Chapin096--The State of Texas vs. Wilson Chapin, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Petty097--The State of Texas vs. Roger Lee Petty, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Lewis098--the State of Texas vs. Hulen P. Lewis, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Marshall099--The State of Texas vs. Russell A. Marshall, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Deas100--The State of Texas vs. T.V. Deas, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Eppars101--The State of Texas vs. Louis L. Eppars, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Grantham102--The State of Texas vs. C.L. Grantham, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Coker103--The State of Texas vs. Travis A. Coker, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Lewis104--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Dean Lewis, 1971
FC 1Drawer 2Williams105--The State of Texas vs. Billy Ray Williams, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Black106--The State of Texas vs. William Carroll Black Jr., 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Gideon107--The State of Texas vs. Bill E. Gideon, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Sprague108--The State of Texas vs. Lem R. Sprague, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Sturges109--The State of Texas vs. William Sturges, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Pevey110--The State of Texas vs. Larry Pevey, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Howell111--The State of Texas vs. Thomas C. Howell, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Gatlin112--The State of Texas vs. Benny H. Gatlin, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Harris113--The State of Texas vs. Leonard D. Harris, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Aaron114--The State of Texas vs. Robert Donald Aaron, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Coker115--The State of Texas vs. Charles Michael Coker, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Kizer116--The State of Texas vs. Alvis Ray Kizer, 1975
FC 1Drawer 2Shaw117--The State of Texas vs. Elton L. Shaw, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Edwards118--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Edward, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Rhodes119--The State of Texas vs. L.D. Rhodes, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis119--The State of Texas vs. Robert B. Ardis, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Smith120--The State of Texas vs. C.D. "Shot" Smith, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Grider121--The State of Texas vs. Frank Grider, Jr., 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Farris122--The State of Texas vs. Claude Thomas Farris, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Sayles123--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Frank Sayles, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Lathen124--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Lathen, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Reeves125--The State of Texas vs. Lorenzo H. Reeves, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Rushin126--The State of Texas vs. Linda Rushin, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Zahn127--The State of Texas vs. Doroty Lee Zahn, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Dial128--The State of Texas vs. L.B. Dial, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Malone129--The State of Texas vs. Donna Malone, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Britton130--The State of Texas vs. Charles Edward Britton, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Reed131--The State of Texas vs. Robert Reed, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Blundell132--The State of Texas vs. Benny Blundell, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Hill133--The State of Texas vs. Reva Nell Hill, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Burns134--The State of Texas vs. Bobby G. Burns, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Doss135--The State of Texas vs. Willie Doss, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Rice136--The State of Texas vs. Louis Earl Rice, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Mills137--The State of Texas vs. Clovis Mills, 1972
FC 1Drawer 2Moreland137--The State of Texas vs. Marvil Moreland, 1972
FC 1Drawer 2Alexander138--The State of Texas vs. Cleophis Alexander, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Conrad139--The State of Texas vs. Willie Conrad, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Sims140--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Joe Sims, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Bolden141--The State of Texas vs. Royce Wayne Bolden, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Odhams142--The State of Texas vs. Mary Jewel Odhams, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Cox143--The State of Texas vs. William Francis Cox, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Tyler/Loftin144--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Tyler & Jerry Loftin 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Wright145--The State of Texas vs. Carlton Rex Wright, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Murphy146--The State of Texas vs. George Alfred Murphy, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2George147--The State of Texas vs. Fuller Douglas George, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Warren148--The State of Texas vs. Larry D. Warren, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Burnett149--The State of Texas vs. Darrell Burnett, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Davis150--The State of Texas vs. Ford Davis, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Howard151--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Howard, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2White152--The State of Texas vs. Robert Frank White, Jr., 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Hathcoat153--The State of Texas vs. Luther Hathcoat, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Smith154--The State of Texas vs. Thomas O. Smith, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Askew155--The State of Texas vs. Nathan Noble Askew, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Ransom156--The State of Texas vs. Burling Ransom, Jr., 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Howard157--The State of Texas vs. Jan Howard, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Henry158--The State of Texas vs. Robert Thomas Henry, Jr., 1974
FC 1Drawer 2James159--The State of Texas vs. Ollie James, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2O'Neal160--The State of Texas vs. James F. O'Neal, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Fouse161--The State of Texas vs. Curley Joe Fouse, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Neal162--The State of Texas vs. Byron Hancel Neal, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Mahaffey163--The State of Texas vs. James Mahaffey, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Morrell164--The State of Texas vs. Ollie Murrell, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Mabry165--The State of Texas vs. Curlee Mabry, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Wilson166--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Wilson, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Friddle167--The State of Texas vs. Jack Friddle, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Hammonds168--The State of Texas vs. J.M. Hammonds, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Rutherford169--The State of Texas vs. Willie B. Rutherford, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Lucas170--The State of Texas vs. G.H. Lucas, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Rash171--The State of Texas vs. Ralph R. Rash, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Lewis172--The State of Texas vs. Paul Lewis, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Saddler173--The State of Texas vs. Preston C. Saddler, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Threlkeld174--The State of Texas vs. Bill Threlkeld, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Threlkeld174--The State of Texas vs. Buddy Threlkeld, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Miller175--The State of Texas vs. Linzey Miller, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Clark176--The State of Texas vs. Perry Miller Clark, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Grayson177--The State of Texas vs. Leonard P. Grayson, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Palmer178--The State of Texas vs. Cherry Jane Palmer, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Cooks179--The State of Texas vs. George Cooks, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Wilkerson180--The State of Texas vs. Billy Wayne Wilkerson, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Tillman181--The State of Texas vs. Ross Tillman, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Tillman182--The State of Texas vs. Ross Tillman, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Fletcher183--The State of Texas vs. John Fletcher, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Fletcher184--The State of Texas vs. Wanda Fletcher, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Malone185--The State of Texas vs. Chapman Malone, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Wilks186--The State of Texas vs. Ewel Vernon (Babe) Wilks, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Yarborough187--The State of Texas vs. Wilson Yarborough, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Palmer188--The State of Texas vs. John D. Palmer, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Cooks189--The State of Texas vs. George Cooks, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Bryant190--The State of Texas vs. Hammond Bryant, Jr., 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Pritchett191--The State of Texas vs. Hubert Pritchett, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Smith192--The State of Texas vs. james Robert Smith, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Bryant193--The State of Texas vs. Hammond Bryant, Jr., 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Davis194--The State of Texas vs. Tom Davis, 1952
FC 1Drawer 2Wilkins195--The State of Texas vs. Marion Ralph Wilkins, 1952
FC 1Drawer 2Mears196--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. J.H. Mears, 1951
FC 1Drawer 2Lile197--The State of Texas vs. Charles Doyle Lile, 1952
FC 1Drawer 2Acker198--The State of Texas vs. Billy Joe Acker, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Zinn199--The State of Texas vs. Robert A. Zinn, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Goggins200--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Goggins, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Smith201--The State of Texas vs. Sam Price Smith, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Sinter202--The State of Texas vs. Chance A. Sinter, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Bollinger203--The State of Texas vs. J. Howard Bollinger, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Dillon204--The State of Texas vs. Hershal Dillon, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Keppley205--The State of Texas vs. Harvey Keppley, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Nolen206--The State of Texas vs. Herman E. Nolen, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Wright207--The State of Texas vs. Malcom Nathaniel Wright, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Hart208--The State of Texas vs. M.D. Hart, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Hart209--The State of Texas vs. M.D. Hart, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Moss210--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Moss, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Moss211--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Moss, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Wood212--The State of Texas vs. D.W. Wood, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Bratton213--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Bratton, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Wright214--The State of Texas vs. Roy Lee Wright, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Cates215--The State of Texas vs. Ross Cates, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Miller216--The State of Texas vs. James Miller, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Edwards217--The State of Texas vs. John Thomas Edwards, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Dunivan218--The State of Texas vs. Merritt Dunivan, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Bicknell219--The State of Texas vs. Vernon Ray Bicknell, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Corn220--The State of Texas vs. Earl A. Corn, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Gassaway221--The State of Texas vs. Paul Gassaway, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Goggins222--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Goggins, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Smith223--The State of Texas vs. Sam Price Smith, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Sinter224--The State of Texas vs. Chance A. Sinter, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Goggins225--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Goggins, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Bollinger226--The State of Texas vs. J. Howard Bollinger, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Martin227--The State of Texas vs. Ocie D. Martin, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Steed228--The State of Texas vs. Henry Steed, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Bates229--The State of Texas vs. Billy Bates, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Petty230--The State of Texas vs. William Petty Jr., 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Rogers231--The State of Texas vs. Herman Rogers, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Goodson232--The State of Texas vs. John Wayne Goodson, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Feldman233--The State of Texas vs. Alex Feldman, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Feldman234--The State of Texas vs. Abe Feldman, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Smith235--The State of Texas vs. Sam Price Smith, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Simpkins236--The State of Texas vs. Troy Simpkins, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Fitzgerald237--The State of Texas vs. T.J. Fitzgerald, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson/Patton238--Ben Johnson vs. R.L. Patton & occupants, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Brumfield/Hanson239--Eddie Brumfield v. Leroy Hanson, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Orwig/Nelson240--Richard R. Orwig v. Peggy Nelson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Stubblefield241--Geraldine Patricia Stubblefield, admin of the Leo Jack Stubblefield estate, dec'd vs. Roy Lee Stubblefield, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bryant/Pogue242--Mrs. Weldon Bryant v. George Walker Pogue, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Bailey/Bain243--M.Z. Bailey vs. James Bain & Ruth Bain, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2White/Brewer244--H.B. White vs. Charles Brewer, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2White245--H.B. White v. Sulphur Spring State Bank, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2White/Brewer246--H.B. White vs. Garry Brewer, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2White247--H.B. White vs. Sulphur Springs State Bank, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Walker248--The State of Texas vs. Ronnie R. Walker, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Wilson249--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Wilson, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Askew250--The State of Texas vs. Arva Askew, Jr., 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Westbrook251--The State of Texas vs. vickie Lynn Westbrook, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Elliott252--The State of Texas vs. Walter Merice Elliott, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Adams253--The State of Texas vs. Michael Ray Adams, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Pruitt254--The State of Texas vs. David Walter Pruitt, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Earl255--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Earl, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Sprague256--The State of Texas vs. Glenn Sprague, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2George/Casey257--The State of Texas vs. Minalee Casey & Linda Mae George, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Stunkard258--The State of Texas vs. Terry Stunkard, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Wyatt259--The State of Texas vs. Bonnie Wyatt, 1969
FC 1Drawer 2Siddall260--The State of Texas vs. Joseph John Siddall, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2McCaffrey261--The State of Texas vs. Dan J. McCaffrey, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Wilkerson262--The State of Texas vs. Jessie Melvin Wilkerson, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Gay263--The State of Texas vs. Troy J. Gay, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Friddle264--The State of Texas vs. William A. Friddle, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Young265--The State of Texas vs. Ellis Young, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Alsobrooks266--The State of Texas vs. Lonzora Arnold Alsobrooks, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Martin267--The State of Texas vs. James Byron Martin, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Wilkerson268--The State of Texas vs. Jessie Melvin Wilkerson, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Caton269--The State of Texas vs. Billy Dale Caton, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Caton269--The State of Texas vs. Kyle David Caton, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Hulsey270--The State of Texas vs. Larry Dewayne Hulsey, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Baskin271--The State of Texas vs. James Donald Baskin, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Sewell272--The State of Texas vs. David Sewell, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Hall273--The State of Texas vs. Billy Wayne Hall, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Petty274--The State of Texas vs. Janell Petty, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Shaw275--The State of Texas vs. James Earl Shaw, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Shaw276--The State of Texas vs. James Earl Shaw, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Wood277--The State of Texas vs. Robert Lee Wood, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Mitchell278--The State of Texas vs. Lucy Mitchell, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Jackson279--Peoples national Bank vs. Norton Jackson, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Raines280--Tommie Lee Raines vs. Billy Russell Raines, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Dendy/Sanders281--Edna Dendy vs. Roy Sanders & occupants, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis/Avila282--Joe B. Ardois vs. Fred Avila, 1970
FC 1Drawer 2Martin283--Peoples National Bank vs. Billy J. Martin, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis/Hynson/Nash284--A.B. Ardis d/b/a A.B Ardis Motor Co. vs Roland Hynson & Carl Nash, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Starkey/Crowley285--Maurice Starkey vs. Lee Crowley, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Starkey/Meadon286--Maurice Starkey vs. Robert Meador, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Starkey/Alvis287--Maurice Starkey vs. M.A. Alvis, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2West/Woodson288--Harlan West vs. Ed Woodson, Jr., 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Patrick289--Peoples National Bank vs. Rickey Patrick, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2French290--Farmers Co-operative Gin Ass'n vs. Lavon French, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Harper291--Texas Department of Public Safety vs. James Leland Harper, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2George292--B&W Finance Company vs. billy Tom George, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Wade293--Cattlemen's Investment Corporation vs. Woodrow Wade, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Thomas294--Cattlemen's Investment Corporation vs. Windell Thomas, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis/Hynson/Nash295--A.B. Ardis d/b/a A.B. Ardis Motor Co. vs. Roland Hynson & Carl Nash, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2McWilliams/Watson296--J.E. McWilliams & Ruby O. McWilliams vs. Essie Watson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Orren/White297--G.G. Orren vs. Herman L. White, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Sickles/Wooten298--Johnnie Sickle vs. C.E. Wooten & Pauline Wooten, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Franklin/Spencer299--J.D. Franklin vs. Austin Spencer, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Coker/Robinson300--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Clarence Robinson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Coker/Mosley301--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. William Mosley 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Coker/Roland302--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Annie Roland, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Coker/Porter303--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Sam Porter, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Flanagan/Smith304--John Flanagan vs. Snuffy Smith, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson305--Coy Johnson & Patsy Johnson vs. Great Southern Fire & Casualty Co., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Campbell/Wilhite/Fry/
306--Leola Campbell vs. W.J. Wilhite, Truman F. Fry Jr., W.E. Stembridge & Green Haven Dairies, Inc., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Coker/Childs307--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Melvin Childs, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Buchanan308--Peoples National Bank vs. James D. Buchanan, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Ramey/Thomas309--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Walter B. Thomas, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Chapman/Wallis310--Joe N. Chapman vs. Billie Wallis, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Campbell311--Otis Campbell & Artis Campbell vs. States General Life Insurance Co., 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Asbill312--Kenneth Asbill vs. Service Fire Insurance Co. of New York, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2McMillan/Fore/Strange313--J.H. McMillan vs. Mallie Fore & Helen Strange, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Smith314--Cattlemen' Investment Corp. vs. Tommy E. Smith, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Knight/Jenkins315--L. Knight vs. James Jenkins, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Herman/Sims316--Paul Herman vs. Alvis Wayne Sims, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2White317--Barton's Paint & Paper Co. vs. Tommy White, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Brady/Vititow318--missing
FC 1Drawer 2-319--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. T.W. Brady & L.T. Vititow, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Wisdom/Ballard320--Bobby Wisdom vs. Jasper Ballard & occupants, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Waits/Harris321--Burt C. Waits vs. W.M. Harris, Jr., 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Lawson322--Floyd Lawson vs. Legal Security Life Insurance Co., 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Smith/Crandell323--H.S. Smith v. R.D. Crandell d/b/a Omega Southwestern Termite & Pest Control, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Smith/McWilliams324--H.S. Smith vs. J.C. McWilliams, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Bradley/Huckaby/Fite325--P.F. Bradley & Sam D. Huckaby d/b/a Como Feed Mills vs. J.W. Fite, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Marks326--Leonard Marks vs. Old National Insurance Co., 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis/Foster327--A.B. Ardis d/b/a Ardis Motor Co. vs. Lonnie F. Foster & J.C. Chambliss, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Masters/Parker328--Jim Masters d/b/a Western Stores vs. Jamie Lee Parker, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Masters/Clark329--Jim Masters d/b/a Jim Masters Western Store vs. P.M. Clark, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Argyris330--Manhattan Life Insurance Co. vs. Pericles Argyris, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Sellers/Lambert331--Grover Sellers vs. John Wesley Lambert, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Bradley/Huckaby/Gooding332--P.F. Bradley & Sam D. Huckaby d/b/a Como Feed Mills vs. Jack Gooding, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Ludwig/Scott333--Jack Ludwig vs. Wade B. Scott, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Jackson334--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. Billy Bob Jackson, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Bevis/Darlin335--Bruce Bevis vs. Trozy Darlin, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Lawson/Crandell336--E.L. Lawson vs. D.E. Crandell, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Caldwell/Baucum337--D.P. Caldwell vs. B.M. Baucum, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Bevis/Hill338--Bruce Bevis vs. Edmund E. Hill, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Bevis339--Bruce Bevis vs. North Texas Producers Assn. 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Tyler/Jones340--W.S. Tyler vs. D.M. Jones, 1961
FC 1Drawer 2Wade341--Willie Wade vs. Great Southern Fire & Casualty Insurance Co., 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Turner342--A.T. Turner vs. T.E. Mercer Trucking Co., 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Ramey/Wright343--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Rev. C.C. Wright, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Ramey/Young344--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Wallce Young, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Smith345--Howard S. Smith vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty Co., 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Smith346--H.S. Smith vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty co., 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Worsham/Hess347--James Worsham vs. Maynard Hess d/b/a A&A Cab Co., 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Pool348--B & W Finance Corporation vs. Hubert Pool, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Bowman/Gilliam349--The Bowman Products Co. vs. James Gilliam d/b/a Gilliam Garage, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2-350--Cox, Carr, Steed, Mitchell & Rogers vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Rogers351--Ernest Rogers vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 1Drawer 2McAfee352--William C. McAfee vs. Bankers Commercial Life Insurance Co. 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Ramey/Morris353--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Ephriam Morris & Mae Morris, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2DeBord/Scarborough355--Carl D. Scarborough vs. J.J. DeBord & wife, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Cundiff/Crandell355--Donald E. Crandell & Maryetta Crandell vs. Billy Wayne Cundiff, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Ashcroft/Wilson/Sanders356--E.L. Ashcroft, Jr., d/b/a Ashcroft-Wilson Ford Sales, Inc. vs. Pete Sanders, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson/Ludlam357--Coy Johnson vs. Drew Ludlam, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Wade/Griggs358--Willie Wade vs. H.C. Griggs, et al, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Flora359--The Manhattan Life Insurance Co. vs. Herbert Vernon Flora, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Pogue360--Peoples National Bank vs. Charles E. Pogue, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Goodson361--B & W Finance Company vs. Jan Goodson, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Pitts362--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. Logan Pitts, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Reed363--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. William Reed, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Stubblefield364--Geraldine Patricia Stubblefield, admin. Of the estate of Leo Jack Stubblefield, dec'd vs. Roy Lee Stubblefield, Jr., 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Quattlebaum365--O.P. Quattlebaum vs. Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Co., 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Myrick366--Local Trademarks, Inc. vs. J.L. Myrick (Myrick Agency), 1958
FC 1Drawer 2Payne/Saddler367--Payne Bros., J.E. Payne & T.J. Payne vs. Flora Saddler, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Bevis/Thomas368--Bruce Bevis vs. Scott Thomas, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Bevis/Thomas369--Bruce Bevis vs. Scott Thomas, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Gray/Odell370--J.W. Gray vs. J.H. Odell, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Simmons/Lyons371--C.W. Simmons vs. Dorothy Lyons & Charles Lyons, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Currin/Smith/Owen372--R.W. Currin & Henry George Smith vs. Wayne Owen d/b/a Owen Bros. Livestock Commission Co., 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Garrett373--Payne Butane Company vs. Louie Garrett, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2-374--Payne Butane Company vs. North Texas Producers Assoc., 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Martin375--Payne Butane Company vs. M.M. Martin, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2-376--Payne Butane Company vs. North Texas Producers Assoc., 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Wright/Cooke377--Billy Ray Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Watson/Harvey378--Weldon Watson vs. Arthur L. Harvey, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Avinger/Goldsmith379--Joe Dan Avinger vs. Tommie Goldsmith, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Harrison380--D.H. Harrison vs. National Security Life & Accident Insurance Co., 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis/Leggett/Brock381--Louis E. Ardis & Leon Leggett, d/b/a Ardis & Leggett Insurance Co. vs. Jack Brock, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Hughes/Bonner382--Thomas D. Hughes, d/b/a Hughes Printing Co. vs. Steve Bonnner, d/b/a Hopkins County Finance Co., 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Green/Chapman383--John Green vs. Harley Max Chapman, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Hill384--Como Feed Mill, Inc. vs. Edmond E. Hill, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2-384--Como Feed Mill, Inc. vs. North Texas Producers Assoc, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Robertson/Wilemon385--T.A. Robertson vs. Dean Wilemon, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Tinsley/Lewis386--John L. Tinsley vs B.T. Lewis, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Ashcroft/Daniel387--Ashcroft Motor Co., vs. Oscar Daniel, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Stewart/Duvall388--Homer D. Stewart vs. Elby Duvall, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Randolph/Stubbs389--Carl Randolph vs. Charles Stubbs, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Balin/Bain390--C.M. Balin vs. J.E. Bain, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Adair391--Hopkins County Memorial Hospital vs. Charles Adair & wife, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Arnold392--Hopkins County Memorial Hospital vs. W. Elmer Arnold, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Applegate393--Hopkins County Memorial Hospital vs. H.J. Applegate, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Jones/Savage394--Marlin Jones vs. Vernon Savage, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Nabors395--Cecil F. Nabors vs. American Bankers Insurance Co., 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Vititow396--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Vititow Brothers, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Messimer397--City of Sulphur Springs vs. B.B. Messimer, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2-398--City of Sulphur Springs vs. O.K. Cleaners, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2-399--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Anderson's Wrecker Service, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2-400--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Moore & Easley Used Cars, complaint
FC 1Drawer 2Dial401--Gossett Western Auto vs. L.V. Dial, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Carroll/Mitchell402--Eunice Carroll vs. S.A. Mitchell, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Brown403--Thurman Grocery vs. Lloyd Brown & Jean Brown, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Reynolds/Simmons404--A.L. Reynolds vs. M.L. (Jot) Simmons, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Steed405--C.E. Steed vs. Buckner Contractors Inc.
FC 1Drawer 2Cox405--Carl Cox vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Mitchell405--G.W. Mitchell vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Carr405--Roy Carr vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Massey406--Ford Massey vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Bailey/Carroll407--Malcom Z. Bailey vs. Gene Carroll, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Ramey/Weatherall408--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. J.C. Weatherall, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Moore/Dawson409--Vessie Moore vs, Johnny Dawson, 1963
FC 1Drawer 2Wright/Cooke410--Billy Ray Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Wright/Cooke411--Billy Ray Wright by Orange Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Wright/Cooke412--Billy Ray Wright by Orange Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 1Drawer 2Henson412--The State of Texas vs. Billy J. Henson, 1968
FC 1Drawer 2Boag413--The State of Texas vs. James Boag, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Darlin/Moore414--Leonard Darlin vs. J.T. Moore, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Hinton/McCoy415--Wayne Hinton & Dorothy Hinton to Bobby McCoy & Jo McCoy, warranty deed, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2Follis/Hinton416--W.W. Follis & Lola Follis to Wayne Hinton, warranty deed, 1960
FC 1Drawer 2McCoy417--Bobby McCoy to Jo Elizabeth McCoy, warranty deed, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Ardis/Anderson418--A.B. Ardis, d/b/a A.B. Ardis Motor Co. vs. J.A. Anderson, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Jenkins419--Manhattan Life Insurance Co. vs. R.D. Jenkins, 1962
FC 1Drawer 2Lindsey420--The State of Texas vs. James Earl Lindsey, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Ebert421--The State of Texas vs. George Samuel Ebert, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Stinnett422--The State of Texas vs. Roy L. Stinnett, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Robinson423--The State of Texas vs. Walter Robinson, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Friddle424--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Friddle, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Friddle425--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Friddle, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Matthews426--The State of Texas vs. James Michael Matthews, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Allen427--The State of Texas vs. Richie Gene Allen, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Migims428--The State of Texas vs. James M. Sims, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Toki429--The State of Texas vs. Tatsunori Toki, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Youngblood430--The State of Texas vs. Dennis W. Youngblood, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Harris431--The State of Texas vs. Henry Lee Harris, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Walker432--The State of Texas vs. Albert Walker, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Brown433--The State of Texas vs. Tommie Gene Brown, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Anderson434--The State of Texas vs. David A. Anderson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Reed435--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Reed, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Griffin436--The State of Texas vs. Earl F. Griffin Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Long437--The State of Texas vs. Lary Kent Long, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2McIntyre438--The State of Texas vs. Joe Keith McIntyre, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Lansford439--The State of Texas vs. Gary Lane Lansford, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Patrick440--The State of Texas vs. Ricky Lee Patrick, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Finnie441--The State of Texas vs. Billy Ray Finnie, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Landers442--The State of Texas vs. Jack B. Landers, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Rector443--The State of Texas vs. Clarence A. Rector, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Walker444--The State of Texas vs. Don Gordon Walker, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Dick445--The State of Texas vs. Michael J. Dick, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Harpton446--The State of Texas vs. Horbert William Hampton, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Flemens447--The State of Texas vs. Norman Rowe Flemens, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Heffner448--The State of Texas vs. Charles Richard Heffner, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wilson449--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Wayne Wilson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hayes450--The State of Texas vs. John Thomas Hayes, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Mosley451--The State of Texas vs. William Wayne Mosley, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Smith452--The State of Texas vs. William Bert Smith, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bennett453--The State of Texas vs. Alfred Wayne Bennett, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Golightly454--The State of Texas vs. Steve Larry Golightly, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Coffman455--The State of Texas vs. Charles Dean Coffman, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Fletcher456--The State of Texas vs. Melvin Leon Fletcher, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Lynch457--The State of Texas vs. Sharon Olsen Lynch, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Pennington458--The State of Texas vs. Donald Ray Pennington, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Sartin459--The State of Texas vs. Jimmie D. Sartin, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Blovell460--The State of Texas vs. J.B. Blovell, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Blovell461--The State of Texas vs. J.B. Blovell, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Richardson462--The State of Texas vs. Harry T. Richardson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Frazier463--The State of Texas vs. Douglas Randolph Frazier, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Mathews464--The State of Texas vs. Jewell Mathews, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Pitts465--The State of Texas vs. Logan Pitts, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Peacock466--The State of Texas vs. Michael W. Peacock, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Anderson467--The State of Texas vs. Joe M. Anderson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Parsons468--The State of Texas vs. Thomas W. Parsons, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Peacock469--The State of Texas vs. Michael W. Peacock, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Atkins470--The State of Texas vs. William Robert Atkins, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Eubanks471--The State of Texas vs. James Wesley Eubanks, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Young472--The State of Texas vs. Jackie Young, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bowman473--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Carroll Bowman, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Tisher474--The State of Texas vs. Tommy Edwin Tisher, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2McCoy475--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Charles McCoy, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Simpson476--The State of Texas vs. Charles Frank Simpson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Kizer477--The State of Texas vs. Orland Kizer, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Jenkins478--The State of Texas vs. Junior Leroy Jenkins, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Oats479--The State of Texas vs. Burnie Allen Oats, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Sartin480--The State of Texas vs. Brody Sartin, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Northfleet481--The State of Texas vs. Wilson Northfleet, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Smith482--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Dawson Smith, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Rowe483--The State of Texas vs. Carlis T. Rowe, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Cousin484--The State of Texas vs. James Cousin, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bartuell485--The State of Texas vs. Charles F. Bartuell, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Harris486--The State of Texas vs. Andy Harris 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Roberts487--The State of Texas vs. Donis Weldon Roberts, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Adams488--The State of Texas vs. Max Landis Adams, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Holder489--The State of Texas vs. David Mahlon Holder, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Gibbons490--The State of Texas vs. Hershell Gibbons, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Harvey491--The State of Texas vs. Donald Clifton Harvey, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Staton492--The State of Texas vs. Frank Wayne Staton, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hayes493--The State of Texas vs. John Thomas Hayes, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Warren494--The State of Texas vs. Theodis Warren, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Blount495--The State of Texas vs. Elvis Blount, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bloskas496--The State of Texas vs. John D. Bloskas, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bornherd497--The State of Texas vs. Henry Lynn Bornherd, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Dacus498--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Ray Dacus, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wallis499--The State of Texas vs. Dorthy Holmes Wallis, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2McMinn500--The State of Texas vs. Annie Headrick McMinn, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Phillips501--The State of Texas vs. June Burke Phillips, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Boyce502--The State of Texas vs. Charlie Welch Boyce, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Spoogle503--The State of Texas vs. Julian P. Spoogle, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wright504--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Wayne Wright, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Forrest505--The State of Texas vs. J.D. Forrest, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Highfield506--The State of Texas vs. Archie Highfield, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Brown507--The State of Texas vs. Roy Chester Brown, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Berry508--The State of Texas vs. Dote Bettie Berry, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Etheridge509--The State of Texas vs. Susan Marie Etheridge, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Patton510--The State of Texas vs. John Perry Patton, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Mitchell511--The State of Texas vs. Dorothy F. Mitchell, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Humphries512--The State of Texas vs. E.R. Humphries Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wood513--The State of Texas vs. Doyle Ray Wood, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Caviness514--The State of Texas vs. Lloyd Thomas Caviness, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Berry515--The State of Texas vs. David Leslie Berry, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Curry516--The State of Texas vs. David Marcus Curry, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bird517--The State of Texas vs. Virgil Watson Bird, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Norman518--The State of Texas vs. James Paul Norman, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Walker519--The State of Texas vs. Don Gordon Walker, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Tucker520--The State of Texas vs. Warner Elbert Tucker, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Thomas521--The State of Texas vs. John H. Thomas, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Madison522--The State of Texas vs. Sam Henry Madison, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Clem523--The State of Texas vs. Joe Travis Clem, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hargrave524--The State of Texas vs. Murray Lee Hargrave, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Case525--The State of Texas vs. James Raymond Case, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hopkins526--The State of Texas vs. Billy Paul Hopkins, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Tillery527--The State of Texas vs. Ruby McDonald Tillery, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Tillery528--The State of Texas vs. Ruby McDonald Tillery, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hicks529--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Leon Hicks, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Mizell530--The State of Texas vs. Ben Mizell, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Clayton531--The State of Texas vs. Robert Joe Clayton, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wright532--The State of Texas vs. Magdaline Wright, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Clayton533--The State of Texas vs. Robert Joe Clayton, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Cox534--The State of Texas vs. Eddie Don Cox, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Newbry535--The State of Texas vs. Robert Newbry, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Price536--The State of Texas vs. Buzell Price, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Freeman537--The State of Texas vs. John Leroy Freeman, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Reece538--The State of Texas vs. Merle Gene Reece, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2McDonald539--The State of Texas vs. Jim McDonald, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Lillich540--The State of Texas vs. Edward C. Lillich, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Nash541--The State of Texas vs. William Ray Nash, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Compton542--The State of Texas vs. Everleana J. Compton, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2-543--number was skipped
FC 1Drawer 2Crowson544--The State of Texas vs. Richard B. Crowson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Briscoe545--The State of Texas vs. James W. Briscoe, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Briscoe546--The State of Texas vs. James W. Briscoe, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Lynch547--The State of Texas vs. Sharon Olsen Lynch, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hicks548--The State of Texas vs. Hildred C. Hicks. 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Young549--The State of Texas vs. Burnice Young, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Clayton550--The State of Texas vs. Lesley Clayton, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Ritchie551--The State of Texas vs. Jennie Lou Ritchie, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Lindley552--The State of Texas vs. Fred Lindley, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Heard553--The State of Texas vs. Lonnie Charles Heard, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Duncan554--The State of Texas vs. Bruce George Duncan, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2May555--The State of Texas vs. Lester Lee May, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Waller556--The State of Texas vs. Andrew Waller, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Moore557--The State of Texas vs. Roger Dale Moore, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Pennington558--The State of Texas vs. Donald Ray Pennington, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Jones559--The State of Texas vs. Jennie Hollaway Jones, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Eggspuehler560--The State of Texas vs. William D. Eggspuehler, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Morgan561--The State of Texas vs. William Glen Morgan, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Combs562--The State of Texas vs. Johnny Joe Combs, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Dillard563--The State of Texas vs. H.A. Dillard, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Sweat564--The State of Texas vs. Harold Wayne Sweat, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Duncan565--The State of Texas vs. Bruce George Duncan, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Burns566--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Burns, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Gustafson567--The State of Texas vs. Betsy Ross Gustafson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wilburn568--The State of Texas vs. Stephen Carrol Wilburn, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Fouse569--The State of Texas vs. Troy Fouse, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Raines570--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Glen Raines, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hutson571--The State of Texas vs. J.W. Hutson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Page572--The State of Texas vs. Judy Dockins Page, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Noble573--The State of Texas vs. Alva Mann Noble, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Darrow574--The State of Texas vs. Joe Darrow, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Barr575--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Elliott Barr, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wade576--The State of Texas vs. Wilburn Wade, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Meek577--The State of Texas vs. Garver L. Meek, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Adams578--The State of Texas vs. Albert F. Adams, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2McMakin579--The State of Texas vs. Harvey Allen McMakin, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Murley580--The State of Texas vs. Roy Lee Murley, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Harvey581--The State of Texas vs. Howard Leon Harvey, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Edens582--The State of Texas vs. Edith F. Edens, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Mitchell583--The State of Texas vs. Walter Thomas Hatchell, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Edens584--The State of Texas vs. Vernon Warren Edens, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Motes585--The State of Texas vs. Clarence E. Motes, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Morgan586--The State of Texas vs. Elgin Durwain Morgan, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Morgan587--The State of Texas vs. Elgin Durwain Morgan, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Thomas588--The State of Texas vs. Ruth Johnson Thomas, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Kelly589--The State of Texas vs. David Kelly, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Cannon590--The State of Texas vs. Thomas J. Cannon, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Motes591--The State of Texas vs. Clarence E. Motes, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Ieppert592--The State of Texas vs. Richard B. Ieppert
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson592--The State of Texas vs. Louie Johnson, Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Garretson594--The State of Texas vs. Johnny Mack Garretson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Curran595--The State of Texas vs. Virginia Scott Curran, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Coffman596--The State of Texas vs. Charles Dean Coffman, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Shores597--The State of Texas vs. Patsy Davis Shores, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Thompson598--The State of Texas vs. Louis Ernest Thompson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Fields599--The State of Texas vs. Jeff Fields, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Rumsey600--The State of Texas vs. Julia Ann Rumsey, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson601--The State of Texas vs. Eugene William Johnson, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Pitts602--The State of Texas vs. Oscar Franklin Pitts, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Shields603--The State of Texas vs. Mildred S. Shields, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Fletcher604--The State of Texas vs. Melvin Leon Fletcher, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hall605--The State of Texas vs. Johney Frelon Hall, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Kounnas606--The State of Texas vs. Charles Michael Kounnas, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Holman607--The State of Texas vs. John Miller Holman, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Hawkins608--The State of Texas vs. Clarence R. Hawkins Jr., 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Reed609--The State of Texas vs. Luther Weldon Reed, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Smith610--The State of Texas vs. Calvin H. Smith, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Golightly611--The State of Texas vs. Steve Larry Golightly, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Eaton612--The State of Texas vs. Coady Eaton, 1950
FC 1Drawer 2Ward613--The State of Texas vs. Ronald R. Ward, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Hill614--The State of Texas vs. Henry Hill, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Vickers615--The State of Texas vs. Gene Vickers, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Holt616--The State of Texas vs. John Robert Holt, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Young617--The State of Texas vs. Julius Odell Young, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Black618--The State of Texas vs. Robert Lee Black, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Jones619--The State of Texas vs. Horace Jones Jr., 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Fennel620--The State of Texas vs. Eddie Earl Fennel, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Howard621--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Howard, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Sewell622--The State of Texas vs. David Sewell, 1974
FC 1Drawer 2Moore623--The State of Texas vs. Tom Moore, 1973
FC 1Drawer 2Wilson624--The State of Texas vs. Peggy H. Wilson, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Day625--The State of Texas vs. Elmo Day, 1967
FC 1Drawer 2Westbrook626--The State of Texas vs. Roland E. Westbrook, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Durham627--The State of Texas vs. Billy Mack Durham, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Younger628--The State of Texas vs. James Alvin Younger, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Fulchur629--The State of Texas vs. Jess Morgan Fulchur, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Nash630--The State of Texas vs. Hubert Nash Jr., 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Smith631--The State of Texas vs. J.F. Smith, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Sprague632--The State of Texas vs. Lem Richard Sprague, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Glenn633--The State of Texas vs. Donald Ray Glenn, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Bain634--The State of Texas vs. Winnie Ruth Bain, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Wisdom635--The State of Texas vs. Bobbie Dan Wisdom, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Linscott636--The State of Texas vs. Leland E. Linscott, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Wisdom637--The State of Texas vs. Donnie Ray Wisdom, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2English638--The State of Texas vs. Richard English, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Strawther639--The State of Texas vs. Tommy Stawther 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Chester640--The State of Texas vs. J.F. Chester, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Anderson641--The State of Texas vs. James Edward Anderson, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2O'Donnell642--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Phillip O'Donnell, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Ross643--The State of Texas vs. Hershel Ross, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Coker644--The State of Texas vs. Margaret Ann Coker, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Givens645--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Frank Givens, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Earhart646--The State of Texas vs. J.T. Earhart, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Mitchell647--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Wayne Mitchell, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Moss648--The State of Texas vs. Larry Dan Moss, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Durham649--The State of Texas vs. Billy Mack Durham, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Harrison650--The State of Texas vs. Eddie Harrison, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Acker651--The State of Texas vs. Owen C. Acker, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Stephenson/Ross652--The State of Texas vs. Johnny J. Stephenson & Jerry Ross, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson653--The State of Texas vs. Robert Bruce Johnson, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Harris654--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Harris, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Clark655--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Clark, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Fouse656--The State of Texas vs. Troy Travis Fouse, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Martin657--The State of Texas vs. Arnold Martin, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Williams658--The State of Texas vs. Arvis Williams, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Pitts659--The State of Texas vs. Tollie Pitts, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Ferguson660--The State of Texas vs. W. Larry Ferguson, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Hargrave661--The State of Texas vs. Murray L. Hargrave, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Spencer662--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Spencer, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Bentley663--The State of Texas vs. Ed Bentley, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Adair664--The State of Texas vs. George Adair, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Wells665--The State of Texas vs. Floyd William Wells, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson666--The State of Texas vs. Lloyd Johnson, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson667--The State of Texas vs. Robert Bruce Johnson, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2 Hargraves668--The State of Texas vs. James Walter Hargraves, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Gee669--The State of Texas vs. Robert Lewin Gee, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Kimbell670--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Mercer Kimbell, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Robinson671--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Robinson, Jr., 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Fry672--The State of Texas vs. Liston Eastmon Fry, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Dunn673--The State of Texas vs. Billy G. Dunn, 1965
FC 1Drawer 2Dale674--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Dale, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Bowles675--The State of Texas vs. James W. Bowles, 1966Start Here
FC 1Drawer 2Chester676--The State of Texas vs. Gerald W. Chester, 1955
FC 1Drawer 2Darns677--The State of Texas vs. L.E. Darns, Jr. 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Pittman678--The State of Texas vs. Addison Pittman, 1964
FC 1Drawer 2Bonham679--The State of Texas vs. James Bonham, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Tyler680--The State of Texas vs. Charles Tyler, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Payne681--The State of Texas vs. Lanny Payne, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Lewis682--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Mac Lewis 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Berry683--The State of Texas vs. Dote Bettie Berry 1966
FC 1Drawer 2King684--The State of Texas vs. Warren H. King 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Morgan685--The State of Texas vs. Geraldine Morgan, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Moore686--The State of Texas vs. Willis Moore, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Morphew687--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Morphew, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Fincher688--The State of Texas vs. Rodney Fincher, 1966
FC 1Drawer 2Johnson689--The State of Texas vs. Scott Whitfield Johnson, 1966
FC 1