File Cabinets

Below is a database from our bank of file cabinets. It is a finding aid so please contact library to see actual item. Use the search button below to search it.

Note, that this database only has a detailed inventory of the contents of the drawers of file cabinet one. File cabinet one contains approximately 4,462 deeds, letters, and administrative records predominantly from the mid-19th century. For the other file cabinets, this database only has the name found on the outside of each filing cabinet drawer. In these cabinets you will find our microfilm collection [newspapers and census], veteran’s records, local business histories, family files, and some school records.

Please check back as more information will be added.

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File CabinetDrawerSurnameDetails
FC 01Drawer 1Vansickle/Horton001--Ben A. Vansickle & Orleana to H.W. Horton, deed, 18561846
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Craft002--Owen S. Davis to Elizabeth Craft, deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Shelton/Pittman003--John Shelton to Francis Pittman administratrix for Julius Pittman estate, 18541847
FC 01Drawer 1Claybrook004--George W. Claybrook & Sarah Claybrook, 18721848
FC 01Drawer 1Foster/Thompsom/Dawson005--David Foster & Judith F. Foster to Abram Thompson & William W. Dawson, mortgage, 18591849
FC 01Drawer 1Weaver/King006--James A. Weaver to James B. King, deed, 1876
FC 01Drawer 1Smith007--Sarah M Smith to Gilbert Smith, Joseph D. Smith, mortgage, 1866
FC 01Drawer 1Elder/Hodges008--Benjamin H. Elder & Nancy A. Elder to Samuel Hodges, deed, 18561850
FC 01Drawer 1Pope/Couch009--James Pope & Loucinda Pope to S.P. Couch, deed, 1899
FC 01Drawer 1Emmons/Moore010--M.C. Emmons former wife of Joseph B. Moore (dec'd) & W.F. Emmons to Wm. B. Moore, deed, 1882
FC 01Drawer 1Stokes011--John E. Stokes to John A. Stokes, bill of sale, 18851851
FC 01Drawer 1Emmons/Eppars012--W.E. Emmons & Georgia Emmons to Louie Eppars, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1McKenzie/Eppars013--E.L. McKenzie & Rosa McKenzie to J.E. Eppars, warranty deed, 19281852
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson014--T.J. Jackson & T.L. Jackson to J.C. Jackson, warranty deed, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Turner/Jackson015--C.B. Turner & Bobbie Turner to J.C. Jackson, warranty deed, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Barker/Richardson016--C.J. Barker to E.L. Richardson, deed, 18761853
FC 01Drawer 1Barker/Ritchy017--W.W. Barker to J.S. Ritchy, bond, 1872
FC 01Drawer 1Barker/Connor018--P.J. Barker to T.C. Connor, deed, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Barker/Kirby019--W.W. Barker to J.D. Kirby, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Barker/Clutters020--Wilson H. Barker & W.W. Barker to Manerva Clutters, heirship deed, 18591855
FC 01Drawer 1Barker021--W.W. Barker & heirs of Henry C. Barker, agreement, 18591857
FC 01Drawer 1-022--missing1858
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson/Cowan/Barker023--J.H. Jackson admin. for estate of Samuell C. Cowan to W.W. Barker, deed, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1-024--missing1858
FC 01Drawer 1Barker/Drake025--W.W. Baker to Mary D. Drake, deed, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Powell/Freeman026--Leona Powell & R.L. Powell to D.E. Freeman, bill of sale, 1927 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Powell/Freeman027--Leona Powell & R.L. Powell to D.E. Freeman, warranty deed, 19271860
FC 01Drawer 1Harris028--G.M. Harris & L.V. Harris to J.C. Harris, warranty deed, 19281861
FC 01Drawer 1Corbit/Barnes029--Nannie Corbit guardian of Elouise Corbit & Chas. M. Corbit to Bessie C. Barnes, warranty deed, 19281862
FC 01Drawer 1Grissom030--John L. Grissom & L.S. Grissom to James I. Grissom, deed, 1886
FC 01Drawer 1Perry/Reily031--Wm. Perry to F.S. Reily, bill of sale, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Ximenes032--Joseph Ximenes & Aurelia Ximenes to Goldsmith-Haber & Co., of trust, 18601864
FC 01Drawer 1Ward/Lee033--James Ward & wife to Henry Lee, deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Starr034--George Starr & Elizabeth A. Starr, inventory, 18601865
FC 01Drawer 1Sellers/Myers035--Grover Seller vs. M.E. Myers, constable's to real estate, 19291866
FC 01Drawer 1Hill/Brim/Spence036--R.L. Hill & May Hill to J.K. Brim for benefit of J.D. Spence, of trust, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Jennings037--Sulphur Springs Loan & Building Association to R.P. Jennings, release of of trust, 19281867
FC 01Drawer 1McKinzie038--James T. McKinzie to Bonnie McKinzie to E.L. McKinzie, warranty deed, 19281868
FC 01Drawer 1Chandler/Corbin039--W.P. Chandler & Gussie Chandler to H.G. Corbin, general warranty deed, 19271869
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave040--W.P. Hargrave & Cora Hargrave to E.E. Hargrave, warranty deed, 19281870
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave041--B.I. Hargrave & Myra Hargrave to E.E. Hargrave, warranty deed, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave/Davis042--Robert Hargrave to Wm. R. Davis, bond, 18661871
FC 01Drawer 1Cook/Hargraves043--James D. Cook to W.L. Hargraves, deed, 1873
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave/Smith044--Robert Hargrave to P.L. Smith, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Sickles/Hargrave/Houghton045--Wm. Sickles & H.H. Hargrave to L.E.H. Houghton (County Judge), bond, 1866
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave/Houghton/
046--Hannah Hargrave (late wife of James Hargrave dec'd), H.M. Hargrave & Jane Hargrave, Robert Hargrave & S.A. Hargrave, J.R. Hargrave & Mary Hargrave, William L. Houghton & Lettice C. Houghton, David Hopkins & Anna Hopkins, Wm. Brinton & Elizabeth Brinton, W.T. Westerman agent of John B. Hargrave heirs, agreement, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Causey/Hargrave047--S.E. Causey to J.P. Hargrave, deed, 18751872
FC 01Drawer 1McKinney/Hargrave048--C.F. McKinney to H.A. Hargrave, lease, 18901873
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave/McFall049--James Hargrave to J.A.C. McFall, bond, 1848
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave/Billups050--Robert Hargrave to Robert W. Billups, deed, 18701874
FC 01Drawer 1Dial051--H.C. Dial & M.J. Dial to Texas Loan Agency, transfer of vendor's lien notes, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1Brewer/Morgan052--C. A. Brewer & Mary A. Brewer to W.H. Morgan, deed, 18781875
FC 01Drawer 1Edwards/Shackleford053--L. Edwards to Gus Shackleford, bill of sale, 1886
FC 01Drawer 1Garrison/Smith054--H.H. Garrison & A.E. Garrison to David M. Smith, of trust, 1885
FC 01Drawer 1Dodson/Bennett/Holbert055--James H. Dodson & J.D. Bennett to M.W. Holbert, affidavit, 18901876
FC 01Drawer 1Foster056--David Foster, sheriff's deed, 18581877
FC 01Drawer 1Matthews/McDaniel057--B.N. Matthews & M.J. Matthews to W.P. McDaniel, warranty deed, 1882
FC 01Drawer 1-058--missing1878
FC 01Drawer 1Askew/Blythe059--Richard L. Askew (principal), John Askew & Wm. L. Blythe (securities), bond, 18671879
FC 01Drawer 1Hopkins/Harmon060--James S. Hopkins to Lewis G. Harmon, deed, 1863
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Sanders061--J.H. Smith to Frank Sanders, deed, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Williams/Marrow062--N.E. Williams & R. Williams to George Marrow, deed, 18811880
FC 01Drawer 1Green/Cole/Dickson063--M.M. Green, W. Cole & B.R. Dickson to State of Texas, assignee's bond, 18831881
FC 01Drawer 1Crowder/Crawford/Longinotti064--Emma J. Crowder & James A. Crowder to John W. Crawford (trustee) for Jo Longinotti, of trust, 1882
FC 01Drawer 1Boss/Matthews065--S.S. Boss to Richard H. Matthews, deed, 18581882
FC 01Drawer 1Wilson/Hooper066--D.H. Wilson to L.C. Hooper, deed, 18751883
FC 01Drawer 1Ritchey/Green067--William Ritchey to B.W. Musgrove & Turner L. Green, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Reed/Cox/McDonald/Oldham068--John Reed, H.W. Cox, John McDonald, J.S. Oldham, agreement, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Batte069--T.A. Batte to Cain & Phillips, note, 18791885
FC 01Drawer 1Jones/Grant070--Thomas H. Jones & Susan R. Jones to James E. Grant, deed, 18701886
FC 01Drawer 1Steen/Holiness071--A.M. Steen & N.J. Steen to J.F. Holiness (trustee for Bennett & Templeton), of trust, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Gooch/Owens072--William Owens & William M. Owens to Benjamin Gooch, deed, 1847
FC 01Drawer 1Howell/Tucker073--James H. Howell & Martha Howell to A.M. Tucker, deed, 18831887
FC 01Drawer 1Williams/Flowers/
074--W.M. Williams & John Flowers (trustees for Richland Baptist Church) to Hopkins County, quit claim deed, 18851888
FC 01Drawer 1Flint075--Alfred Flint to Margaret Flint, bill of sale, 18871889
FC 01Drawer 1Givens/Reily/Nelson076--James Givens by agent James Reily, to H.W. Nelson, 18611890
FC 01Drawer 1Moore/Marks077--Samuel Moore to Joseph D. Marks, deed, 1862
FC 01Drawer 1Russell/Bop078--Harred Russell & M. Russell to S.S. Bop, deed, 18581891
FC 01Drawer 1Fuller/Price079--J.F. Fuller, Henry Price & Allen Price, application to apprentice, 18691892
FC 01Drawer 1Hart/Townsend080--Narcissa A. Hart to Daniel Townsend, transfer certificate, 18571893
FC 01Drawer 1Sherman/Smith/Bailey081--H.B. Sherman & W.A. Smith to J.R. Bailey, bond, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Denton/Payne082--Christian Denton to Francis M. Payne, deed, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Jones/Green083--estate of D.C. Jones, M.M. Green (assignee), 1883
FC 01Drawer 1Rogers084--Thomas F. Rogers, relinquishment of lots in Tarrant, 18571894
FC 01Drawer 1Hill/Mason085--Joseph R. Hill to Elizabeth Mason, receipt (slave deed), 18601895
FC 01Drawer 1Glover/Arnold086--T.S. Glover & M.R. Glover to A.J. Arnold, warranty deed, 18881896
FC 01Drawer 1Delay087--William Delay to Cole & Arnold, deed, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Tomlinson/Foster088--Samuel G. Tomlinson to W.C. Foster, deed, 18741897
FC 01Drawer 1Cole/Ewing089--D.W. Cole to C.L. Ewing, deed, 18591898
FC 01Drawer 1Pickens090--Allen B. Pickens to Nancy Pickens, gift of deed, 1854
FC 01Drawer 1Cole/Kidd091--D.W. Cole to F.M. Kidd, deed, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Connally/McDowell/James092--Drury Connally to J.K. McDowell & Narcissa James, deed, 1877
FC 01Drawer 1Starr093--Albert F. Starr to Joyce A. Starr, deed, 18751899
FC 01Drawer 1Matthews/Ewing094--John W. Matthews to Sarah Ewing, bill of sale, 18581900
FC 01Drawer 1Lawson/Bradford095--Thompson Lawson to Wm. H. Bradford, deed, 18591901
FC 01Drawer 1Matthews/Wright096--Richard H. Matthews to Richard N. Wright, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Roberts/Johnson097--O.E. Roberts & W.T. Johnson, agreement, 1862
FC 01Drawer 1Hooper/Thomas098--J.N. Hooper & Ann E. Hooper to James Bryant Thomas, warranty deed, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Hoff/Ragland099--J.W. Hoff & Amanda Hoff to W.D. Ragland, deed, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Robertson/Adair100--B.T. Robertson to The State of Texas, bond, 18811902
FC 01Drawer 1Cornelius/Blunt101--William P. Cornelius to Green W. Blunt, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Maupin/Edgar/King/Hunter102--W.H.H. Maupin & V.R. Edgar to W.H. King & Sam J. Hunter, of trust, 1883
FC 01Drawer 1Casey/Thompson103--Isaac Casey to Joseph Thompson, mortgage, 18561903
FC 01Drawer 1Hurley/Warren/Crigler104--T.N. Hurley to Gustavus E. Warren, guardian of minors (heirs of Christopher C. Crigler), mortgage, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Brooks105--Joseph W. Brooks to Wm. V. Brooks, quit claim deed, 18541904
FC 01Drawer 1Bryant/Hendrix/Byrd106--Virginia C. Bryant, A.F. Hendrix & Nannie T. Hendrix, Charles W. Bryant & Alice G. Bryant, J.J. Bryant & Sallie D. Bryant, J.M. Byrd & Sue I. Byrd to Thomas L. Bryant & Missouri C. Bryant, deed, 1891
FC 01Drawer 1Melton/Posey/Baker107--Mary Melton, Eri M. Posey, Charlotte J. Posey to James Baker, deed, 18601905
FC 01Drawer 1Connally/White108--Drury Connally to B.W. White, deed, 18741906
FC 01Drawer 1Nicholson/Melton109--John W. Nicholson & M.A. Nicholson to G.W. Melton, warranty deed, 18891907
FC 01Drawer 1Grant/Hopkins/Goodman/
110--Isaac A. Grant admin of E. Hopkins (dec'd) vs. Francis M. Goodman, G.H. Crowder & L.G. Harmon admins. Of Wm. W. Poff (dec'd), judgment, 18601908
FC 01Drawer 1Alders111--William M. Alders to Delila F. Alders, deed, 18861909
FC 01Drawer 1Mathews/Crisp/Davis112--Mansil W. Mathews & McNice Crisp to Owen S. Davis, relinquishment, 18541910
FC 01Drawer 1Chapman113--B.F. Chapman, surveyors field notes, 18901911
FC 01Drawer 1Walker/Wheeler114--Margaret Walker to Jesse Wheeler, deed, 1869
FC 01Drawer 1Gunter/Connor/Dikes/King115--Martin H. Gunter to Thomas J. Connor & Wm. F. Connor (interest of Geo. W. Dikes & Candice A.H. King heirs of Lovitt P. Dikes), 18591912
FC 01Drawer 1Beasley/McLerrin116--N.J. Beasley & Elizabeth Beasley to John McLerrin, deed, 18631913
FC 01Drawer 1Frost/Williams117--Archibald B. Frost to James C. Williams, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Bulkley/Aiken118--Chester A. Bulkley to Martha J. Aiken, deed, 18621914
FC 01Drawer 1Jones/Houghton119--Susan R. Jones to L.E.H. Houghton, deed, 18601915
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Goodjoin120--Thomas C. Davis to W.W. Goodjoin, quit claim deed, 1885
FC 01Drawer 1Townsend/Fanning/Emerson121--Mary E. Townsend (formerly Mary E. Fanning) to Benjamin K. Emerson, deed, 1853
FC 01Drawer 1Townsend/Harman122--Daniel Townsend to L.G. Harman, relinquishment, 18591916
FC 01Drawer 1Jones123--Wiley Jones to Benjamin Franklin Jones, of gift, 18591917
FC 01Drawer 1Adams/Joiner124--C.L. Adams & Mary Adams to Lizzie S. Joiner, deed, 1886
FC 01Drawer 1Pate/Blythe125--Adison Pate & M.J. Pate to William T. Blythe, deed, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Connally/White126--Drury Connally to Lydia Ann White, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Chapman/Morgan127--E.C. Chapman to A.L. Morgan, deed, 18711918
FC 01Drawer 1-128--list of grand jurors and petit jurors selected by the jury commissioners for the district court of Hopkins County, 18881919
FC 01Drawer 1Bowen/Tate129--Nancy K. Bowen to M.B. Bowen & Elizabeth G. Tate (children of Nancy), of gift, 18741920
FC 01Drawer 1Withers/Scott/Mann130--John H. Withers vs. T.W. Scott & J.W. Mann, copy of judgment, 18621921
FC 01Drawer 1Grant131--John J. Grant to Isaac A. Grant, deed, 18601922
FC 01Drawer 1Scroggin/Harman132--Josiah T. Scroggin to L.G. Harman, deed, 18601923
FC 01Drawer 1McDowell133--Joseph H. McDowell to Julia Ann McDowell, of gift, 18611924
FC 01Drawer 1Cobb/Williams134--John B. Cobb to W.B. Williams, deed, 18601925
FC 01Drawer 1Riddle/Woodley135--Leroy W. Riddle & Celia Riddle to Caleb Woodley, deed, 18651926
FC 01Drawer 1Busby/Moore/Hudspeth136--Cullin Busby & Elisha Moore (heirs of Alfred Busby) to G.E. Hudspeth & Syntha Stewart, deed, 18651927
FC 01Drawer 1Petty/Childress137--W.S. Petty to Wm. T. Childress, B.M. Childress & Asa J. Childress, deed, 18711928
FC 01Drawer 1Patrick/Patillo138--E.M. Patrick & Ann Patrick to Hetty L. Patillo, deed, 18721929
FC 01Drawer 1Carey/Baker139--Caroline E. Carey to C.C. Baker, deed, 18751930
FC 01Drawer 1Thomason/Waller140--Elisha Thomason to T.E. Waller, deed, 18731931
FC 01Drawer 1Bailey141--S.J. Bailey & W.W. Bailey to Harris & Blocker, deed, 18891932
FC 01Drawer 1Bowman/Ramsy142--James N. Bowman to John C. Ramsy, deed, 18531933
FC 01Drawer 1Crosby/Jackson143--W.L. Crosby to John Jackson, deed, 18611934
FC 01Drawer 1Tomlinson/Moore144--Samuel G. Tomlinson to John Moore, deed, 18701935
FC 01Drawer 1Mason/Hooser145--Smith Mason to Williamson Hooser, article binding children, 18571936
FC 01Drawer 1Caudle/Boss146--Green M. Caudle to Elizabeth Boss, deed, 18591937
FC 01Drawer 1Branom/Root147--J.A. Branom & D.N. Root to The Agricultural & Mechanical Fair Association of Hopkins County, Texas, 18791938
FC 01Drawer 1Veal/Houghton148--P.E. Veal to L.E.H. Houghton, deed, 18591939
FC 01Drawer 1McKinney/Harman149--E.D. McKinney to L.G. Harman, 18591940
FC 01Drawer 1Bridges/Minter/Brewer/
986--testimony & misc. papers: Henry Bridges, Dennis Minter,
Ollie Brewer, Allen Bates & Nora Powell, J.F. Palmer, T.P.
Quinn, A.H. Martin, grand jury report for January 1938, Etta
Hailey vs. W.A. Hailey, J.G. Reynolds, T.C. Mars
FC 01Drawer 1McLerrin/Heffner150--John McLerrin & Elizabeth McLerrin to Rachael A. Heffner, deed, 18641942
FC 01Drawer 1Harman/Foster151--Lewis G. Harman to David Foster, deed, 18571943
FC 01Drawer 1Proctor/Pollard/
152--Joseph W. Proctor to Royston W. Pollard, William W. Barker & Joel Boston, mortgage, 18541944
FC 01Drawer 1Maxwell/Bingham153--Martha Maxwell to Henry Bingham, bond for deed, 18521945
FC 01Drawer 1Morris/Collins154--Washington L. Morris/James A. Collins, power to attorney, 18571946
FC 01Drawer 1Buck/Jonas155--J.T. Jonas, by sheriff to C.V. Buck, sheriff's deed, 19281947
FC 01Drawer 1Stell/Crook/Hancock/
156--A.J. Stell (principal) & W.L. Crook, R.D. Hancock, L.G. Harman (sureties) to Z.G. Matthews, bond, no date1948
FC 01Drawer 1Skillman/Brashear/Harris157--C.H. Skillman & Joseph Brashear to J.A. Harris & Martha J. Harris, bond, 18751949
FC 01Drawer 1McMillan158--Hiram McMillan to Chief Justice, bond, 18611950
FC 01Drawer 1Harris/Morris159--R.T. Harris & Sarah A. Harris to C.D. Morris, deed, 18641951
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson/James/Richardson/
160--T.J. Jackson, Wiley Jackson, B.F. Jackson, E.B. James, N.A. Richardson, Texas King, Burnice Ivey, W.R. Ivey, Berta James, W.O. Jackson, W.E. Jackson, Dessa Ramey, H.A. Jackson & T.L. Jackson to J.C. Jackson, warranty deed, 19281952
FC 01Drawer 1Marshall/Stephens161--J.B. Marshall to Geo. C. Stephens (County Judge of Hopkins County, Texas), warranty deed, 19271953
FC 01Drawer 1Locklear/Jackson/Stacy162--Middleton Locklear to T.J. Jackson, Wiley Jackson, Joe Jackson & Mahlon Stacy, deed, 19281954
FC 01Drawer 1Locklear/Cochran163--Middleton Locklear to Caroline Cochran, deed, 18751955
FC 01Drawer 1Melton164--Chief Justice & Commissioners to Andrew G. Melton, power of attorney, 18571956
FC 01Drawer 1Flint165--Margaret Flint to Alfred Flint, agreement, 18871957
FC 01Drawer 1McDowell166--Julia A. McDowell, schedule for separation of property, 18611958
FC 01Drawer 1Shrode/Compton167--Joseph A. Shrode to John Compton, bond, 18611959
FC 01Drawer 1Harman/Houghton168--L.G. Harman to W.L. Houghton, deed, 18611960
FC 01Drawer 1Matthews/Reid169--John E. Matthews to T.F. Reid, deed, 18581961
FC 01Drawer 1Burkham/Martin170--James Burkham & Matilda Burkham to Mary C. Martin & A.J. Martin, deed, 18791962
FC 01Drawer 1Goodman171--F.M. Goodman to Fanny Goodman, of gift, 18551963
FC 01Drawer 1Wheeler/Wilson172--James Wheeler to A.J. Wilson, deed, 18691964
FC 01Drawer 1Posey/Montgomery173--Silas Posey & Elizabeth C. Posey to H.M. Montgomery, deed, 18661965
FC 01Drawer 1Beckham/Lyles174--W.R. Beckham to Lyles, agreement, no date1966
FC 01Drawer 1Raglin/Milner175--Samuel Raglin & Mary Raglin to G.W.C. Milner, deed, 18761967
FC 01Drawer 1Steen/D'Spain176--Daniel L. Steen & Malinda Steen to Ben D'Spain, 18571968
FC 01Drawer 1Garrett/White177--N. Garrett & F.E. Garrett to W.S. White, deed, 18751969
FC 01Drawer 1Brooks178--Allen Brooks & Micajah Brooks to John Brooks, deed, 18521970
FC 01Drawer 1Barrett179--Singer Sewing Machine Company to R.S. Barrett, lease, 19291971
FC 01Drawer 1Jones180--Como National Bank of Como, Texas, a corporation to W. Jones, 19281972
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Sewell181--S.M. Morgan & Mattie N. Morgan to O.C. Sewell, warranty deed, 19281973
FC 01Drawer 1-182--Gulf Production Company to Hopkins County, release of lease, 19281974
FC 01Drawer 1Cowan/Stephens183--W.G. Cowan & Ida Cowan to Geo. C. Stephens (County Judge of HC), warranty deed, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Ardis184--Ardis & Cambron to Louis Ardis, release of paving lien, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Sheppard/Hutcherson185--S.S. Sheppard to Sallie Hutcherson, warranty deed, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Chaney/Gregg/Laws186--Russell M. Chaney to Frank Gregg, Fred Gregg & Grace Gregg Laws, warranty deed, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Williams/Spence187--R.B. Williams & Jessie P. Williams to J.D. Spence, warranty deed, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Arthur/Griffith188--Frank W. Arthur & wife to C.H. Griffith, release of vendor's lien, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Cole/Orm189--D.W. Cole & W.H. Orm, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1McLaughlin/Porter190--F.M. McLaughlin to W.H. Porter, deed, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Nance/Garrett191--William L. Nance to John H. Garrett, deed, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Russell192--Hopkins County to James Russell, deed, 1853
FC 01Drawer 1Walton193--Littleberry Walton, Sr. to Littleberry Walton, Jr., deed, 1855
FC 01Drawer 1Hanson/Steed194--William T. Hanson to P.M. Steed, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Bebee/Koontz195--Adolphus Bebee to Robert W. Koontz, deed, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Bridges/Wood196--C.A. Bridges to J.F. Wood, release of vendor's lien, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Vetter/Moore197--J.G. Vetter to G.W. Moore, bond, 1863
FC 01Drawer 1Burkham198--D. Burkham to Mrs. Belle Burkham, warranty deed, 1918
FC 01Drawer 1Umphrey/Barnett199--J.J. Umphrey & V.L. Umphrey to R.A. Barnett, warranty deed, 1881
FC 01Drawer 1Deckard/Cambron200--John Deckard & Ann Deckard to Thomas Cambron, deed, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Ferrell/Lyday201--Wiley S. Ferrell to S.S. Lyday, agreement, 1862
FC 01Drawer 1Weaver/Pollard/Gage202--James A. Weaver (sheriff) to John B. Pollard (for est. of E.N. Gage), 1873
FC 01Drawer 1Portwood/Moore203--John H. Portwood to William Moore, deed, 1864
FC 01Drawer 1Hull/Cate204--Mrs. W.F. Hull (a femme sole, plaintiff) vs. W.R. Cate (defendant), lis pendens, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Payne/Richardson205--Tom Payne & Laura Payne to A.D. Richardson, lease, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Mays/Lindley206--Larkin Mays to Nancy Lindley, deed, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Hall/Hawkins207--Martin Hall & Louisa Hall, S.M. Hawkins, deed, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Crowder/Smith208--Green H. Crowder & Virginia C. Crowder to Josiah Smith, mortgage, 1856
FC 01Drawer 1Webb/Calhoun209--Anderson Webb & Eliza R. Webb to Jesse Calhoun, of trust, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Montgomery/Wiggins210--John M. Montgomery to Harland L. Wiggins, power of attorney, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Dowdy/Hopper211--Martin Dowdy to Elizabeth Hopper, bond, 1855
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson/Norton212--James S. Johnson to Henry W. Norton, deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Marshall/Fain213--Louisa Marshall to Sidney Fain, deed, 1853
FC 01Drawer 1Mann/Christian/Ransom214--Chas. L. Mann to John M. Christian & Edward Ransom, agreement, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Williams/Sigman215--Josiah Smith (admin. for estate of Reubin Williams, dec'd) to Jordan Sigman, deed, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Peer/Boyd216--Edward Peer & Amanda Peer to James S. Boyd, power of attorney, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Lowe217--M.P. Lowe, schedule of property, 1867
FC 01Drawer 1Martin218--Sun Oil Company to S.A. Martin & Ona Martin, release, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Cumby/Shuler/Clark219--R.H. Cumby & N.L. Cumby to W.G. Shuler & J.W. Clark, deed, 1872
FC 01Drawer 1-220--State of Texas to Hopkins County Common School District No. 6, account, 1873
FC 01Drawer 1Manwaring/Perkins221--J.W. Manwaring & Mary E. Manwaring to Zeno Perkin, warranty deed, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Morris/Matthews222--Iva Morris & Robert L. Morris to T.E. Matthew & Ruth Matthews, warranty deed, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Coots/Moore/Norwood223--Andrew Coots & Mary Coots to James Moore & Hampton L. Norwood, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Moore/Luther224--John Moore & Sarah J. Moore to John Luther, deed, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Brown225--Parthena Smith, G.G. Smith & J.C. Smith to Thomas J. Brown, deed, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Daughty/Leroy226--Henry Daughty to Joseph Leroy, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Mann227--J.W. Mann & Sallie Mann to H.E. Mann, transfer, 1873
FC 01Drawer 1Weaver/Houghton228--S.S. Weaver to L.E.H. Houghton, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Raynelds/Wilkerson/Jones/
229--John O. Wilkerson vs. Samuel Jones (David Raynelds, sheriff to Zephania G. Matthews), sheriff's deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Cawthron230--John W. Cawthron to Laura Cawthron, warranty deed, 1884
FC 01Drawer 1 James/McDowell231--Thomas James to V.A. McDowell, deed, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson/Chapman232--Martin D. Jackson to Leah Chapman, deed, 1864
FC 01Drawer 1Wood/Burkham233--S.S. Wood to Bell Burkham, warranty deed, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Garrison234--H.H. Garrison & A.E. Garrison to Jarbo Henderson & Company, note, 1888
FC 01Drawer 1Maxey/Tomlinson/McDowell235--Sam Bell Maxey (by agent, Samuel G. Tomlinson) to Mattie A. McDowell, quit claim deed, 1880
FC 01Drawer 1Averitt/Waits236--J.H. Averitt & L. Averitt to A.C. Waits, warranty deed, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Frost/Gilliland237--H.W. (or A.W.) Frost/William Robert Gilliland, letter of adoption, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Mason/Connally238--Elizabeth Mason to C.P. Connally, deed, 1864
FC 01Drawer 1Pate/Posey239--Joseph Pate/James H. Posey (trustees for school district) & J.C. DeGress (superintendent of public instruction), lease, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Mooney/Withers240--S.D. Mooney to S.T. Withers, deed, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Norton/Russell241--David O. Norton (agent of James Reily) to Jesse C. Russell, deed, 1847
FC 01Drawer 1Ferrell/Henderson242--Wiley S. Ferrell to James Henderson, deed, 1877
FC 01Drawer 1Crisp/Gage/Sleighton243--Redden Crisp (admin. for the estate of E.N. Gage) to D.H. Sleighton, deed, 1873
FC 01Drawer 1Crowder/Hopkins244--Green H. Crowder to James E. Hopkins, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Stedman/Waters245--Benjamin Stedman to John L. Waters, deed of trust, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Garey/Russell246--Samuel Garey to Jesse C. Russell, power of attorney, 1850
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Cox247--Daniel E. Morgan to H.W. Cox, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Shrode/Harman248--D.K. Shrode to L.G. Harman, bond, 1863
FC 01Drawer 1Wise/Hopkins/Williamson249--Nancy Wise (attorney for John L. Hopkins) to Paulina Williamson, bill of sale, 1851
FC 01Drawer 1Levens250--Joseph Levens to Rebecca Levens, Mariella Levens, Andrew George & James Elliott Levens, deed of gift, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Williams251--Owen S. Davis to Cyrus Williams, deed, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Whisenant/Conner252--Davis Whisenant to F. D. Conner, mortgage, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Matthews/Wright253--R.E. Matthews to R.N. Wright, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Wilson254--Owen S. Davis to W.H. Wilson, deed, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Black/Grigsby/Wilson255--P.J. Black & J.N. Grigsby to Thomas B. Wilson, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Houston/Payne256--C.M. Houston, Nancy Houston & C. Payne, agreement, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Spradling/Horne257--Jordan Spradling to L.W. Horne, deed of trust, 1883
FC 01Drawer 1Pace/Harris258--J.H. Pace & Sarah C. Pace to N.O. Harris, warranty deed, 1888
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Mattews259--P.L. Smith to Robert E. Matthews, agreement, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Foster/Anthony260--David Foster (sheriff of Hopkins County) to Charles James Anthony, sheriff's deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Melton/Click261--Andrew G. Melton (County Treasurer agent for Hopkins County) to Mathias Click, deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Day262--Hopkins County to Shepherd D. Day, deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Harris263--Simeon Harris to M.J. Harris, deed, 1887
FC 01Drawer 1Simms/Miller264--James A. Simms & Emily J. Simms to Joshua Miller, deed, 1877
FC 01Drawer 1Hurley/Price/Donaldson265--G.W. Donaldson to Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Company (others mentioned W.G. Hurley & Mary Price), transfer of vendor's lien, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Barnes/Brooks266--William Barnes to Allen Brooks, title bond, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Payne/Scott/Goodman/Denton267--W.M. Payne (attorney for L.W. Scott & Mary J. Scott) to F.T. Goodman & Christian Denton, mortgage, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Ofiel268--John P. Ofiel, homestead claim, 1878
FC 01Drawer 1Hopkins/Chenoweth269--Joslin Hopkins to John W. Chenoweth, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Neely/L.G. Harman270--G. Neely to L.G. Harman, deed, 1863
FC 01Drawer 1Richey271--A.J. Richey to R.L. Richey, bill of sale, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Houghton272--H.G. Houghton to L.E.H. Houghton, transfer, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Halbrook/Rucker273--John M. Halbrook (admin. of George Halbrook estate) to John S. Rucker, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Eldridge/Wortham/Moore/
274--Sheriff to N.F. Moore (others mentioned: Thomas M. Eldridge, William A. Wortham, Ben A. Vansickle, L.G. Harman, W.H. Portwood), sheriff's deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Coots/Moore/Norwood275--Andrew Coots to John Coots, deed of gift, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Mathews/McDaniel/Culver/
276--Sam J. Mathews & Lula C. Mathews to Nancy Mathews, Thomas Mathews, Mary McDaniel, Melissa Culver, Hizzie McCorkle, Henry Mathews & Lafayette Mathews, quit claim deed, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1Norwood277--H.L. Norwood to Mary A. Norwood, deed, 1876
FC 01Drawer 1Crosby/Russell278--William L. Crosby to Hariet Russell, deed, 1864
FC 01Drawer 1Newman/Lyster279--William C.B. Newman & wife to Thomas Lyster, deed, 1867
FC 01Drawer 1Hudgin/Hicks280--J.M. Hudgin to William P. Hicks, deed, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Hampton281--John J. Hampton to G.J. Hampton, deed, 1868
FC 01Drawer 1Burns/Wear282--H.B.W. Burns to William B. Wear, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Click/Wilkerson/Black283--Sarah Click vs. John B. Wilkerson & H.H. Black, judgment, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Thomas/McRae/Hargrave/
284--Washington Thomas to James H.H. McRae, H.H. Hargrave, John O. Wilkerson & Abram F. Cannon, deed of trust, 1856
FC 01Drawer 1Craig/Crook285--Samuel Craig to Lewis J. Crook, power of attorney, 1855
FC 01Drawer 1Allen/Barker286--Lee Allen to Dixon Allen, (also mentioned: Thomas William Barker), power of attorney, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Goodman/Russell287--Frank M. Goodman to Fanny Goodman (also mentioned: George Russell), deed of gift, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Faberaugh/Wallace288--Augustus Faberaugh to C.C. Wallace, deed, 1863
FC 01Drawer 1-289--school incorportation election at Black Jack Grove, 1891
FC 01Drawer 1Porter290--W.H. Porter to Ferily Porter, deed of gift, 1869
FC 01Drawer 1Crosby/Crain291--W.L. Crosby to Reuben Crain, bond, 1868
FC 01Drawer 1Jones292--S.E. Jones (wife of Benjamin Jones), separation of property, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Flemming/Arthur/Griffith293--W.G. Flemming per W.E. Arthur (also mentioned: A.H. Griffith), tax receipt, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Brooks/McGill294--J.E. Brooks for R.V. McGill, tax receipt, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Brancroft/Downing/
295--M.M. Bancroft & L.L. Bancroft for J.H. Downing (also mentioned: James Gahagan), tax receipt, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Flemming/Arthur/Griffith296--W.G. Flemming for W.E. Arthur (also mentioned: A.H. Griffith), tax receipt, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Weaver297--J.C. Weaver, schedule of property, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Nelson298--Ellen H. Reily to W.D.C. Nelson, H.W. Nelson, Jr. & John W. Nelson, deed, 1883
FC 01Drawer 1Long/Gayoso299--L.J. Long (guardian for: Robert, John, Riley, Ben, Dan & C.T. Long minors) to F. Gayoso, deed, 1886
FC 01Drawer 1Foster/McKinney300--Hopkins County to David Foster (also mentioned: C.D. McKinney), deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Ash/McKinney301--Hopkins County to Elizabeth Ash (also mentioned: C.D. McKinney), deed, 1854
FC 01Drawer 1Bracklin/Bolt302--J.W. Bracklin to J.O. Bolt & W.M. Bolt, bill of sale, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1Wheeler303--D.C. Wheeler to Jane Wheeler, deed, 1866
FC 01Drawer 1Dannell/Bridges/Clifton304--Coraline Dannell to J.R.P. Bridges & N. Clifton, petition, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Boyd305--Thomas Boyd & Martha J. Boyd to James J. Boyd, power of attorney, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Daniels/Ragland306--Sig Davis & J.J. Daniels to W.D. Ragland, deed, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Gurlock/Dial307--Henry Gurlock to Texas Loan Agency, acknowlegement of vendor's lien, 1890 (also mentioned: H.C. Dial)
FC 01Drawer 1Foster/Hopkins308--David Foster to James E. Hopkins, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson/Harman309--James F. Johnson does appoint L.G. Harman as representative, power of attorney, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Portwood/Jones310--John H. Portwood to Wiley Jones, bond, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Hudson311--Thomas J. Hudson to Abbie Hudson, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Starr/Martin/Noble312--James A. Starr (attorney for Edward Martin) to Sebron M. Noble, power of attorney, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Raynalds/Price313--David Raynalds to J.T. Price, warrnty deed, 1884
FC 01Drawer 1Jordan314--Heidenheimr Bros. vs. J.H. Jordan, judgment, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Plaisance/Logsdon315--H.B. Plaisance appoints H.J. Logsdon as attorney, power of attorney, 1876
FC 01Drawer 1Goodson/Crabstree316--sale of 2 mules to W.J. Goodson (also mentioned: Susan E. Goodson, Mary A.J. Goodson & H.H. Crabtree), note & mortgage, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1Farrer/Hamilton317--H.H. Farrer to A.R. Hamilton, deed, 1865
FC 01Drawer 1McBride318--B.N. McBride to H.J. McBride, title bond, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Wells/Morris319--W.G. Wells & H.J. Wells to J.M. Morris, deed of trust, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1Speake/Wright320--Henry Speake & Eliza Speake to R.G. Wright, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Weathers/Walker321--S.T. Weathers to James J. Walker, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Cummings322--Ellen H. Reily to Daniel T. Cummings, deed, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Figures323--W.B. Figures, request for records, 1886
FC 01Drawer 1Dickson/Byrd324--B.R. Dickson to J.C. Byrd, warranty deed, 1884
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Hopkins325--James Reily to Eldridge Hopkins, deed, 1847
FC 01Drawer 1Matthews/Cox326--R.H. Matthews to H.W. Cox, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Coots327--Andrew Coots, Sr. to John Coots, deed of gift & trust, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Jennings328--W.K. Jennings, resignation, 1876
FC 01Drawer 1Still/Hopkins329--George W. Still to Eldridge Hopkins, deed of trust, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Bevans/Humphreys330--James S. Bevans to John R. Humphreys, transfer, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson/Jones331--John Jackson to Thomas H. Jones, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Clifton/Weaver/Gafford/
332--names mentioned: D.M. Clifton, Sam H. Weaver, Nathaniel Clifton (dec'd), Salina C. Cifton, Amanda E. Gafford, Thomas Gafford, Mariah Williams, J.R. Williams Jr., M.A. Clifton, D.H. Clifton, Samuel Clifton, William Clifton, J.W. Clifton & W.F. Alexander, affidavit of heirship, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1Tomlinson/Buchanan333--Samuel G. Tomlinson to T.J. Buchanan, warranty deed, 1884
FC 01Drawer 1Morris334--C.D. Morris to T.L. Morris, deed, 1867
FC 01Drawer 1Caldwell/Leonard335--W.G. Caldwell to G.W. Leonard, bond, 1856
FC 01Drawer 1Starr/Leewright336--Amory T. Starr to L.J. Leewright, deed, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Spencer/Hampton337--Hiram Spencer to S.H. Hampton, deed, 1878
FC 01Drawer 1Craig/McMahan338--Thomas A. Craig & Mariah Craig to George R. McMahan, deed, 1866
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Lyser339--James Reily to Elizabeth Lyser, deed, 1869
FC 01Drawer 1Byrd/Ward340--Thomas C. Byrd to James Ward, deed, 1848
FC 01Drawer 1Ashley341--Jeremiah S. Ashley to William Ashley, bill of sale, 1846
FC 01Drawer 1Payne/Norton342--Abraham Payne to David O. Norton, transfer, 1847
FC 01Drawer 1Lasker/Blythe/Rogers343--M. Lasker vs. W.J. Blythe & T.S. Rogers, judgment, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Harman/Campbell344--Lewis G. Harman to Joseph H. Campbell, deed, 1855
FC 01Drawer 1D'Spain/Dodson345--Benjamin L. D'Spain to Buford H. Campbell, deed, 1868
FC 01Drawer 1Henderson/Williams346--J.W. Henderson & C.B.T. Henderson to D.F. Williams, warranty deed, 1888
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Cavener347--James B. Smith to H.C. Cavener, bond, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Harman/Hampton/Cartwright348--John Hampton (admin. for the estate of Ben H. Hampton, dec'd) vs. Mathew Cartwright (also mentioned L.G. Harman), judgment, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Norwood349--Mary A. Norwood vs. H.L. Norwood, relinquishment, 1876
FC 01Drawer 1Fisher/Williams350--J.K. Fisher to Cy Williams, deed of trust, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Collins/Kennedy351--J.F. Collins & L.J. Collins to J.R. Kennedy, warranty deed, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Grant/Doughty352--Isaac A. Grant to Henry Doughty, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Green/Dickson353--M.M. Green assignee of J.A. Dickson & E.R. Dickson estate, report, 1882
FC 01Drawer 1Collins/Larner354--Leonidas Collins & Lucretia Collins to Thomas H. Larner, deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1Darlin355--F.P.I. Darlin to M.J. Darlin, transfer, 1873
FC 01Drawer 1Clapp/Pickett356--John Clapp & Eliza G. Clapp to Nancy Pickett, deed, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Goodman357--Francis M. Goodman to Fanny Goodman, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Grant/Thompson/Speaker358--Isaac A. Grant to A.I. Thompson & B.R. Speaker, bond, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Ferrell/Garner359--Wiley S. Ferrell vs. Thomas Garner, sheriff's deed to Thomas P. Ferrell, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Hoffman/Katterwitz360--Nathan Hoffman to A.S. Katterwitx, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Heatherly/Kennedy/
361--O. Heatherly to J.S. Kennedy, J.W. Mosely & John McKinney, deed, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Ashley/Matthews362--Jeremiah Ashley (agent for James Ashley) tax sale of land owned by Robert E. Matthews, deed, 1851
FC 01Drawer 1Fuller/Irons363--James F. Fuller to G.S. Irons, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Wammack/Miller364--A.M. Wammack vs. E.L. Miller, judgment, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Clendenned/Graham/Kidd365--Rebecca Clendennen, Alexander Clendenned, Thomas Graham & Dulcena Graham to Ibrey J. Kidd, bond, 1857
FC 01Drawer 1Bartholomew/Koontz366--Rosa A. Bartholomew to A.B. Koontz, deed, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Lollar/McAfee367--L.A. Lollar to Margaret P. McAfee, title bond, 1877
FC 01Drawer 1Maxey/Putman/Mead368--J.A.B. Putman (agent for Sam B. Maxey to Ophelia Mead, bond for title, 1883
FC 01Drawer 1Mason/King369--John Mason to L.D. King, sheriff's deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Bishop/Terry370--W.H. Bishop to Virginia Bishop to E.E. Terry, deed, 1881
FC 01Drawer 1Raynolds/Glover/Burney371--David Raynolds to W.H. Glover & E.L. Burney, deed, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Henley/Sickles/Coffey372--Hiram Henley to William Sickles & John S. Coffey, deed, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Cook/Smith373--James D. Cook to M.Z. Smith, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Withers/Brooks374--S. Withers to W.M. Brooks, bill of sale, 1865
FC 01Drawer 1Taylor375--Moore & Jordan to S.R. Taylor, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Gays/Henderson376--J.H. Gays vs. A.W. Henderson, bill of particulars, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Gough/Moore377--L. Gough & M.A. Gough to Burris Moore, deed, 1883
FC 01Drawer 1Campbell/Dawson378--C.P. Campbell to W.W. Dawson, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Niolever/Rattan379--Charles S. Niolever to David Rattan, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Grant/Doughty380--J.A. Grant to Caroline Doughty, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1South381--Samuel South, land patent, 1864
FC 01Drawer 1Masters/Kidd382--J.R. Masters & S.I. Masters to R.A. Kidd, warranty deed, 1886
FC 01Drawer 1Barnes/Smith383--S.R. Barnes to L.C. Smith, mortgage, 1869
FC 01Drawer 1Ewing384--Charles L. Ewing to Sarah Ewing, bill of sale, 1858
FC 01Drawer 1Ward/Lee385--James Ward & wife to George W. Lee, deed, 1852
FC 01Drawer 1McKenny/Francis386--E.D. McKenny to Robert B. Francis, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Pittman/Fisher387--Mary A. Pittman to Jesse Fisher, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Watson/Russell388--Zephaniah Watson to Jesse Russell, indenture, 1849
FC 01Drawer 1Kyle/Milam389--M.J. Kyle (trustee for L.E. Kyle to L.K. Kyle) to L.K. Milam, indenture, 1886
FC 01Drawer 1Collins/Loving390--J.B. Collins to O.P. Loving, deed of trust, 1889
FC 01Drawer 1Lindley/Langford391--Eli F. Lindley to J.M. Langford, deed of trust, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Cochram/Milner392--Caroline Cochram to G.W.C. Milner, deed, 1875
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Dickson393--J.T. Smith, Z.T. Smith, G.H. Smith, William F. Smith, John E. Dickson & Victoria Dickson to David Smith, deed, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Hopkins/Potts394--Joslin Hopkins to F.M. Potts, mortgage, 1855
FC 01Drawer 1Crisp/Shelton395--M. Crisp to John Shelton, mortgage, 1855
FC 01Drawer 1Sills396--J.L. Sills to W.G. Sills, bill of sale, 1867
FC 01Drawer 1Coffey/Connally397--John S. Coffey to M.C. Connally, deed, 1890
FC 01Drawer 1Padon398--Alfred Padon & Elizabeth M. Padon to John B. Padon, power of attorney, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Grant/Goodman/Crowder/
399--Isaac A. Grant vs. Francis M. Goodman, Jason H. Crowder & L.G. Harmon, judgment, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Crawford/Waggoner400--Bob Crawfor to N.B. Waggoner, mortgage, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Williams401--Russell Williams & Nancy Evaline Williams to Mary J. Williams, deed, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Harris/Goodwin402--Simeon Harris to B.L. Goodwin, contract, 1878
FC 01Drawer 1Glazier/Garrison403--A.D. Glazier (constable) to J.W. Garrison, constable's deed, 1873
FC 01Drawer 1Doughty/Jones404--Caroline Doughty to Susan Jones, deed, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Latimer405--Owen S. Davis to Alex H. Latimer, deed, 1869
FC 01Drawer 1McBroom/Davis/Lindley406--Thomas F. McBroom & Nancy A. Davis to Jacob M. Lindley, deed or bond, 1860
FC 01Drawer 1Gray/Sinclair/Dickson407--S.W. Gray & Elizabeth Gray to Alexander Sinclair & Mary Ann Dickson, deed, 1866
FC 01Drawer 1Grant/King408--Isaac A. Grant to Lorrenzo D. King, deed, 1859
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Garison/Ferguson/
409--D.M. Smith to H.H. Garrison (principal) & J.A. Ferguson, J.H. Weaver (sureties), bond, 1883
FC 01Drawer 1Wortham/Thomas410--William Wortham to Sam Thomas, deed, 1874
FC 01Drawer 1Turner/Moore411--William Henry Turner to William Moore, deed, 1870
FC 01Drawer 1Rogers/Davidson412--S.L. Rogers to W.H. Davidson, deed, 1876
FC 01Drawer 1Mitchell/Wirz413--Benjamin F. Mitchell to Joseph Wirz, deed, 1877
FC 01Drawer 1Kitchens/Koontz414--L.D. Kitchens & Sary Kitchens to A.B. Koontz, deed, 1862
FC 01Drawer 1Derick415--Simon Derick to J.J. Derick, deed or bond, 1862
FC 01Drawer 1Walters416--John Walters to Ann Walters, deed, 1879
FC 01Drawer 1Houghton/Gooning417--William S. Houghton to Thomas Gooning, deed, 1861
FC 01Drawer 1Bass/Johnston418--S.H. Bass Bro. to Dr. W.I. Johnston, contract, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1Mays/Millhollon419--Hebron Mays & Louisa Mays to Emily Millhollon, contract, 1881
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Meyer420--Owen S. Davis to Emanuel Meyer
FC 01Drawer 1Gilbreath/Polk421--Harrison & Catherine E. Gilbreath to Sylvester Polk
FC 01Drawer 1Russell422--Jesse C. Russell to Hiram C. Russell
FC 01Drawer 1Richey423--Mrs. R.L. Richey
FC 01Drawer 1Philley/Dickson424--Bartis Philley to Jefferson Dickson
FC 01Drawer 1Ragland/Stuart425--W.D. Ragland & E.W. Ragland to J.D. Stuart
FC 01Drawer 1Green/Dickson426--M.M. Green to J.A. Dickson & E.R. Dickson
FC 01Drawer 1Dial/Fatheree/Bingham427--Martin Dial to H.H. Fatheree & Henry Bingham
FC 01Drawer 1Russell/Hart428--James Russell to Wm. R. Hart
FC 01Drawer 1Lindley/Coffey429--E.F. Lindley to J.S. Coffey
FC 01Drawer 1Finley430--Milton Finley to Orinda Finley
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Stephens431--Ellen H. Reily to A.O. Stephens
FC 01Drawer 1Garrison432--H.H. Garrison to Creditor in Bankruptcy
FC 01Drawer 1Larry/English433--S.S. Larry to T.B. English
FC 01Drawer 1Ingram/Hunsucker/Brashear434--W.J. Ingram to A.L. Hunsucker & O.H. Brashear
FC 01Drawer 1Bullion/Manning435--Thomas Bullion to G.L. Manning
FC 01Drawer 1Giddens/Miller436--James R. Giddens to John D. Miller
FC 01Drawer 1Anthony/Scott/Matthews437--Charles J. & Anna O. Anthony to Z.J. Scott & Z.A. Matthews
FC 01Drawer 1Garey/Russell438--Samuel Garey to Jesse C. Russell
FC 01Drawer 1Kennedy/Rains439--Alexander Kennedy to R. Rains
FC 01Drawer 1Moore/Wagoner/Birdwell440--Wm. Moore to Daniel Wagoner, F.G. Birdwell & John A. Moore
FC 01Drawer 1Well441--John Well to Catharin Well
FC 01Drawer 1Weaver/Midget442--S.S. Weaver to Levi Midget
FC 01Drawer 1Searls/Kendrick443--Thomas Searls to Levi Midget
FC 01Drawer 1Harman/Ringo/Black444--Lewis G. Harman to M.C. Ringo & C.R. Black
FC 01Drawer 1Kennedy/Faison445--E.C. Kennedy to J.T. Faison
FC 01Drawer 1Attaway/Stephens446--Joseph Attaway to Susan Stephens
FC 01Drawer 1Camp/Richardson447--B.M. Camp to James F. Richardson
FC 01Drawer 1Long/Proctor448--P.H. Long to J.E. Proctor
FC 01Drawer 1Halbrook/Grace449--John M. Halbrook to Joseph P. Grace
FC 01Drawer 1Grant/Busby450--Isaac A. Grant to Napoleon I. Busby
FC 01Drawer 1Barker/Smith/Wilkerson451--Wilson Barker to Josiah Smith & John O. Wilkerson
FC 01Drawer 1Moore/Layne452--Tom Moore to J.M. Layne
FC 01Drawer 1Hopkins/Carey453--James E. Hopkins to Samuel Carey
FC 01Drawer 1Boatman/Beard454--Jesse J. & Elizabeth Boatman to Andrew S. Beard
FC 01Drawer 1Wilson455--M.C.V. Wilson & J.O. Wilson to Hopkins Co.
FC 01Drawer 1Kitts456--W.B. Kitts
FC 01Drawer 1Scott/Garrison457a--T.W. & Mary Scott to Daniel Garrison
FC 01Drawer 1Merchant/Garrison457b--Edward & Martha Merchant to Daniel Garrison
FC 01Drawer 1Hargrave458--S.B. Hargrave to B.I. Hargrave
FC 01Drawer 1Miller/Fannin459--Mary A.J. Miller to Wm. Fannin
FC 01Drawer 1Young/Cooper460--C.A. Young & Mrs. Phebe Cooper
FC 01Drawer 1Whittle/Shook461--F.C. & Thurlla Whittle to W.A. Shook
FC 01Drawer 1Shook/Jones462--W.R. Shook to John F. Jones
FC 01Drawer 1Clifton/Hunter463--E.M. Clifton to R.L. Hunter
FC 01Drawer 1Martin464--J.J. Martin to E.C. Martin
FC 01Drawer 1Vaden/Martin465--J.I. & Mary Vaden to J.J. Martin
FC 01Drawer 1Martin/Vaden466--J.J. Martin to J.I. Vaden
FC 01Drawer 1Clifton/Hunter467--E.M. Clifton to R.L. Hunter
FC 01Drawer 1Plunk/Cates468--W.T. Plunk to W.M. Cates
FC 01Drawer 1Hennen/Plunk469--J.B. & L.A. Hennen to W.T. Plunk
FC 01Drawer 1Jones/Hennen470--J.F. Jones to John Hennen
FC 01Drawer 1Hunter/Carson471--R.L. Hunter to J.N. Carson
FC 01Drawer 1Stubbs472--C.D. Stubbs to Wm. Stubbs
FC 01Drawer 1Speed/Stubbs473--J.M. & Lola Speed to Wm. Stubbs
FC 01Drawer 1Scuff/Payne474--R.M. & Mary Scuff to T.J. Payne
FC 01Drawer 1Groom475--J.M. Groom for School Land
FC 01Drawer 1McDonald476--A.M. McDonald to A.E. McDonald
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Prentice477--James Reily to O.B. Prentice
FC 01Drawer 1Neely/Byrd478--J. Neely to Thomas Byrd
FC 01Drawer 1Reily/Prentice479--James Reily to B. Prentice
FC 01Drawer 1Rodgers480--James Rodgers, scrip certificate, 1871
FC 01Drawer 1White/Roach481--J.H. White to T.A. Roach, 1917
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Hamiter482--J.A. Davis to J.C. Hamiter, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1Carothers/Womack483--R.B. Carothers to R.M. Womack, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Heflin/Roach484--W. Heflin to T.A. Roach, 1917
FC 01Drawer 1Roach/Heflin485--T.A. Roach to H.W. Heflin, 1917
FC 01Drawer 1Pickett/White486--H.W. Pickett to J.R. White, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Gunnels/White487--P.W. Gunnels to T.H. White, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1Gunnels/White488--P.W. Gunnels to T.H. White, 1903
FC 01Drawer 1White489--J.D. White to J.R. White, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1Hamiter/White490--J.C. Hamiter to T.H. White, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1Hamilton/white491--C.E. Hamilton to J.R. White, 1907
FC 01Drawer 1White492--T.H. White to J.R. White, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1White/Doss493--T.H. White to J.R. Doss, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1White494--J.D. White to W.S. White, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1Gilmore/Davis495--M.E. Gilmore to J.A. Davis, 1898
FC 01Drawer 1Roger/Clifton496--J. Roger/J. Clifton, tax receipts, 1913-1918
FC 01Drawer 1Melton497--The State of Texas vs. Wayland Alexander, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Allen498--The State of Texas vs. Bud Allen, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Allen499--The State of Texas vs. Tom Allen, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Amox500--The State of Texas vs. H.T. Amox, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Anderson501--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Anderson, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Archer502--The State of Texas vs. Gary Archer, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Arnold503--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Arnold, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Back504--The State of Texas vs. Edgar Back, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1McVay505--The State of Texas vs. May McVay, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Bayless506--The State of Texas vs. Lena Bayless, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Beaty507--The State of Texas vs. Dewey Beaty, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Beckham508--The State of Texas vs. Bill Beckham, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Belcher509--The State of Texas vs. George Belcher, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Bennett510--The State of Texas vs. Olen Bennett, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Roan511--The State of Texas vs. B. Roan, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Berry512--The State of Texas vs. Jack Berry, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Betts513--The State of Texas vs. Clarence A. Betts, 1941
FC 01Drawer 1Birchfield514--The State of Texas vs. Barney Birchfield, 1950
FC 01Drawer 1Bird515--The State of Texas vs. Doll Bird, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Blackwell516--The State of Texas vs. C.B. (Pig Meat) Blackwell, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Blount517--Dewey Blount, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Boardman518--The State of Texas vs. Buster Boardman, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Boggs519--The State of Texas vs. Neal Boggs, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Bounds520--The State of Texas vs. Tom Bounds, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Bowser521--The State of Texas vs. Hester Bowser, 1902
FC 01Drawer 1Bowser522--The State of Texas vs. Robert (Wild Horse) Bowser, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Boyd523--The State of Texas vs. Allen Boyd, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Boyd523--The State of Texas vs. J.C. Boyd, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Braggs524--The State of Texas vs. Oscar Braggs, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Brand/Winkle/Payne525--The State of Texas vs. Howard Brand, Arthur Winkle, W.R. Payne & Willie Payne, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Bridges526--The State of Texas vs. George Bridges, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Brigham527--The State of Texas vs. Leroy Brigham, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Brinker528--The State of Texas vs. J.A. Brinker, 1908
FC 01Drawer 1Britton529--The State of Texas vs. George Britton, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Broadfoot530--The State of Texas vs. William H. Broadfood, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Brock531--The State of Texas vs. Bill Brock, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Brumley532--The State of Texas vs. Fate Brumley, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Brumley533--The State of Texas vs. Katie Brumley, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Brumley534--The State of Texas vs. Sanford Brumley, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Bunch535--Robert Bunch, statement, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Burke536--The State of Texas vs. Fred Burke, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Burks537--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Burks, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Burks537--The State of Texas vs. T.B. Burks, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Bussell538--The State of Texas vs. Nub Bussell, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Cadell539--Reba Caddell, statement, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Cameron540--The State of Texas vs. W.C. Cameron, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Campbell541--The State of Texas vs. Arlis Campbell, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Carpenter542--Van Carpenter, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Carr543--The State of Texas vs. Boy Carr, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Carter544--The State of Texas vs. Lundy Carter, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Carter545--The State of Texas vs. W.H. Carter, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Chapman546--The State of Texas vs. Fred Chapman, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Chapman547--J.W. Chapman, statement, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Clark548--The State of Texas vs. Alex Clark, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Clark549--The State of Texas vs. Walter Clark, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Coker550--The State of Texas vs. Miller Coker, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Cundiff551--The State of Texas vs. Albert Cundiff, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Conley552--The State of Texas vs. Albert Conley, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Cook553--The State of Texas vs. G.C. Cook, Alberta Cook & Fannie Cook, 1902
FC 01Drawer 1Cooksey554--The State of Texas vs. Will Cooksey, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Coppedge555--The State of Texas vs. Carl D. Coppedge, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Coppedge556--The State of Texas vs. Derwin Coppedge, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Cotton557--The State of Texas vs. Ira Cotton, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Courson558--The State of Texas vs. M.A. Courson, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Cowser559--The State of Texas vs. Roy Cowser, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Cox560--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Noah (Ida) Cox, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Craft561--Jack Craft, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Crane562--The State of Texas vs. Fred Crane, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Craven563--Jonta Craven, statement, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Crisp564--The State of Texas vs. Ed Crisp, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Culp565--The State of Texas vs. Bentley Culp, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Currin566--The State of Texas vs. B.L. Currin, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Cutts567--The State of Texas vs. P.C. Cutts, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Daniels568--The State of Texas vs. Howard Daniels, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Darden569--The State of Texas vs. Bill Darden, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Darden570--The State of Texas vs. H.B. Darden
FC 01Drawer 1Darden571--The State of Texas vs. Hilla B. Darden, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Darrough572--The State of Texas vs. Frank Darrough, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Davidson573--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Davidson
FC 01Drawer 1Davis574--The State of Texas vs. Earl Clifford Davis (alias: Earl Cliford Manning, 1941
FC 01Drawer 1Davis575--The State of Texas vs. George Davis, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Davis576--The State of Texas vs. Robert Davis, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Davis577--The State of Texas vs. S.S. (Happy) Davis, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Davis578--The State of Texas vs. Van Davis, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Davis579--The State of Texas vs. W.J. Davis, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Davis580--The State of Texas vs. Willie Davis, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Day581--The State of Texas vs. Claude Day, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Dennis582--The State of Texas vs. James Dennis, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Dickson583--The State of Texas vs. Bill Dickson, 1911
FC 01Drawer 1Dillon584--The State of Texas vs. Frank Dillon, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Dismore585--The State of Texas vs. Harry Dismore, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Dixon586--The State of Texas vs. Floyd Dixon, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Dorman587--The State of Texas vs. Carl Dorman, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Doss/Diamond588--The State of Texas vs. Lenoard Doss & Son Diamond, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Dowdle589--The State of Texas vs. Bill Dowdle, 1916
FC 01Drawer 1Ramey590--The State of Texas vs. J. Ramey, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Dye591--Mrs. Mettie Dye, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Edmonds592--George Edmonds, statement, 1911
FC 01Drawer 1Edwards593--The State of Texas vs. Zack Edwards, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Harris594--C.S. Harris, statement, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Enix595--The State of Texas vs. W.A. (Pete) Enix, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Evans596--The State of Texas vs. Maurice Evans, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Everetts597--The State of Texas vs. Earl Everetts, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Fite598--The State of Texas vs. Woodrow Fite, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Fleming599--The State of Texas vs. James Fleming, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Follis600--The State of Texas vs. F.M. Follis, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Folmar601--The State of Texas vs. G.M. Folmar, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Ford602--The State of Texas vs. J.L. Ford, 1909
FC 01Drawer 1Foster603--Amanda E. Foster, et al vs. W.T. Foster, et al, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Fouse604--The State of Texas vs. Bill Fouse, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Fouse605--J.R. Fouse, statement, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Franklins606--The State of Texas vs. Obie D. Franklin, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Fredrick607--W.C. McAnear vs. J.E. Fredrick, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Massengale608--Chester Massengale, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Gamlin609--The State of Texas vs. Bob Gamblin, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Garrett610--The State of Texas vs. Gene Garrett, 1939
FC 01Drawer 1Garrett611--The State of Texas vs. Stirling Garrett, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Geer612--C.E. Geer, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Geisling613--The State of Texas vs. Jack Geisling, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Gentry614--The State of Texas vs. Luke Gentry, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Gentry615--The State of Texas vs. Tom Gentry, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Lewis616--Jerry Lewis, statement, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Glasscock617--The State of Texas vs. Sigmon Glasscock, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Horn618--Baxter Horn, statement, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Sparks618--Ottis Sparks, statement, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Glasscock618--T.J. Glasscock, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Glenn619--The State of Texas vs. A.Z. Glenn, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Godsoe620--The State of Texas vs. Douglas Godsoe, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Gowan621--The State of Texas vs. Odie Gowan, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Grant622--The State of Texas vs. Gird Grant, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Green623--The State of Texas vs. C. Green, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Gurley624--The State of Texas vs. Tom Gurley, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Guthrie625--The State of Texas vs. George Guthrie, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Hale626--The State of Texas vs. D.A. Hale, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Hathaway627--The State of Texas vs. Tom Hathaway, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Hamilton628--The State of Texas vs. Plummer Hamilton, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Harris629--The State of Texas vs. Jud Harris, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Harris630--The State of Texas vs. Merridy Harris, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Harrison631--The State of Texas vs. D.H. Harrison, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Harrison632--The State of Texas vs. Roy Harrison, 1932
FC 01Drawer 1Hart633--The State of Texas vs. M.D. Hart, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Herman634--The State of Texas vs. Noble Herman, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Baker/Hettic635--J.D.B. Baker vs. Hettic, et al, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Hogan636--The State of Texas vs. Ora Hogan, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Holcomb637--The State of Texas vs. Lois Holcomb, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Holmes638--R.D. Holmes, borrower's statement, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Hooper639--The State of Texas vs. J.M. Hooper, Jr., 1902
FC 01Drawer 1Hopkins640--The State of Texas vs. F.V. Hopkins, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Hopkins641--The State of Texas vs. W.R. Hopkins, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Hopper642--The State of Texas vs. John Hopper, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Horn643--The State of Texas vs. Jud Horn, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Haugh644--The State of Texas vs. Truman Haugh, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Hough645--The State of Texas vs. Willis Hough, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Hull646--The State of Texas vs. Dixon Hull, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Hunter647--The State of Texas vs. Dough Hunter, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Hurley648--The State of Texas vs. Boyett Hurley, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Hurst649--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Hurst, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Irby650--The State of Texas vs. J.R. Irby, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Jacks651--The State of Texas vs. W.M. Jacks, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson652--The State of Texas vs. Bruce Jackson, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson653--The State of Texas vs. Haskell Jackson, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson654--The State of Texas vs. J.W. Jackson, 1900
FC 01Drawer 1Jackson655--The State of Texas vs. Wind Jackson, 1910
FC 01Drawer 1James656--The State of Texas vs. George James, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Jenkins657--The State of Texas vs. Alonzo (Fatty) Jenkins, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Jennings658--The State of Texas vs. Clyde Jennings, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Jarrett659--The State of Texas vs. E.E. Jarrett, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Jennings660--The State of Texas vs. Wess Jennings, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson661--The State of Texas vs. Alfred Johnson, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson662--The State of Texas vs. E.P. Johnson, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson663--The State of Texas vs. Fred Johnson, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson664--The State of Texas vs. Jack Johnson, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson665--The State of Texas vs. Jess Johnson, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson666--The State of Texas vs. W.C. Jonson, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Johnson667--The State of Texas vs. Willie Johnson, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Johnston668--The State of Texas vs. Ferris L. Johnston, 1922 & 1930
FC 01Drawer 1James668--The State of Texas vs. Fred Lee James, 1932
FC 01Drawer 1Jones669--The State of Texas vs. Earl Jones, 1911
FC 01Drawer 1Jones670--The State of Texas vs. J.C. Jones, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Jones671--Joe Martin Jones, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Jones672--The State of Texas vs. Lawson Jones, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Jones673--The State of Texas vs. Walter Jones, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Jones674--The State of Texas vs. Worth Jones, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Kelley675--The State of Texas vs. Dike Kelley, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Kerr676--The State of Texas vs. Lester Kerr, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Kidd677--The State of Texas vs. Neal Kidd, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Kimbrell678--The State of Texas vs. R.B. Kimbrell, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Kincaid679--The State of Texas vs. Coe Kincaid, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Kincaid680--The State of Texas vs. George Kincaid, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1King681--The State of Texas vs. B.A. King, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Kinser682--The State of Texas vs. Buck Kinser, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Burks682--The State of Texas vs. Fred Burks, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Lanier683--The State of Texas vs. Billie Lanier, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Laughlin684--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Laughlin, 1900
FC 01Drawer 1Lawrence685--The State of Texas vs. Fred Lawrence, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Lee686--The State of Texas vs. L.J. Lee, 1910
FC 01Drawer 1Lindley/Smith687--The State of Texas vs. M.T. Lindley & W.M. Smith, 1901
FC 01Drawer 1Lindsey688--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Lindsey, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Lindsey689--The State of Texas vs. John Lindsey, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Long690--The State of Texas vs. Fred Long, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Long691--The State of Texas vs. J.L.W. Long, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Loyd692--The State of Texas vs. Red Loyd, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Loyd693--The State of Texas vs. Robert Loyd, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Macon694--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Macon, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Manney695--The State of Texas vs. Maud Manney, 1917
FC 01Drawer 1Martin696--The State of Texas vs. C.H. Martin, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Mayfield697--The State of Texas vs. Will Mayfield, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1McDonald698--The State of Texas vs. Alva McDonald, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1McDonald699--The State of Texas vs. George McDonald, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1McGee700--The State of Texas vs. J.J. McGee, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1McGinnis701--The State of Texas vs. J.K.McGinnis, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1McKinney702--letter regarding Tom L. McKinney, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1McKenzie703--The State of Texas vs. Orville McKenzie, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1McPherson/Williams704--The State of Texas vs. J.G. McPherson & Jack Williams, 1902
FC 01Drawer 1Meadows705--The State of Texas vs. Stanley Meadows, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Melton706--The State of Texas vs. Aubrey Melton, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Mendoza707--The State of Texas vs. Sara Buston Mendoza, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Miller708--Clarence Miller, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Miller709--The State of Texas vs. Kitty Kay Miller, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Miller710--The State of Texas vs. Lester Miller, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Minter711--The State of Texas vs. D.L. Minter, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Minter712--The State of Texas vs. Dick Minter, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Minter713--The State of Texas vs. Henry Minter, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Mitchell714--The State of Texas vs. Alvis Mitchell, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Mitchell/Price/Bickham715--The State of Texas vs. Bill Mitchell, Joe Price, Jack Price, Charlie Bickham & Bill Bickham, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Mitchell716--The State of Texas vs. D. Mitchell, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Mitchell717--The State of Texas vs. W.H. Mitchell, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1-718--H. Seay & Company vs. Moore & Lynch, et al, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Moore719--The State of Texas vs. Dana Moore, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Moore720--The State of Texas vs. F.J. Moore, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Moore721--The State of Texas vs. Liff Moore, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Moore/Bell722--The State of Texas vs. William L. Moore & Hettie Bell, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Morley723--The State of Texas vs. Dick Morley, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Morris724--The State of Texas vs. Mattie Morris, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Mote725--The State of Texas vs. T.C. Mote, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Moyer726--The State of Texas vs. J.D. Moyer, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Myers727--The State of Texas vs. John Myers, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Myers728--The State of Texas vs. R.E. Myers, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Neal729--The State of Texas vs. Elbert Neal, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Neel730--The State of Texas vs. Robert Neel, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Nelson731--The State of Texas vs. Tom Nelson, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Newkirk732--Ralph Newkirk, statement, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Nichol733--Earl Nichol, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Nichols734--The State of Texas vs. Jack Nichols, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Nolen735--The State of Texas vs. Gurrie Nolen, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Norris736--The State of Texas vs. Glenn (Lynn) Norris, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Orren737--The State of Texas vs. Snow Orren, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Orren738--The State of Texas vs. Tom Orren, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Overall739--The State of Texas vs. A.R. Overall, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Pagen740--letter regarding William Pagen, Jr., 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Pannell741--letter regarding Pannell (no given name), 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Parker742--The State of Texas vs. Marvin Parker, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Patterson743--The State of Texas vs. Bill Patterson, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Payne744--The State of Texas vs. C.W. Payne, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Payne745--The State of Texas vs. Earl Payne, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Periga746--The State of Texas vs. Johnie Periga, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Perry747--The State of Texas vs. Henry Perry, 1903
FC 01Drawer 1Petty748--The State of Texas vs. Jesse Petty, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Phillips749--The State of Texas vs. Bob Phillips, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Phillips750--The State of Texas vs. Sammie Phillips, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Pickett751--W.O. Pickett, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Pitts752--The State of Texas vs. Logan Pitts, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Pogue753--The State of Texas vs. Nuge Pogue, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Ponder754--The State of Texas vs. F.M. Ponder, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Powell755--Dr. George F. Powell, trial testimony, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Price756--The State of Texas vs. Cluster Price, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Price757--The State of Texas vs. Jack Price, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Price758--The State of Texas vs. Joe Price, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Price759--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Price, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Price760--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. R.F. Price, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Pride761--The State of Texas vs. Albert Pride, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Prince762--The State of Texas vs. Will Prince, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Prichett763--The State of Texas vs. Truman Pritchett, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Proctor764--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Proctor, 1909
FC 01Drawer 1Pruitt765--The State of Texas vs. Buddy Bill Pruitt, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Pruitt766--The State of Texas vs. W.D. Pruitt, 1910
FC 01Drawer 1Putnam767--The State of Texas vs. Bill Putnam, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Ray768--The State of Texas vs. Gordon Ray, 1915
FC 01Drawer 1Reneau769--The State of Texas vs. Louie Reneau, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Renolds770--The State of Texas vs. Clyde Renolds, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Richardson771--The State of Texas vs. Richardson (no given name), no date
FC 01Drawer 1Richters772--The State of Texas vs. Ples Richters, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Ridgeway773--The State of Texas vs. Blondie Ridgeway, 1902
FC 01Drawer 1Roberts774--The State of Texas vs. E.H. Roberts, 1941
FC 01Drawer 1Robertson775--The State of Texas vs. E.H. Robertson, 1941
FC 01Drawer 1Robertson776--The State of Texas vs. W.T. Robertson, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Robinson777--The State of Texas vs. E.L. Robinson, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Robinson778--The State of Texas vs. Ocie Robinson, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Rockwall779--Clarence Rockwell, confession, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Romack780--The State of Texas vs. Jim Romack, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Ross781--The State of Texas vs. C.C. Ross, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Ross782--The State of Texas vs. Check Ross, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Rotramel783--The State of Texas vs. Charles Rotramel, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Ryan/King784--The State of Texas vs. Elmo Ryan & George Kimbell, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Scroggins785--The State of Texas vs. Floyd Scroggins, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Scroggins786--The State of Texas vs. Jennings Scroggins, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Scott787--The State of Texas vs. C.W. Scott, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Seacoy788--The State of Texas vs. H.D. Seacoy, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Self789--The State of Texas vs. Lester Self, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Sexton790--The State of Texas vs. Frank Sexton, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Seymore791--The State of Texas vs. Elmer Seymore, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Shelton792--The State of Texas vs. Erma Shelton, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Shelton793--The State of Texas vs. Henry Shelton, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Sherman794--The State of Texas vs. Andrew Sherman, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Sikes795--The State of Texas vs. E.B. Sikes, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Simmons796--The State of Texas vs. Offie Simmons, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Simpson797--The State of Texas vs. Murrell Simpson, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Skelton798--The State of Texas vs. Vernon Skelton, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Smith799--The State of Texas vs. Roy Smith, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Smith800--The State of Texas vs. Willis Smith, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Sparkman801--Dewit Sparkman, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Sparks802--The State of Texas vs. J.B. Sparks, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Sparks803--The State of Texas vs. Toney Sparks, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Staples804--The State of Texas vs. Tom Staples, 1940
FC 01Drawer 1Staphoffer805--Roy Staphofter, statement, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Stapleton806--The State of Texas vs. Alex Stapleton, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Stephens807--The State of Texas vs. A.L. Stephens, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Stephens808--The State of Texas vs. Jabbo Stephens, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Stevens809--The State of Texas vs. Dick Stevens, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Stevens810--The State of Texas vs. Tracy Stevens, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Boardman811--Buster Boardman, statement, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Stockard812--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Stockard, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Stockton813--The State of Texas vs. Delmer Stockton, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Stright814--letter regarding John Stright & Amos Stright, 1912
FC 01Drawer 1Stripling815--The State of Texas vs. Elton Stripling, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Stripling816--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Stripling, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Smith817--J.D. Smith, statement, 1888
FC 01Drawer 1Stubblefield818--The State of Texas vs. John Stubblefield, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Stubblefield819--The State of Texas vs. Roy Stubblefield, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Stubbs820--The State of Texas vs. Will Stubbs, 1915
FC 01Drawer 1Stubbs821--The State of Texas vs. Will Stubbs, 1916
FC 01Drawer 1Pogue/Sullivan822--Alfred Pogue vs. Albert Sullivan, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Sutton823--The State of Texas vs. Ottie Sutton, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Swaney824--The State of Texas vs. John Swaney, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Swindle825--The State of Texas vs. Henry Swindle, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Tally826--The State of Texas vs. O.L. Tally & A.A. Lindley, 1910
FC 01Drawer 1Taylor/Chester827--Melvin Taylor vs. H.D. Chester, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Teer828--N.E. Rash vs. W.B. Kitts, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Thomas829--The State of Texas vs. L.H. Thomas, 1909
FC 01Drawer 1Thomas830--The State of Texas vs. R.C. Thomas, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Tomerlin831--Myrtle Tomerlin, statement, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Tutt832--The State of Texas vs. Otis Tutt, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Umphres833--The State of Texas vs. Willie Umphres, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Vaden834--The State of Texas vs. Floyd L. Vaden, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Sheppard/Vaden835--A.D. Sheppard vs. Wesley Vaden, et al, 1901
FC 01Drawer 1Vandergriff836--The State of Texas vs. Jack S. Vandergriff, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Vanderslice837--The State of Texas vs. B.C. Vanderslice, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Vest838--The State of Texas vs. Sammie Vest, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Waddleton839--The State of Texas vs. Rudolph Waddleton, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Wallace840--The State of Texas vs. Baby Wallace, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Ward841--The State of Texas vs. Lee Ward, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Wardrup842--Roy Wardrup, statement, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Watkins843--The State of Texas vs. Clifton Watkins, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Watts844--The State of Texas vs. J.W. Watts, 1902
FC 01Drawer 1Weaver845--The State of Texas vs. Frank Weaver, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Weinert846--A.W. Weinert, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Wesley847--The State of Texas vs. H.C. Wesley, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1West848--letter regarding, Silas West, no date
FC 01Drawer 1White849--The State of Texas vs. A.E. White, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1White850--The State of Texas vs. Marvin White, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Whitten851--The State of Texas vs. Arthur Whitten, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Wilks852--The State of Texas vs. John Wesley Wilks, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Williams853--Arlice Williams, statement, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Williams854--The State of Texas vs. Ben Williams, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Williams855--The State of Texas vs. Bill Williams, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Fouse856--Floyd Fouse, statement, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Wood857--The State of Texas vs. W.O. Wood, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Woodard858--The State of Texas vs. J.M. Woodard, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Wooten859--The State of Texas vs. Cleo Wooten, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Sparks860--Elizabeth & Long Sparks, statements, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Smith/Searls/Minter/Jones/
861--Bill Smith, Robert Searls, S.A. Minter, Preacher Jones, Henry Granger, Aubrey Westbrook, Charles James, C.E. Stephens, Grover Franks & Carl Gafford, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Byers/McFarland861--Bob Byers, Bill Byers, Jim McFarland & Carl McFarland, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Thomas861--Bob Thomas, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Stewart861--Claud Stewart, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Watkins/Lindley/
861--Clifton Watkins, Jeff D. Lindley, Clem Arnold & Arnold Wallace, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Karney/Simpson/Bannister861--Clyde Karney, Alton Simpson & Ed Bannister, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Maddox/Waller/Williams
861--Clyde Maddox, Bernice Waller, Arlice Williams, Lonnie McCoy & Sammie Hudman, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Wilkens/Kirkbride/Duke/
861--Dr. Wilkens, Elmer Kirkbride, Roger Duke, Eric Bagwell, Johnnie Biggerstaff, Frank Perkins & Glenn Pickett, subpoena, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Turner861--Frank Turner, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Craighead/Petty/Johnson861--George Craighead, Chester Petty & Marsalis Johnson, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Franks861--Grover Franks, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Sellers861--Grover Sellers, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Miller861--Hubert Miller, subpoena, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Nash861--Hubert Nash, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1McKey/Petty/Holt/Mitchell861--J.C. McKey, Bob Petty, Aaron Hold & Gram Mitchell, subpoena, 1901
FC 01Drawer 1Coppedge861--J.P. Coppedge, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Hale861--Jay Hale, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Lindley/McClendon/St. Clair/
861--Jim Lindley, Leon McClendon, Irl St. Clair, Jack Maxwell, Jack Kennesure, C.T. Ashcroft & L.F. Bridges, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Martin861--Joe Martin, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Stephens861--Joe Stephens, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Faulk861--John Faulk, subpoena, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Jomes861--Kim Jones, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Goggans861--Luther Goggans, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Randolph/Chapman/Allen/
861--Marie Randoph, Frank Chapman, Hubert Allen, G.P. Smith, Luther Emerson, Pete George, Buddy Cunningham, Jack Dawson & Dr. Thomas, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1McKinney861--Morris McKinney, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Crisp/Arnold/Oxford861--Mrs. Mack Crisp, Charles Arnold, Charley Oxford & Mack Crisp, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Boone/Ezell861--Mrs. Willie Boone & ? Ezell, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Nance861--Noble Nance, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Prim861--Oscar Prim, subpoena, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Hatchet861--R. Hatchet, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Riffe861--Simon Riffe, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Ramey/Walls/Taylor/
861--Tom Ramey, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Walls, Connie Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Harrison, Joe & Bill McIntire, Roy Harry & L.W. Davidson, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Williams861--Verly Williams & Bertha Williams, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Rolsky/Jones/Pearson/
861--Walter Rolsky, Preacher Jones, Drew Pearson, Walter Harrison, J.E. McVay & Claud McKinney, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Lewis/Faucet/Kincaid/
862--Bob Lewis, Charlie Faucet, W.H. Kincaid, Alva McDonald & Otto Simmons, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Shoemaker/Wyatt862--C.D. Shoemaker & Thomas Wyatt, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Ivey/Randolph/Ticer/
862--Drew Ivey, Alcie Randolph, Sam Ticer, Joseph Minter & Attie Sparks, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Skidmore/Cunningham/Skeen862--Earl Skidmore, Buddie Cunningham & Barney Skeen, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Griggs/Fuquay/?/
862--Effie Griggs, Peter Griggs, Dr. Fuquay, Bessie ?, ? McAfee, Cecil Bennett, Curtis Smith & ? Brim, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Rhodes/Humphreys862--Elgie Rhodes & John Humphreys, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Virgil/Campbell/Lindley/
862--Evie Virgil, John Campbell, Maudy Campbell, Jacob Lindley, Patterson, Dr. Mead & Will Tennison, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Martin862--Fate Martin, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Culpepper/Smith862--Frank Culpepper, Aubrey Smith & D.Y. Culpepper, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Woolsey/Mans/Whitton/
862--H.B. Woolsey, Mrs. Cat Mans, Bruce Whitten, Harvey Hogs & Guy Dobb, subpoena, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Osteen/Kiser862--Homer Osteen & Mark Kiser, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Nash/Hicks/Peek862--Hubert Nash, Hubert Hicks & Will Peek, subpoena
FC 01Drawer 1Thomas/Dickerson/White862--J.B. Thomas, Ben Dickerson & Birtch White, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Combs/Bradford862--J.R. Combs & Jim Bradford, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Harris/Wilson/Green862--Jack Harris, Lewis Wilson, George Harris & P? Green, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Reynolds/Sparkman862--James Reynolds & Luther Sparkman, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Allen/McDonald/Davis
862--Joe Allen, Joe McDonald, Will Davis, Bruce Jobe, Moore Cannon & J.Y. Finch, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Kimbrell862--John Kimbrell, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Jones862--Kim Jones, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Ardis/Worsham862--Lewis Ardis & Joe Worsham, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Wit?/Albert/Towdy/Gitts
862--Lucas ?, Tom Albert, Al ? & J.G. Gist & ? Fitts, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Whatley/Allen/Harris/
862--M.H. Whatley, Otis Allen, Charger Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sheffield, Nick Sheffield, Mrs. Bud Pullen & Bob Morris, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Cox/Lanier862--May Cox, Ida Cox & Bob Lanier, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Collins862--Morris Collins, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Camp862--Mr. Camp & wife who lives in house with father Seaborne Camp, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Maskey862--Mr. Maskey, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Parker862--Mrs. A. Parker, J.D. Parker & Susan May Parker, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Henry862--Mrs. P.D. Henry, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Romans862--Mrs. Romans wife of Tom Romans, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Graves/Smith862--Newt Graves, Charlie Graves & Squint Smith, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Hamilton862--Ray Hamilton, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Lindley862--Robert L. Lindley, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Ivey/Williams/Peats862--T.C. Ivey, R.S. (Sam) Williams & J. Peats, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Lyles/Vanderslice862--Taylor Lyles & Milford Vanderslice, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Riley/Meadows/Smith862--Tom Riley, Mrs. Brown Meadows & D? Smith, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Davis/Morrison/Lyons
862--Valton Davis, Marvin Morrison, Clark Lyons & J.B. Stringer, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Jones/Carothers862--W.W. Jones, Sr. & R.B. Carothers, Sr., subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Steed862--W.W. Steed, subpoena, 1913
FC 01Drawer 1Gatlin/Johnson862--Will Gatlin & Henry Johnson, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Mitton863--Bill Mitton, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Hammond/Scott863--Rev. G.D. Hammond, C.W. Scott, subpoena, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Burnett864--B.B. Burnett, subpoena, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Rawlings865--The State of Texas vs. Eugene Rawlings, 1932
FC 01Drawer 1Burks866--George Burks, subpoena, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Dowdy866--Jessi Dowdy, subpoena, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Wilson/Long866--Percy Wilson, W.J. Long, subpoena, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Arrington866--Roland Arrington, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Owens867--Ben Owens & Dr. J.H. McKinney, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Kirby867--C.R. Kirby, Irene Kirby, subpoena, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1McKinney867--Dr. J.H. McKinney, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1McGinnis868--Mollie McGinnis, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Clinton/Holland/
869--Alton Clinton, John Holland, Julian Cargile, Fred Cousir, F.E. King, subpoena, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Clinton869--Alton Clinton, subpoena, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Clinton869--Alton Clinton, subpoena, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Massey869--Cade Massey, subpoena, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Williams869--Clyde Williams, subpoena, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Weedin869--Daisy Weedin, subpoena, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1King869--F.E. King, subpoena, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Carver869--Fred Carver, subpoena, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Allen869--Gary Allen, subpoena, 1946
FC 01Drawer 1Pitman869--Herman Pitman, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Potter869--J.E. Potter, subpoena, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Kelso869--Jim Kelso, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Mitchell/Duncan869--L.J. Mitchell & Fay Duncan, subpoena, 1932
FC 01Drawer 1Watkins869--Lula Watkins, subpoena, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Ratlin/Glass869--M.L. Ratlin, Louis Ratlin & Dock Glass, subpoena, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Rollins/Glass869--M.L. Rollins, Lonie Rollins, Mrs. L. Rollins & Dock Glass, subpoena, 1933
FC 01Drawer 1Reeves/Hill/Weeden/Roper/
869--Thad Reeves, Guy Hill, Rosie Lee Weeden, Daisy Weedin, Osage Nichols, Andy Roper, Mr. Scott, Carlyle Cooper, Lewis Crane & Mr. Radican, certificate & petition of grand jury for non-resident witness, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Clinton869--W.J. Clinton, subpoena, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Winfrey870--Jack Winfrey, subpoena, 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Dye/Winfrey870--John L. Dye, subpoena, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Prichett871--Ray Pritchett, subpoena, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Van Dyke872--Della Van Dyke, subpoena, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Wolffe/Pond872--J.A. Wolffe & V.H. Pond, subpoena, 1932
FC 01Drawer 1Derment873--Bessie Derment, application by foreman of grand jury for subpoena of witness, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Moore873--Billie Moore, subpoena, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Ellis873--Bob Ellis, subpoena, 1938
FC 01Drawer 1Wilkins/Minter873--Hal Wilkins & Jack Minter, subpoena, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Dozier873--Jack Dozier, subpoena, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Travis873--L.E. Travis, subpoena, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Beaty873--O.R. Beaty & A.S. Beaty, subpoena, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Sickler873--Ruby Sickles, subpoena, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Davis873--W.D. Davis, subpoena, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Horton873--Will Horton, subpoena, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Kirkland874--Eugene Kirkland, subpoena, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Hogsett875--W.E. Hogsett, application by foreman of grand jury for subpoena for witness, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1-876--Aubrey St?, subpoena, 1925 (last name lot legible)
FC 01Drawer 1Derment876--Bessie Derment, application by foreman of grand jury for subpoena for witness, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Irwing876--Bud Erwin, subpoena, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Minter876--Bud Irwin, subpoena, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Creel876--Joe Creel, subpoena, 1916
FC 01Drawer 1Rippy877--C.C. Rippy, subpoena, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Anderson878--Arthur Anderson, subpoena, 1936
FC 01Drawer 1Gunn878--Isabelle Gunn, certificate & petition to district judge for subpoena for non-resident witnesses, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Holmes/Bradshaw879--B.K. Holmes & I.J. Bradshaw, subpoena, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Kirkland879--Eugene Kirkland, subpoena, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1McLarty/Wilson879--Euly McLarty & Jim Henry Wilson, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Acker/Kight880--Carl Acker (guardian)/Bertha, Minta Lou & Herman Kight(minors), probate, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Alford881--estate of Jessie Lee & J.W. Alford(minors), probate, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Altom882--E.H. Altom (guardian)/Ruby, Edna & Charlie Lee Altom(minors), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Ashmore/Merrell883--John Ashmore & Dial Merrell, probate, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Attaway/Bullock884--Carroll Attaway (dec'd) & H.C. Bullock (admin), probate, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Ball/Sherwood885--M.B. Sherwood (guardian)/Allie Christine, H.P. & Elbert Ball(minors), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Baxley/Geer886--Mrs. Lutie Geer (guardian)/L.J. & Oliver Baxley(minors), probate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Bergin887--Edward G. Bergin (guardian for Lawrence, Gertrude & Mary Bergin), probate, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Boggs/Rowe888--J.A. Rowe (applicant for guardian)/John, Millas, Lou Ethel, George F. & Willie Ruth Boggs (minors), probate, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Bolton889--Ola Bolton & Elizabeth Bolton, probate, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Boucher890--Lillian Boucher (guardian)/Miriam Boucher (minor), probate, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Brown/Seale891--J.A. Seale (guardian)/Joe Thomas, Sammie M., Garland G. & Fay H. Brown (minors), probate, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Carothers/Thomas892--J.B. Thomas (guardian)/Mary Lou Carothers (minor), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Cawthron893--Mrs. Nannie Cawthron (guardian)/Homer & Hazel Cawthron (minors), probate, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Christian894--W.E. Christian (guardian)/Edgar & Ruby Christian (minors), probate, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Christian895--W.E. Christian (guardian)/Edgar & Ruby Christian (minors), probate, 1927
FC 01Drawer 1Clapp896--Nora Ozell Clapp (minor), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Clark897--Jewell Clark (guardian)/Mary Gertrude Clark (minor), probate, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Coffey898--Mrs. Vivian Coffey (guardian)/Margaret, Elizabeth, Vivian, Jno. S. Jr., Agnes, Henry, William & Thomas Coffey (minors), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Corbet899--Nannie Corbet (guardian)/Paschal, Charley M. & Nannie Elois Corbet (minors), probate, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Coleman/Freeman900--J.W. Freeman (guardian)/Ruby, Gardner, Freeman, Earl & Alto Coleman (minors), probate, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Coppedge/Robins901--Mrs. Alice E. Robins (guardian)/Ethel, Rubie & Pearlie Coppedge (minors), probate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Cox902--H.J. Cox (guardian)/Jesse T. & Elmer C. Cox (minors(, probate, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Davis903--Mrs. C.A. Davis, probate, 1918
FC 01Drawer 1France904--Laura France (guardian)/Dial & Murrell France (minors), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1France905--L.G. France (guardian)/Hazel & Paul France (minors), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Gilbreath/Russell/Whitson906--Jane Russell & Esther Whitson (heirs to the estate of James Gilbreath, dec'd), probate, 1856
FC 01Drawer 1Glaze907--W.O. Glaze (guardian)/Dora & D.R. Glaze (minors), probate, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Goggans/Troboy908--Ellen Troboy (guardian)/J.T. Goggans, et al (minors), probate, 1930
FC 01Drawer 1Goggans909--Joshua Fakes Goggans, last will & testament, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Goodson910--Wylie F. Goodson (guardian)/Sam Burnett Goodson (minor), probate, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Grainger/McCorkle911--Claud McCorkle (administrator)/John N. Grainger (deceased), probate, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Grainger/McCorkle912--Claude McCorkle (guardian)/Fannie Mae & William Grainger (minors), probate, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Gregg/Bell913--J.F. Bell (guardian)/H.M. Jr., Robert Henderson, Anna Belle & Sue Ezelle Gregg (minors), probate, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Gross914--W.M. Gross (petitioner for administrator)/R. Gross (deceased), probate, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Hammett915--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Carl, Grace Marie & Jack Hammett (minors), probate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Hammett/Thomas916--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Carl Hammett, affidavit of W.B. Thomas, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Hardaway/Bailey917--Estate of W.T. Hardaway (dec'd) vs. John Bailey et al (executors), probate, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Herring918--J.E. Herring (dec'd)/C.E. Herring, probate of last will and testament, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Hooten919--W.J. Hooten (guardian)/Ben Hooten (person of unsound mind), probate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Hopkins920--Mattie Hopkins (administratrix)/A.H. Hopkins (dec'd), probate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Houie921--Ed Houie, judgment & special issues in lunacy, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Hulsey922--Thula Hulsey (not of sound mind), guardianship, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Kelley923--F.M. Mabe (guardian)/Elise, Mack Dowell & Lula Mae Kelley, Wilda Fay (Kelley) Dodd (minors), probate, 1934
FC 01Drawer 1Kelley/Brumley924--Effie Mae Brumley (guardian)/Edith & Grover Boyd Kelley (minors), probate, 1931
FC 01Drawer 1Laminack925--Essie Laminack, probate, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Landers926--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Alice B. Landers, lunacy venire, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Landers927--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Andy Landers, lunacy venire, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Luttrell928--Mrs. Lucy Luttrell, application to set aside verdit & grand a new trial, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Marable929--G.H. Marable (guardian)/Champ Marable (dependent), letter from The Franklin Fire Insurance Company, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1McBride/Denton930--Mrs. M.A. McBride (dec'd)/A.W. Denton, application for the probate of last will & testament, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1McPhearson931--The State of Texas vs. Maurice McPhearson, commitment in lunacy, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Merchant932--B.L. Merchant (temporary guardian)/David & Evie Merchant, probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Merritt933--R.D. Merritt, discharge from San Antonio State Hospital, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Miller934--H.A. Miller (guardian)/Jim Miller (minor) probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Gibson/Minter935--T.S. Gibson (guardian)/Hazel Mae & Ada Ruth Minter (minors), probate, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Moore/Sherwood936--M.B. Sherwood (guardian)/Dana, Carl & Thelma Moore (minors), probate, 1918
FC 01Drawer 1Morton937--Charity Morton (admin)/M.H. Morton (dec'd), probate, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Murray938--Harris-Bryant Lumber Company ba. Mrs. W.A. Murray (dec'd), probate, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Beasley/Neeley939--Mrs. M.E. Beasley (temporary guardian)/W.N., Jessie/John N. & Francis Neeley, probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Nealey/Lidley940--The State of Texas vs. W.N. Nealey, affidavit & motion of Virginia Lindley to set aside judgment, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Neighbors941--L.F. Neighbors (guardian)/Leonard Neighbors (person of unsound mind), application for letter of guardianship, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Parker942--O. Parker (applicant)/Gazella, Mulilla, Velmie & Meskel Parker, probate, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Parker943--Estee Parker (administratrix)/Dan Parker (dec'd), probate, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Kendrick/Patterson944--Mrs. Priscilla Kendrick (guardian)/P.T. Patterson (minor), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Pickens945--Eugene Pickens (guardian)/Perry J. Pickens (minor), probate, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Pierce/Keeton946--Estate of Mrs. C.E. Pierce (dec'd) vs. Jessie Keeton, probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Richardson947--Lillian Richardson (guardian) vs. Fieldon Richardson (minor), probate, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Rushing948--Mrs. Ida Rushing (applicant for guardian)/Marvin Rushing (minor),, probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Shriner/Baker949--Estate of P.B. Shriner vs. Henry Baker, probae of will, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Simms950--Ada Simms (guardian)/Pat & Glynn Simms (minors), probate, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Singleton951--J.P. Singleton, discharge from Southwestern Insane Asylum, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Sloan952--Mrs. G. Sloan (guardian)/Katie Sloan (minor), probate, 1924
FC 01Drawer 1Sorrows/St. Clair953--W.I. St. Clair (guardian)/Reba Aimeta Sorrows (minor), probate, 1929
FC 01Drawer 1Speed/Cooper954--J.R. Cooper (executor)/Martha E. Speed (dec'd), probate, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Stephenson955--The State of Texas vs. Ada Stephenson, capias, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Wise/Stewart/
956--F.E. Wise (applicant for guardian)/Jewell Belle, Delbert B. & Lizzie Mary Stewart; Bertha Olita & Ollie Marie Vaughn; Bertha Willie, Martha & Rue Plunkett (all minors), probate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Stubblefield957--Estate of Willie Stubblefield (dec'd)/O.C. Stubblefield (admin), citation to give new bond, 1925
FC 01Drawer 1Anderson/Tarter958--W.C. Anderson (temporary administrator) vs. Estate of Tarter (dec'd), report of temporary admin., 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Templeton959--Leila G. Templeton (executrix)/P.W. Templeton (dec'd), probate, 1926
FC 01Drawer 1Thompson/Foscue960--J.M. Melson (member of Dial, Melson, Davidson & Brim attorneys vs. Phil H. Foscue (admin.)/Mrs. A.G. Thompson (dec'd), probate, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Tomerlin961--The State of Texas vs. R.D. Tomerlin, complaint in lunacy, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Trent962--Mrs. P.F. Trent (temporary guardian) vs. Arppie Trent (minor), notice of application for temporary guardianship to be made permanent, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Vick963--The State of Texas vs. Jud Vick, complaint in lunacy, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Wagley/Sherwood964--M.B. Sherwood (applicant)/C.V. Wagley (dec'd), application for probate of will, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Ward965--Lola E. Ward vs. Estate of Jno. V. Ward (dec'd), claim against estate, 1921
FC 01Drawer 1Wells966--Francis Wells vs. Henry Wells, application for guardianship of estate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Wells/Thomas967--W.B. Thomas (applicant)/Etna Wells (minor), application for letters of guardianship, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Wells/Buford968--W.A. Buford (guardian) vs. Henry Wells (a lunatic), application of Francis Wells to set aside estate, 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Wilkinson969--Mrs. F.A. Wilkinson (guardian)/Janice Wilkinson (minor), probate, 1922
FC 01Drawer 1Branom/Williamson970--J.M. Branom (temporary admin.) vs. Estate of Edna Williamson (dec'd), report & exhibit of temporary admin., 1920
FC 01Drawer 1Young971--Mrs. Anna Young, funeral notice, 1923
FC 01Drawer 1Foscue/Young972--John W. Foscue (temp. admin)/Valton G. Young (dec'd), probate, 1919
FC 01Drawer 1Rudman973--naturalization; William Morris Rudman
FC 01Drawer 1Bell974--release; Texas State Hospital, George Bell
FC 01Drawer 1Humphries975--grand jury notes--Lewis Humphries
FC 01Drawer 1Hedrick/Cundiff976--George Hedrick vs. Albert Cundiff, 1928
FC 01Drawer 1Ponder/Tapp/Gafford/
977--whisky at Pickton for grand jury (names mentioned; Red Welch, D.Y. Culpepper, Bud Whistnant, M.H. Ponder, J.C. Tapp, Doc Gafford, Skeet Stockard, Ruby Davis & Henry Aven), 1935
FC 01Drawer 1Landers978--receipt--from Rash, Smith & Company Dry Goods to A.P. Landers
FC 01Drawer 1-979--criminal jury list, no date
FC 01Drawer 1Landers/Streng/Lewis/
980--Alice Landers vs. National Surety Company;
A.J. Streng vs. Osburn Chevrolet, 1927;
Jerry Lewis - grand jury foreman & D.H. Holly, 1910;
Jerry Lewis - grand jury foreman & Mrs. John Gibbs, 1911;
list of grand jurors, Aug 1938;
grand jury summons for other counties, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Deal/Jackson/Holder/Smith/
981--misc bank checks: E.D. Deal, N.R. Jackson, D.S. Holder
(4), Robert Smith, F.E. Chapman, A.S. Potts, Jack Johnson,
Will Parker, W.S. Meadows, W.B. Webb, Mrs. J.C. Howard,
J.P. Harlin, J.T. Lindley (2), J.H. Harris, Milus
Robinson & Paul France
FC 01Drawer 1Rash/Sweden982--letters: (3) to Vera Rash; Amy Sweden
FC 01Drawer 1-983--grand jury report, 1937
FC 01Drawer 1Lee/Vandergriff/Stripling/Burks/Horton/
984--(1) Case #7391 Texas vs. Duane Lee - poss. & trans. of whiskey (dismissed)
(2) Case #7397 Texas vs. J.D. Vandergriff - burglary (dismissed)
(3) Case #7426 Texas vs. Elton Stripling - poss. of whiskey for sale (dismissed)
(4) Case #7463 Texas vs. Fred Burks - sale of whiskey (dismissed)
(5) Case #7468 Texas vs. Whit Horton - manufacturing whiskey for sale (dismissed)
(6) Case #7475 Texas vs. Roy Wardrup - trans. & poss. of whisky for sale (dismissed)
(7) Case #7488 Texas vs. Harold Miller - forgery (dismissed)
(8) Case #7494 Texas vs. Willard Friddle - driving drunk (2 year suspended sentence)
(9) Case #7453 Texas vs. D.A. Hale - abandonment of wife & child (2 yrs in penitentiary)
(10) Case #7454 Texas vs. D.A. Hale - forgery & passing forged inst. (2 yrs in penitentiary)
(11) Case #7465 Texas vs. Oscar Lee - possession of liquor for sale (dismissed)
(12) Case #7467 Texas vs. Henry Swindle - sale of whiskey (dismissed)
(13) Case #7455 Texas vs. D.A. Hale - forgery & passing forged inst. (2 yrs in penitentiary)
FC 01Drawer 1Cowser/Nelson/Lane/
985--witness statements: Roy Cowser, Ambrose Nelson, Tom Lane,
Howard Miller, F.O. Flippin, Lennie Fite, A.L. Jones, Jess
Holder & Pink Ward
FC 01Drawer 1Hale986--D.A. Hale, abandonment of wife & child, 2 years in penitentiary (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Hale986--D.A. Hale, forgery & passing forged instrument, 2 years in penitentiary (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Hale986--D.A. Hale, forgery & passing forged instrument, 2 years in penitentiary (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Lee986--Duane Lee, possession of whiskey - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Stripling986--Elton Stripling, possession of whiskey for sale - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Burke986--Fred Burke, sale of whiskey - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Miller986--Harold Miller, forgery - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Swindle986--Henry Swindle, sale of whiskey - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Walker986--inquest--E. Walker
FC 01Drawer 1VandergriffJ.D. Vandergriff, burglary - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Lee986--Oscar Lee, possession of liquor for sale - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Wardrup986--Roy Wardrup, transportation & possession of whiskey for purpose of sale - dismissed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Horton986--Whit Horton, manufacture of whiskey for purpose of sale - dismessed, $8.00 fine (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Friddle986--Willard Friddle, driving drunk - 2 year suspended sentence (district court case)
FC 01Drawer 1Posey/Morgan987--warranty deed, M. A. Posey wife of W. S. Posey to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Green/Morgan988--release of vendor's lien, J. C. Green to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Morris989--release of vender's lien, E. L. Morris to G. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Jenkins/Morgan990--vendor's lien note, R. L. Jenkins to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Culberson/Morgan991--release of vendor's lien, D. B. Culberson to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Morris992--beneficiary certificate (Woodmen of the World) Edmon L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Marckley/Morris993--release of vendor's lien, John Marckley to Mrs. Mary E. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Smith994--field notes, J. S. Smith
FC 01Drawer 1Cloud/Morris995--warranty deed, B. F. & J. H. Cloud to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Morris996--warranty deed, N. T. Morgan to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris/Newkirk997--bill of cost, Mrs. E. L. Morris et al vs. George Newkirk
FC 01Drawer 1Morris998--burial policy, Mrs. E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris999--burial policy, A. J. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1000--truck insurance policy, E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1001--burial policy, E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1002--Hopkins County Burial Association, A. J. Morris to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Ransom/Morgan1003--general warranty deed, R. S. Ransom to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Young/Morris1004--deed of trust, J. L. Young to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Ransom1005--warranty deed, N. T. Morgan to R. S. Ransom
FC 01Drawer 1Culberson/Wims1006--warranty deed, D. B. Culberson to G. F. Wims
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1007--burial policy, E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Wims/Morgan1008--warranty deed, G. F. Wims to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Cloud/Morris1009--release of vendor's lien, B. F. Cloud to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Ishmael/Martin1010--vendor's lien note, Shade S. Ishmael to Edward Martin
FC 01Drawer 1Ransom/Morris1011--payment receipts, R. S. Ransom to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Bland/Hankins1012--warranty deed, J. B. Bland to J. G. Hankins
FC 01Drawer 1Hankins/Morris1013--vendor's lien note, J. G. Hankins to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1014--income tax return, E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1015--letter, G. C. Morris to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Ransom/Morris1016--vendor's lien note, R. S. Ransom to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Jenkins1017--warranty deed, N. T. Morgan to R. L. Jenkins
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Jenkins1018--warranty deed, N. T. & Dovie Morgan to R. L. Jenkins
FC 01Drawer 1Horton/Phillips1019--warranty deed, D. H. Horton & Mrs. B. A. Phillips to James & Mary Dodson
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1020--burial policy, E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Jennings1021--release of deed of trust, Pete Jennings
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1022--insurance policy, E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morris/Jenkins1023--release of vendor's lien, N. T. Morris to R. L. Jenkins
FC 01Drawer 1Posey/Morgan1024--release of vendor's lien, Mary A. Posey to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Colley/Morgan1025--warranty deed, J. F. Colley to N. T. Morgan
FC 01Drawer 1Beville/Posey1026--release of vendor's lien, W. A. Beville to Fredrich S. Posey
FC 01Drawer 1Thornton/Dobson1027--warranty deed, W. A. Thornton to J. H. Dobson
FC 01Drawer 1Beville/Posey1028--deed, W. A. Beville to F. S. Posey
FC 01Drawer 1Cloud/Morris1029--quit claim deed, J. E. Cloud, et al to E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Colley1030--release of vendor's lien, N. T. Morgan to J. F. Colley
FC 01Drawer 1Spence/Jenkins1031--release of vendor's lien, J. D. A. Spence to R. L. Jenkins
FC 01Drawer 1Garrett/Phillips/Horton1032--citation, John T. Garrett vs. B. A. Phillips & M. E. Horton
FC 01Drawer 1Harrison/Dobson1033--warranty deed, W. B. Harrison to J. H. Dobson
FC 01Drawer 1King/Cain1034--deed of trust note, Emmett King to B. B. Cain
FC 01Drawer 1Dodson1035--warranty deed, F. C. & S. W. Dodson to Jas. Dodson
FC 01Drawer 1Phillips/Horton1036--deed, James A. Phillips & wife to D. H. Horton & wife
FC 01Drawer 1Thornton1037--land certificate, R(h)oda A. Thornton
FC 01Drawer 1Morgan/Culberson1038--vender's lien note, N. T. Morgan to D. B. Culberson
FC 01Drawer 1Morris1039--receipts, E. L. Morris
FC 01Drawer 1Murray/Burton1040--warranty deed, J.J. Murray to D.L. Burton
FC 01Drawer 1Fry/Beasley1041--warranty deed, J.F. Fry to J.A. Beasley
FC 01Drawer 1Kirby/Richardson1042--deed, J.D. Kirby to E.L. Richardson
FC 01Drawer 1Wicker/Moors1043--warranty deed, S.C. Wicker to Lewis Moors
FC 01Drawer 1Murray/Russell/Burton1044--warranty deed, J.J. Murray Sr., W.G. Murray, Mrs. J.J. Russell, J.G. Murray & J.J. Murray Jr. to D.L. Burton
FC 01Drawer 1Milam/Proctor1045--warranty deed, J.K. Milam to J.B. Proctor
FC 01Drawer 1Proctor/Milam1046--warranty deed, J.B. Proctor to Milam Bros.
FC 01Drawer 1Jarboe/Proctor1047--warranty deed, J.R. Jarboe & Co to J.B. Proctor
FC 01Drawer 1Mahaffey/Wicker1048--warranty deed, Alex Mahaffey & wife to S.D. Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Proctor/Wicker1049--warranty deed, J.B. Proctor, et al to Dave Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Wicker1050--warranty deed, D.L. Burton & wife to S.D. Wicker also W.O.W. beneficiary certificate for S.D. Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Mahaffey/Brumley1051--warranty deed, M.C. Mahaffey & wife to J.F. Brumley
FC 01Drawer 1Moore/Mahaffey1052--warranty deed, Louis Moore & wife to M.C. Mahaffey
FC 01Drawer 1Cullum/Jarboe1053--warranty deed, Chas. Cullum to J.R. Jarboe & Co.
FC 01Drawer 1Beezley/Wicker1054--warranty deed, R.F. Beezley, et al to S.D. Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Wicker1055--vendor's lien, Lewis Wicker to S.D. Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Phillips/Wicker1056--material man's lien, A.W. Phillips, et ux to L.D. Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Lindley/Brumley1057--release of lien, J.C. Lindley to J.F. Brumley
FC 01Drawer 1Wicker1058--last will & testament of Nell Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Wicker/Sellers1059--correspondence from Nell Wicker to Chas. Sellers on the handling of her estate
FC 01Drawer 1Wicker1060--last will & testament of S.D. Wicker
FC 01Drawer 1Brumley/Lindley1061--vendor's lien, J.F. Brumley to J.C. Lindley
FC 01Drawer 1Beasley/Fry1062--promissory note, J.A. Beasley to J.F. Fry
FC 01Drawer 1Mills/Cullum1063--deed, M. Mills & wife to Chas. Cullum
FC 01Drawer 1Mahaffey/Buford1064--promissory note, M.C. Mahaffey to J.C. Buford
FC 01Drawer 1Dabbs/Mills1065--deed, J.W. Dabbs to M. Mills
FC 01Drawer 1Ferguson/Ramey1066--promissory note, J.J. Ferguson to Bob & Amanda Ramey
FC 01Drawer 1Wicker/Milam1067--promissory note, D. Wicker to J.K. Milam
FC 01Drawer 1Dial/Marchbanks1068--land grant, Martin Dial assee of James Marchbanks
FC 01Drawer 1Richardson/Proctor1069--deed, E.L. Richardson & wife to J.B. Proctor
FC 01Drawer 2King/Kilgore/Sellers001--M.L. King & Paul Kilgore, d/b/a Commercial Sales Company vs. Daisy Sellers, d/b/a Sellers' Cafeteria, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Blevins/Dial002--William R. Blevins & Daphne R. Blevins vs. Abe National Dial, Sr., 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson003--C.C. Johnson vs. Kohler Company, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Wilkerson004--Open Village Apartments by C&D Management Company vs. Jerry Wilkerson, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Martin/White005--Oscar E. Martin vs. Bobby White & Mrs. Bobby White, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2-006--missing
FC 01Drawer 2Adams/Glenn007--Elvis Adams vs. Travis Glenn,et al, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Chapman/Horton008--Joe N. Chapman, Jrs. vs. Richard Horton, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Wade009--Spring Meadow Apartments vs. Ernest Wade, Jr., 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Beachem010--Open Village Apartments by C&D Management Co., vs. George Beachem, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Ison011--Open Village Apartments by C&D Management Co. vs. Clovis Isom & Rosemary Isom, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Reed012--Secretary of Housing & Urban Development vs. John L. Reed, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Helm/Swenson012--W. Helm vs. Gary K. Swenson, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Knotts013--Larry M. Knotts vs. E.A. Ross, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Smith/Murray014--Henry George Smith vs. John Murray, Jr. & Patsy Jo Murray, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis/Bolger/Wileman015--Ann Ardis, attorney in fact for Elsi Fay Bolger vs. Robert Dean Wilemon, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Good/Finney016--Stripland Refrigeration by John Good vs. Hubert Finney, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Romack/Snider017--Ray H. Romack vs. Ralph Snider, d/b/a Stelra Farms, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2-018--J.J. Holcomb Mfg. vs. El Charro Restaurant, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Moore/Patrick019--James R. Moore vs. Ricky L. Patrick & Linda Vititow Patrick, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Elledge/Tuck020--Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Elledge vs. W.R. Tuck d/b/a Tucks Jewelers, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Edge021--Frances Edge vs. The Statesman National Life Insurance Co., 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Jones/McDowell022--W. McDowell vs. D.M. Jones, agent Dempco Chemical Co., 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Bonham/Skeen023--Sam Bonham d/b/a Sulphur Springs Parts Co. vs. Duane Skeen, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Darby/Tucker024--Jeanette Darby vs. Etta Broughton Tucker, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Buchanan025--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Jerry Buchanan, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Sewell026--The Department of Public Safety vs. Larry Wayne Sewell, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Chapman/Shrode027--B.F. Chapman vs. W.H. Shrode, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Green/Neal/Webb028--Pearl Green, J.C. Neal & Billie Jo Neal vs. Larry Webb, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Worsham/Cross029--Mrs. Flo Worsham vs. Jerry Cross, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Attaway030--Joda S. Attaway vs. American Family Life Insurance Co., 1972
FC 01Drawer 2Bolin031--The Travelers Insurance Co. vs. Clarence M. Bolin, 1972
FC 01Drawer 2Rhodes/Gossett032--R.W. Gossett vs. L.D. Rhodes, 1972
FC 01Drawer 2Ross/Knotts033--Larry M. Knotts vs. E.A. Ross, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Sims034--Federal National Mortgage Assoc. vs. Tommy Sims & Opaleane Sims, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Chapman/Horton035--Joe N. Chapman vs. Richard Horton, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Elledge/Tuck036--Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Elledge vs. W.M. Tuck d/b/a Tuck's Jewelers, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Smith/McDaniel037--H.S. Smith vs. Ronnell McDaniel, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Chapman/Horton038--Joe N. Chapman vs. Richard Horton, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Attaway039--Joda S. Attaway vs. American Family Life Insurance Co., 1972
FC 01Drawer 2Tolley040--Foxworth-Gilbreath Lumber Co. vs. Merle Kennemer Tolley, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Rodgers/Emerine041--G.A. Rodgers, Jr. vs. Vernon Emerine, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Adams/Coker042--A.W. Adams vs. Leonard Coker, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Amox/Horton043--Juanita Amox vs. Gene Horton & Leola Horton, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Petty/Goodman044--Ethel Petty vs. Gerald Goodman, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Askew/Franklin045--Amanda Askew vs. J.D. Franklin, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Askew/Franklin046--Amanda Askew vs. J.D. Franklin, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Parrish/Davis047--Bobbie Parrish vs. Verdie (Mutt) Davis, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Bethea/Thomas048--Danny Wilson Bethea vs. Maurice Thomas & Tom H. Watters, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2McKay/Minty049--Kenneth McKay d/b/a McKay Music Co. vs. Homer Minty, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Deaton050--J.P. Deaton vs. Service Training Center, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Gillian051--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. James Gillian d/b/a James Gillian Garage, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Young052--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. Harold Young, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Medders053--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. W.H. Medders d/b/a W.H. Medders Garage, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Stanley/Helm054--Walter Helm vs. William L. Stanley, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Forte/Lewis055--Robert Forte d/b/a Robert's Jewelers vs. Bobby Lewis, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Messinger056--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. B.B. Messimer, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Coffman057--The City of Sulphur Springs vs. Bobby Terrell Coffman, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Person058--Atlas Subsidiaries of Texas, Inc. vs. Dutch Person, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Frazier/Minor059--Albert Baker Frazier, Jr. vs. John Thomas Minor, Jr., 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Frazier/Minor060--Albert Baker Frazier, Jr. vs. John Thomas Minor, Jr., 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Smith/Williams061--H.S. Smith, et ux vs. Gerald Williams, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Edmondson/Woods062--G.H. Edmondson vs. Harry Woods d/b/a Harry Woods Plumbing, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Goldsmith/Davis063--Jimmy D. Goldsmith vs. L.E. Davis & L.E. Davis Paint Contractor, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Gammill064--Ora Gammill & A.M. Gammill vs. Community Life & Health Insurance Co., 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Tankersley065--Mattie Lou Tankersley vs. Continental Fidelity Life Insurance Co., 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Van Zant066--Ester Earl Van Zant vs. American Life & Accident Insurance Co., 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Kraker067--National Creditors Bureau, assignee of Eagle Lincoln Mercury vs. M.A. Kraker, d/b/a M.A. Kraker Oil Co., 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson/Pennington068--C.G. Johnson vs. W.V. Pennington, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Irvin/Wages069--Harlin Irvin vs. Tom Wages, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Watson/Wright070--William Watson vs. Malcom Wright, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Douglas071--Bonnie M. Douglas, Empire Live & Hospital Insurance Co., 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson/Brown072--W.F. Johnson vs. J.C. Brown, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Smith/McDaniel073--H.S. Smith vs. Ronald McDaniel, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Haire074--Johnnie R. Haire vs. Bankers Life & Casualty Co., 1968
FC 01Drawer 2White075--Jimmy Lloyd White, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Bailey/Nelson076--M.Z. Bailey vs. Peggy Nelson, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Edmondson077--Gaylord Edmondson vs. International American Life Insurance Company, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Goldsmith/Davis078--Jimmy Goldsmith vs. L.E. Davis, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Goodson079--The State of Texas vs. Joe Ed Goodson, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Sharp/Williams080--Minnie Moore Sharp vs. Rufus Williams & wife, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Bailey/Sartin081--M.Z. Bailey vs. Phil P. Sartin, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Bergin/Goldsmith082--Mary Bergin vs. John Goldsmith, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Williams083--Texas Department of Public Safety vs. Obie Williams, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Spigner084--The State of Texas vs. James D. Spigner, 1972
FC 01Drawer 2Clark/McDonald085--Pete McDonald vs. William James Clark, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Young086--Lee Young vs. Eric P. Littlejohn Insurance Co., 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Anderson087--David Allen Anderson & Frances L. Anderson vs. Wester Life Insurance Co., 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Orr/Land088--R.T. Orr vs. L.S. Land Sr., 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Bunch089--Rhonda Bunch vs. Walter F. Bunch, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Durham090--The State of Texas vs. Bill Durham, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Driggers091--The State of Texas vs. J.D. Driggers, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Lindsey092--The State of Texas vs. C.L. Lindsey, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Pate093--The State of Texas vs. Bart C. Pate, 1949
FC 01Drawer 2Proffitt094--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. Floyd Proffitt, 1949
FC 01Drawer 2Friedman095--The State of Texas vs. Leon Friedman, 1949
FC 01Drawer 2Chapin096--The State of Texas vs. Wilson Chapin, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Petty097--The State of Texas vs. Roger Lee Petty, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Lewis098--the State of Texas vs. Hulen P. Lewis, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Marshall099--The State of Texas vs. Russell A. Marshall, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Deas100--The State of Texas vs. T.V. Deas, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Eppars101--The State of Texas vs. Louis L. Eppars, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Grantham102--The State of Texas vs. C.L. Grantham, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Coker103--The State of Texas vs. Travis A. Coker, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Lewis104--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Dean Lewis, 1971
FC 01Drawer 2Williams105--The State of Texas vs. Billy Ray Williams, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Black106--The State of Texas vs. William Carroll Black Jr., 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Gideon107--The State of Texas vs. Bill E. Gideon, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Sprague108--The State of Texas vs. Lem R. Sprague, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Sturges109--The State of Texas vs. William Sturges, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Pevey110--The State of Texas vs. Larry Pevey, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Howell111--The State of Texas vs. Thomas C. Howell, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Gatlin112--The State of Texas vs. Benny H. Gatlin, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Harris113--The State of Texas vs. Leonard D. Harris, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Aaron114--The State of Texas vs. Robert Donald Aaron, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Coker115--The State of Texas vs. Charles Michael Coker, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Kizer116--The State of Texas vs. Alvis Ray Kizer, 1975
FC 01Drawer 2Shaw117--The State of Texas vs. Elton L. Shaw, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Edwards118--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Edward, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Rhodes119--The State of Texas vs. L.D. Rhodes, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis119--The State of Texas vs. Robert B. Ardis, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Smith120--The State of Texas vs. C.D. "Shot" Smith, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Grider121--The State of Texas vs. Frank Grider, Jr., 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Farris122--The State of Texas vs. Claude Thomas Farris, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Sayles123--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Frank Sayles, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Lathen124--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Lathen, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Reeves125--The State of Texas vs. Lorenzo H. Reeves, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Rushin126--The State of Texas vs. Linda Rushin, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Zahn127--The State of Texas vs. Doroty Lee Zahn, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Dial128--The State of Texas vs. L.B. Dial, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Malone129--The State of Texas vs. Donna Malone, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Britton130--The State of Texas vs. Charles Edward Britton, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Reed131--The State of Texas vs. Robert Reed, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Blundell132--The State of Texas vs. Benny Blundell, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Hill133--The State of Texas vs. Reva Nell Hill, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Burns134--The State of Texas vs. Bobby G. Burns, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Doss135--The State of Texas vs. Willie Doss, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Rice136--The State of Texas vs. Louis Earl Rice, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Mills137--The State of Texas vs. Clovis Mills, 1972
FC 01Drawer 2Moreland137--The State of Texas vs. Marvil Moreland, 1972
FC 01Drawer 2Alexander138--The State of Texas vs. Cleophis Alexander, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Conrad139--The State of Texas vs. Willie Conrad, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Sims140--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Joe Sims, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Bolden141--The State of Texas vs. Royce Wayne Bolden, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Odhams142--The State of Texas vs. Mary Jewel Odhams, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Cox143--The State of Texas vs. William Francis Cox, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Tyler/Loftin144--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Tyler & Jerry Loftin 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Wright145--The State of Texas vs. Carlton Rex Wright, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Murphy146--The State of Texas vs. George Alfred Murphy, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2George147--The State of Texas vs. Fuller Douglas George, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Warren148--The State of Texas vs. Larry D. Warren, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Burnett149--The State of Texas vs. Darrell Burnett, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Davis150--The State of Texas vs. Ford Davis, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Howard151--The State of Texas vs. J.E. Howard, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2White152--The State of Texas vs. Robert Frank White, Jr., 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Hathcoat153--The State of Texas vs. Luther Hathcoat, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Smith154--The State of Texas vs. Thomas O. Smith, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Askew155--The State of Texas vs. Nathan Noble Askew, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Ransom156--The State of Texas vs. Burling Ransom, Jr., 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Howard157--The State of Texas vs. Jan Howard, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Henry158--The State of Texas vs. Robert Thomas Henry, Jr., 1974
FC 01Drawer 2James159--The State of Texas vs. Ollie James, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2O'Neal160--The State of Texas vs. James F. O'Neal, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Fouse161--The State of Texas vs. Curley Joe Fouse, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Neal162--The State of Texas vs. Byron Hancel Neal, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Mahaffey163--The State of Texas vs. James Mahaffey, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Morrell164--The State of Texas vs. Ollie Murrell, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Mabry165--The State of Texas vs. Curlee Mabry, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Wilson166--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Wilson, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Friddle167--The State of Texas vs. Jack Friddle, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Hammonds168--The State of Texas vs. J.M. Hammonds, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Rutherford169--The State of Texas vs. Willie B. Rutherford, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Lucas170--The State of Texas vs. G.H. Lucas, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Rash171--The State of Texas vs. Ralph R. Rash, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Lewis172--The State of Texas vs. Paul Lewis, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Saddler173--The State of Texas vs. Preston C. Saddler, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Threlkeld174--The State of Texas vs. Bill Threlkeld, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Threlkeld174--The State of Texas vs. Buddy Threlkeld, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Miller175--The State of Texas vs. Linzey Miller, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Clark176--The State of Texas vs. Perry Miller Clark, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Grayson177--The State of Texas vs. Leonard P. Grayson, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Palmer178--The State of Texas vs. Cherry Jane Palmer, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Cooks179--The State of Texas vs. George Cooks, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Wilkerson180--The State of Texas vs. Billy Wayne Wilkerson, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Tillman181--The State of Texas vs. Ross Tillman, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Tillman182--The State of Texas vs. Ross Tillman, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Fletcher183--The State of Texas vs. John Fletcher, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Fletcher184--The State of Texas vs. Wanda Fletcher, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Malone185--The State of Texas vs. Chapman Malone, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Wilks186--The State of Texas vs. Ewel Vernon (Babe) Wilks, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Yarborough187--The State of Texas vs. Wilson Yarborough, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Palmer188--The State of Texas vs. John D. Palmer, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Cooks189--The State of Texas vs. George Cooks, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Bryant190--The State of Texas vs. Hammond Bryant, Jr., 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Pritchett191--The State of Texas vs. Hubert Pritchett, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Smith192--The State of Texas vs. james Robert Smith, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Bryant193--The State of Texas vs. Hammond Bryant, Jr., 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Davis194--The State of Texas vs. Tom Davis, 1952
FC 01Drawer 2Wilkins195--The State of Texas vs. Marion Ralph Wilkins, 1952
FC 01Drawer 2Mears196--The State of Texas vs. Mrs. J.H. Mears, 1951
FC 01Drawer 2Lile197--The State of Texas vs. Charles Doyle Lile, 1952
FC 01Drawer 2Acker198--The State of Texas vs. Billy Joe Acker, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Zinn199--The State of Texas vs. Robert A. Zinn, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Goggins200--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Goggins, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Smith201--The State of Texas vs. Sam Price Smith, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Sinter202--The State of Texas vs. Chance A. Sinter, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Bollinger203--The State of Texas vs. J. Howard Bollinger, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Dillon204--The State of Texas vs. Hershal Dillon, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Keppley205--The State of Texas vs. Harvey Keppley, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Nolen206--The State of Texas vs. Herman E. Nolen, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Wright207--The State of Texas vs. Malcom Nathaniel Wright, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Hart208--The State of Texas vs. M.D. Hart, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Hart209--The State of Texas vs. M.D. Hart, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Moss210--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Moss, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Moss211--The State of Texas vs. Leonard Moss, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Wood212--The State of Texas vs. D.W. Wood, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Bratton213--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Bratton, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Wright214--The State of Texas vs. Roy Lee Wright, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Cates215--The State of Texas vs. Ross Cates, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Miller216--The State of Texas vs. James Miller, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Edwards217--The State of Texas vs. John Thomas Edwards, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Dunivan218--The State of Texas vs. Merritt Dunivan, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Bicknell219--The State of Texas vs. Vernon Ray Bicknell, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Corn220--The State of Texas vs. Earl A. Corn, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Gassaway221--The State of Texas vs. Paul Gassaway, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Goggins222--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Goggins, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Smith223--The State of Texas vs. Sam Price Smith, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Sinter224--The State of Texas vs. Chance A. Sinter, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Goggins225--The State of Texas vs. M.L. Goggins, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Bollinger226--The State of Texas vs. J. Howard Bollinger, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Martin227--The State of Texas vs. Ocie D. Martin, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Steed228--The State of Texas vs. Henry Steed, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Bates229--The State of Texas vs. Billy Bates, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Petty230--The State of Texas vs. William Petty Jr., 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Rogers231--The State of Texas vs. Herman Rogers, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Goodson232--The State of Texas vs. John Wayne Goodson, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Feldman233--The State of Texas vs. Alex Feldman, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Feldman234--The State of Texas vs. Abe Feldman, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Smith235--The State of Texas vs. Sam Price Smith, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Simpkins236--The State of Texas vs. Troy Simpkins, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Fitzgerald237--The State of Texas vs. T.J. Fitzgerald, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson/Patton238--Ben Johnson vs. R.L. Patton & occupants, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Brumfield/Hanson239--Eddie Brumfield v. Leroy Hanson, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Orwig/Nelson240--Richard R. Orwig v. Peggy Nelson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Stubblefield241--Geraldine Patricia Stubblefield, admin of the Leo Jack Stubblefield estate, dec'd vs. Roy Lee Stubblefield, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bryant/Pogue242--Mrs. Weldon Bryant v. George Walker Pogue, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Bailey/Bain243--M.Z. Bailey vs. James Bain & Ruth Bain, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2White/Brewer244--H.B. White vs. Charles Brewer, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2White245--H.B. White v. Sulphur Spring State Bank, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2White/Brewer246--H.B. White vs. Garry Brewer, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2White247--H.B. White vs. Sulphur Springs State Bank, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Walker248--The State of Texas vs. Ronnie R. Walker, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Wilson249--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Wilson, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Askew250--The State of Texas vs. Arva Askew, Jr., 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Westbrook251--The State of Texas vs. vickie Lynn Westbrook, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Elliott252--The State of Texas vs. Walter Merice Elliott, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Adams253--The State of Texas vs. Michael Ray Adams, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Pruitt254--The State of Texas vs. David Walter Pruitt, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Earl255--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Earl, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Sprague256--The State of Texas vs. Glenn Sprague, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2George/Casey257--The State of Texas vs. Minalee Casey & Linda Mae George, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Stunkard258--The State of Texas vs. Terry Stunkard, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Wyatt259--The State of Texas vs. Bonnie Wyatt, 1969
FC 01Drawer 2Siddall260--The State of Texas vs. Joseph John Siddall, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2McCaffrey261--The State of Texas vs. Dan J. McCaffrey, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Wilkerson262--The State of Texas vs. Jessie Melvin Wilkerson, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Gay263--The State of Texas vs. Troy J. Gay, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Friddle264--The State of Texas vs. William A. Friddle, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Young265--The State of Texas vs. Ellis Young, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Alsobrooks266--The State of Texas vs. Lonzora Arnold Alsobrooks, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Martin267--The State of Texas vs. James Byron Martin, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Wilkerson268--The State of Texas vs. Jessie Melvin Wilkerson, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Caton269--The State of Texas vs. Billy Dale Caton, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Caton269--The State of Texas vs. Kyle David Caton, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Hulsey270--The State of Texas vs. Larry Dewayne Hulsey, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Baskin271--The State of Texas vs. James Donald Baskin, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Sewell272--The State of Texas vs. David Sewell, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Hall273--The State of Texas vs. Billy Wayne Hall, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Petty274--The State of Texas vs. Janell Petty, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Shaw275--The State of Texas vs. James Earl Shaw, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Shaw276--The State of Texas vs. James Earl Shaw, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Wood277--The State of Texas vs. Robert Lee Wood, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Mitchell278--The State of Texas vs. Lucy Mitchell, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Jackson279--Peoples national Bank vs. Norton Jackson, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Raines280--Tommie Lee Raines vs. Billy Russell Raines, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Dendy/Sanders281--Edna Dendy vs. Roy Sanders & occupants, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis/Avila282--Joe B. Ardois vs. Fred Avila, 1970
FC 01Drawer 2Martin283--Peoples National Bank vs. Billy J. Martin, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis/Hynson/Nash284--A.B. Ardis d/b/a A.B Ardis Motor Co. vs Roland Hynson & Carl Nash, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Starkey/Crowley285--Maurice Starkey vs. Lee Crowley, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Starkey/Meadon286--Maurice Starkey vs. Robert Meador, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Starkey/Alvis287--Maurice Starkey vs. M.A. Alvis, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2West/Woodson288--Harlan West vs. Ed Woodson, Jr., 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Patrick289--Peoples National Bank vs. Rickey Patrick, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2French290--Farmers Co-operative Gin Ass'n vs. Lavon French, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Harper291--Texas Department of Public Safety vs. James Leland Harper, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2George292--B&W Finance Company vs. billy Tom George, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Wade293--Cattlemen's Investment Corporation vs. Woodrow Wade, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Thomas294--Cattlemen's Investment Corporation vs. Windell Thomas, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis/Hynson/Nash295--A.B. Ardis d/b/a A.B. Ardis Motor Co. vs. Roland Hynson & Carl Nash, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2McWilliams/Watson296--J.E. McWilliams & Ruby O. McWilliams vs. Essie Watson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Orren/White297--G.G. Orren vs. Herman L. White, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Sickles/Wooten298--Johnnie Sickle vs. C.E. Wooten & Pauline Wooten, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Franklin/Spencer299--J.D. Franklin vs. Austin Spencer, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Coker/Robinson300--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Clarence Robinson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Coker/Mosley301--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. William Mosley 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Coker/Roland302--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Annie Roland, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Coker/Porter303--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Sam Porter, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Flanagan/Smith304--John Flanagan vs. Snuffy Smith, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson305--Coy Johnson & Patsy Johnson vs. Great Southern Fire & Casualty Co., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Campbell/Wilhite/Fry/
306--Leola Campbell vs. W.J. Wilhite, Truman F. Fry Jr., W.E. Stembridge & Green Haven Dairies, Inc., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Coker/Childs307--T.G. Coker d/b/a East Texas Loan & Finance Co. vs. Melvin Childs, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Buchanan308--Peoples National Bank vs. James D. Buchanan, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Ramey/Thomas309--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Walter B. Thomas, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Chapman/Wallis310--Joe N. Chapman vs. Billie Wallis, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Campbell311--Otis Campbell & Artis Campbell vs. States General Life Insurance Co., 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Asbill312--Kenneth Asbill vs. Service Fire Insurance Co. of New York, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2McMillan/Fore/Strange313--J.H. McMillan vs. Mallie Fore & Helen Strange, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Smith314--Cattlemen' Investment Corp. vs. Tommy E. Smith, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Knight/Jenkins315--L. Knight vs. James Jenkins, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Herman/Sims316--Paul Herman vs. Alvis Wayne Sims, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2White317--Barton's Paint & Paper Co. vs. Tommy White, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Brady/Vititow318--missing
FC 01Drawer 2-319--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. T.W. Brady & L.T. Vititow, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Wisdom/Ballard320--Bobby Wisdom vs. Jasper Ballard & occupants, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Waits/Harris321--Burt C. Waits vs. W.M. Harris, Jr., 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Lawson322--Floyd Lawson vs. Legal Security Life Insurance Co., 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Smith/Crandell323--H.S. Smith v. R.D. Crandell d/b/a Omega Southwestern Termite & Pest Control, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Smith/McWilliams324--H.S. Smith vs. J.C. McWilliams, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Bradley/Huckaby/Fite325--P.F. Bradley & Sam D. Huckaby d/b/a Como Feed Mills vs. J.W. Fite, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Marks326--Leonard Marks vs. Old National Insurance Co., 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis/Foster327--A.B. Ardis d/b/a Ardis Motor Co. vs. Lonnie F. Foster & J.C. Chambliss, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Masters/Parker328--Jim Masters d/b/a Western Stores vs. Jamie Lee Parker, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Masters/Clark329--Jim Masters d/b/a Jim Masters Western Store vs. P.M. Clark, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Argyris330--Manhattan Life Insurance Co. vs. Pericles Argyris, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Sellers/Lambert331--Grover Sellers vs. John Wesley Lambert, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Bradley/Huckaby/Gooding332--P.F. Bradley & Sam D. Huckaby d/b/a Como Feed Mills vs. Jack Gooding, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Ludwig/Scott333--Jack Ludwig vs. Wade B. Scott, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Jackson334--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. Billy Bob Jackson, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Bevis/Darlin335--Bruce Bevis vs. Trozy Darlin, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Lawson/Crandell336--E.L. Lawson vs. D.E. Crandell, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Caldwell/Baucum337--D.P. Caldwell vs. B.M. Baucum, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Bevis/Hill338--Bruce Bevis vs. Edmund E. Hill, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Bevis339--Bruce Bevis vs. North Texas Producers Assn. 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Tyler/Jones340--W.S. Tyler vs. D.M. Jones, 1961
FC 01Drawer 2Wade341--Willie Wade vs. Great Southern Fire & Casualty Insurance Co., 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Turner342--A.T. Turner vs. T.E. Mercer Trucking Co., 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Ramey/Wright343--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Rev. C.C. Wright, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Ramey/Young344--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Wallce Young, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Smith345--Howard S. Smith vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty Co., 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Smith346--H.S. Smith vs. State Farm Fire & Casualty co., 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Worsham/Hess347--James Worsham vs. Maynard Hess d/b/a A&A Cab Co., 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Pool348--B & W Finance Corporation vs. Hubert Pool, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Bowman/Gilliam349--The Bowman Products Co. vs. James Gilliam d/b/a Gilliam Garage, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2-350--Cox, Carr, Steed, Mitchell & Rogers vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Rogers351--Ernest Rogers vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 01Drawer 2McAfee352--William C. McAfee vs. Bankers Commercial Life Insurance Co. 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Ramey/Morris353--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. Ephriam Morris & Mae Morris, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2DeBord/Scarborough355--Carl D. Scarborough vs. J.J. DeBord & wife, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Cundiff/Crandell355--Donald E. Crandell & Maryetta Crandell vs. Billy Wayne Cundiff, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Ashcroft/Wilson/Sanders356--E.L. Ashcroft, Jr., d/b/a Ashcroft-Wilson Ford Sales, Inc. vs. Pete Sanders, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson/Ludlam357--Coy Johnson vs. Drew Ludlam, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Wade/Griggs358--Willie Wade vs. H.C. Griggs, et al, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Flora359--The Manhattan Life Insurance Co. vs. Herbert Vernon Flora, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Pogue360--Peoples National Bank vs. Charles E. Pogue, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Goodson361--B & W Finance Company vs. Jan Goodson, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Pitts362--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. Logan Pitts, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Reed363--Cattlemen's Investment Corp. vs. William Reed, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Stubblefield364--Geraldine Patricia Stubblefield, admin. Of the estate of Leo Jack Stubblefield, dec'd vs. Roy Lee Stubblefield, Jr., 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Quattlebaum365--O.P. Quattlebaum vs. Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Co., 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Myrick366--Local Trademarks, Inc. vs. J.L. Myrick (Myrick Agency), 1958
FC 01Drawer 2Payne/Saddler367--Payne Bros., J.E. Payne & T.J. Payne vs. Flora Saddler, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Bevis/Thomas368--Bruce Bevis vs. Scott Thomas, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Bevis/Thomas369--Bruce Bevis vs. Scott Thomas, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Gray/Odell370--J.W. Gray vs. J.H. Odell, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Simmons/Lyons371--C.W. Simmons vs. Dorothy Lyons & Charles Lyons, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Currin/Smith/Owen372--R.W. Currin & Henry George Smith vs. Wayne Owen d/b/a Owen Bros. Livestock Commission Co., 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Garrett373--Payne Butane Company vs. Louie Garrett, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2-374--Payne Butane Company vs. North Texas Producers Assoc., 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Martin375--Payne Butane Company vs. M.M. Martin, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2-376--Payne Butane Company vs. North Texas Producers Assoc., 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Wright/Cooke377--Billy Ray Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Watson/Harvey378--Weldon Watson vs. Arthur L. Harvey, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Avinger/Goldsmith379--Joe Dan Avinger vs. Tommie Goldsmith, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Harrison380--D.H. Harrison vs. National Security Life & Accident Insurance Co., 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis/Leggett/Brock381--Louis E. Ardis & Leon Leggett, d/b/a Ardis & Leggett Insurance Co. vs. Jack Brock, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Hughes/Bonner382--Thomas D. Hughes, d/b/a Hughes Printing Co. vs. Steve Bonnner, d/b/a Hopkins County Finance Co., 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Green/Chapman383--John Green vs. Harley Max Chapman, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Hill384--Como Feed Mill, Inc. vs. Edmond E. Hill, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2-384--Como Feed Mill, Inc. vs. North Texas Producers Assoc, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Robertson/Wilemon385--T.A. Robertson vs. Dean Wilemon, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Tinsley/Lewis386--John L. Tinsley vs B.T. Lewis, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Ashcroft/Daniel387--Ashcroft Motor Co., vs. Oscar Daniel, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Stewart/Duvall388--Homer D. Stewart vs. Elby Duvall, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Randolph/Stubbs389--Carl Randolph vs. Charles Stubbs, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Balin/Bain390--C.M. Balin vs. J.E. Bain, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Adair391--Hopkins County Memorial Hospital vs. Charles Adair & wife, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Arnold392--Hopkins County Memorial Hospital vs. W. Elmer Arnold, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Applegate393--Hopkins County Memorial Hospital vs. H.J. Applegate, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Jones/Savage394--Marlin Jones vs. Vernon Savage, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Nabors395--Cecil F. Nabors vs. American Bankers Insurance Co., 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Vititow396--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Vititow Brothers, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Messimer397--City of Sulphur Springs vs. B.B. Messimer, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2-398--City of Sulphur Springs vs. O.K. Cleaners, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2-399--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Anderson's Wrecker Service, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2-400--City of Sulphur Springs vs. Moore & Easley Used Cars, complaint
FC 01Drawer 2Dial401--Gossett Western Auto vs. L.V. Dial, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Carroll/Mitchell402--Eunice Carroll vs. S.A. Mitchell, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Brown403--Thurman Grocery vs. Lloyd Brown & Jean Brown, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Reynolds/Simmons404--A.L. Reynolds vs. M.L. (Jot) Simmons, 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Steed405--C.E. Steed vs. Buckner Contractors Inc.
FC 01Drawer 2Cox405--Carl Cox vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Mitchell405--G.W. Mitchell vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Carr405--Roy Carr vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Massey406--Ford Massey vs. Buckner Contractors Inc., 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Bailey/Carroll407--Malcom Z. Bailey vs. Gene Carroll, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Ramey/Weatherall408--T.J. Ramey & J.R. Ramey vs. J.C. Weatherall, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Moore/Dawson409--Vessie Moore vs, Johnny Dawson, 1963
FC 01Drawer 2Wright/Cooke410--Billy Ray Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Wright/Cooke411--Billy Ray Wright by Orange Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Wright/Cooke412--Billy Ray Wright by Orange Wright vs. G.A. Cooke, 1959
FC 01Drawer 2Henson412--The State of Texas vs. Billy J. Henson, 1968
FC 01Drawer 2Boag413--The State of Texas vs. James Boag, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Darlin/Moore414--Leonard Darlin vs. J.T. Moore, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Hinton/McCoy415--Wayne Hinton & Dorothy Hinton to Bobby McCoy & Jo McCoy, warranty deed, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2Follis/Hinton416--W.W. Follis & Lola Follis to Wayne Hinton, warranty deed, 1960
FC 01Drawer 2McCoy417--Bobby McCoy to Jo Elizabeth McCoy, warranty deed, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Ardis/Anderson418--A.B. Ardis, d/b/a A.B. Ardis Motor Co. vs. J.A. Anderson, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Jenkins419--Manhattan Life Insurance Co. vs. R.D. Jenkins, 1962
FC 01Drawer 2Lindsey420--The State of Texas vs. James Earl Lindsey, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Ebert421--The State of Texas vs. George Samuel Ebert, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Stinnett422--The State of Texas vs. Roy L. Stinnett, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Robinson423--The State of Texas vs. Walter Robinson, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Friddle424--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Friddle, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Friddle425--The State of Texas vs. Ronald Friddle, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Matthews426--The State of Texas vs. James Michael Matthews, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Allen427--The State of Texas vs. Richie Gene Allen, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Migims428--The State of Texas vs. James M. Sims, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Toki429--The State of Texas vs. Tatsunori Toki, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Youngblood430--The State of Texas vs. Dennis W. Youngblood, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Harris431--The State of Texas vs. Henry Lee Harris, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Walker432--The State of Texas vs. Albert Walker, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Brown433--The State of Texas vs. Tommie Gene Brown, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Anderson434--The State of Texas vs. David A. Anderson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Reed435--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Reed, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Griffin436--The State of Texas vs. Earl F. Griffin Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Long437--The State of Texas vs. Lary Kent Long, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2McIntyre438--The State of Texas vs. Joe Keith McIntyre, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Lansford439--The State of Texas vs. Gary Lane Lansford, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Patrick440--The State of Texas vs. Ricky Lee Patrick, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Finnie441--The State of Texas vs. Billy Ray Finnie, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Landers442--The State of Texas vs. Jack B. Landers, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Rector443--The State of Texas vs. Clarence A. Rector, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Walker444--The State of Texas vs. Don Gordon Walker, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Dick445--The State of Texas vs. Michael J. Dick, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Harpton446--The State of Texas vs. Horbert William Hampton, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Flemens447--The State of Texas vs. Norman Rowe Flemens, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Heffner448--The State of Texas vs. Charles Richard Heffner, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wilson449--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Wayne Wilson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hayes450--The State of Texas vs. John Thomas Hayes, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Mosley451--The State of Texas vs. William Wayne Mosley, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Smith452--The State of Texas vs. William Bert Smith, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bennett453--The State of Texas vs. Alfred Wayne Bennett, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Golightly454--The State of Texas vs. Steve Larry Golightly, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Coffman455--The State of Texas vs. Charles Dean Coffman, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Fletcher456--The State of Texas vs. Melvin Leon Fletcher, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Lynch457--The State of Texas vs. Sharon Olsen Lynch, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Pennington458--The State of Texas vs. Donald Ray Pennington, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Sartin459--The State of Texas vs. Jimmie D. Sartin, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Blovell460--The State of Texas vs. J.B. Blovell, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Blovell461--The State of Texas vs. J.B. Blovell, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Richardson462--The State of Texas vs. Harry T. Richardson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Frazier463--The State of Texas vs. Douglas Randolph Frazier, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Mathews464--The State of Texas vs. Jewell Mathews, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Pitts465--The State of Texas vs. Logan Pitts, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Peacock466--The State of Texas vs. Michael W. Peacock, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Anderson467--The State of Texas vs. Joe M. Anderson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Parsons468--The State of Texas vs. Thomas W. Parsons, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Peacock469--The State of Texas vs. Michael W. Peacock, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Atkins470--The State of Texas vs. William Robert Atkins, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Eubanks471--The State of Texas vs. James Wesley Eubanks, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Young472--The State of Texas vs. Jackie Young, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bowman473--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Carroll Bowman, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Tisher474--The State of Texas vs. Tommy Edwin Tisher, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2McCoy475--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Charles McCoy, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Simpson476--The State of Texas vs. Charles Frank Simpson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Kizer477--The State of Texas vs. Orland Kizer, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Jenkins478--The State of Texas vs. Junior Leroy Jenkins, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Oats479--The State of Texas vs. Burnie Allen Oats, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Sartin480--The State of Texas vs. Brody Sartin, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Northfleet481--The State of Texas vs. Wilson Northfleet, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Smith482--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Dawson Smith, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Rowe483--The State of Texas vs. Carlis T. Rowe, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Cousin484--The State of Texas vs. James Cousin, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bartuell485--The State of Texas vs. Charles F. Bartuell, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Harris486--The State of Texas vs. Andy Harris 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Roberts487--The State of Texas vs. Donis Weldon Roberts, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Adams488--The State of Texas vs. Max Landis Adams, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Holder489--The State of Texas vs. David Mahlon Holder, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Gibbons490--The State of Texas vs. Hershell Gibbons, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Harvey491--The State of Texas vs. Donald Clifton Harvey, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Staton492--The State of Texas vs. Frank Wayne Staton, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hayes493--The State of Texas vs. John Thomas Hayes, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Warren494--The State of Texas vs. Theodis Warren, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Blount495--The State of Texas vs. Elvis Blount, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bloskas496--The State of Texas vs. John D. Bloskas, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bornherd497--The State of Texas vs. Henry Lynn Bornherd, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Dacus498--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Ray Dacus, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wallis499--The State of Texas vs. Dorthy Holmes Wallis, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2McMinn500--The State of Texas vs. Annie Headrick McMinn, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Phillips501--The State of Texas vs. June Burke Phillips, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Boyce502--The State of Texas vs. Charlie Welch Boyce, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Spoogle503--The State of Texas vs. Julian P. Spoogle, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wright504--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Wayne Wright, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Forrest505--The State of Texas vs. J.D. Forrest, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Highfield506--The State of Texas vs. Archie Highfield, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Brown507--The State of Texas vs. Roy Chester Brown, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Berry508--The State of Texas vs. Dote Bettie Berry, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Etheridge509--The State of Texas vs. Susan Marie Etheridge, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Patton510--The State of Texas vs. John Perry Patton, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Mitchell511--The State of Texas vs. Dorothy F. Mitchell, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Humphries512--The State of Texas vs. E.R. Humphries Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wood513--The State of Texas vs. Doyle Ray Wood, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Caviness514--The State of Texas vs. Lloyd Thomas Caviness, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Berry515--The State of Texas vs. David Leslie Berry, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Curry516--The State of Texas vs. David Marcus Curry, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bird517--The State of Texas vs. Virgil Watson Bird, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Norman518--The State of Texas vs. James Paul Norman, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Walker519--The State of Texas vs. Don Gordon Walker, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Tucker520--The State of Texas vs. Warner Elbert Tucker, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Thomas521--The State of Texas vs. John H. Thomas, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Madison522--The State of Texas vs. Sam Henry Madison, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Clem523--The State of Texas vs. Joe Travis Clem, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hargrave524--The State of Texas vs. Murray Lee Hargrave, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Case525--The State of Texas vs. James Raymond Case, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hopkins526--The State of Texas vs. Billy Paul Hopkins, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Tillery527--The State of Texas vs. Ruby McDonald Tillery, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Tillery528--The State of Texas vs. Ruby McDonald Tillery, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hicks529--The State of Texas vs. Curtis Leon Hicks, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Mizell530--The State of Texas vs. Ben Mizell, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Clayton531--The State of Texas vs. Robert Joe Clayton, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wright532--The State of Texas vs. Magdaline Wright, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Clayton533--The State of Texas vs. Robert Joe Clayton, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Cox534--The State of Texas vs. Eddie Don Cox, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Newbry535--The State of Texas vs. Robert Newbry, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Price536--The State of Texas vs. Buzell Price, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Freeman537--The State of Texas vs. John Leroy Freeman, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Reece538--The State of Texas vs. Merle Gene Reece, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2McDonald539--The State of Texas vs. Jim McDonald, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Lillich540--The State of Texas vs. Edward C. Lillich, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Nash541--The State of Texas vs. William Ray Nash, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Compton542--The State of Texas vs. Everleana J. Compton, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2-543--number was skipped
FC 01Drawer 2Crowson544--The State of Texas vs. Richard B. Crowson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Briscoe545--The State of Texas vs. James W. Briscoe, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Briscoe546--The State of Texas vs. James W. Briscoe, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Lynch547--The State of Texas vs. Sharon Olsen Lynch, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hicks548--The State of Texas vs. Hildred C. Hicks. 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Young549--The State of Texas vs. Burnice Young, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Clayton550--The State of Texas vs. Lesley Clayton, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Ritchie551--The State of Texas vs. Jennie Lou Ritchie, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Lindley552--The State of Texas vs. Fred Lindley, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Heard553--The State of Texas vs. Lonnie Charles Heard, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Duncan554--The State of Texas vs. Bruce George Duncan, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2May555--The State of Texas vs. Lester Lee May, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Waller556--The State of Texas vs. Andrew Waller, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Moore557--The State of Texas vs. Roger Dale Moore, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Pennington558--The State of Texas vs. Donald Ray Pennington, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Jones559--The State of Texas vs. Jennie Hollaway Jones, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Eggspuehler560--The State of Texas vs. William D. Eggspuehler, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Morgan561--The State of Texas vs. William Glen Morgan, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Combs562--The State of Texas vs. Johnny Joe Combs, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Dillard563--The State of Texas vs. H.A. Dillard, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Sweat564--The State of Texas vs. Harold Wayne Sweat, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Duncan565--The State of Texas vs. Bruce George Duncan, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Burns566--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Burns, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Gustafson567--The State of Texas vs. Betsy Ross Gustafson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wilburn568--The State of Texas vs. Stephen Carrol Wilburn, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Fouse569--The State of Texas vs. Troy Fouse, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Raines570--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Glen Raines, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hutson571--The State of Texas vs. J.W. Hutson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Page572--The State of Texas vs. Judy Dockins Page, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Noble573--The State of Texas vs. Alva Mann Noble, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Darrow574--The State of Texas vs. Joe Darrow, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Barr575--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Elliott Barr, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wade576--The State of Texas vs. Wilburn Wade, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Meek577--The State of Texas vs. Garver L. Meek, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Adams578--The State of Texas vs. Albert F. Adams, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2McMakin579--The State of Texas vs. Harvey Allen McMakin, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Murley580--The State of Texas vs. Roy Lee Murley, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Harvey581--The State of Texas vs. Howard Leon Harvey, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Edens582--The State of Texas vs. Edith F. Edens, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Mitchell583--The State of Texas vs. Walter Thomas Hatchell, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Edens584--The State of Texas vs. Vernon Warren Edens, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Motes585--The State of Texas vs. Clarence E. Motes, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Morgan586--The State of Texas vs. Elgin Durwain Morgan, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Morgan587--The State of Texas vs. Elgin Durwain Morgan, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Thomas588--The State of Texas vs. Ruth Johnson Thomas, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Kelly589--The State of Texas vs. David Kelly, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Cannon590--The State of Texas vs. Thomas J. Cannon, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Motes591--The State of Texas vs. Clarence E. Motes, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Ieppert592--The State of Texas vs. Richard B. Ieppert
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson592--The State of Texas vs. Louie Johnson, Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Garretson594--The State of Texas vs. Johnny Mack Garretson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Curran595--The State of Texas vs. Virginia Scott Curran, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Coffman596--The State of Texas vs. Charles Dean Coffman, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Shores597--The State of Texas vs. Patsy Davis Shores, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Thompson598--The State of Texas vs. Louis Ernest Thompson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Fields599--The State of Texas vs. Jeff Fields, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Rumsey600--The State of Texas vs. Julia Ann Rumsey, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson601--The State of Texas vs. Eugene William Johnson, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Pitts602--The State of Texas vs. Oscar Franklin Pitts, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Shields603--The State of Texas vs. Mildred S. Shields, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Fletcher604--The State of Texas vs. Melvin Leon Fletcher, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hall605--The State of Texas vs. Johney Frelon Hall, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Kounnas606--The State of Texas vs. Charles Michael Kounnas, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Holman607--The State of Texas vs. John Miller Holman, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Hawkins608--The State of Texas vs. Clarence R. Hawkins Jr., 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Reed609--The State of Texas vs. Luther Weldon Reed, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Smith610--The State of Texas vs. Calvin H. Smith, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Golightly611--The State of Texas vs. Steve Larry Golightly, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Eaton612--The State of Texas vs. Coady Eaton, 1950
FC 01Drawer 2Ward613--The State of Texas vs. Ronald R. Ward, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Hill614--The State of Texas vs. Henry Hill, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Vickers615--The State of Texas vs. Gene Vickers, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Holt616--The State of Texas vs. John Robert Holt, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Young617--The State of Texas vs. Julius Odell Young, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Black618--The State of Texas vs. Robert Lee Black, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Jones619--The State of Texas vs. Horace Jones Jr., 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Fennel620--The State of Texas vs. Eddie Earl Fennel, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Howard621--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Howard, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Sewell622--The State of Texas vs. David Sewell, 1974
FC 01Drawer 2Moore623--The State of Texas vs. Tom Moore, 1973
FC 01Drawer 2Wilson624--The State of Texas vs. Peggy H. Wilson, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Day625--The State of Texas vs. Elmo Day, 1967
FC 01Drawer 2Westbrook626--The State of Texas vs. Roland E. Westbrook, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Durham627--The State of Texas vs. Billy Mack Durham, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Younger628--The State of Texas vs. James Alvin Younger, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Fulchur629--The State of Texas vs. Jess Morgan Fulchur, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Nash630--The State of Texas vs. Hubert Nash Jr., 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Smith631--The State of Texas vs. J.F. Smith, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Sprague632--The State of Texas vs. Lem Richard Sprague, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Glenn633--The State of Texas vs. Donald Ray Glenn, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Bain634--The State of Texas vs. Winnie Ruth Bain, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Wisdom635--The State of Texas vs. Bobbie Dan Wisdom, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Linscott636--The State of Texas vs. Leland E. Linscott, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Wisdom637--The State of Texas vs. Donnie Ray Wisdom, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2English638--The State of Texas vs. Richard English, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Strawther639--The State of Texas vs. Tommy Stawther 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Chester640--The State of Texas vs. J.F. Chester, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Anderson641--The State of Texas vs. James Edward Anderson, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2O'Donnell642--The State of Texas vs. Thomas Phillip O'Donnell, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Ross643--The State of Texas vs. Hershel Ross, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Coker644--The State of Texas vs. Margaret Ann Coker, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Givens645--The State of Texas vs. Bobby Frank Givens, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Earhart646--The State of Texas vs. J.T. Earhart, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Mitchell647--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Wayne Mitchell, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Moss648--The State of Texas vs. Larry Dan Moss, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Durham649--The State of Texas vs. Billy Mack Durham, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Harrison650--The State of Texas vs. Eddie Harrison, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Acker651--The State of Texas vs. Owen C. Acker, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Stephenson/Ross652--The State of Texas vs. Johnny J. Stephenson & Jerry Ross, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson653--The State of Texas vs. Robert Bruce Johnson, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Harris654--The State of Texas vs. Jimmy Harris, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Clark655--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Clark, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Fouse656--The State of Texas vs. Troy Travis Fouse, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Martin657--The State of Texas vs. Arnold Martin, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Williams658--The State of Texas vs. Arvis Williams, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Pitts659--The State of Texas vs. Tollie Pitts, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Ferguson660--The State of Texas vs. W. Larry Ferguson, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Hargrave661--The State of Texas vs. Murray L. Hargrave, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Spencer662--The State of Texas vs. Kenneth Spencer, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Bentley663--The State of Texas vs. Ed Bentley, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Adair664--The State of Texas vs. George Adair, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Wells665--The State of Texas vs. Floyd William Wells, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson666--The State of Texas vs. Lloyd Johnson, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Johnson667--The State of Texas vs. Robert Bruce Johnson, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2 Hargraves668--The State of Texas vs. James Walter Hargraves, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Gee669--The State of Texas vs. Robert Lewin Gee, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Kimbell670--The State of Texas vs. Lewis Mercer Kimbell, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Robinson671--The State of Texas vs. Clarence Robinson, Jr., 1964
FC 01Drawer 2Fry672--The State of Texas vs. Liston Eastmon Fry, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Dunn673--The State of Texas vs. Billy G. Dunn, 1965
FC 01Drawer 2Dale674--The State of Texas vs. Jerry Dale, 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Bowles675--The State of Texas vs. James W. Bowles, 1966Start Here
FC 01Drawer 2Chester676--The State of Texas vs. Gerald W. Chester, 1955
FC 01Drawer 2Darns677--The State of Texas vs. L.E. Darns, Jr. 1966
FC 01Drawer 2Pittman678--The State of Texas vs. Addison Pittman, 1964