Vietnam Veterans from Hopkins County

Vietnam veteran” is used to describe those who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the period of November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975, regardless of duty location. This database is the result of 7 or 8 years of research by several HCGS volunteers. It is a work in progress as new information will be added as new veterans and information on existing veterans are found. If you have any additions or corrections please contact the HCGS library at 903-885-8523 or email Be sure to tell the volunteer which conflict or time frame the veteran served in. These will be updated periodically.

Ables, Ronald ZaneDP3USNJanuary 16, 1944Winnsboro,TXDecember 28, 2004Tyler, TXCaneyHopkins County, TXYes76102943
Adams, Arnold LawrenceUSAApril 28, 1927Bellows Falls, VTMarch 17, 2019Sulphur Springs, TX
Adams, Jackie 'Pete'June 8, 1946Emory,TXOctober 6, 2018Houston, TXYes
Adams, Kenneth WeldonCplUSMCJune 3, 1948Paris, TXNovember 14, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXOaklawnDelta County, TXYes95790816
Aguilar, DavidUSAJune 24, 1950Dallas County, TXApril 17, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Alberts, Rick PaulUSAFMay 1, 1951TexasNovember 13, 2019Hopkins County, TXcreamatedYes204807627
Alberts, Troy L.Sp5USAMarch 19, 1941Hopkins County, TXAugust 8, 1978Az.NeltaHopkins County, TXYes6090241
Alexander, Clyde RayUSAJuly 10, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 19, 2017St. LukeHopkins County, TXYes177638681
Alexander, Roy WilliamUSAFNovember 25, 1944Sulphur Springs, TXJune 1, 1990Mesquite, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TXYes51997449
Allen, Jacky PayneUSAFFebruary 4, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 11, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes202945876
Allen, JamesA1CUSAF
Allen, MikeUSNNovember 21, 1950
Allen, Paul MichaelSgtUSASeptember 9, 1958Sulphur Springs, TXMay 28, 1990TexasSt. LukeHopkins County, TX23663183
Allison, RandySSgtUSAMarch 24, 1944Randolph County, ArkDecember 19, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TX174247993
Allison, William ThomasCapt.USMCRAugust 28, 1941Beaumont, TX
Alsobrooks, Robert MitchellUSAJanuary 9, 1949Camp County, TXAugust 3, 2020Hopkins County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes127961479
Altey, GeneUSNMay 27, 1947Kingman, AZOctober 12, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXMt.VernonFranklin County, TXYes
Alvarez, AlejoJuly 17, 1940Leon GTO, MexicoApril 30, 2017Plano, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes178992987
Anderson, Carl ElmoUSNAugust 21, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 25, 2017Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX184642096
Anderson, Clifford W.USNSeptember 22, 1938Hopkins County, TXOctober 3, 2017Sulphur Springs, TX183981236
Antrim, Paul AlanUSNApril 11, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 19, 2020Austin, Tx.Yes
Argenbright, Harvey Standford2nd LtUSAFAugust 31, 1945Hopkins County, TX
Arnold, James C.Lt.USNJune 11, 1948Hidalgo County, TX
Asberry, Litch ArthurUSADecember 30, 1939Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 6, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TXYes62552236
Ashby, Dennis MarionUSMCJuly 26, 1945Hopkins County, TXJune 12, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes72213062
Askew, Ronny DeanSp4USAJuly 1, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 12, 2015Houston, TXHouston Nat'l Cem.Houston, TX156104350
Attaway, Benny JoyceA2CUSAFMarch 16, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXApril 7, 2004Royce City, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes8663967
Attesey, Joe ThurmanUSAJune 14, 1939Shreveport, LAAugust 7, 2017Sulphur Springs, TX182184576
Austin, JasonUSNNovember 4, 1949Lamar County, TXMay 20, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXcremated163011519
Baker, William JackUSADecember 19, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXMay 9, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TXYes36023876
Banks, Thelbert RayPvtUSMCJanuary 29, 1950Floydada, TXMarch 6, 2013Denison, TXMartin SpringsHopkins County, TXYes106360818
Bannert, Joe WayneUSAMarch 15, 1944San Angelo, TXAugust 28, 2007Dallas County, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes23504242
Banta, John OgleLCplUSMCNovember 10, 1948Tyler, TXDecember 27, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnWood County, TXYes37918526
Barber, Avie WayneMay 28, 1947Spokane, WAMay 5, 2015Winnsboro, TXPiney GroveUpshur County, TX146141654
Barnett, Robert E. 'Buddy'USMCJuly 18, 1951Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 6, 1996Conroe, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes89615008
Bassham, James Arlon Sr.USANovember 20, 1935Sulphur Bluff, TXApril 20, 2015Dallas County, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes145406518
Bauer, Elwood Emiel 'Woody'CPOUSNApril 10, 1942November 20, 2002RidgewayHopkins County, TXYes16715318
Bauer, Francis Xavier1 Lt.USAJuly 10, 1944Lebanon, PAMarch 2, 2020Yantis, TXYes
Baugh, Roland ZekeUSAJune 2, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 20, 2018Dike, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes186828144
Baxter, David RandallUSMCOctober 16, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 11, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes166870823
Beadles, Larry FredUSAOctober 16, 1942Commerce, TXApril 23, 2014Harker Heights, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes128634961
Beckam, Lavon AtellUSAJuly 25, 1948Hopkins County, TXAugust 10, 1980Dallas County, TXPleasant Grove NHopkins County, TX51201530
Bell, Benjamin OdellSp5USAJuly 11, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 26, 2009Houston Nat'l Cem.Harris County, TXYes46264360
Bell, James ThomasUSAJanuary 13, 1937February 11, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes78216028
Bennett, Herman H. IIIMR2USNJanuary 24, 1944Commerce, TXJanuary 5, 2002Dallas County, TXRosemoundHunt County, TXYes62412002
Bennett, Hubert WayneUSAFMarch 26, 1936Cumby, TXNovember 3, 2001GreenviewHopkins County, TX18847965
Berry, Douglas O'NealSgt 1/CUSASeptember 15, 1943Hopkins County, TXMarch 20, 1992Dallas, TXCherry GroveHopkins County, TXYes66910098
Berry, Roger EarlSpcUSAMarch 2, 1949Winnsboro, TXMarch 6, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TX207675113
Birdsong, Billy HoytUSNNovember 14, 1933Mt.Vernon, TXMarch 11, 2015Tyler, TXcremated143635032
Birney, Robert WolfeUSMCAugust 23, 1940Philadelphia, PAApril 23, 2014Paris, TXcremated128560669
Blackmon, David RayUSNJune 11, 1941Dallas, TXNovember 8, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes
Blize, Van EdwinUSMCJuly 27, 1953Midland, TXJanuary 8, 2018Arlington, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes
Blount, Jerry KennethUSAAugust 4, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXApril 22, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXcremated128560967
Blount, Larry GayleSp5USADecember 25, 1943Commerce, TXNovember 21, 2007Garland, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes23068688
Bonds, Clarence Jr.PfcUSANovember 1, 1948Hempstead County, ArkNovember 17, 2007DFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes23169573
Boney, Phil AnthonyUSAFebruary 3, 1954Sulphur Springs, TXJune 23, 2006Lubbock, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18849895
Bouldin, Randal LawrenceUSMCJuly 17, 1946Hopkins County, TXDecember 24, 2017Dallas County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX186132326
Boyd, Kenneth CharlesS/SgtUSAFApril 21, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 17, 2008Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31590282
Boyd, Thomas WebsterUSAFJune 6, 1931Pittsburg, TXSeptember 10, 2015Hopkins County, TXWinterfieldHopkins County, TXYes152172045
Bradley, James PatrickSFCUSAMay 10, 1931Dauphin County, PAFebruary 7, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes187642975
Bradshaw, Robert M.March 19, 1945June 8, 1981RestlandHopkins County, TX94478913
Bramlett, Jerry WayneSM/SgtUSAFSeptember 1, 1939Brashear, TXJune 12, 2014Plano, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes131332820
Brantley, Howard 'Randy'USANovember 14, 1947Delta County, TXDecember 28, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXOaklawnDelta County, TXYes82578760
Brewer, James L.SFCUSAAugust 8, 1939Cooper, TXJuly 20, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXOaklawnDelta County, TXYes43080967
Brewster, Thomas HowellPfcUSMCJuly 19, 1946Belton, TXOctober 17, 1973Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36441740
Brice, JamesUSAApril 26, 1955Dallas County, TXSeptember 28, 2019Tyler, TX204621115
Brice, James D.USAJanuary 16, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 30, 2019Dallas, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes205116556
Briggs, Larry EugeneUSNFebruary 21, 1948Gilmer, TXJanuary 6, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Brinlee, Edward LeonPfcUSANovember 3, 1946Denison, TXJuly 2, 2011Dallas County, TXColbert Garden Of MemoriesBryan County, OKYes72962493
Britton, David RobertPvtUSAJanuary 27, 1954Callahan County, TXAugust 18, 1973ClydeCallahan County, TX79854399
Brown, Earl WayneUSCGJuly 16, 1939Dallas County, TXDecember 5, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes121432335
Brown, Roy ChesterPvtUSAFebruary 21, 1948Hopkins County, TXJuly 23, 1994Hopkins County, TXIndependence Baptist ChurchHopkins County, TXYes61191786
Brown, Stephen CalvinUSNOctober 28, 1941St.Louis, MOAugust 30, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXcremated
Brumfield, Bobby Frank Jr.PvtUSMCMarch 15, 1951Dallas County, TXMay 24, 2007Milburn, OKAiquierHopkins County, TXYes26542523
Brumley, Don HurleyUSAFebruary 9, 1947Dallas County, TX
Brumley, Harlan DaleUSA
Bryant, Charles RaySp4USAJune 15, 1950Hunt County, TX
Buchanan, Curtis Lee 'Curt'USNatGdSeptember 24, 1944Delta County, TXDecember 9, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX63083066
Bunch, DonaldUSNHopkins County, TX
Bunch, Sill LamarUSAJuly 4, 1943Angelina County, TX
Burk, Roy DonUSNSeptember 6, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 15, 2017Quitman, TX181400908
Burkett, Gerald WayneUSNJune 2, 1941August 20, 2012Waco, TXWeaverHopkins County, TX95481567
Burkham, Curtis WayneUSAFAugust 21, 1950Sulphur Springs, TXJune 5, 2016Smith County, TX164026983
Burns, Dewey Ray Jr.HM3USNOctober 10, 1948Greenville, TXSeptember 13, 1969Viet NamCliftonHopkins County, TXYes18471031
Burns, Joe ElwynAMCSUSNJune 27, 1944Camp County, TXApril 11, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXTurnerRains County, TX168063126
Burns, William LarryUAJune 21, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 12, 2008Miller Grove, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYes34956130
Burt, John Thomas III 'Tommy'SP4USAOctober 24, 1947July 16, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes61358888
Butler, Albert D.USAMay 13, 1943Quitman, Tx.March 13, 2002Dallas County, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes73300576
Byers, Larry C.S/SgtUSAFSeptember 21, 1949December 14, 2007SeymoreHopkins County, TX66371782
Callahan, DonaldUSAOctober 6, 1947Upson County, GADecember 24, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Camacho, Luis ManuelUSNOctober 9, 1943El Paso, TXMay 10, 2012Tyler, TXYes
Campbell, Daniel RayUSAFSeptember 21, 1943Hopkins County, TX
Campbell, David A.USAF
Campbell, John
Campbell, Nolan WayneUSNJuly 7, 1941Hopkins County, TX
Campbell, Owen Wesley 'Big Bird'USAJune 13, 1941Madill, OKJune 29, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Campbell, Ronny LeonAugust 17, 1944Hopkins County, TXOctober 11, 1999Hopkins County, TXPleasant Grove NHopkins County, TX51291482
Cannaday, Pat RexUSADecember 20, 1941Greenwood, TXJune 12, 2017Tyler, TXPurleyFranklin County, TX180828851
Carnes, Larry Don USMCJuly 11, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 25, 2002Temple, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes58947913
Carnes, Michael LynnUSASeptember 20, 1949Wood County, TX
Carothers, Charles Lowry Jr.December 4, 1942Hopkins County, TXDecember 10, 1997CitySulphur Springs, TX57959855
Carroll, Wiiliam LawrenceSP4USAAugust 11, 1936Dallas, TXFebruary 11, 1997Houston, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TXYes52131401
Cashion, Alvie Lloyd Br.USAFRJune 9, 1937Ellis County, TXJuly 4, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TX212366593
Cecil, Charles RichardUSAAugust 16, 1943Willacy County, TXOctober 24, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXcremated184676044
Chapman, Beryl RayUSAFebruary 21, 1939September 4, 2020Corinth, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYes215359188
Chester, Joe ClintonUSNAugust 9, 1941Hopkins County, TXOctober 16, 1999Hopkins County, TXArlington Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes486694
Chitsey, Jessie VanoyUSMCApril 28, 1949Franklin County, TXMay 2, 2017ProvidenceFranklin County, TXYes179065282
Choate, Randell GlennUSNDecember 3, 1944Delta County, TX
Christie, JamesUSAJanuary 20, 1955Dallas, TXApril 2, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXPicktonHopkins County, TX225325877
Clayton, Eddie LeviSp4USAJuly 23, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 10, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXN.HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes141228950
Clayton, MauriceSp4USAApril 5, 1947Sulphur Springs, TX
Cleveland, James L.USADecember 31, 1942Hearne, TXApril 12, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36443207
Clifton, Denzil TimArmy Nat'l Gd.November 14, 1934Hopkins County, TXDecember 3, 2013Loveland, COCitySulphur Springs, TXYes123725025
Clifton, SammyCplUSMCApril 27, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 17, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes187441235
Cline, Markham TroySP4USAOctober 23, 1951Hopkins County, TXNovember 10, 1999Dike, TXSprings ChapelChoctow County, OKYes103044350
Cobb, Milton Lowell Jr.PvtUSAJuly 19, 1947Hopkins County, TXDecember 9, 2003Savannah, GAEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23477981
Coker, Gary DeanUSAApril 24, 1953Sulphur Springs, TXMay 2, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Cole, Jerry WayneSSGTUSAJuly 23, 1948Paris, TXOctober 12, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes23486880
Cole, Larry RandallUSAAugust 15, 1949Mt.Vernon, TXFebruary 14, 2018Dallas, TXYes
Coleman, Bobby DeeA3CUSAFApril 12, 1944Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 19, 2004Mesa, AZOld ShirleyHopkins County, TXYes63578613
Coleman, Curtis LeonUSAAugust 16, 1939Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 20, 2007Hopkins County, TXShirleyHopkins County, TXYes93764156
Coleman, Lewis GlennPfcUSAAugust 4, 1942Cherokee County, NCMay 16, 1997Rains County, TXLibertHopkins County, TXYes78621317
Combs, Johnny JoeUSARNovember 2, 1941Pine Forest, TXSeptember 25, 2005Tyler, TXPine ForestHopkins County, TX71995029
Connally, Robert Crisp Jr.USAFJanuary 3, 1943Lamar County, TX
Connaughton, Larry JoeUSANovember 21, 1949
Conradt, James Allen WebsterA1CUSAFAugust 9, 1942Reno,Washoe County, NVFebruary 21, 1992Mt.Pleasant, TXEmblemHopkins County, TX10569815
Cook, Myron ClarenceUSNFebruary 18, 1938Hopkins County, TXJuly 21, 1996Hopkins County, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX57958632
Cook, Samuel EugeneUSAF
Cook, W. A. Jr. M/SgtUSAFDecember 26, 1938Hopkins County, TXJuly 24, 2021Hopkins County, TXNeltaHopkins County, TX229941194
Cooper, Gerald Hugh 'Jerry'USAFMarch 21, 1939Texarkana, ArkMarch 21, 2017Dallas County, TXWeaverHopkins County, TX177638728
Corley, Jimmy W.USNJune 13, 1953Clear Lake, TXJanuary 27, 2020Greenville, Tx.Yes
Counts, JackArmy Nat'l Gd.March 25, 1942Stanford, TXOctober 25, 2018Dallas County, TXYes
Courson, J.L. Jr. 'Jack'LcplUSMCFebruary 6, 1943Hopkins County, TXDecember 21, 1990ArbalaHopkins County, TX184614523
Cox, Dennis MichaelUSAFJuly 21, 1947Vernal, UTAugust 1, 2020Yes
Coyle, Phillip E.USMCOctober 5, 1946Louisville, KYMarch 9, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes
Crabb, James AllenPV2USAApril 22, 1949September 25, 2014WeaverHopkins County, TX171095548
Crabb, Mickey L.T/SGTUSAFSeptember 27, 1947Dallas, TXJuly 1, 1999Austin, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TXYes52137894
Craig, James HoraceCW4USAFebruary 28, 1920Como, TXFebruary 16, 1984Fayetteville, NCArlington Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes49171926
Crandall, Clifford ScottUSASeptember 19, 1945Chicago, ILJanuary 26, 2002Rains County, TXcrematedYes100416951
Crane, Carlton RandolphUSAAugust 24, 1941Hopkins County, TX
Craven, JerryUSNFebruary 20, 1946Greenville, TXAugust 9, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX230737391
Crawley, Edward JamesUSAFOctober 26, 1939Marion County, ILFebruary 15, 1988Garland, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX58854193
Creek, Henry LeePfcUSADecember 4, 1943Hopkins County, TXOctober 4, 1966Viet NamUnionHopkins County, TXYes18659675
Crenshaw, Roland Valton Jr.T/SGTUSAMay 31, 1939Wood County, TX
Crist, LarryUSADecember 16, 1947Palestine, TXApril 8, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXYantisWood County, TX208950966
Critchet, Mark DwainSgtUSAFMay 29, 1949Bowling Green, OH
Crook, William RaymondUSAMarch 25, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXApril 16, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TXYes188677010
Crow, Billy GlennUSAApril 27, 1942Hopkins County, TXJuly 22, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXEvergreenParis, TX133357814
Culbertson, Daniel RayUSAApril 9, 1947Dallas, TXDecember 19, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXYes121997573
Culpepper, Johnny LeviFRUSAMay 18, 1945Hopkins County, TXApril 12, 2016Hopkins County, TXWinterfieldHopkins County, TX160990121
Culpepper, Michael LewisSP4USADecember 7, 1949Hopkins County, TXDecember 17, 1972Viet NamWinterfieldHopkins County, TXYes82369931
Cupps, Steven Jensen1Lt.USAFJuly 19, 1948
Daehn, EmmettUSNSeptember 30, 1950Kingsville, TXSeptember 30, 2020Sulphur Springs, TX
Daniels, Benny RayUSANovember 3, 1949Commerce, TXFebruary 6, 2000Titus County, TXRosemoundHunt County, TXYes26383312
Daniels, James DavidUSAJune 28, 1947Clarksville, TXJuly 4, 2007Sulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes72263796
Darby, Roy G.USAFJanuary 4, 1941
Davidson, Raymond LeeUSNRAugust 11, 1946
Davis, Frat Ed Jr.USAFAugust 8, 1937Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 26, 2001Dallas, TXcremated57898123
Davis, Jefferson E. USMCJuly 21, 1948
Davis, Joe Bailey Jr.USAMay 15, 1941March 6, 1993Mt. ZionHopkins County, TX54470325
Davis, KennethMM1USNJune 24, 1954MassachusettsJuly 26, 1992IllinoisAssumptionDuPage County, IL140471644
Davis, Kenneth RayUSNDecember 30, 1946Dallas County, TX
Dean, Wilburn FrancisMCPOUSNOctober 3, 1939Cushing, OKFebruary 16, 2006Quitman, TXRoselawnMineola, TX182111004
Deel, Johnny JudsonUSMCAugust 30, 1952Dallas County, TX
DeVries, JohnUSAFebruary 16, 1942Artesia, CAApril 14, 2012Sulphur Bluff, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes95395273
Dewitt, John Hicks IIIUSAJuly 9, 1948Albuquerque, NMMay 25, 2001Hopkins County, TXMt.Vernon City Franklin County, TX94233028
Dial, Tony WaynePV1USAMay 20, 1958Hopkins County, TXMay 14, 2003Dallas, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478012
Dickey, Stanley WesleyANGJuly 24, 1941Klondike, TXApril 13, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX209093080
Dodd, Harold DonUSAJuly 14, 1941Collingsworth, TX
Dodd, Rayford WilliamANGDecember 21, 1950Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 9, 2019Paris, TXGarden of MemoriesLufkin, TX196765721
Dodd, Robert LeeCplUSMCJuly 7, 1945
Dodson, Charles RaySP4USAMarch 6, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 24, 2002Dallas County, TXLongHopkins County, TX10879332
Doss, Ralph NolanUSASeptember 11, 1944Cass County, TX
Drinning, Danny Earl Sr.USAJuly 26, 1951May 2, 2013Winnsboro, TXYes
Dunavin, Bob RileyUSAFMay 5, 1944Yantis, TXJanuary 5, 2000Yantis, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TX66562084
Dunavin, Jack CarlUSMCMarch 20, 1952
Dunavin, StanleyUSAFMay 3, 1942Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 4, 1981Mesquite, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYes62895362
Duncan, Ronny R.Sp4USAJune 15, 1947Hopkins County, TXOctober 1, 1988Dallas, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TX63898220
Dunn, Jackie LynnUSA
Dunston, MichaelUSANovember 4, 1947
Dupree, Donald EdwardUSAFOctober 30, 1935Harris County, TXOctober 22, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXDoneltonHunt County, TX119247539
Dyer, GeraldUSASeptember 10, 1956Snyder, TXSeptember 27, 2021Hopkins County, TXcreamated232599590
Earls, David LloydUSA March 14, 1954Bakersfield, CAJuly 26, 2004Greenville, TXYes
Echeverio, Henry AlfredCPO 1/CUSNApril 15, 1930New York, NY
Edge, Kenneth RossUSMCAugust 1, 1941Columbus County, NCOctober 10, 2010Duval County, FLPeerlessHopkins County, TX60276391
Edwards, Leon DouglasUSN March 22, 1945Atascosa County, TX
Edwards, T.L.USAFJanuary 16, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 25, 2011Dallas County, TXArbalaHopkins County, TX66281600
Elam, Billy RayUSN February 10, 1948Dallas County, TX
Elder, Jack DanielSP4USA August 8, 1943Cottle County, TXApril 17, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX161480270
Elliott, Danny LeeGMG2USN November 14, 1948Deport, Tx.February 28, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXHagensportFranklin County, TXYes49610236
Elliott, Johnny YoungUSA September 21, 1937Hopkins County, TXSeptember 9, 2012Dallas County, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TX96885039
Elliott, Larry WayneSgtUSAAugust 24, 1949Hopkins County, TX
Elliott, Robert JesseUSADecember 4, 1944Dallas County, TXMarch 26, 1901crematedYes
English, John LloydUSAJanuary 9, 1947June 25, 2019Bogata Red River County, TX200582314
Ennis, Paul BrockUSAFNovember 18, 1944November 5, 1991Hunt County, TXPicktonHopkins County, TX151254697
Epperson, CharlieUSAFFebruary 11, 1943Benton, TNNovember 26, 2014Ridgeway, TX139338939
Erion, Benny EarlUSAJuly 7, 1948Riverside, CAJune 18, 1993Greenville, TXEmblemHopkins County, TXYes10569825
Evans, Charles RustonSP5USAMarch 16, 1943Ridgeway, TXDecember 27, 2004Dallas, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes33172513
Evans, Robert Henry 'Bob'USAFApril 20, 1950Rochester, MNDecember 3, 2020Hopkins County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX219575868
Everett, Lawrence William 'Larry'USN August 8, 1940CaliforniaDecember 24, 1986Sulphur Springs, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes62374549
Faulkner, Sybil Alroy Jr.T/SGTUSAFOctober 8, 1917Delta County, TXSeptember 28, 1986Hopkins County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes51907377
Fedrick, Billy JackNat'l Gd.October 19, 1938Sulphur Springs, TXApril 19, 2014Wolfe City, TXOld TarrantHopkins County, TX128343718
Felkner, David LeeUSMCJuly 18, 1948Hunt County, TXNovember 10, 1993Harris County, TXNeltaHopkins County, TXYes86806975
Ferrell, Bobby RayUSAFJanuary 9, 1938Hopkins County, TXOctober 9, 2018Commerce, TXYes
Finley, Harold DavidUSA November 1, 1936Branom, Hopkins County, TXApril 29, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes128876581
Finnie, Joe Bailey1SgtUSA June 15, 1939Como, TXJanuary 31, 2015Plano, TXCoffey Como, TX142042819
Finnie, Willie Charles 'WC'USA November 22, 1939Como, TXSeptember 2, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXCoffey Hopkins County, TX135372740
Fitzgerald, Victor EugeneUSMCOctober 8, 1937Hopkins County, TXNovember 2, 2014Tyler, TXYes
Flanary, Rickey ElliottS/SgtUSAFAugust 6, 1947Lamar County, TX
Flowers, James DavidArmy Nat'l Gd.January 14, 1943Hopkins County, TXJanuary 31, 2009RichlandHopkins County, TXYes49004302
Flowers, RichardUSNOctober 6, 1945Paris, TXFebruary 9, 2021Paris, TXConnerHopkins County, TX22282801
Ford, Billy WayneMarch 16, 1948Rusk County, TXApril 5, 2015Mt. HopeCherokee County, TX144656350
Ford, Marcell MaeS/SgtUSAFJune 14, 1949June 29, 1984BrashearHopkins County, TX8983478
Foster, JoeTx.Nat'l Gd.May 31, 1939Gladewater, TXApril 12, 2018Sulphur Springs, TX
Franks, James GarlandJune 23, 1944Wichita County, TXJuly 19, 2013Cedars Memorial GardenWood County, TX152676736
Frasher, Danny WayneUSA November 14, 1946Roy, Pike County, ArkJuly 26, 2004Tyler, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TXYes43152114
Freeman, Anthony Joe 'Andy'USA June 6, 1951Tate County, MSJuly 7, 1993Sulphur Springs, TXArbalaHopkins County, TXYes54332153
French, Charles EricCapt.USMCJune 3, 1942Dallas County, TXFebruary 3, 1982Houston, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TXYes52243751
Friddle, Dale LynnUSMCJanuary 8, 1944Hopkins County, TXJuly 21, 2017McKinney, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TX181665503
Friddle, James RandallUSMCNovember 21, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 26, 2015Pittsburg, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TXYes144248153
Fry, GeraldUSMCFebruary 5, 1946Greenville, TXJune 19, 2015Cumby, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes148044002
Fuller, Albert LeeSFCUSA May 9, 1938Como,TXApril 30, 2014Mt.Pleasant, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TX128913202
Fuller, James NelsonPO1USN December 16, 1949April 3, 2011Barrancas Nat'l Cem.Florida76557498
Funderburk, Wm. Ed. 'Pete'S/SgtUSAFNovember 29, 1938Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 5, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXYantisWood County, TXYes35471780
Fyke, Richard ClevelandSP4USA June 21, 1949Dallas, TXNovember 4, 1986Hopkins County, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX69890347
Gallion, William ThomasS/SgtUSA July 27, 1937Rutherford County, NCMarch 5, 1997Ridgeway, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes70144011
Gann, Osey AndersUSA January 1, 1955Ft.Knox, KYApril 19, 2010Kilgore, TXPrairie ValleyCampbell, TXYes51361018
George, Horace WayneSFCUSA September 27, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXApril 23, 1995MahoneyHopkins County, TXYes59294457
George, Jimmy AlfredUSA March 10, 1935Leonard, TXMay 26, 2002Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes25689155
Gibson, Gary LynnUSMCJuly 7, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 29, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes50611712
Gibson, Jackie JoeUSA July 10, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 20, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXMartin SpringsHopkins County, TXYes35874239
Gideon, George DavisLt.Col.USAFNovember 7, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 6, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXVeterans Memorial Killeen, TXYes193880200
Giguere, Mark HenrySgtUSAFJuly 23, 1948Biddeford,York County, MaineAugust 28, 2014Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes135729158
Glaess, James AlexanderCol.USAFSeptember 8, 1954Rockford, ILJuly 10, 2011Niceville, FLArlington Nat'l Arlington County, VAYes85568941
Glidewell, Thomas WayneUSMCJune 20, 1944Dallas County, TX
Glossup, James RonaldMarch 3, 1947Hopkins County, TX
Glosup, Gerald A.USA March 4, 1943Cooper, TXAugust 19, 1992Dallas County, TXRestlandHopkins County, TX105790357
Glover, Joe NadeUSAAugust 10, 1948Upshur County, TX
Goggans, William DeckmanSgtUSAFMarch 31, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXJune 11, 2021Tyler, TXN. HopkinsHopkins County, TX228555314
Gooding, Billy DonUSN June 11, 1947November 24, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Gooding, Dee WayneS/SgtUSMCDecember 11, 1952Hopkins County, TXJune 20, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRichlandHopkins County, TX228777151
Goodman, Robert Warren 'Derb'USMCOctober 10, 1950Hopkins County, TX
Goolsby Floyd David Jr.USNJune 4, 1947Riverside County, CAJanuary 23, 2021Kaufman County, TXAdams ChapelTitus County, TX221723739
Gore, John AlanUSA November 11, 1946Tulsa, OKOctober 8, 2017Bentonville, ArkYes
Goudeau, Larry ThomasHT3USN February 17, 1950Texas City, TXMay 10, 2005Hunt County, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes12847301
Gowin, Ronnie MackUSAJuly 24, 1943Dallas, TXDecember 4, 2021Emory, TXDunbarRains County, TX234596865
Graham, Carolyn AnnUSNJune 13, 1950Wichita Falls, TXOctober 4, 2020Plano, TXMt. OliveCarter County, OKYes216399847
Graham, David L.USA January 21, 1945Gilmer, TXJune 29, 2005Tyler, TXForest LawnMt.Pleasant, TXYes168554467
Graham, Jerrell GlynnSP4USA March 15, 1945Texarkana, ArkFebruary 5, 1990Austin, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TXYes36115677
Grandchamp, Robert ElliottUSN September 22, 1945Los Angeles, CA
Grant, Gerry DavidUSNJanuary 6, 1933Dallas County, TX
Grant, Jackie RichardUSN January 31, 1946Hopkins County, TX
Gray, Arvil GeneAugust 11, 1936Weaver, TXJuly 6, 1982Deer Park, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes40417848
Greathouse, Sammie CharlesUSARSeptember 3, 1945Falls County, TXApril 4, 2014Tyler, TXYes
Green, Buford Clinton Jr.Nat'l Gd.June 5, 1952Hopkins County, TXJanuary 9, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TX123090755
Green, Charles DavidUSN November 20, 1947Hunt County, TXOctober 15, 1995Lamar County, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TX52263003
Green, Gaston DevaneS/SgtUSA August 9, 1934November 5, 1996CumbyHopkins County, TXYes65883862
Green, Robert HerringUSA August 31, 1940June 6, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TX70615984
Gregg, James WadeUSAMay 17, 1936Hopkins County, TX
Gregg, Jerry UrbanUSNOctober 1, 1939Hopkins County, TX
Gregg, Jimmy ClydeUSA January 4, 1942Hopkins County, TXJanuary 21, 1994Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX81972603
Gregg, Joe BobUSAFAugust 12, 1937Hopkins County, TX
Gregg, Roland HarrisUSN April 29, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 28, 2013San Diego, CAYes
Griffin, Gary L.USAMarch 24, 1941Minot, NDNovember 2, 2020Sulphur Springs, TX
Griffith, Teddy WayneUSA
Griggs, John RolandUSA October 21, 1938Sulphur Springs, TXMay 13, 2018Dallas County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX190201613
Groves, Clifton MurrellSP4USA May 7, 1939Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 27, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes63900678
Groves, James Ray Sr.USA November 12, 1943Hopkins County, TXFebruary 11, 2017Hopkins County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes176234323
Grubbs, Nolan WessonPvtUSA February 19, 1938Sulphur Springs, TXJune 8, 2009Sulphur Springs, TXYantisHopkins County, TX60338322
Grubbs, Ricky WayneLcplUSMCJune 13, 1952Hopkins County, TXJune 13, 2005Pleasant Grove Hopkins County, TX51392952
Guffey, Paul RevereUSAFFebruary 15, 1939Cooper, TXJuly 22, 2013Dallas County, TXAiquierHopkins County, TXYes114405520
Gulledge, James RoyUSMCApril 4, 1945Hopkins County, TX
Gunn, Mickey LynnSP4USA July 17, 1947July 25, 1987Smith County, TXWinterfieldHopkins County, TXYes82389424
Gunn, Ronny GlennUSA February 9, 1949Wood County, TX
Gunter, Vernon RayUSAFNovember 29, 1942Hopkins County, TXOctober 12, 2005Dallas County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX12870172
Gurley, Billy HowardUSA October 30, 1948Franklin County, TX
Gurley, Orin Dabney Jr.USA August 2, 1946December 5, 1992Ellis County, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TX77786089
Guthrie, Charles ThomasUSA July 7, 1945Houston, TXJune 9, 2013Hopkins County, TXcremated112179110
Haddock, Marvin CliftonUSMCJanuary 22, 1943Hopkins County, TXNeltaHopkins County, TX
Haddock, Nolan O'NealSP5USAJuly 24, 1944Lamar County, TXJune 14, 2004Hunt County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX26314214
Hagan, Robert Albert Jr.Sp4USAJuly 24, 1947October 23, 1968Viet NamMaplewood Madison County, INYes11034919
Hager, Billy CharlesUSA August 24, 1935Hopkins County, TX
Haley, Kevin BruceUSA
Hall, Curtis D.USAJune 16, 1946
Hall, Garry LynnUSMCJanuary 5, 1949Hopkins County, TX
Hall, Lee ArthurPfcUSA September 1, 1943Hopkins County, TXDecember 29, 1972Mt.Vernon, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478055
Hamlin, Jerry FultonUSA
Hammons, Lonnie EdwardUSMCMarch 10, 1949
Hankins, EdwardUSN October 3, 1950Hopkins County, TXJune 30, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes113226411
Hankins, James ClintonUSA January 25, 1947
Hanna, Donald RayCplUSA August 20, 1946Phoenix, AZApril 25, 1968Viet NamGreen Acres Memorial ParkScottsdale, AZ60194995
Hanson, David LeRoyUSA February 8, 1939Hopkins County, TXJuly 21, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TX93991498
Hardwick, AlbertUSAFJuly 30, 1941Hopkins County, TXAugust 17, 2013Mt. SterlingHopkins County, TX115742288
Hargis, James LeonSgtUSAFebruary 7, 1941February 12, 1994MahoneyHopkins County, TX55217121
Hargrave, Jerry BenUSAFJune 25, 1939Nelta, TXSeptember 26, 2018Quitman, TXMyrtle SpringsWood County, TX193464647
Harper, Robert ThomasUSN September 7, 1940
Harred, Kenneth PatrickUSN August 19, 1940Hopkins County, TXJune 27, 1998TexasNeltaHopkins County, TX86809065
Harris, Benny JackUSA April 18, 1944Littlefield, Lamb County, TXNovember 5, 1970Hopkins County, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX9585719
Harris, Darrell WayneUSA April 29, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 25, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TX186152599
Harris, JamesUSAJuly 19, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 1, 2021Shreveport, LAForest AcademyHopkins County, TX229074706
Harris, Michael L.USMCFebruary 27, 1954December 7, 2015Sulphur Springs, TX155850045
Harrison, Derrell WayneARUSN November 22, 1945Hopkins County, TXSeptember 19, 1996Lamar County, TXBrashearHopkins County, TX8983568
Harrison, Juan AnthonyUSAFNovember 1, 1945Wood County, TX
Harry, Donald Gene 'Harry'USAJanuary 29, 1943Hopkins County, TXMarch 26, 2003Hopkins County, TXUnionHopkins County, TX18674336
Harry, Joe ElmerLTColUSANGDecember 10, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 26, 2019Tarrant County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas, TXYes203458623
Harry, Lee RoyLtColUSAFApril 10, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 24, 2014Allen, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Yes136425109
Hart, Paul DavidUSA June 15, 1944April 24, 2003Miller GroveHopkins County, TX19943877
Hartley, Alan LeroyUSA May 29, 1947June 17, 2016North HopkinsHopkins County, TX171528312
Havner Earl RogerUSAMarch 13, 1944San Angelo, TXNovember 17, 2016Hopkins County, TXUnknown172873740
Hay, Glenn E.USAFNovember 12, 1938Wharton County, TXOctober 17, 1901North HopkinsHopkins County, TX130091843
Hayes, Doyle DewayneUSA July 11, 1948
Haynsworth, Harold WilliamUSA June 27, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 21, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXMartin Spgs.Hopkins County, TX181626780
Henderson, Harvey E.MsgtUSAFMarch 13, 1917Tira, Hopkins County, TXDecember 28, 1977Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes67578525
Henderson, Rickey EugeneSgtUSAFDecember 31, 1944December 10, 2003North HopkinsHopkins County, TX64172744
Henderson, Rod R.Capt.USA March 14, 1939Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 24, 2001Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes30740514
Hendrix, Billy FrancisUSAFMarch 23, 1942April 29, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes198753335
Henley, BrendaLcplUSMCMay 1, 1955September 16, 2012Smith County, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TX97451726
Henry, Larry EugeneSNUSN July 3, 1948Paris, TXJanuary 13, 2014Chandler, TXCathedral in the PinesSmith County, TX124037967
Henry, Ovie Rae Jr.USANGApril 4, 1949Fulton County, GADecember 31, 2019Dallas, TXYes
Hiatt, Ralph DuaneA1CUSAFJanuary 18, 1941St.George, UTMay 1, 2006Midland, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37918742
Hickman, Oscar M. Jr.E3USA
Hicks, Donnie D.USA
Hicks, Lynn DearlM/SgtUSAFMay 7, 1930Hopkins County, TXNovember 11, 1970Dallas, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TX40120113
Higginbotham, Billy JoeSP4USA November 30, 1939Hunt County, TXApril 8, 2009Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TX35711158
Higgins, Thomas DrueUSAFJanuary 9, 1940Pickton, TXMay 25, 2015Huntsville, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX191310219
Hightower, Billy WayneUSA March 4, 1951Tarrant County, TX
Hill, Morris AllenTx.Nat'l Gd.December 23, 1945Commerce, TXJanuary 31, 2014Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX124460659
Hill, Sanford LeeUSAFJanuary 19, 1944Hopkins County, TXJanuary 29, 2015Plano, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TXYes142042570
Hilliard, James AndyUSNJuly 3, 1951Portales, NMJanuary 16, 2020Richardson, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes49854388
Hillsamer, Charles DavidUSAAugust 15, 1940Marion, INNovember 8, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes9793759
Hinds, Richard AllenUSA June 24, 1945Cameron County, TX
Hinkle, Jerry GeneUSN June 3, 1937Hopkins County, TX
Hinton, Buford Ray 'Bo'USA September 7, 1943August 18, 1999TexasArbalaHopkins County, TX5456500
Hinton, Charles LynnUSMCJanuary 4, 1947Hopkins County, TX
Hinton, Daniel Elwood Jr.Nat'l Gd.April 5, 1942Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 9, 2018Hopkins County, TXArbalaHopkins County, TXYes197887098
Hinton, Wayne Eudell Jr. USASeptember 15, 1949
Hipkins, John EarlUSAApril 20, 1942
Hipp, Homer Columbus Jr. USA June 23, 1947Hopkins County, TX
Hlavinka, John ThomasUSAFAugust 1, 1944Nueces County, TX
Hobgood, Clarence Wesley Jr.USAFAugust 8, 1935
Hogan, David William USAFJuly 26, 1946Cooper, TXNovember 13, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Holden, John Wade Dr.USA September 20, 1940Dallas, TXOctober 23, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Holder, Donald HenryUSAFApril 7, 1948Wood County, TXMarch 8, 1991Dallas, TX Black OakHopkins County, TXYes9585925
Hollingsworth, Tommy WayneS/SgtUSA March 22, 1945Winnsboro, TXNovember 6, 1993Dallas County, TX Shady GroveWood County, TXYes5603785
Holmes, Bobby RayUSNMarch 10, 1945August 10, 2000Pleasant GroveHopkins County, TX15633030
Holton, Roy GregUSAApril 3, 1949
Hood, Stephen JohnLt.USNDecember 21, 1949
Hooker, James PaulNat'l Gd.September 27, 1937Reilly Springs, TXMay 22, 2020Quitman, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX15940518
Hooker, Ronny LeeUSAFAugust 17, 1952Hopkins County, TX
Hoover, Joe DaleUSA February 19, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 1, 2011Rains County, TXElmRains County, TXYes63681857
Horne, Billy RoyJuly 11, 1936Dothan, ALMay 21, 2013Lake City, FLcrematedYes
Horton, Cary Jr.USA September 11, 1938Wake County, NCJanuary 18, 2018East CaneyHopkins County, TX186805532
Horton, Harold Jr. USAOctober 15, 1948Hopkins County, TX
House, Gary Morris Rev.USA September 13, 1945Hot Springs, Ark.February 11, 2015RestlawnHopkins County, TX142506255
Hucks, Donnie D.USA
Hudson, Frankie R.CplUSMCJanuary 24, 1949Crowel,Foard County, TXMay 26, 1998Saltillo, TXYantisWood County, TXYes25587329
Hughes, Charles StephenUSN October 18, 1946Ft.Sam Houston, TXSeptember 22, 2005Ft. Sam HoustonHarris County, TX16888041
Humphrey, Larry DuaneUSA January 24, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 30, 2004Lake Fork area, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX36546165
Hunter, David WayneSgtUSANovember 14, 1955Tarrant County, TXSeptember 26, 2006Emory, TXStouts CreekHopkins County, TX15953653
Hurley, Tommy RaySP4USA August 17, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 23, 2011Tyler, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes77028364
Hurley, William Noble Jr. Dr.Capt.USA December 1, 1944Dallas, TX September 17, 2000Red HillHenderson County, TXYes62165923
Hux, James E.USAFDecember 31, 1925December 15, 1972Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX37921444
Hyatt, Raymond EarlUSAOctober 5, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 1, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes
Hyde, Gene RaySOG2USN February 6, 1939Yantis, TXOctober 27, 2015Yantis, TXYantisHopkins County, TX154336703
Hynson, Charles B.USAJanuary 26, 1948
Hynson, Harold GeneUSA September 5, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 10, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX150452356
Irvin, William FrankUSASeptember 9, 1952Hopkins County, TX
Ishmael, Sterling Mac 'Uncle Mac'Nat'l Gd.September 11, 1942Hopkins County, TXSeptember 20, 2020Yes
Ivie, Warren Morris GlennUSAFDecember 3, 1935Silver City, TXNovember 6, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXYoungerPurdon, TX12349204
Jacks, Kenneth RayUSAFMay 22, 1937Angelina County, TXDecember 16, 2009Oak Grove Irving, TXYes205561084
Jackson, Richard LawrenceUSAFApril 28, 1948
Jenkins, Charles Randell 'Randy'USAJuly 22, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 21, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXPine HillHopkins County, TX203209997
Jenkins, John AlbertUSAAugust 23, 1943Newaygo County, MIFebruary 9, 2014Dallas County, TXcremated125220303
Jenkins, Kathy LynnUSANovember 24, 1954Hopkins County, TXSeptember 4, 2004Coconino, AZSeymoreHopkins County, TX66739011
Jenkins, Richard LeeUSAFNovember 9, 1944Chicago, ILOctober 4, 2018Hopkins County, TX202924144
Jenkins, Robert WalesUSAOctober 31, 1947Hopkins County, TX
Jennings, Herbert DeanUSAMarch 6, 1945
John, Harold 'Chief'USAFOctober 27, 1944Garvin, OKMay 5, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes26342521
Johnson, Asie LeePfcUSANovember 24, 1941Cumby, TXAugust 5, 1990Kilgore, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes8232632
Johnson, CleatusPfcUSAJanuary 23, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 24, 2012Tyler, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TX101435066
Johnson, Curtis RayUSAFFebruary 28, 1954Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 22, 2021Baghdad, IraqOld TarrantHopkins County, TX224107338
Johnson, Gary Lynn GarnerPfcUSAOctober 13, 1947Hopkins County, TXFebruary 28, 1969Viet NamTiraHopkins County, TX60514429
Johnson, Gene WayneA1CUSAFJanuary 30, 1944Beaumont, TXFebruary 2, 1998Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes25697650
Johnson, Gerald WayneUSMCMay 25, 1949Hopkins County, TXMay 8, 1977Sulphur Springs, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes91963841
Johnson, Mark WayneUSAFFebruary 12, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 1, 2005Dallas County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes84237403
Johnson, Robert Lee Jr.USAFebruary 28, 1946Hopkins County, TXSeptember 8, 1986Bexar County, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TX62362765
Johnson, Victor JamesUSNDecember 31, 1943Cooper, TXFebruary 21, 1994Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes59442958
Jones, Daniel MeltonPfcUSAAugust 28, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXMay 9, 2014Tyler, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes129630049
Jones, Donald E.USAFMarch 31, 1947
Jones, Eddie FerrellUSASeptember 23, 1943Hunt County, TX
Jones, J.D.USAJuly 31, 1931Hopkins County, TXJune 26, 2014Ft. BlissEl Paso County, TXYes133501237
Jones, PaulaUSAFDecember 7, 1952Evansville, ILDecember 14, 2021Lubbock, TXTiraHopkins County, TX
Jones, Robert GlennUSNAugust 10, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 3, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYes142288757
Jones, Ronald WayneUSA
Jones, Ronnie CharlesM/SgtUSAFFebruary 11, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 11, 2015Ellis County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX149184394
Jones, Tracy JoeSp4USAMay 14, 1943Hopkins County, TXJanuary 24, 1991Galveston, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TX62453041
Jordan, Terry LeeUSNFebruary 10, 1941
Joslin, Jerry GlennUSASeptember 11, 1942Hopkins County, TX
Joslin, Melvin J.USAApril 12, 1931February 3, 2019Royce City Rockwall County, TX196640576
Julian, DaleUSADecember 2, 1939Sulphur Bluff, TXNovember 12, 1997Oklahoma City, OKRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes23514721
Julian, Jeffery RayUSAJune 11, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 14, 1981Victoria, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37060971
Katchinska, Richard EarlUSMCJanuary 19, 1948Tarrant County, TX
Keadle, James F.Army Nat'l Gd.June 19, 1941Hallsville, TXJuly 3, 2014Tyler, TXLongHopkins County, TX132345902
Keelin, WillarUSAMay 17, 1935Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 27, 2007MahoneyHopkins County, TXYes28463056
Keller, Henry AllenUSASeptember 7, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 26, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TX
Kelley, Billy WayneGM2USNDecember 31, 1926November 11, 1988NeltaHopkins County, TX87161160
Kelly, Frankie JoeUSAJune 18, 1950Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 26, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TX225129767
Kennimer, Arnold RoyceUSAMarch 30, 1947Alba, TXDecember 31, 2000Tyler, TXYantisHopkins County, TX6085537
Kids, Harold LloydNat'l Gd.February 6, 1936Royce City, TXFebruary 13, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes208285279
Kimble, Sidney Earl Jr.USMCApril 18, 1949June 23, 2020DFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX213086407
King, Mark EdwardUSNSeptember 29, 1958Alpine, TXMarch 30, 2014CumbyHopkins County, TX129317651
King, Mortie StevenE-4USASeptember 25, 1948Pittsburg, TX
King, Walter MichaelE-5USASeptember 25, 1948Pittsburg, TX
Kirkpatrick, James EdwardUSADecember 31, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 15, 2019Hunt County, TXBrighamHunt County, TX94104833
Kirtley, James DavidPvtUSAMarch 11, 1954January 26, 2001CitySulphur Springs, TX33061608
Kirtley, James LeeUSAFSeptember 18, 1946Dallas County, TXMay 5, 1969Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes53726139
Kirtley, Larry WayneCplUSMCNovember 24, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 28, 1971Dallas County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX46857061
Klein, Keith FosterUSAJanuary 12, 1944Greenville, TX
Knight, Jerry DaleTX Nat'l GdNovember 30, 1951April 11, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXDaugherty
Kreck, William DaltonUSAF
LaGregs, Jay GaryLt.Cdr.USNMay 20, 1940San Diego, CADecember 15, 2009Frisco, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TX45572942
Laird, Roland Ralph 'Jack'USAFebruary 21, 1941Madison, WIApril 5, 2020Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes208804670
Lakey, Billy LeemanCplUSAOctober 20, 1939Bonham, TXJune 13, 2008Dallas County, TXMcWright Hunt County, TXYes27836974
Lamb, Morton Eugene 'Nelson'USMCSeptember 12, 1953Los Angeles, CAMarch 1, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXcremated106197863
Lambert, Roert Sr. 'Pops'Army Res.May 9, 1939February 7, 2005Hopkins County, TX142351166
Lancaster, Jerry MacAE2USNOctober 30, 1947Hopkins County, TXFebruary 16, 2021Sulphur Springs, TX
Landers, Jack Barnett Jr.USAJuly 21, 1947Hopkins County, TX
Landers, RonnieUSMCAugust 6, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 19, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX
Largent, John AllanUSMCFebruary 15, 1947Dallas County, TX
Lascko, George S. USNJune 7, 1948January 31, 2018Sulphur Springs, TX
Latham, Max Gordon Dr.Capt.USADecember 8, 1938Weatherford, TXNovember 6, 2020Montague County, TXElmwoodMontague County, TXYes218099500
Latimer, PhillipUSANovember 17, 1956Hopkins County, TXDecember 20, 2021Hunt County, TXcreamated235090957
Layton, Larry WayneJanuary 1, 1953Lake Charles, LAJanuary 5, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXAiquierHopkins County, TX140940917
LeBlanc, Jerold LouisMajUSAFJune 4, 1944New Orleans, LAAugust 13, 2010Yantis, TX58505061
Lee, Bobbie GeneUSAOctober 8, 1937Hopkins County, TXJune 26, 2014Fredericksburg, Tx.TiraHopkins County, TX171324136
Lee, Curtis RayUSASeptember 16, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXMay 13, 1902Tyler, TX174360408
Lee, William J.A3CUSAFAugust 1, 1946June 23, 2001CitySulphur Springs, TX54247883
Leshe, Gene Sr.Sp 5USANovember 27, 1934Shreveport, LAMarch 22, 2017Yantis, TXRock HillWood County, TXYes177639516
Levine, Alan StuartUSAJanuary 16, 1947Dallas County, TX
Lewis, Charles EdwardSgtUSAJune 27, 1932Houston, TXOctober 6, 1967Viet NamMel HavenHopkins County, TX51982274
Lewis, DonnieUSAOctober 7, 1949Paris, TXAugust 31, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX230893125
Lewis, Ronald D.USAOctober 7, 1949Lamar County, TXFebruary 2, 1984Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37061121
Lewis, Thomas Odom 'Tom'USAAugust 25, 1929Oakdale, LAJuly 1, 2010Gilmer, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX58580995
Lewis, Tommy GlennRM3USNMarch 18, 1942Merkel, TXSeptember 2, 2008Dallas County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX29636633
Lile, JimmyUSAJanuary 27, 1953Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 12, 2021Sulphur Springs, TX
Lindstrom, Timothy AllenUSNGApril 30, 1946Richmond, CAMarch 24, 2019Hopkins County, TXcremated
Lishe, GeneMarch 22, 2017Yantis, TX
Lockhart, George BarryCpt.USAFFebruary 17, 1947December 21, 1972Viet NamArlington Nat'l Cem.Arlington, VA49248783
Logan, Sterling GlennUSMCMay 1, 1944Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 5, 2016
Long, Randell AllenUSAJuly 16, 1948Hopkins County, TXNovember 5, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TX
Long, William Howard Dr.Col.USAFJuly 19, 1937Sulphur Springs, TX
Lucas, Hansel AlfordUSNAugust 9, 1938Hopkins County, TXSeptember 13, 2003Dallas County, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TX7872213
Lucas, Weldon GeneUSMCMarch 17, 1942Hopkins County, TXJanuary 15, 2011Denton, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes64286273
Luttrell, John EdwardUSNDecember 25, 1941Fannin County, TX
Lyle, Bonnie A. Jr.USAFNovember 1, 1931Oil City, LAFebruary 21, 2018Como, TXComoHopkins County, TX187497380
Maag, David StevenUSAFJune 7, 1952
Maddox, Jackie KaremCPOUSNJanuary 30, 1936Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 28, 2020Seafor, DEDelaware Veterans MemorialMillsboro, DEYes222143578
Mahaffey, Aubrey GlennLt.Col.USAFMarch 8, 1923Uvalde County, TXNovember 28, 2009Burnet County, TXHigh Valley Baptist ChurchSan Saba County, TX67795557
Malone, Chales D.PvtUSAJuly 26, 1944December 21, 1995Old SaltilloHopkins County, TX26147073
Mark, BobUSNNovember 15, 1937Springfield, COAugust 31, 2012Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes96308582
Marsh, James MichaelRM2USNMarch 10, 1949Marshall, TXSeptember 20, 2021Sulphur Springs, TX
Martin, Alton ClaybornCplUSMCFebruary 20, 1953Lakeview, TXSeptember 15, 1996PeerlessHopkins County, TX77523735
Martin, Gerald GlennSP4USADecember 18, 1944Dallas County, TXJanuary 3, 1968Dallas County, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TX51550811
Martin, Hanford Lynn Sr.USAApril 6, 1948Tarrant County, TXAugust 4, 2010Santa Clara County, CAElmo Kaufma County, TX198054598
Martin, John D.SgtUSAJune 21, 1945Lamesa, TXJune 14, 1969Viet NamRichlandHopkins County, TXYes6094644
Mason, Larry KentCPOUSNSeptember 7, 1942Ft. Madison, IAAugust 11, 2011Smith County, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TX74820997
Massey, Thomas ElvinUSADecember 22, 1935Wood County, TX
Masters, Jimmy IVUSAFSeptember 8, 1953December 2, 2021Greenville, TX
Mathews, Jerry DaleUSAApril 25, 1944Brinker, TXJanuary 29, 2018Dallas County, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYes186948422
Mathews, Robert Larry 'Bobby'Nat'l Gd.February 11, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 7, 2014Dallas County, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TX124900951
Matthews, Benny E.PvtUSAOctober 11, 1951Sulphur Springs, TXApril 12, 2020Hopkins County, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes209111011
Matthews, James MarkUSNJanuary 10, 1951
Matthews, Larry GenePfcUSAMay 13, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXMay 13, 1984Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes25698811
May, Lester CarrollSp4USAJuly 3, 1940May 15, 2004Miller GroveHopkins County, TX19943903
Mayberry, Sherman EdwardUSNFebruary 14, 1936Cable, OHApril 23, 2014Winnsboro, TXYes
Mayfield, Thomas OdellSp4USASeptember 29, 1942White Oak, TXJanuary 11, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXYates Memorial GardenHarrison County, TXYes64142086
Maynard, Roger 'Tex'USAMarch 26, 1940Swan, TXMarch 14, 2020Hopkins County, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX208077643
Mays, Benny GeneCplUSMCFebruary 19, 1945Saltillo, TXJanuary 2, 1990Vienna, VARestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36572526
Mays, James TravisLcplUSMCNovember 18, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 9, 2004White Settlement, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes9452199
McBrayer, James Roy Jr.Col.USAFJune 2, 1916Oklahoma City, OKMarch 14, 1992Fort Sam HoustonBexar County, TX3033406
McCasland, Roy GlenUSAJuly 12, 1944
McComb, Charles Dale 'Chuck'USAFApril 27, 1939Lampasas, TXOctober 30, 1986Sulphur Springs, TXCopperas CoveCoryell County, TXYes198463092
McConnell, Thomas Hugh IIIUSAOctober 25, 1937Dallas County, TX
McDonald, David Bond 'Big Dave'SgtUSAFJune 15, 1948Dallas County, TXDecember 4, 2002Grand Saline, TXHaven of MemoriesCanton, TXYes29420559
McGehee, Kelly DwightCapt.USAAugust 7, 1943Amarillo, TXNovember 28, 2020Lake Highlands, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX219163154
McGlamery, Ronnie DaleUSNNovember 20, 1946Hopkins County, TX
McIllwain, Billy EdUSMCSeptember 21, 1955Hopkins County, TX
McIntire, Ray WindellUSAMay 15, 1938Hopkins County, TXSeptember 1, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXSherleyHopkins County, TX231632990
McIntire, Robert E. S/MajUSMCMarch 13, 1924Sulphur Springs, TXJune 18, 1990Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37995141
McKinney, Lee A.USMCFebruary 19, 1941Asheville, NCMarch 21, 2017Yantis, TXYes
McKnight, Charles GlennSp4USAApril 13, 1947Springfield, TNJune 20, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXFairviewTitus County, TXYes52353640
McLarry, Dan RichardRM2USNMarch 22, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXMay 2, 2005Paris, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes15067027
McLeroy, James DawsonCplUSMCFebruary 15, 1942Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 24, 2015Garland, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX174220308
McManus, Clifford JerrellSp5USAAugust 17, 1941Corpus Christi, TXMay 21, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31009820
McNally, Charley BrentUSAAugust 28, 1952Dallas, TX
McQueen, RussellADJ3USNApril 2, 1943Hopkins County, TXNovember 14, 1986Hunt County, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TX14686376
McWilliams, Charles WayneUSAFebruary 1, 1956Dallas, TXAugust 24, 1989Tarrant County, TXLibertyHopkins County, TX28348302
Means, Charles EdwardUSNSeptember 4, 1952March 31, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TXYes62659630
Medina, Anastacio H.USAMarch 8, 1942
Merriott, Charles Sr. Rev.ABUSAFAugust 12, 1944Suger Creek, MOSeptember 20, 2000Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX20011059
Middleton, Steven AlanUSAJune 20, 1945Los Angeles, CASeptember 19, 2011Hopkins County, TXcremated
Millard, Bruce EdgarSgtUSAMay 25, 1948Joplin, MOSeptember 29, 2000Dallas County, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYes19943914
Miller, Charles RogerUSAFebruary 26, 1942Hopkins County, TX
Millsap, Johnny LynnLCPLUSMCDecember 12, 1947Dallas County, TXAugust 10, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX182500583
Millsap, Larry DeanUSAFebruary 11, 1945Dallas County, TX
Minter, Wilbur LovingLCplUSMCSeptember 26, 1946Garland, TXMarch 14, 1968Viet NamPine ForestHopkins County, TXYes17124915
Mitchell, Danny MurellUSMCDecember 12, 1950Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 20, 2006Dike, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes15548229
Mitchell, James Ripley Jr. 'Rip'USAOctober 1, 1952Dallas County, TXSeptember 30, 1995Santa Rosa Beach, FLCitySulphur Springs, TXYes55416108
Mobley, Dewey WilburnANUSNNovember 27, 1943Hunt County, TXMarch 11, 1985Hunt County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX50071702
Moore, James Edgar 'Jim'M/SgtUSAFJune 14, 1945Hunt County, TXSeptember 5, 1986Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX31009955
Moore, RobertUSAFOctober 31, 1953Carthage, MOJuly 2, 2021Tyler, TXN. HopkinsHopkins County, TX
Moore, Roger DaleSgtUSAMarch 28, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 7, 2018Paris, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes193838798
Morris, Charles H.T/SGTUSAFMarch 30, 1936Gainsville, FLFebruary 20, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXSouth LibertyHopkins County, TX158517862
Morris, Dennis GreggUSAFebruary 23, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 26, 2019Sulphur Springs, TX
Morris, Edward EarlSeptember 25, 1953Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 11, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TX229557193
Morris, Jimmy M. 'Bubba'USAJanuary 3, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 15, 1995Mt.Pleasant, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31010071
Morris, Ricky WayneUSNSeptember 9, 1947Hopkins County, TXMarch 26, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX18954724
Morris, Sherman RussellPvtUSASeptember 11, 1935Bay City, TXMay 31, 1998Sulphur Springs, TXPoseyHopkins County, TX23140924
Morrison, Arthur Volney III 'Art'USNatGdApril 27, 1937Texas February 29, 2016Collin County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX158847825
Moseley, Johnny RayPfcUSAJanuary 31, 1939Hopkins County, TXAugust 13, 2009Hopkins County, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes149960961
Mosley, Francis DouglasSp4USANovember 15, 1943Winnsboro, TXOctober 22, 2008WinnsboroPicktonHopkins County, TXYes30818373
Moss, Ivan LynnT/SGTUSAFMarch 2, 1946September 8, 1998Pleasant Grove NHopkins County, TXYes51289745
Moss, Jerry DanCplUSAOctober 19, 1941Wood County, TXNovember 21, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXLittle HopeWood Cty. Tx.120637270
Moss, Jon Thomas Jr. 'Johnny'USAAugust 17, 1945Paris, TXFebruary 6, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXOaklawnDelta County, TX222661135
Moss, Terry E.USNNovember 9, 1950Mesa, AZJanuary 12, 2007Memphis, TNNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes67522885
Mote, Jerry C.USMCMay 31, 1935Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 24, 2016Sulphur Springs, TX174360480
Mowell, Murray DonUSAJanuary 13, 1943Sulphur Springs, TX
Murray, John AnthonyT/SGTUSADecember 26, 1944Dallas, TXApril 28, 2016Dallas, TXcremated185791957
Murray, John W.SgtUSA
Myles, William Kerry Rev.February 17, 1943Hopkins County, TXDecember 31, 2002Lincoln Memorial ParkDallas, TX143968502
Nabors Robert WayneUSNSeptember 6, 1950Cheyenne, OKJuly 30, 2012Three Rivers, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes28165895
Nash, Charles EdwardUSAApril 29, 1947Hopkins County, TXFebruary 2, 2011Hopkins County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes84456629
Nash, Robert JoeUSAMarch 15, 1949June 23, 1990East CaneyHopkins County, TX23478253
Neal, Donald JayUSNApril 23, 1946Covington, KYJanuary 27, 2012Georgetown, TXGabrielsGeorgetown, TXYes
Neal, Kenneth E.M/SgtUSANovember 15, 1934Hopkins County, TXJuly 6, 2002Hereford, AZFt. Huachuca Cochise County, AZ108691034
Neal, Larry LynnUSANovember 30, 1951Greenville, TX
Nelson, Terry DonPfcUSAMarch 25, 1944Tarrant County, TXJanuary 26, 2009Moore Memorial GardenArlington, TX95833150
Netz, Ronald E. RMSNUSNOctober 31, 1941August 20, 1988RestlawnHopkins County, TX37592652
Nichols, Wilburn RaySFCUSADecember 23, 1939Hopkins County, TXMay 2, 1997Garland, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX9586195
Nix, LeonUSAApril 9, 1932Cullman, ALJune 19, 2014Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes131607409
Norton, Harris NealUSAFJuly 22, 1943Quitman, TXJuly 18, 2020Plano, TXcreamatedYes213890211
Odin, Douglas Paul USMCMarch 14, 1942Grand Isle, NEOctober 3, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXMidwayFranklin County, TXYes53990144
Odom, Larry GreggUSAFMay 29, 1940Hopkins County, TXJanuary 26, 1997Sulphur Springs, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TX50609072
Oppenheim, Jeffery StephenUSAFJune 1, 1946Alameda County, CA
Osborn, Charles Todd Jr.USAJune 5, 1942Port Arthur, TX
Owens, Herbert Wesley Sr.USAFebruary 13, 1950Odessa, TXAugust 19, 2012Tyler, TXWeilandHunt County, TXYes95674346
Owens, Larry EugeneUSNAugust 14, 1946
Oxford, Charles GaylorUSAOctober 27, 1936Wood County, TXOctober 9, 2020Sand Springs Wood County, TX58499979
Palmer, Edward I. II1Lt.USAAugust 31, 1941Greenville, TXMay 14, 2020Garland, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX211381416
Parish, Billy Ray 'Bill'USANovember 15, 1933August 27, 2016Pleasat GroveHopkins County, TX169042866
Parker, Kenneth BoydSP5USAJune 18, 1947McKinney, TX
Parks, Steve EugeneUSMCSeptember 25, 1946Kankakee, IL
Patterson, Michael Scott Sr.USNOctober 31, 1951Sulphur Springs, TX
Patterson, Robert JamesSP4USNApril 27, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 14, 2021Greenville, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX232118205
Patton, Jerry DonPfcUSAOctober 28, 1948Dallas County, TXJuly 12, 1969Viet NamRestlandDallas, Tx.Yes78619210
Patton, John PerryUSAFApril 25, 1934Hopkins County, TXJanuary 16, 2004Dallas County, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TX55238716
Patton, Kenneth GeraldUSAFebruary 7, 1941Commerce, TX
Patton, Ted RobertA3CUSAFJuly 3, 1934January 19, 1987PeerlessHopkins County, TX59879825
Payne, Dale H. Sr.USAMarch 16, 1946Dallas County, TXJuly 9, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes73192376
Payne, Dan FranklinUSMCMarch 9, 1945Texarkana, ArkSeptember 2, 2003Dallas County, TXMt.SterlingHopkins County, TXYes33988797
Payne, Gaylon EdwinNat'l Gd.February 23, 1935Hopkins County, TXSeptember 18, 2016Tyler, TXWeaverHopkins County, TX170178296
Payne, Larry RayPfcUSASeptember 1, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 20, 2014Dallas County, TXWeaverHopkins County, TX139220329
Payne, Thomas KeithCplUSMCFebruary 5, 1949Whitesboro, TXJune 19, 1995Dallas County, TXFairviewCooke County, TX116666294
Payton, Reginal LeeUSASeptember 22, 1951Sulphur Springs, TX
Pence, MarkUSMCMay 18, 1950Blair, NEJanuary 3, 2020Yes
Penny, Frank JamesUSNJune 12, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 26, 2018Lubbock, TXRestlandDallas County, TXYes194295493
Pepper, William JonUSAFAugust 22, 1945Pittsburg, TX
Perkins, Joe B.USAJuly 3, 1935Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 4, 2015TexasRestlawnHopkins County, TX150363739
Peters, David MillerT/SGTUSAFOctober 13, 1935Choctaw, OKApril 12, 2004Tyler, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TX26167721
Peters, Thomas WayneUSAMay 10, 1945Daingerfield, TX
Petty, Ronald WayneUSNAugust 13, 1948Fresno, CAJuly 7, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes
Phillips, Ronald L.USAMay 24, 1947
Pickering, Robert EdwardUSAFSeptember 2, 1943
Pierson, Lawrence EugeneUSAFFebruary 11, 1947Newport News, VA
Pittsley, Robert R.USNSeptember 29, 1945Winchester, KYOctober 7, 2004Kilgore, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36573966
Plaxco, Ronny LemUSAMay 28, 1946Hopkins County, TX
Pogue, Alfred MackUSAMay 18, 1934Sulphur Springs, TX
Pope, Clifford DeanUSNMarch 9, 1952Ft.Campbell, KYDecember 28, 2011St.Petersburg, FLYes
Post, Leslie MurrayUSADecember 20, 1952Hopkins County, TX
Post, Robert Valta Jr.USARMay 6, 1948Hopkins County, TX
Potter, Randy WayneUSASeptember 15, 1949Dallas County, TX
Potts, James E. 'Jimmy'ANUSNJune 8, 1941Dallas County, TXJuly 26, 1987Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18955331
Pounds, Billy EugeneM/SgtUSAFAugust 6, 1934Wood County, TXNovember 15, 1998SeymoreHopkins County, TX66645024
Powell, Billy WayneUSMCNovember 25, 1943Greenville, TXJanuary 1, 2002Paris, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes70057982
Powell, John DouglasLt.USNJanuary 16, 1943Abilene, TXSeptember 6, 2007Taos, NMSanta Fe Nat.Cem.Santa Fe County, NMYes22575949
Price, Elvis E. Jr.USNDecember 17, 1957Mt.Pleasant, TXJanuary 5, 2008McKinney, Tx.Mt.SterlingHopkins County, TXYes53154541
Price, Sherman GaryA2CUSAFNovember 16, 1938Wood County, TXJanuary 22, 1977Dallas County, TXMyrtle SpringsWood County, TX30810937
Pritchett, Jerry WayneUSNOctober 12, 1946Hopkins County, TX
Proctor, George ArthurUSMCJune 21, 1951McLennan County, TX
Pruitt, Marion Richard 'Dick'MajUSAFApril 16, 1932Luka, MSApril 28, 2014Granbury, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes135107523
Pruitt, Michael WayneUSAAugust 15, 1950Hopkins County, TXSeptember 30, 2016Dallas County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TX170831275
Quinn, Charles DavidPfcUSAJune 3, 1935Granbury, TXNovember 4, 2010Hopkins County, TXGranbury Granbury, TX61369464
Quisenberry, John MurrayJune 19, 1943Summerville, SCSeptember 28, 2019Sacramento, CASeymoreHopkins County, TXYes203928281
Radney, William LurellUSAOctober 25, 1945Wood County, TX
Ragan, Kenneth RayUSASeptember 1, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 18, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes55211783
Ramsey, Charles MarlinSgtUSAAugust 21, 1941Hopkins County, TXJune 5, 1969Viet NamWoodman Bowie County, TX50426354
Randall, Virgil Cleo Jr.USAAugust 6, 1954
Randolph, Gerald WayneUSAAugust 2, 1944Hopkins County, TXMay 20, 2012Sulphur BluffHopkins County, TX90505746
Rapp, Phillip ArthurUSAOctober 20, 1938Kalamazoo, MIOctober 31, 2014Tyler, TXMt.Ever-Rest Memorial ParkKalamazoo, MI193836805
Ray, DeweySp4USAJuly 10, 1944Pike County, KYMarch 12, 1969Viet NamRay Family Pike County, KYYes177674668
Reed, RogerUSAMarch 30, 1954Hopkins County, TX
Reed, Terry Michael1Lt.USAFJanuary 22, 1945Knox County, INJune 23, 1969Viet NamArlington Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes15477364
Reeves, Roy O. USAFMay 24, 1944
Renshaw, James RonaldUSNDecember 19, 1948Dallas, TXAugust 15, 2012Wood County, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYes95463871
Reynolds, Claude Earl Dr.USAApril 13, 1933Deport, TXFebruary 18, 2020
Reynolds, Jerry DanUSAJune 14, 1947Hopkins County, TX
Reynolds, Robert AuthorUSNJune 10, 1923November 13, 1984Dallas County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX63678365
Reyolds, Weldon DalePvtUSANovember 25, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 20, 2003Dallas County, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYes67238496
Rhodes, BobbyA1CUSAFMarch 3, 1944Lamar County, TXSeptember 21, 2014Paris, TXEvergreenLamar County, TX136312492
Rhodes, Timothy V.Sp4USAJuly 29, 1945Hopkins County, TXAugust 15, 1967Viet NamHillcrestKaufman County, TX73480558
Rich, Cecil Wayne Jr.November 19, 1939Tarrant County, TX
Richard, Charles Dwayne USNJuly 25, 1944Ada, OKOctober 25, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXYes
Richards, Rodger ArlandPfcUSADecember 6, 1947Spur, TXDecember 19, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXCuthandRed River County, TXYes71728788
Richey, Rodney HaroldUSMCFebruary 1, 1946Sulphur Springs, TX
Riley, Douglas LaningUSNDecember 15, 1945
Riley, Larry LeeUSAOctober 17, 1948OklahomaJune 1, 2015Lamar County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TX147285642
Risley, David NealApril 3, 1940Dennison, OHJuly 19, 2014Winnsboro, TXYes
Ritchie, David GeneUSAApril 8, 1950Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 11, 2009Tyler, TXComoHopkins County, TXYes46347202
Roberson, Joe EddUSAJuly 28, 1941Hopkins County, TXDecember 3, 1996Lamar County, TXTiraHopkins County, TX60181330
Robinson, Marvin DeeUSANovember 27, 1945LeFlore County, OKFebruary 25, 1991Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes51353808
Roby, Charles DonaldCol.USAFSeptember 25, 1928Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 21, 1979Viet NamArlington Nat'l Cem.remains recovered 15-Dec-1988Yes98557932
Rogers, Jimmie LeeUSASeptember 4, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXApril 20, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXYes145408733
Rogers, Neal EugeneUSNDecember 11, 1939Downing, WIAugust 12, 2020DFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes214427519
Rogers, William ElbertNat'l Gd.May 25, 1940Dallas County, TXFebruary 2, 2019Hopkins County, TXConnorHopkins County, TXYes196609434
Rollins, Danny RayUSAOctober 12, 1954Dallas County, TX
Rooks, James EdwardUSAFOctober 7, 1945Lamar County, TXMay 18, 2016Hopkins County, TXcrematedYes163002931
Rose, Jerry LynnPfcUSANovember 17, 1950San Antonio, TXNovember 10, 2003Pittsburg, TXNew PicktonHopkins County, TXYes73800527
Russell, David LamarUSAFNovember 29, 1951Jackson, MSDecember 23, 2020Sulphur Springs, TX
Russell, Jerry PayneUSAAugust 6, 1946Greenville, TXNovember 5, 2007Dallas County, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes23467903
Rutledge, Ronald DaleUSAJune 19, 1947Collin County, TXAugust 5, 2007Grayson County, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX26238055
Sanders, Curtis EugeneUSAFAugust 29, 1944Hopkins County, TX
Sanders, Lloyd Grant Sr.USAJanuary 4, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 14, 1994Dallas County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478316
Sanderson, Jimmy LloydUSAFApril 1, 1946Hot Springs, SDApril 2, 2008Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36308967
Sandlin, Stephen KinlawM/SgtUSAFJanuary 4, 1942Washington D.C.September 20, 2012Longview, TXRosewood ParkLongview, TX97588867
Sartin, Johnny BobUSASeptember 17, 1947Hopkins County, TXApril 30, 1988Hunt County, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYes5212934
Sartin, Billy George Jr.Nat'l Gd.December 18, 1952Hopkins County, TX
Satterwhite, Dwight KingUSMCApril 16, 1945Bexar County, TXSeptember 24, 1966Viet NamSeaside Memorial ParkCorpus Christi, TXYes58647561
Scarborough, Carl DeanMay 16, 1939Hopkins County, TXFebruary 27, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX31027824
Schaffan, Donald RaymondUSAFebruary 18, 1942
Schuster, Jack HerbertLt.Col.USAFSeptember 17, 1933Erie, PASeptember 22, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes216061763
Scott, Horace WayneUSNNovember 16, 1943Cooper, TXJuly 31, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TX181930299
Scott, Jackie DonS/SgtUSAMay 9, 1943Mahoney, TXMarch 5, 2010Tyler, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes55882658
Scott, William DavidUSAMay 5, 1940Mahoney, TXApril 26, 2017Dallas, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes178832382
Segler, Leonard NathanelUSAFSeptember 4, 1938Cumby, TXSeptember 19, 2014Plano, TXYes
Self, James RandolFAUSNApril 25, 1936Hopkins County, TXJune 6, 2000Mt.Vernon, TXGreenwoodHopkins County, TXYes40297903
Sells, Clyde DavidMay 31, 1946Brazoria County, TXMay 3, 1981Yantis, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYes66166720
Semple, Steven E.USADecember 9, 1948Philadelphia, PAMay 13, 2017Greenville, TXcremated191268744
Sevier, Samuel LeeUSNJanuary 15, 1947Dallas County, TX
Sewel, Sonny JuanS/SgtUSMCFebruary 14, 1930Crowell, TXMay 18, 1975Hopkins County, TXMartin SpringsHopkins County, TXYes35923455
Sewell, Robert EarlSAUSNJuly 22, 1947Bexar County, TXDecember 1, 1972Honolulu, HAComoHopkins County, TX53641120
Seymore, Allen DeWayneS/SgtUSAJune 7, 1951Abilene, TXMay 10, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes129675831
Shackelford, Robert PaulUSAFNovember 21, 1953Caldwell County, TX
Shafer, Charles WesleyUSAFDecember 24, 1944
Shafer, Gerald WayneUSAMay 27, 1945Dallas County, TX
Sharber, Joe HalNat'l Gd.October 17, 1943Franklin County, TXJanuary 29, 2017Laurel Oaks Memorial ParkMesquite, TX175884798
Sharp, Billy MerleSp4USAAugust 13, 1951Hopkins County, TXMay 21, 2005Bowie County, TXPine ForestHopkins County, TX11007602
Sheffield, James Craver Dr.USAAugust 27, 1947Dallas County, TX
Sheffield, John Milo iiiLtColUSAFJuly 21, 1933Hopkins County, TXOctober 24, 1992Hopkins County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX59047140
Shelton, John EdwardSp5USAJuly 4, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 10, 2001Tyler, TXTyler Memorial ParkSmith County, TXYes149497970
Shelton, Ken WayneSFCUSAApril 5, 1936June 11, 2001ConnerHopkins County, TX60723804
Shepard, Luthern Lacey Rev.USMCSeptember 28, 1938August 3, 2010Dallas County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes61370602
Shepard, Monroe StevenUSANovember 9, 1938Hopkins County, TXJanuary 6, 1980Denton, TXKrum JacksonDenton County, TXYes12647796
Shields, William E.USAF
Shing, Ralph StevensUSAFFebruary 14, 1951Dallas County, TX
Shockey, W.O.SFCUSAApril 4, 1936GrapevineFebruary 3, 2009Tyler, TXComoHopkins County, TXYes35117289
Shrode, Carl LeonCM/SgtUSAFJuly 1, 1930Hopkins County, TXDecember 28, 1998Harris County, TXNeltaHopkins County, TX50350325
Shull, Jiles Perry Jr. 'JP'USANovember 29, 1934Dawson, TXAugust 18, 2012Paris, TXSmith Henderson County, TX95769566
Sides, DonUSNSeptember 18, 1947Gorman, TXJanuary 2, 2015Longview, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX140897408
Silva, Robert JohnUSNDecember 30, 1946Oakland, CASeptember 12, 2003Ft.Worth, TXcrematedYes
Simons, Robert WilliamUSA
Sims, Caesar L. Jr.SgtUSAFDecember 10, 1948St. Mark, TXMarch 25, 1995Winnsboro, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes76972555
Sims, Carter Lewis Jr.USAJune 23, 1933Hopkins County, TX
Sink, Dennis RonaldUSNSeptember 7, 1943Santa Clara County, CA
Skauge, Gordon DonovanUSNMarch 17, 1943
Skeen, Marlon EdwardSp4USAMarch 29, 1943July 26, 1989Sulphur BluffHopkins County, TX72449452
Skeen, William CharlesUSMCFebruary 5, 1949Hopkins County, TXJanuary 12, 1999Dallas County, TXConnorHopkins County, TX60724859
Skelton, Jimmy RayUSNAugust 3, 1947Hood County, TXMartin SpringsHopkins County, TX
Skelton, William BartonUSNAugust 18, 1945Hopkins County, TX
Smiddy, Jerry WayneUSAJune 15, 1937Hopkins County, TXMay 22, 2016Dallas County, TXTiraHopkins County, TX163254951
Smidy, Ronald JoeSgtUSAFMay 16, 1947Paris, TXSeptember 6, 1977Dallas County, TXTiraHopkins County, TX53744245
Smith, Avery Wayne IIUSAJune 6, 1942
Smith, Billy DanUSMCJune 16, 1951Dallas, TXAugust 14, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXFinleyFinley, OK230854080
Smith, Charles ThomasJuly 13, 1944March 5, 2006New HopeWood County, TX99647820
Smith, Charles ThomasUSNAugust 19, 1947Commerce, TXDecember 12, 2015ShilohDelta County, TXYes194245327
Smith, Donald WayneSp4USAJune 18, 1946Gainsville, TXFebruary 27, 1966Viet NamMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYes5072898
Smith, Gary LeeUSANovember 3, 1946Lamb County, TXMarch 6, 2004Lubbock, TXLittlefieldLamb County, TXYes8570866
Smith, Jack K.USAF
Smith, James LawrenceIC3USNNovember 9, 1948Midland County, TXJanuary 3, 1987Pine ForestHopkins County, TX62996127
Smith, Jerry EugeneNat'l Gd.October 6, 1946Sherman County, TXApril 4, 2013Arizonacremated108287122
Smith, Jimmy PratherPfcUSAOctober 11, 1934February 11, 2003WeaverHopkins County, TX96241595
Smith, Larry SteveMA1USNOctober 10, 1944Sulphur Springs, TXMay 4, 1986McKinney, TXNew ShirleyHopkins County, TX5559792
Smith, Lowell Duane 'Smitty'Sp5USAMay 18, 1939Wild Rose, WIJanuary 14, 1995Como, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes9586254
Smith, Ray AllenUSAApril 17, 1946IllinoisJuly 28, 2015Yes
Smith, Rayburn DaleA2CUSAFApril 13, 1941Hopkins County, TXJanuary 27, 2013Hopkins County, TXBrashearHopkins County, TX104337235
Smith, Richard BlairUSAOctober 22, 1947
Smith, Robert LynnUSMC
Smith, Ted LeeUSNFebruary 21, 1953Dallas County, TXSeptember 13, 1993Sulphur Springs, TXPilgrim Rest #1Emory, TXYes64651452
Smith, Wray D. (O)USADecember 18, 1949
Snyder, Robert A.USMCSeptember 24, 1952Newkensington, PAMarch 17, 1999Blue Springs, MOYes
Sowell, Roger AsaUSAOctober 30, 1943Dallas, TXNovember 10, 2019Cumby, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes
Spangler, Max RaySp4USAApril 2, 1949Pickton, TXJanuary 12, 1968Viet NamPicktonHopkins County, TXYes27054719
Sparger, Maxie LewisUSNMay 4, 1944Travis County, TXAugust 8, 2003Bellingham, WAcrematedYes
Sparks, Wilson S. Jr.USADecember 13, 1940Hopkins County, TXAugust 2, 2019Minnehaha County, SDDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX202553884
Speed, Billy DonUSAJanuary 24, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 21, 1984Sulphur Springs, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes92002477
Speed, Donnie SherrillUSNAugust 20, 1944TexasDecember 31, 1980McCulloch County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX55355374
Speights, George AltonUSAApril 11, 1935Hunt County, TXJuly 15, 2017Mt. ZionHopkins County, TX181497891
Spencer, Grover Cleveland IIIUSAJune 15, 1945June 30, 1992East CaneyHopkins County, TX23478338
Stanley, Ronnie LeeUSAFJanuary 12, 1949Dallas County, TX
Stephens, Ronald FranUSAMarch 2, 1947Hopkins County, TX
Stewart, David AllenUSADecember 27, 1950Hunt County, TX
Stewart, Jesse DonUSAJuly 25, 1945Hunt County, TXJune 21, 1968Hopkins County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX50071006
Stewart, Teddy GeraldSNUSNDecember 26, 1939April 16, 2005Pleasant GroveHopkins County, TX15796427
Stinson, Robert Alan 'Buddy'PvtUSAAugust 19, 1949Chicago, ILMarch 17, 1982Houston, TXComoHopkins County, TXYes49372559
Stonaker, James HoytUSNDecember 26, 1946Dallas County, TXNovember 6, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes51166820
Stone, Gary LeeS/SgtUSANovember 18, 1946Hopkins County, TXJanuary 10, 2009Paris, TXMartin SpringsHopkins County, TXYes59751250
Stone, Roger AllenSgtUSAOctober 10, 1943Walker County, FLNovember 17, 1965Viet NamRoselawnWood County, TX65970594
Stout, Richard M.USAFNovember 6, 1947Plainview, TXSeptember 2, 2002Como, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36312144
Strait, David LeonLCPLUSMCJune 25, 1948CaliforniaSeptember 13, 1967Viet NamCitySulphur Springs, TX51091699
Stribling, Jackie LeonCplUSMCFebruary 2, 1946Dallas County, TXJune 8, 2004Tyler, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes19284844
Stripling, Kenneth PaulUSMCJuly 5, 1943Dallas, TXAugust 18, 2015DeSoto, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYes150991688
Stunkard, Travis Leon Sr.Sp5USAFebruary 2, 1945Delta County, TXMay 27, 1998Dallas County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TX60273808
Stutts, Douglas LaneUSAMarch 5, 1936Terrell, TXApril 7, 2000Dallas County, TXHighland Memorial GardenTerrell, TX14758763
Sullivan, James L.USANovember 22, 1938Pecan Gap, TXApril 15, 2017Commerce, TXYes178478654
Sutterfield, Charles MichaelUSAMay 5, 1953New Orleans, LAJanuary 7, 2008Como, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes26515622
Sutterfield, James EdwardUSMCFebruary 2, 1947Grand Prairie, TXJanuary 20, 2001Tyler, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes62445456
Swancy, James AndrewCplUSAApril 9, 1947Hopkins County, TXSeptember 23, 1967Viet NamRestlandDallas, TX45453452
Swor, William Thompson III USMCDecember 14, 1948Dallas County, TXJanuary 31, 2006Tyler, TXHarmonyHopkins County, TXYes27422216
Sykes, Leo Edward Jr.2CPOUSNOctober 25, 1937Moorhead, MSMay 18, 2016Dallas County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes163006530
Tarno, John EdwardSgtUSAJanuary 9, 1938Dallas County, TXMarch 29, 2016Fannin County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX160232275
Taylor, Alvin DwightNat'l Gd.December 22, 1942Paragould, ARNovember 11, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXcremated218768205
Taylor, Jeff Ector IIISp5USAAugust 13, 1946Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 28, 1994Sulphur Bluff, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes72423529
Taylor, Steven WayneUSAMarch 17, 1949Lamar County, TX
Thomas, Bill MackUSAFebruary 9, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 23, 2015Dallas County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes141742837
Thomas, Everett Scott Sr.USNJuly 22, 1912December 24, 2000East CaneyHopkins County, TX23478349
Thomas, Maurice Jr.SgtUSASeptember 7, 1950Kansas City, MOMay 1, 1987Dallas County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478358
Thomas, Richard E.USA
Thomas, Robert E. Jr.M/SgtUSAFApril 12, 1926January 23, 1989RestlawnHopkins County, TX31129424
Thompson, Charles G.SKCMUSNAugust 26, 1930Winnsboro, TXJanuary 31, 2005DFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX10429216
Thompson, Garry ByrdUSAFMay 5, 1944Sulphur Springs, TX
Thompson, Robert HenryNat'l Gd.January 16, 1940Sugar Hill, TXSeptember 26, 2014Tyler, TXOaklawnDelta County, TXYes136483969
Thompson, Thomas HaroldM/SgtUSAJune 8, 1915March 20, 1995RestlawnHopkins County, TX36487666
Thorman, Dennis KeithUSMCNovember 21, 1943Carlyle, ILMay 5, 1969Dallas County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes58463693
Thorpe, Dana E. USAFApril 8, 1944Framingham, MAAugust 15, 2015Yantis, TXYes
Thurman, Joe DudleyUSAFAugust 18, 1946Hopkins County, TX
Tiegiser, Don P.IC3USNMarch 28, 1950Cleveland, OHJuly 6, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes132447078
Timmons, Charles SewardPvtUSAMay 14, 1951October 24, 2006Hopkins County, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TX51829554
Tipping, Paul GeneUSAFJune 4, 1936Red River County, TX
Titsworth, Jerry WayneUSAAugust 2, 1941Hopkins County, TXJanuary 20, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXOaklawnDelta County, TXYes206929175
Tolly, Kenneth PaulUSNSeptember 14, 1953Hopkins County, TXAugust 17, 2020RichlandHopkins County, TX214889266
Tosh, GeneLtColUSAOctober 3, 1936Stanford, TXApril 4, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX178346647
Tramel, Marcus A. Jr.USMCSeptember 27, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 28, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes194390720
Trapp, John ClaudustADR3USNDecember 7, 1946North Island, CAJanuary 17, 2002Kerrville, TXFt.Sam HoustonHarris County, TX69907366
Trepanier, Arthur DavidUSAFApril 5, 1940
Trout, Rickey DewaynePfcUSADecember 2, 1954Lubbock, TXFebruary 1, 2008Lubbock, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYes66733927
True, Freddy JoeUSAJuly 6, 1941January 31, 1991RestlawnHopkins County, TX31129626
Tucker, Jerry W.USA
Tully, Paul VanUSAFebruary 4, 1953Franklin County, TX
Turner, James HenryUSAAugust 15, 1949Greenville, TXNovember 3, 2001Woolsey Rains County, TX78600862
Turner, Larry DeLaineUSNJune 26, 1953Hopkins County, TX
Turner, TrenisUSMCJune 3, 1943Dallas County, TXNovember 18, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXYes172943341
Underwood, Robert LeeSgtUSASeptember 10, 1949Ripley, TNJanuary 6, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes80709183
Vaden, Robert BeasleyA1CUSAFMay 16, 1938Birthright, TXAugust 23, 1984Sulphur Springs, TXAiguierHopkins County, TXYes27571126
Vaden, William J.LCPLUSMCNovember 8, 1970Viet NamHurstTarrant County, TXYes
Vail, LewisUSAFNovember 29, 1928Decatur, MichiganApril 16, 2018Pickton, TXPine ForestHopkins County, TXYes153671435
Van Wey, Joe Dan GeorgeUSAFMay 26, 1940Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 12, 2020Tyler, TXcremated214427469
Vance, Johnny AllenUSAJanuary 7, 1950Kaufman County, TX
Vance, Kenneth KeithUSAFDecember 29, 1947Cardwell, MO
Vaughan, Albert WesleyUSAJanuary 31, 1939Harris County, TXNovember 26, 2005Hunt County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX12870186
Vaughn, Lannie RayUSMCJuly 13, 1951Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 27, 2003Ingram, TXGarden of MemoriesKerr County, TXYes61804908
Vickers, Gary AnthonyUSAApril 27, 1950Smithville, TNMay 2, 2003Dallas, TXcremated185462322
Vickers, Royce CarlUSNMay 5, 1940Hopkins County, TXMarch 25, 2018Lamar County, TXLamar County, TX
VonDall, Ronald JohnUSMCAugust 17, 1938Belcourt, NDJanuary 15, 2015Temple, TXElmRains County, TXYes141353442
Wade, Donnie GeneUSA
Wafford, Wayne RayUSASeptember 10, 1940Tishomingo, OKDecember 17, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes186005445
Wagner, Glenn MorganA1CUSAFAugust 3, 1942Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 30, 1988Dallas County, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYes51726581
Wakeman, Richard EarlUSADecember 27, 1940Rusk County, TXJanuary 22, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TX124053138
Walker, David MitchellUSMCOctober 21, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 20, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes90395042
Walker, Joe DonUSAOctober 5, 1952Greenville, TXApril 7, 2010Dallas County, TXConnorHopkins County, TXYes61147448
Walker, Ronnie RueUSNSeptember 8, 1943Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 9, 2016Dallas, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX169765758
Walker, Tommy EugenePfcUSMCJanuary 8, 1951LouisianaJune 13, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX167743907
Wallace, Bobby JoeUSMCMarch 7, 1936Hopkins County, TXDecember 24, 2013GrapevineTarrant County, TX160219136
Wallace, Floyd RandolphUSAJuly 16, 1954Dallas County, TXSeptember 25, 2018Hunt County, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TX193449575
Wallace, Roy Leon Sr.USAJanuary 2, 1938Hopkins County, TXFebruary 28, 2001RestlandDallas, TX6788780
Waller, Charles WilliamLt.Col.USAFJune 26, 1942
Waller, Garry PenderUSNSeptember 6, 1942Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 5, 2018Cisco, TXCisco, TXYes
Waller, Jimmy RobertUSAF
Walthall, Carol EugeneSp4USASeptember 13, 1941April 19, 1994Lamar County, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TX92005192
Ward, Larry KennethCplUSMCNovember 2, 1952Terry County, TXNovember 19, 1983Red River County, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TX72417235
Warren, Marcus ClarenceUSNNovember 9, 1943Joiner, ARJuly 5, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXSouth LibertyHopkins County, TXYes212467726
Washington, Jimmy KennethUSA
Watson, BillyUSMCOctober 11, 1932Hopkins County, TXApril 21, 2021Rockwall, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX226021113
Watson, Everett LeeSgtUSAMarch 14, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 16, 1977Dallas County, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes8984204
Watson, James EarlUSAFDecember 28, 1945Donley County, TXMay 7, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXCal Farley's Boys RanchOldham County, TX Yes73851945
Watts, Johnnie MichaelSN1/CUSNJanuary 29, 1948Hopkins County, TX
Weaver, Gene AllenCol.USAOctober 27, 1928Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 25, 2018Columbia, SCArlington Nat'l Cem.187756716
Weaver, William LynnUSNDecember 27, 1945Dallas, TXAugust 24, 2016Dallas, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX18986545
Webb, Jimmy PaulA3CUSAFMay 3, 1943January 18, 1964Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TX35407049
Weeks, Wayne NealionUSAJanuary 14, 1942Sandwich, ILNovember 21, 2013Dallas County, TXUnknown120961643
Welch, Charles VirgilUSMCJune 7, 1945Carthage, TXJanuary 26, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes109628215
Welch, Ronald Bruce Sr.USNMarch 25, 1944Portland, MEApril 5, 2021Sulphur Springs, TX
Wells, William J. W. O. USADecember 12, 1924Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 29, 1987Temple, TXKilleen MemorialKilleen, TXYes
Wesson, HaskellS/SgtUSAFDecember 1, 1930October 12, 1992YantisWood County, TX5628530
Wesson, Robert WayneUSMCAugust 3, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 12, 2015Pasadena, TXYes141583610
West, James Harlan 'Pat' Jr.USANovember 11, 1937Hopkins County, TXSeptember 12, 1994Hopkins County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX57290333
Westbrook, NashUSA
Westbrook, Weldon C.USMCMarch 15, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXJune 3, 2011Wise County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX103163359
White, Donald WinslowUSAF
White, Gene R.USAF
White, Glen MackUSANovember 17, 1941Quitman, TXAugust 20, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXMyrtle SpringsWood County, TX231418223
White, Larry DaneSp4USAMay 8, 1947Boone County, WVJuly 18, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes15134301
White, Phillip HaydenUSA
White, Roberty Clark Sr. USAJuly 28, 1926Lamesa, TXDecember 14, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes226228378
White, Zella Marie (Hubbard)USA
Whitefeather, Raymond HawkUSNNovember 18, 1944Hudson County, NJJuly 5, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes202292793
Whiteman, James Bedford Jr. USNFebruary 28, 1944Clarksville, TXJune 24, 2017Como, TXMadras Red River County, TXYes180710060
Whitlock, Ronnie KeithUSNAugust 4, 1944Lamar County, TX
Whitten, Archie G.USAF
Whittle, Gary DaleUSNMarch 27, 1939Matador, TX
Wigington, Melvin 'Ace"Gy/SgtUSMCJuly 12, 1941Woodsboro, TXMarch 30, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX225166962
Wiginton, Melvin Martin "Ace"USMCJuly 12, 1941Woodsboro, TXMarch 30, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes225166962
Wilbur, Johnny AlbertUSAOctober 4, 1943Ft.Sumner, NMMarch 27, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXcremated87536541
Wilburn, Dewey DanielAO3USNDecember 19, 1942Saltillo, TXSeptember 13, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TX60281686
Wilburn, Phillip HaskellUSAOctober 17, 1944Hopkins County, TX
Wilhite, Terry DonUSNMarch 26, 1945Hopkins County, TXJune 16, 1976Hopkins County, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TX77687578
Wilhite, Thomas StevenUSASeptember 22, 1950Dallas County, TX
Wilkie, Randol WayneUSAFebruary 26, 1944
Wilkins, Albert C.MajorUSA
Wilkins, Donald E.USAFcremated
Wilkinson, Dick TylerPfcUSAApril 25, 1948Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 2, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes59186166
Wilks, Jacky RayUSAJuly 20, 1949Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 29, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes63503184
Wilks, Kenneth Wayne 'Bubba'Sp4USAFebruary 1, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 5, 1999RestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36488282
Willey, Gary LynnPfcUSAJuly 24, 1949Sulphur SpringsJune 2, 1973Como, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TX50831720
Willhelm, Dwight WilburtUSN
Williams, BenUSNNovember 3, 1946Dallas, TXApril 28, 2021Pickton, TXcreamated226235965
Williams, Matthew David Sr.USMCNovember 29, 1951Denison, TXJune 26, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TXYes51828645
Williams, O. D. Jr. Sp4USAJune 23, 1951Kansas City, MOJuly 12, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478465
Williams, Virgil WaynePv2USAAugust 23, 1948May 29, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes140577420
Williamson, Richard WayneNGNovember 9, 1945
Williamson, Robert EdwardUSAcremated
Willis, James Jr.USA
Willis, Jerry D.USA
Willitts, Robert EdwardUSA
Willmann, Larry D. USNJune 21, 1944Sulphur Springs, TX
Wilson, Anthony ReeceAugust 4, 1946Quanha, TXAugust 5, 1979Lodi, CAYantisWood County, TXYes5628534
Wilson, Jerry LynnUSAApril 12, 1946August 16, 2003ComoHopkins County, TX54465831
Wilson, William RichardUSAMay 24, 1950
Winchester, LeroyUSASeptember 16, 1942Delta County, TXMarch 11, 1997Delta County, TXConnorHopkins County, TX5362485
Winstead, John TommyUSA
Winstead, John TommySP4USNOctober 18, 1946Campbell, TXSeptember 7, 2021Hopkins County, TX
Wise, Cletus F.USN
Wood, Jerry DonUSMCDecember 2, 1941Cooper, TXNovember 6, 2015Paris, TXOld KlondikeDelta County, TXYes
Wood, William DavidNat'l Gd.January 13, 1938Cooper, TXMarch 20, 2017Enloe, TX177793296
Wooten, James RobertDecember 4, 1939Cumby, TXDecember 6, 2012RestlandDallas, TXYes
Wright, Alton L.USASeptember 4, 1947Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 27, 2016Sacred HeartRowlett, TX175603875
Wright, David RonnieSp5USAMay 12, 1946Borger, TXFebruary 12, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes105140722
Wright, HaroldUSANovember 29, 1945Sulphur Springs, TXApril 11, 2018Dallas County, TXSt. LukeHopkins County, TXYes188756345
Wright, James AlvinS/SgtUSAFApril 12, 1942Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 16, 1969Dallas County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36563921
Wright, LendallCplUSMCMay 11, 1951Hopkins County, TXFebruary 12, 1973Dallas County, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TX62396961
Wyly, Alton MauriceUSAFebruary 21, 1931Martin Springs, TXAugust 13, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes14686312
Wyly, Travis LeePvtUSMCFebruary 21, 1941Pickton, TXMarch 31, 2010RockdaleHopkins County, TX50898430
Wynn, Gary LynnUSAJune 5, 1946October 17, 1993RidgewayHopkins County, TX52419652
Young, Allen CarlSP5USAMarch 10, 1945February 1, 2001EvergreenLamar County, TX14789072
Young, William WayneUSAFDecember 22, 1939Hopkins County, TXOctober 29, 2008Mt. SterlingHopkins County, TX31063495