Other Hopkins County Veterans

“Other Hopkins County veteran” is used to describe those who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces  regardless of duty location that did not serve under any specific named military conflict. This database is the result of 7 or 8 years of research by several HCGS volunteers. It is a work in progress as new information will be added as new veterans and information on existing veterans are found. If you have any additions or corrections please contact the HCGS library at 903-885-8523 or email hcgstx@suddenlinkmail.com. Be sure to tell the volunteer which conflict or time frame the veteran served in. These will be updated periodically.

Allen, Paul MichaelUSASeptember 9, 1958Sulphur Springs, TxMay 28, 1990St. LukesHopkins County, TX23663183
Baucum, Douglas WayneUSAOctober 12, 1939Delhi, LAMarch 3, 2020Mesquite, TXcrematedYesYes207957690
Belcher, BartUSAFDecember 15, 1958Mt.Pleasant,TXSeptember 29, 2020Odessa, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes216243982
Bennett, David SellersUSARJuly 24, 1977Hunt County, TXFebruary 8, 2012cremated130705326
Blair, David LeeUSNAugust 26, 1940Strafford, MONovember 15, 2020Winnsboro, TXLee Wood County, TX
Burney, Bobby C.USAMay 16, 1940Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 28, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes202552532
Cheatham, Harold "Spoof"CplUSAAugust 9, 1930Ft. Cobb, OKMarch 23, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX225165479
Clark, Clarence EdwardUSAFMarch 23, 1938Hopkins County, TXOctober 11, 2014Cumby, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYes137169471
Crawford, Gerald DonOctober 26, 1968Dallas County, TXJuly 27, 2009Denton, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYesYes60395387
Crowson, BillySgtUSAJune 22, 1928Birthright, TXJune 20, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXTiraHopkins County, TX228776738
Daniel, Wallace HaroldUSANovember 14, 1929Como, TXSeptember 17, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes215834967
Danielson, Larry Sr.N.G.October 16, 1938Rolla, NDMay 19, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXNorth Hopkins Hopkins County, TXYesYes199302525
Davis, Ronny GeneUSAFOctober 23, 1957Dallas County, TXDecember 14, 2020MahoneyHopkins County, TX219871912
Davis, Tonya M. SimsUSAAugust 31, 1959
Dennis, Nelson ErrolUSNOctober 14, 1952Westbrook, MNJanuary 26, 2019Hopkins County, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TXYes211637514
Dial, Tony W.USAMay 20, 1958Hopkins County, TXDecember 1, 1981Dallas County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478012
Foster, Richard EveretteUSNMarch 30, 1939Lexington, NCJuly 26, 2004Winnsboro, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes16677580
Foster, Steven 'Pops'USNApril 19, 1955Alameda, CANovember 25, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXYesYes
Griggs, Andrea Day WilliamsUSAOctober 25, 1970Longview, TX
Gunter, Albert RoyUSARJuly 13, 1940Lamar County, TXAugust 12, 1992Dallas County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX23611690
Hall, RandyN.G.June 19, 1939Sulphur Springs, TxDecember 6, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX
Hamilton, Charles E.USMCSeptember 25, 1956July 27, 2016Old SaltilloHopkins County, TX180447070
Hampton, Wesley AllenPvtUSMCJune 13, 1957
Hankins, L. G.PvtUSAApril 22, 1939Mahoney, TXAugust 30, 2021Mahoney, TXHopkins County, TX231730218
Hill, Christopher O'NeilUSANovember 17, 1961Sulpur Springs, TXSeptember 16, 2016Las Vegas, NVDFW Nat' Cem.Yes170399983
Hoffman, Donald JamesUSNDecember 7, 1939Fannin County, TXJune 3, 2020Smith County, TXOakwoodFannin County, TXYesYes210797702
Hopper, KennethUSNJune 26, 1936Hopkins County, TXAugust 17, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TX214556033
Jacobsen, Richard S.USADecember 10, 1927Luverne, NDApril 11, 2019TexascrematedYesYes
Latham, Max Gordon Dr.N.G.December 8, 1938Weatherford, TXNovember 6, 2020Bowie, TXElmwoodBowie, TXYesYes218099500
Loggins, Jeffery LynnUSMCFebruary 8, 1960Denton, TXJanuary 20, 2021Cumby, TXLake CreekDelta County, TX221692918
Maeker, Larry GeneUSAOctober 9, 1938Slaton, TXMarch 17, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYesYes210379741
Matheny, Daniel AllenUSAJanuary 22, 1966San Angelo, TXOctober 21, 2017Tyler, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYesYes184533311
Matthews, Derrell StephensUSAJuly 9, 1927Ridgeway, TXMay 3, 2014WoodlandPickton, TX24556008
Matthews, Leo R.Sp4USASeptember 6, 1936
Miller, Freddie WayneNat'l Gd.April 25, 1937Middlesburg, KYMay 9, 2021Hopkins County, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TX226694965
Moon, DudleyS/SgtUSAFFebruary 9, 1936Ben Franklin, TXAugust 7, 2021Pleasant Grove NHopkins County, TX230751663
Moore, JeroldSP4USANovember 15, 1934Delta County, TXMarch 19, 2021GreenwoodTarrant County, TX224840023
Moore, Robert Michael 'Mike'SgtUSADecember 6, 1965Dallas County, TXDecember 12, 2019Grand Junction, CORestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes205750232
Patterson, Mike Sr.USNOctober 31, 1951Sulphur Springs, TXApril 29, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXPoseyHopkins County, TXYesYes209640667
Price, Elvis Ed "Eddie"USNDecember 17, 1957Mt.Pleasant,TXJanuary 5, 2008McKinney, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYes53154541
Randall, Clifford FranklinUSAFJune 3, 1929Fletcher, OKJanuary 10, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYesYes220950249
Rookwood, Dean AllenUSMCOctober 23, 1962Ventura, CASeptember 3, 2020Emory, TXYesYes
Scarborough, Dennis DeanUSMCOctober 29, 1975Wood County, TX
Seaberry, James LeeCplUSMCOctober 7, 1967Hennepin, MN
Sharber, CharlesN.G.October 11, 1938June 27, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes211942298
Smith, Huey LynnUSAFJune 16, 1937Hopkins County, TXFebruary 5, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes206870759
Smith, JamesUSMCSeptember 9, 1936Sulphur Springs, TxMarch 17, 2021Van, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX224627636
Smith, MelvinPFCUSAJune 29, 1942Turkey, TXFebruary 20, 2021Pickton, TXHouston Nat'lHarris County, TX226239572
Speights, George AltonPfcUSAApril 11, 1935Hunt County, TXJuly 15, 2017Cumby, TXMt.ZionCumby, TXYes181497891
Sprague, Ronald KeithUSMCOctober 11, 1932Hopkins County, TXApril 21, 2021Rockwall, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX
Stone, Tal WesleyUSAFJuly 5, 1936Hopkins County, TXFebruary 13, 2021Euless, TXMartin SpringsHopkins County, TX148360856
Sykes, Lew Edward Jr.USNOctober 25, 1937Sunflower Cty. MSMay 18, 2016RestlawnHopkins County, TX163006530
Tanton, Norwood LeonPFCUSAJuly 11, 1930Sulphur Springs, TxJuly 25, 2021RestlawnHopkins County, TX229961628
Thornton, Bill DozierSgtUSAJune 28, 1937Sulphur Springs, TXApril 9, 2020Karnes County, TXKarnes, TX209130633
Timmons, Jimmy LeeUSNDecember 14, 1955Pittsburg, TXJanuary 7, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TXYesYes206081553
Wagner, Bobby RayAugust 5, 1932Meridan, TXOctober 1, 2021Hopkins County, TXDFW Nat' Cem.Dallas County, TX
Wall, Wesley WayneUSNJune 12, 1956
Waller, JamesUSAFMarch 9, 1955Sulphur Springs, TXJune 6, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYesYes
Washington, Aubrey EarlUSAMarch 25, 1933
Webb, Ronald EugeneUSAApril 28, 1954Ashland, KYJuly 21, 2020Sulphur Springs, TX
Williams, David LeeUSAAugust 27, 1957Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 2, 2019Tyler, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYesYes202717223
Young, Pat Rev.TX Nat'l Gd.July 14, 2021
Young, Tonya MachelleUSAAugust 25, 1959