Union Cemetery


Located about 6 miles south east of Sulphur Springs off State Highway 154 then left or east on County Road 1444 six tenths of a mile to the top of the hill. The 2 1/2 acre cemetery is on the right and the Union Baptist Church and parsonage are to the left. In 1985 we erected a Tx. Historical Marker at the front gate which gives the earliest documented grave with only a small stone with initials on it to mark the site in the cemetery as 1861 and the oldest marked grave is dated 1875. We believe the cemetery goes back to 1850 but no proof has been found to support this.
There are 412 marked or known graves in the cemetery at this time. We know that there are more than 30 graves that knowledge of who they are or exactly where the graves were has been lost over the years. There were 125 small granite markers purchased to mark graves with when the cemetery committee made the decision to quit rounding up the graves and plant grass to stop erosion in 1965. At the time many of the names were known but as the old ones passed away the information was lost. To date I have documented the names and some of the dates of more than 80 of the graves. In 1992 the cemetery association members raised enough money to put a granite marker along the front fenceline that includes the names of those known to be buried in the cemetery.

The following list (searchable) will be in alphabetical order by last name with the women’s maiden names given where known.

I have more information on this cemetery than can be included here and am always glad to share any information with those interested. Also for anyone who might like to come. We have a Homecoming and Memorial Day Service the first Saturday in June each year. There is a program at 10:15am and then basket lunch in the fellowship hall of the church. It is open for anyone to come and join us.

Feel free to contact me for more information at any time. Sheila Funderburk, Sec. for Union Cemetery Assoc. e-mail addresses: popwowzer@yahoo.com  and sfundfarm@yahoo.com  home phone 903-383-2812. Updated through 29 June 2012.

Acrey, baby boyAbout 1918marker with initials B.A.
Acrey, John12509Marker with initials J.A.
Acree, Lola M.6708Marker with initials L.M.A.
Allen, John M.08 APR 187120139
Bailey, James W.18601954
Bailey, Joseph C.19011907
Bailey, Lela E.06 APR 189605 OCT 1897
Bailey, Sarah18601940
Bailey, Sarah A.05 JAN 18223867
Bailey, Theodore20022012
Bassett, Lysander Wallace II23 JAN 189024538Husband of Essie
Bassett, Essie Davis04 JAN 189026185Wife of Wallace Bassett
Bassett, Lola Grace49015498
Bassett, L.W. (Lysander Wallace)23 APR 18423577Civil Wat vet having served in
Co B 8th MS CSA
Bassett, E. (Nancy Emmaline Newsom)22 FEB 18486068Wife of L.W. Bassett
Bassett. M. Florence17 FEB 188224 AUG 1888
Bassett, Wallace Lawrence17 FEB 188222 SEP 1883
Baxley, L.C.749935579Husband of LaVerne
Baxley, Mark Avon2313823237Son of Nan C. Funderburk Baxley and Ray Gene Baxley
Bevill, James Wyatt07 OCT 189006 MAY 1894
Boggs, M.A. Dora04 Aug 185405 SEP 1881
Boggs, Tommie E.186715115
Brown, George W.539134978Husband of Viola Helton
Brown, Viola Helton275333874
Bush, Doris Jeanell Fox962831038Wife of Wm. T. Bush
Bush, William T.609335735
Breckenridge, Blanche12 MAY 186116953
Camper, Beatrice Fox14 AUG 1893101771st wife of Robert C. Camper
Camper, Betty Jean1992020420Dau. Of C.A. & Mildred Camper
Camper, Chester Arvil805028102WWII Vet husband of Mildred L. “Lee” Camper
Camper, James S.20 OCT 185913954
Camper, Mollie T.07 MAY 18696882Wife of James S. Camper
Camper, Mary Diane2339725755
Camper, Nola L.29 JUN 189528952
Camper, Robert C.01 SEP 189631086Husband of Beatrice and then Ora
Camper, Ora Kirkland5340328282nd wife of Robert C. Camper
Camper, Paul71097497
Camper, Reba Gerald969840572Korean War vet in Air Force husband of George Springer Camper
Camper, W.M.58629019
Camper, Wayne1103932106
Carr, Mary Adelia06 OCT 188723837Wife of Lonzie Lee Funderburk
Clifton, Albert186913012(no marker)
Clifton, Georgie1901At 30 years of age (no marker)
Clifton, Jessie H.22126439
Clifton, Sarah01 APR 1846693
Conner, Claburn18841960
Conner, Willie C.18821960Wife of Claburn Conner
Conner, R.L.52675451Son of R.L. and D.E. Conner
Crabtree, Annie A.10 MAY 189127009Wife of Ben W. Crabtree
Crabtree, Ben W.19 SEP 189020176
Crabtree, Henry W.674334897Army vet of WWII
Craver, Ruby Peddy19101996
Creek, Christine Camper19181969Wife of Homer L. Creek
Creek, Henry PFC1604424384In South Vietnam served in TX Hq 1 Bn 12 Cal son of Homer and Christine Creek
Crump, Avis18 JUL 189024856
Crump, James M.07 JUL 1844778
Crump, Lizzie15 AUG 1859786Wife of James M. Crump
Crump, Mont D.02 JAN 188024417
Crump, True20 SEP 189732659
Cunningham, Carrie I.07APR 188313 JUL 1891Dau. Of C.M. & S.E. Cunningham
(no marker)
Dalton, C.A.28 FEB 187317086(no marker)
Day, (infant)Dates unknown but service was held 04 FEB 1908 (no marker)
Day, James W.18811958
Day, Lela18801944Wife of James W. Day
Dillard, Mildred Jones839038630
Dexter, Thomas A.13 OCT 186116525(no marker)
Duncan, Arlevia18771946Wife of J.C. Duncan
Duncan, J.C.18751941
Duncan, Bertha Lorena123611671
Duncan, Bertha Lorena123611671
Duncan, C.A.676710 months old
(no marker)
Duncan, Daisy Ozella76749622
Duncan, Lois E.19131919
Duncan, Louis67605 years old
(no marker)
Duncan, Marion Esther61336402
Duncan, William Albert72757458
Fields, Sue Jane McKeever1479839612
Flanagan, A.H.13 OCT 18387416Civil War vet 3rd Reg TX Cal (So Ks-Tx Mounted Volts)