Civil War Muster Roll

Civil War Muster Roll, Hopkins County, Texas 1861
Muster Roll Captain R. R. Sissell’s Company

Muster Roll for beat, number 8, Hopkins County, enrolled by James G. Hamilton, August 17, 1861.  Original documents, Texas State Library, Austin, Texas.

R. R. Sissell, Captain
James G. Hamilton, 1st Lieut.
G. W. McIntire, 2nd Lieut.
J. W. Martin, 3rd Lieut.
A. O. Ashley, 1st. Sgt.
R. R. Moore, 2nd Sgt.
W. L. Miller, 3rd Sgt.
Bascomb Alexander, 4th Sgt.
J. O. Morgan, last Corp.

Ashley, J.S. Garrard, C.G. Miller, E.H.
Baker, William Goodwin, John Millsaps, C.F.
Bartley, A. Gray, J.P. Millsaps, F.
Bartley, W.E. Grayhan, Wm. C. Millsaps, Monroe
Bates, J.B. Hamilton, A.L. Millsaps, J.M.
Bean, W.W. Hamilton, R.M. Moore, D.F.
Bearden, Frank Hart, A.J. Moore, R.H.
Beasley, W.T. Henderson, Wm. Moore, S.T.
Bell, L.M. Hines, F.L. Moppin, B.I.J.
Bills, J.E. Hooten, E.R. Moreland, W.A.
Bills, J.W. Hooten, James Morgan., Abel
Black, Wm. Hooten, J.B. Morgan, D.E.
Brecheen, L.L. Hooten, W.B. Neal, J.H.
Brecheen, W.J. Hudson, A.J. Nidever, C.S.
Burdon, Carrol Hudson, T.A. Parkenhill, Jno.
Byas, N.W. Hudson, H.H. Pate, W.J.
Campbell, J.D. Jackson, James Partwood, J.H.
Cathay, A.J. Jackson, T.M. Rattan, W.C.
Cathay, C.W. Jernigan, J.G. Rea, J.H.
Chambers, John Johnson, James Roberts, Wm.
Chapman, C.F. Jordan, S.R. Sanders, Jas.
Chick, B.A. Kennedy, P.M. St.Clair, A.
Clawson, E. Kingston, C.E. Sexton, M.B.
Cowen, Samuel Kiser, Henry Sheltes, J.S.
Davis, Pearson Littepage, J.B. Shields, J. S.
Davis, Wiley McCombs, H. Shipman, Wm.
Dawson, John McIntire, E. Sissell, Henry
Ewing, Travis Marrs, J.H. Slaughter, S.J.
Fields, R.N.W. Martin, H.H. Smith, C.H.
Smith, Guilford Trevillion. F.T. Wilcox, J.M.
Smith, Guilford Underhill, W.H. Williams, G.W.
Smith, J.H. Vaughan, A.J. Williams, H.G.
Smoot, C. Wallace, Wm. Wolf, Corneilus
Steele, Jno. A. Wallace, Wesley Wynn, T.J.
Steele, Jno. H. Ward, Oliver Wynn, J.W.
Taylor, Thos. J. White, H.H.

Marilyn Hoye

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