Korean War Veterans from Hopkins County

“Korean War veteran” is used to describe those who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the period of September 3, 1945 to January 31, 1955, regardless of duty location. This database is the result of 7 or 8 years of research by several HCGS volunteers. It is a work in progress as new information will be added as new veterans and information on existing veterans are found. If you have any additions or corrections please contact the HCGS library at 903-885-8523 or email hcgstx@suddenlinkmail.com. Be sure to tell the volunteer which conflict or time frame the veteran served in. These will be updated periodically. 

Adair, Junior DelRayUSAJanuary 29, 1930Yantis, TXOctober 2, 2013Yantis, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes25587019
Adams, Arnold LawrenceCWO 4USAApril 27, 1928Ma. Or Vt. ?January 1, 1970
Adams, Johnny ThomasPvtUSAJuly 15, 1933Hopkins County, TXOctober 24, 1986Wood County, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYes40386869
Adams, Vernon LeeSTGC 5USNSeptember 6, 1935
Aiken, Charles EdgarUSAApril 1, 1933Atlanta, GA
Ailes, Billy JoeUSAJuly 7, 1930Delta County, TXJune 15, 2007Dallas, TXEast DeltaCooper, TXYes34476795
Akins, Clifford FreemanUSAAugust 27, 1929Miller Grove, TXOctober 16, 2001Russellville, Ark.Miller GroveHopkins County, TXYesYes19943839
Alberts, Troy EugeneCplUSAApril 13, 1930Birthright, TXAugust 22, 2000Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes63888337
Alcorn, Thurman LeeUSNAugust 28, 1930Greenville, TXApril 23, 1987Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes53724347
Aldrich, Foy WestalAugust 22, 1927San Angelo, TXAugust 26, 1996Hopkins County, TXRock HillYantis, Wood County, TXYes97132707
Alexander, Clifton L.USAJune 28, 1927Collin County, TXNovember 17, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYesYes100833446
Alexander, Idas RayA1CUSAFDecember 11, 1933Texas City, TXMarch 31, 2014Plano, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes127289020
Alexander, Ivan Jr.USAFMay 16, 1932Emory, TXFebruary 14, 2013Emory, TXEmoryRains County, TXYesYes105621769
Alexander, James WeldonJanuary 13, 1935Rusk County, TXDecember 24, 1968Rusk County, TXPirtle BaptistRusk County, TX5785027
Alford, Aubert DowlUSAAugust 11, 1930Pickton, TXFebruary 3, 2010McKinney, TXRidgeviewCollin County, TXYesYes47604512
Alkire, Wm. HershelA1CUSAFMarch 27, 1933Lost Creek, WVMarch 26, 2004Reilly Springs, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes15941566
Allan, George WardApril 1, 1932Bronx, NYNovember 4, 1983near Rowlett, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes25684071
Allen, Billy JackUSAMay 8, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 7, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYesYes155850097
Allen, Donald RayUSNMay 8, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXJune 15, 1991Sulphur Springs, Tx.BrashearHopkins County, TXYes5842804
Allen, Kenneth 'Curly'USAMarch 2, 1930Brinker, TXFebruary 23, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYesYes197085721
Anderson, Arlon LoydUSAJune 16, 1925Hopkins County, TXJuly 30, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes5553227
Anderson, Donald PaulT/SgtUSAFAugust 8, 1934Seminole, OKSeptember 21, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXSam Houston Nat'l232392414
Anderson, Ennis AvonSeptember 5, 1929Brashear, TXMarch 2, 2011Arlington, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYesYes69440448
Anderson, Henry DonT/SgtUSAAFSeptember 21, 1935Hopkins County, TXJuly 31, 1991Dallas County, TXTiraHopkins County, TX59967070
Anderson, Hugh ElishaSfcUSANovember 15, 1921Texas City, TXOctober 31, 1962died in serviceRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37384224
Anderson, Jerry FloydUSANovember 5, 1934Como, TXSeptember 20, 2016Lubbock County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes170365966
Andrews, George HaroldUSAFMarch 8, 1935Hayward, WIAugust 20, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXYesYes
Ardis, John Archibold 'Jack'USAJuly 12, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 13, 1994Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes53727465
Arias, AntonioUSNJanuary 27, 1934Los Angeles, CAMarch 4, 2000Sulphur Springs, TXRiverside Nat'lRiverside, CAYes82456898
Armstrong, BobUSNSeptember 2, 1933Saltillo, TXNovember 17, 2014Plano, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TXYesYes139058243
Arnold, Tommy LindenUSNDecember 5, 1932Commerce, TXDecember 12, 2006Greenville, TXRosemoundCommerce, TXYes27719649
Arthur, Bobby RuaPFCUSMCApril 16, 1928Arlington, TXMarch 8, 1951KoreaCitySulphur Springs, TX55207210
Askew, Carl WeltonUSAMay 9, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 29, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXInglewood ParkInglewood, CAYesYes119681522
Avaritt, Franklin RiblerSgtUSAJune 20, 1930Saltillo, TXMay 20, 2017TexasDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas, TXYesYes179639983
Bailey, Roy LeeSgtUSANovember 2, 1926Hopkins County, TXApril 11, 1981Dallas, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes70049490
Bain, James NorrisApril 15, 1931Hopkins County, TXJanuary 3, 1986Sulphur Springs, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TXYes36023795
Bain, James RobertUSAOctober 7, 1939Hopkins County, TXFebruary 12, 1991Pine ForestHopkins County, TXYes14154888
Baker, Jack WinstonUSAFAugust 12, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 6, 2018Cumby, TXMoore Memorial GardensArlington, TXYesYes194579147
Balkcom, Ichabod Lafayette IIIUSAFSeptember 3, 1928Miami, FLNovember 17, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36154791
Ball, Jessie ThomasSp3USAMarch 12, 1930Hopkins County, TXFebruary 15, 1982Eugene, ORPeerlessHopkins County, TX91909608
Ballard, BobbyUSAMarch 15, 1941Sulphur Springs, TXApril 4, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYesYes
Barksdale, R.A.Sp5USAOctober 25, 1932Mitchell County, TXJune 16, 2010Bluebonnet Hills Memorial ParkColleyville, TXYes53891586
Barnes, Gerald WayneUSNOctober 28, 1933Greenpond, TXOctober 19, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes204004009
Barnes, Harvey WayneCplUSAFebruary 10, 1933Hopkins County, TXApril 15, 1952GermanyCumbyHopkins County, TX69494694
Barnhart, James JosephUSNFebruary 24, 1930Uniontown, PAJanuary 18, 2015Como, TXcrematedYesYes141536328
Barrett, Weldon EugeneUSAJune 26, 1934Cumby, TXApril 8, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes68121311
Barrow, Billie RaySP3USAMarch 6, 1933Van Zandt County, TXJuly 24, 1992Shreveport, LAWinterfieldHopkins County, TXYes53976879
Barton, Charles WadeCplUSASeptember 26, 1929Granbury, TXJuly 2, 2015Emory, TXEmory CityRains County, TX148600779
Battle, Henry ClaudeUSAMarch 26, 1929Merit, Hunt County, TXAugust 13, 2012Cumby, TXNevadaCollin County, TXYesYes95394164
Baucom, DavidUSASeptember 18, 1937San Antonio, TXOctober 8, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX233205621
Baughman, Wayne D.SP5USADecember 16, 1933Hunt County, TXApril 6, 2005Bonham, TXBrigham Hunt County, TX63048116
Baumann, William Jack "Bill"PvtUSMCDecember 5, 1933Hopkins County, TXJune 10, 1997Wood County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX58271273
Baxter, James WilliamUSADecember 14, 1928Hopkins County, TXJune 3, 2007Wylie, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes57353586
Bays, D.C.S/SgtUSA
Bays, Dennis CroweFebruary 27, 1924Green County, INMay 6, 1989Sylvania Green County, Ind. 13036769
Beasley, BillS/SgtUSMCJanuary 1, 1970January 1, 1970
Beaty, Armond ClintonMsgtUSAJanuary 15, 1932Dexter, NMFebruary 7, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX146659564
Beenken, Erwin MerleUSADecember 13, 1927Titonka, IAMarch 10, 2011Denison, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYesYes66908249
Beggs, Mitchell RayUSAFMarch 26, 1932Sunny Point, TXSeptember 6, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXCumbycrematedYesYes76214947
Belcher, Sanford Looney Jr. USAJune 11, 1933Hunt County, TXApril 2, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes144573718
Bell, Henry DellMay 20, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 27, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TX55069450
Bell, Hoyle USAFApril 24, 1929Deport, TXJuly 30, 2010Mt.Pleasant, TXMilton Lamar County, TXYes61366138
Bell, Norman K.USAFAugust 17, 1921Jasper County, MDMarch 31, 1986Kaufman County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX26687326
Benton, J.W.USNSeptember 19, 1933Titus County, TXOctober 14, 2017WinfieldTitus County, TXYes24251033
Berry, Floyd LenlyUSASeptember 19, 1930N.Caney, TXAugust 2, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXSt. LukeHopkins County, TXYes23671083
Bingham, Bascom EdwinJune 6, 1938Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 17, 1979Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX63501980
Birdwell, Billy KeithSNUSNApril 22, 1932Young County, TXSeptember 17, 1999Houston, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes30664975
Bishop, JerryPfcUSMCFebruary 10, 1938Greenville, TXMay 30, 2006Dallas County, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TX14630482
Blackmon, Doyle WayneJune 27, 1927Cooledge, TXOctober 25, 2003Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes30665013
Blassingame, Bobby DeanPfcUSAAugust 8, 1930Hopkins County, TXNovember 8, 2000Hopkins County, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX81467678
Blevins, Bennie MoodyCplUSMCJanuary 3, 1932Austin, TXOctober 30, 2006Farmers Branch, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYesYes16474398
Blount, Jerry KennethUSAAugust 4, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXApril 22, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYesYes128560967
Boatright, ArchieUSNMarch 28, 1934Paris, TXDecember 23, 1988El Paso, TXRockfordnear Paris, TXYes36880915
Boaz, William Carroll IIIANUSNSeptember 28, 1933Durant, OKAugust 23, 1985Malakoff, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes15941575
Bohmer, George HenryS/SgtUSAFebruary 8, 1939Mena, Ark.July 15, 1997Dallas County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX54192478
Bomar, WilliamUSAFNovember 26, 1936Wichita Falls, TXJune 15, 2021Paris, TXRobert LeeCoke County, TX228591650
Bowden, Edwin LewisMarch 23, 1934Kleberg Cty. TXDecember 9, 2006Dallas, TX
Boyd, Thomas WebsterUSAFJune 9, 1931Pittsburg, TXSeptember 10, 2015Hopkins County, TXWinterfieldHopkins County, TXYesYes152172045
Braden, Joe TomSP3USANovember 15, 1932Hopkins County, TXSeptember 24, 2009Pickton, TXCaneyHopkins County, TXYes60603160
Bradford, Carroll WashingtonUSAFDecember 21, 1929Hopkins County, TXSeptember 13, 2009RestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes60512355
Bramlett, Raymond Earnest1 LTUSAMarch 11, 1929Brashear, TXFebruary 5, 2012Plano, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYesYes84625111
Branch, Thurl L. PfcUSAMarch 2, 1932Hopkins County, TXMarch 16, 1976Franklin County, TXPurley Baptist Church Franklin County, TX38555094
Branom, Doyle JoeUSAJune 13, 1929Emblem, TXJuly 20, 2010Dallas, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TXYesYes55404974
Brantley, Homer WillieSgtUSMCJune 23, 1929Ft. Worth, TXJanuary 13, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes123393829
Brewer, Clyde Vernon Jr. USAAFFebruary 4, 1930Wortham, TXFebruary 11, 2015Bonham, TXLone DoveCherokee, TXYesYes142516395
Brewer, EugeneT/SgtUSAAC/USAFDecember 13, 1923Kansas City, MODecember 28, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXcremated103038119
Brewer, Flavy MeltonUSAOctober 18, 1937Gladewater, TXJuly 25, 2009Como, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes60395068
Brewer, WeldonCDRUSNJune 27, 1922Franklin County, TXSeptember 20, 1991Sulphur Springs, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes14414973
Brice, Carl StantonCMDRUSNJuly 12, 1920Tira, TXAugust 23, 1997Sulphur Springs, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYesYes60193475
Bridges, Doyle L.SgtUSAJuly 26, 1928Weaver, TXJune 9, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXPicktonHopkins County, TXYes73715679
Bronson, Max LeonUSNMarch 3, 1931Ellinwood, KansasDecember 30, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYesYes63544031
Broughton, Bobby JoeUSAJanuary 3, 1938Midway, TXDecember 19, 2021Sulphur Springs, TX
Brown, C.W. 'Bill'USAAugust 9, 1928Dallas CouJuly 5, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXOld TarrantHopkins County, TX72936914
Brown, Earl WayneUSCGJuly 16, 1939Dallas, TXDecember 5, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYesYes121432335
Brown, Gene DolenUSAFDecember 25, 1933Fulton, Ark.May 13, 2014Mt.Vernon, TXComoHopkins County, TXYesYes129750639
Brown, Jesse FrankCplUSASeptember 8, 1930Hopkins County, TXJune 9, 2018HarmonyHopkins County, TX190529658
Browning, Billy JoeUSNNovember 26, 1935Quitman,TXJune 6, 2020Elmo, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYesYes211144251
Browning, Henry Lee Sr.MajorUSAFNovember 10, 1931Hopkins County, TXNovember 20, 2017Bell County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes185427616
Brumfield, Eddie EarlCplUSAApril 19, 1932Hopkins County, TXJuly 30, 1981Delta County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX50490294
Brumfield, Harold DavidUSAFSeptember 16, 1937Hopkins County, TXNovember 13, 1998Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX58577425
Bryant, Bobby LeePfcUSAJanuary 18, 1935IndianaMarch 10, 1963Wood County, TXPleasant GroveWood County, TX142495676
Bryant, Elwyn GarthUSAJune 19, 1933Wood County, TXNovember 24, 1995Yantis, TXYantisWood County, TXYes25587126
Buchanan, Hurley DonMarch 11, 1937Hopkins County, TXJune 23, 1992Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX37829625
Bunch, Billy WayneOS1USNJuly 22, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 27, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes8983335
Bunch, Hubert DeeUSMCMarch 11, 1934Brashear, TXDecember 26, 2005Ft.Worth, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes59295720
Burkham, Jack Jr.MsgtUSAFMay 19, 1929August 17, 1995Old TarrantHopkins County, TX60026055
Burkhart, Ivan CampbellUSAOctober 11, 1914Hopkins County, TXFebruary 1, 1965Potter County, TXLlano Amarillo, TX19057327
Burnett, James RayUSAOctober 29, 1928Yantis, TXJune 2, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYesYes70793692
Burnett, Max DarrellUSAFJune 6, 1935Wetumka, OKSeptember 18, 2015Bexar County, TXMission Burial ParkBexar County, TXYesYes152613471
Burns, Wm. TaylorS/SgtUSAFDecember 12, 1916Hopkins County, TXJune 8, 1998Hunt County,TXRidgewayHopkins County, TX41077450
Burrows, Charles LewisUSASeptember 8, 1932Hopkins County, TXFebruary 7, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes50646818
Burt, Paul IvanUSARApril 22, 1937Knox City, TXJanuary 9, 2021Sulphur Springs, TX
Bussell, AndrewPfcUSAOctober 21, 1933Yantis, TXJuly 10, 2019Tyler, TXYantisHopkins County, TXYesYes201079808
Butler, John D. USNDecember 18, 1928Brannom, TXSeptember 29, 1994Garland, TXGarland Memorial ParkDallas County, TXYes139423260
Butler, Marshall WayneUSAJune 22, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 11, 2000Dallas, TXRestlandHopkins County, TXYes101714928
Byrom, Cecil LeroyUSNOctober 17, 1932Archer City, TXJanuary 8, 1987Archer County, TX
Cain, Billy Jack USAFDecember 3, 1930Payne SpringsOctober 15, 1993Lewisville, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes78216372
Caison, Claude Wilson "Doug" Jr. Nat'l Gd.April 24, 1936WellingtonMarch 13, 2008Dallas, TXLynch Memorial Hunt County, TX27298219
Caldwell, Eddie LeeUSAFAugust 7, 1937Cooper, TXMarch 20, 2014Hopkins County, TXOaklawnHopkins County, TXYesYes136492893
Caldwell, Howard F. CplUSASeptember 17, 1930Houston, TXApril 8, 1992Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes30740396
Calhoun, Elvie RayUSAFSeptember 27, 1928Brashear, TXJuly 21, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX213470532
Campbell, Ottis ElvoyUSASeptember 4, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 24, 2003Tyler, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYes49923671
Campbell, Thomas MarvinSgtUSANovember 19, 1926Grapeland, TXAugust 10, 2003Cumby, TXSunny PointHopkins County, TXYes13694672
Campbell, William Jr.USADecember 14, 1929Hugo, OKJuly 24, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes201504307
Camper, Reba GeraldUSAFJuly 20, 1926Hopkins County, TXJanuary 29, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXUnionHopkins County, TXYesYes
Card, Billy Jack 'Jimmy'USAJuly 31, 1934Rogers, Ark.September 3, 2005Dallas, TXNew PicktonHopkins County, TXYes26031805
Carothers, Bobby RayUSAFJuly 26, 1932Cumby, TXApril 12, 2007Dallas County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX54058052
Carpenter, Bobby LeeSgtUSAMay 10, 1931Hopkins County, TXApril 22, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXComoHopkins County, TXYes53018083
Carpenter, Hardy Carter "Pete"USAFebruary 14, 1931Como, TXMay 4, 1999Como, TXComoHopkins County, TXYes52999190
Carroll, William RalphUSNOctober 3, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 14, 2014Greenville, TXMemorylandGreenville, TXYesYes125481224
Carter, CharlesA2/CUSAFMarch 27, 1938Childress, TXFebruary 4, 2021NeltaHopkins County, TX222359646
Carter, Mary MildredSpecialistUSNJanuary 30, 1926TexasNovember 16, 1983Hopkins County, TX
Cash, Elliott Gene "Buddy"PvtUSAJuly 25, 1931Pittsburg, TXJanuary 24, 2008Hopkins County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes84171853
Cason, Nolan EdwardUSAOctober 24, 1935Dallas, TXOctober 27, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes60823315
Cathey, Joseph WallaceMaj.USAFJanuary 22, 1919Erath County, TXMarch 25, 1967Hopkins County, TXStouts CreekHopkins County, TXYes24198086
Cato, James FrederickUSAFebruary 20, 1933Duvall County, FLApril 27, 2016Tarrant County, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TX152761559
Chamness, Allen RayUSAJanuary 2, 1928Hopkins County, TXFebruary 19, 1981Dallas, TXArbalaHopkins County, TXYes52737043
Chaney, Russel M. USAOctober 2, 1932Washington D.C.December 27, 1991Dallas County, TXcrematedYes
Chapman, Billy FrankUSAFFebruary 7, 1928Delta County, TXDecember 9, 1979Hopkins County, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYes53409026
Chapman, Billy WayneUSAFebruary 21, 1930Birthright, TXFebruary 24, 2005Dallas County, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYes30846623
Chapman, Charlie D.SN1/CUSNApril 25, 1921Hopkins County, TXMarch 18, 1978Dallas County, TXEmblemHopkins County, TX53411261
Chapman, Jessy DarwinCplUSAJanuary 24, 1933Hopkins County, TXMarch 19, 2004Hopkins County, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYes51812484
Chapman, Lewis LeeUSAAugust 2, 1928Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 30, 2018Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes194396179
Chapman, Warren F. PfcUSADecember 14, 1933Sulphur Bluff, TXJune 29, 1986Paris, TXEvergreenParis, TXYes54784413
Chester, James AltonCplUSAJune 24, 1926Greenville, TXOctober 9, 1975Haltom City, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes40133612
Chester, Murriel M. USANovember 13, 1932Birthright, TXFebruary 2, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TX187079581
Chezem, Grover KennethCplUSAOctober 31, 1931Hugo, OKMarch 22, 2006Euless, TXBluebonnet Hills Memorial ParkColleyville, TXYesYes112229383
Chiles, Wm. FrankPfcUSAJanuary 29, 1915Milford, TXMarch 14, 2009Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TXYesYes60000619
Cleveland, Robert M. USAJuly 6, 1937October 17, 2003Snowflake, AZGray Tioga Cty, PAYes66940650
Clifton, Denzil TimNat'l Gd.November 14, 1934Liberty, Hopkins Co, TXDecember 3, 2013Loveland, COCitySulphur Springs, TXYes123725025
Close, James Eston "Sonny"USNFebruary 1, 1934Ridgeway, TXOctober 13, 1971Kilgore, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes77720227
Cloutier, Louis BattielPfcUSAJuly 20, 1933OklahomaSeptember 2, 1975Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes30740409
Cochrun, Jessie A.SN1/CUSNFebruary 20, 1927
Coker, Bernard EarlUSAJune 8, 1929March 20, 1998Pleasant RidgeWood County, TX142541936
Coker, L. D. SgtUSASeptember 10, 1928Yantis, TXDecember 6, 1998Dallas, TXYantisWood County, TXYes25587177
Coker, L.J.CS1USNNovember 16, 1934Wood County, TXJuly 22, 2004Dallas, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes35544408
Colbert, Elvy WayneFNUSNJune 23, 1940Brashear, TXAugust 28, 1958Portsmouth, VABrashearHopkins County, TXYes8983399
Coleman, Bobbie GeneUSAOctober 31, 1930Rains County, TXApril 24, 2010Bagwell, TXCliftonRains County, TXYesYes52161073
Coleman, Bobby GenePfcUSADecember 23, 1929Nelta, TXSeptember 11, 1978Mesquite, tXNeltaHopkins County, TXYes71742375
Collett, Robert AustinUSAJune 29, 1933Chicago, ILOctober 13, 1994Dallas, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TXYes52137528
Collins, DonUSAOctober 14, 1937Hopkins County, TXJune 8, 2005Hopkins County, TXComoHopkins County, TX54480481
Collins, Ted JacksonSgtUSAApril 4, 1929Hunt County, TXMarch 9, 1988Emory, TXForest ParkGreenville, TX11553435
Comfort, Charles Henry IIMay 14, 1932Port Arthur, TXOctober 7, 2007Paris, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX22052287
Conley, Alfred EarlUSAAugust 26, 1932Hopkins County, TXJuly 11, 1997Fannin County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes63897266
Cooksey, Ward MelvinLt.Col.Nat'l Gd.July 6, 1935Knox County, TXDecember 10, 2016Hopkins County, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes173759306
Cordell, David CharlesFNUSNNovember 9, 1930Sherman, TXDecember 31, 2011Laurel LandDallas, TXYes82890418
Couch, TroyceUSAOctober 30, 1931MeritOctober 15, 2005Greenville, TXSullivanCampbell, TXYes12235684
Courson, Billy JoeUSMCJune 5, 1930Como, TXSeptember 10, 1990Dallas, TXOvillaEllis County, TXYes24661103
Courson, Charles RayCplUSADecember 19, 1932Pine Forest, TXMay 24, 2007Hopkins County, TXPine ForestHopkins County, TXYesYes62995144
Cousin, James JuniorCplUSADecember 24, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 25, 1991Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYes51512392
Cox. Pat O'Neal Dr.Sgt1CUSAOctober 7, 1932LeFlore County, OK
Crabb, James PatrickUSAFNovember 17, 1931Wichita Falls, TXFebruary 22, 2019Dallas, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYesYes
Crabb, LarrySFCUSAAugust 24, 1928Hopkins County, TXMay 15, 2017Bonham, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX180061709
Crabb, Max AllenDecember 21, 1933Wichita Falls, Tx.
Craft, Paul GeraldPfcUSAOctober 27, 1929Floydada, TXMarch 9, 1991Rest HavenOK City, OKYes16174696
Cramp, Erwin Charles "Bud"USADecember 21, 1927Glenwood Springs, COAugust 3, 2017Houston, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes182052446
Crane, Thomas J. USANovember 23, 1923Wood County, TXAugust 2, 2002Dallas, TXLeeWood County, TX74432195
Creager, DonaldUSAJune 8, 1928OklahomaMarch 12, 2008Yantis, TXCalvery HillDallas, TXYes32369116
Crisp, George Smith1LtUSAAugust 9, 1926December 12, 1950N.KoreaPleasant GroveHopkins County, TX51569457
Cromer, Arvel Belton Jr.USAFebruary 28, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 8, 1990Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes53954829
Cromer, Bobby EarlUSAFebruary 2, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 12, 1999Dallas County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes53954812
Cross, Roger CarltonSfcUSAFebruary 15, 1915Cumby, TXOctober 21, 1988Lawton, OKCumbyHopkins County, TXYes70131562
Crump, Billy JoeSgtUSANovember 2, 1932Brinker, TXMarch 3, 2008Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37850974
Crump, Marlin MauriceFebruary 21, 1926March 15, 1998Dallas, TXYes
Crump, Newell AlfordUSAAugust 20, 1928Como, TX
Crump, Tom B.Lt.JGUSNOctober 26, 1932Hopkins County, TXMay 4, 1983Dallas County, TXYantisWood County, TX25587201
Cruse, FrankSP4USAApril 22, 1934Celeste, TXNovember 4, 2014Emory, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes138385914
Cummings, Bennie Jr.USAOctober 22, 1932Cragford, ALFebruary 25, 2011Tyler, TXcrematedYesYes67616993
Cummings, John LewisSgtUSMCSeptember 12, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 28, 2008Commerce, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes72197706
Cupp, Arvry DillardUSAJune 14, 1930Cullman, ALSeptember 1, 2020Hopkins Co, TXNew PicktonHopkins County, TX215207278
Daniels, Wallace HaroldCol.USANovember 14, 1929Hopkins County, TXSeptember 12, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes215834967
Darby, Charles WeldonS/SgtUSAFNovember 24, 1932Hopkins County, TXFebruary 22, 2011Chatam, ILShooks ChapelHopkins County, TX113016814
Davis, Cecil JoUSAF
Davis, Charles Ed. Sr.USAFMarch 1, 1938Hopkins County, TXJanuary 30, 1989Bonham, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes30581558
Davis, Delbert GeneSP4USADecember 16, 1934Mahoney, TXApril 14, 2014Dallas, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TX128021485
Davis, Delnora VernonUSAJanuary 27, 1934Kilgore, TXDecember 8, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes28650639
Davis, Eldon R.USAFebruary 20, 1939Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 11, 1995Kansas CityKansas City
Davis, John D. "Bud"USNNovember 30, 1931Hopkins County, TXApril 8, 1991Rosewood Longview, TX148699000
Davis, John Henry Jr.USAMay 15, 1930Swink, OKNovember 26, 2000Dallas County, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYesYes30581470
Davis, John WilliamPfcUSASeptember 12, 1928San Augustine, TXAugust 12, 2011TexasFt.Sam Houston Nat'l Cem.San Antonio, TXYesYes78195897
Davis, Johnny WeldonPfcUSADecember 31, 1936Hill County, TXSeptember 25, 1989Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX30740431
Davison, Billy JeneUSA
Davison, Mervis DellUSAFSeptember 17, 1934Hopkins County, TX
Day, William Mark Jr. USAJuly 24, 1932Hopkins County, TX
Dean, James Lawrence IIIUSNMay 19, 1932Mineral Wells, TXFebruary 23, 2003Commerce, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TXYes50061365
Deaton, EdmundP02USNAugust 18, 1930Hopkins County, TX
Deaton, Harold GeneUSAMarch 6, 1934Hopkins County, TXApril 3, 2018Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes188535986
DeBusk, JohnUSARSulphur Bluff, TX
Deel, John Thomas 'Tommy'SgtUSAFDecember 23, 1927Fannin County, TXSeptember 28, 2007Wood County, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes22272256
Deihl, David ArthurUSAFDecember 27, 1936Ft.Wayne, INApril 11, 2009Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes
Dennis, Luther LeonRD3USNJanuary 18, 1932Saltillo, TXNovember 15, 2013Irving, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TXYesYes120349720
Dicken, George TruettSgtUSAJanuary 18, 1931Cumby, TXJuly 7, 1998Sulphur Springs, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYes140340712
Dicken, Truman TommieUSAJanuary 18, 1931Cumby, TXMarch 21, 2016Hopkins County, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TX159852235
Dillard, George AllenUSAFJune 20, 1930Sulphur Bluff, TXApril 15, 1977Dallas, TXGrove Hill MemorialDallas, TXYes188172223
Dirks, Billy GeneUSAJanuary 12, 1934Lamar County, TXMarch 27, 2015Smith County, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYesYes144314303
Diviney, David R.PfcUSADecember 29, 1927Hempstead County, Ark.April 23, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX56961665
Dixon, Eugene "Tater"USAOctober 2, 1928Posey, TXFebruary 14, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYesYes23593382
Dixon, Leroy USMCNovember 27, 1928Posey, TXApril 4, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXPoseyHopkins County, TXYesYes23201109
D'Lizarraga, William KaneUSAFJune 6, 1931Deep River, Conn.January 1, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXConn.YesYes
Dobson, Johnny FredOK Nat'l Gd.November 19, 1934Altus, OKMarch 31, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX188482512
Dotson, OttoUSNAugust 7, 1932Muskogee, OKSeptember 12, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins Co, TXYesYes201127673
Dougan, Billy Newman "Bill"CE3USNFebruary 5, 1934Emmet. Ark.September 10, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes57906560
Drummond, James LarkinUSAJanuary 23, 1933Franklin County, TXJune 9, 2013Winnsboro, TXMaconFranklin County, TXYes112034637
Duhan, Alvin Madison 'Matt'USAMay 24, 1936Louisville, KYFebruary 9, 1997Sulphur Springs, TXRusselville, KYYes
Dunavin, Bobby JoeCpt.USAMay 1, 1929Hopkins County, TXJuly 26, 2012Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX94303748
Dunavin, Howard E.USAFMarch 2, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 25, 2001Dallas, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYes63098041
Dunavin, Jearl WayneUSAFMay 18, 1933Hopkins County, TXOctober 16, 2012Hunt County,TXcremated99302074
Duncan, Donald LouisUSAJuly 1, 1936Ladonia, TXFebruary 3, 2017Dallas, TXLadoniaFannin County, TX185791444
Dunn, Billy GeneUSADecember 20, 1930PettyFebruary 2, 1999Dallas, TXSonoraHunt County, TXYes21791296
Dunn, Charles RaymondOMSNUSNApril 1, 1932Longview, TXApril 12, 2004Longview, TXDanvilleKilgore, TX38984768
Durham, Billy MackPfcUSAMarch 21, 1937Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 11, 2005Yantis, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TXYes52735730
Dyce, Bennett K.A3CUSAFAugust 12, 1937ArkansasSeptember 25, 2001Henderson County, TXArbalaHopkins County, TX54332466
Echeverio, Henry AlfredFPOUSNApril 15, 1930New York, NYNovember 13, 2019Hopkins County, TXYesYes
Edwards, Billy PfcUSAFebruary 12, 1934OglesbyMay 2, 2005Dallas, TXRichlandHopkins County, TX15940838
Edwards, John B. Jr. USAQMarch 17, 1931Lime County, TXOctober 8, 2009Wood County, TXShady GroveWood County, TXYes48174060
Edwards, Julius WilsonSeptember 4, 1938Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 21, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes50645495
Elledge, Leonard AndrewPfcUSAMarch 10, 1930Pickton, TXSeptember 23, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXWinterfieldHopkins County, TXYes15902036
Elliot, Herbert EugeneUSASulphur Springs, TXJanuary 14, 2020Lyons Sunnyvale, TX
Elliott, Johnny YoungUSASeptember 21, 1937Hopkins County, TXSeptember 9, 2012Dallas County, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TXYesYes96885039
Ellis, Nelson EarlOctober 11, 1933Dallas, TXMarch 2, 2014Cumby, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes125874197
Ellsworth, NowellUSAJune 18, 1932Panola County, TXFebruary 22, 2005
Elmore, Larry H.USAAugust 22, 1932Charleston, TXSeptember 2, 2004Bryant, Ark.Sulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes72267598
Emrick, Henry FranklinUSASeptember 2, 1933Madison County, OHJuly 10, 1992Tarrant County, TXPleasant RidgeWood County, TX123452280
Estes, Douglas LongUSMCFebruary 13, 1930Addran, TXMay 9, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYesYes89895941
Eugene, WarrenPvtUSAJanuary 28, 1930New Orleans, LASeptember 12, 1997Dallas, TXCoffeyComo, TXYes40803874
Evans, Amos Fred 'Junie'USAMay 24, 1930Victoria, TXDecember 10, 2002Pickton, TXPilgrimAnderson County, TexasYes31084047
Evans, Jerle EddUSAFJune 6, 1934Hopkins County, TXNovember 20, 1988Paris, TXNeltaHopkins County, TXYes69581993
Evans, Robert WayneSP4USAJanuary 18, 1936Hopkins County, TXDecember 26, 1994Hunt County,TXAiquierHopkins County, TX90770846
Fails, Billy AmonUSAOctober 23, 1929Canton, TXMarch 6, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TXYes6244560
Fairchild, Revis "Jack" Jr. SgtUSAJune 5, 1931Dallas, TXMarch 5, 1992Sulphur Springs, TXEmblemHopkins County, TXYes92724799
Fannon, Wm. Robert 'Bill'USAFApril 28, 1932Canton, KASeptember 4, 1993Sulphur Springs, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYes66739393
Fausett, Robert S. Jr. SgtUSAJuly 10, 1934Galveston County, TXJune 3, 1983Wood County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX37885987
Fedrick, Billy JackNat'l Gd.October 19, 1938Sulphur Springs, TXApril 19, 2014Wolf City, TXOld TarrantHopkins County, TXYesYes128343718
Ferguson, Celo DeanUSAJanuary 16, 1928Dewey County, OKSeptember 23, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX183667862
Ferguson, Hugh GlennUSAMarch 6, 1929Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 15, 1977Nocona, TXNoconaMontague County, TexasYes63026672
Fielden, Gerald WayneUSADecember 12, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 27, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYesYes60016812
Fielden, W.A. 'Dub'USAJuly 10, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 29, 2019Corsicana, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYesYes196500626
Finley, Harold DavidUSANovember 1, 1936Hopkins County, TXApril 29, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYesYes128876581
Finney, John Wesley Jr. USADecember 5, 1929February 27, 1989Dallas, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TX23478021
Finney, Robert A. SNUSNSeptember 22, 1933Sterling County, TXNovember 15, 2007Denton County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX23188586
Fite, Jimmy EugeneJune 5, 1933Wood County, TXDecember 31, 1982Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes53653218
Fitzgerald, DelvinUSAFApril 7, 1931Hopkins County, TXMay 17, 2018Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX189814834
Flanagan, John D. USAFJuly 24, 1938Brashear, TXJune 22, 2009Valley View, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYesYes39323308
Flemens, Mike Morris USNSeptember 28, 1934September 29, 1901January 7, 1980January 20, 1900Restlawn CemeteryHopkins County, TXYesP36305770
Flemens, Sam MarionUSAOctober 3, 1932Anna, TXJanuary 12, 2000Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes8983473
Flora, Herbert Vernon March 15, 1930Brazoria County, TXOctober 14, 2008Hopkins County, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TX55069009
Ford, Harold RonaldUSAOctober 1, 1933St. Louis, OK.November 7, 2015Emory, TXHopewellCord, Ark.YesYes155096102
Formby, Jerry WayneUSNSeptember 14, 1939Emory, TXOctober 14, 1989Dallas, TXSouth LibertyHopkins County, TXYes28347608
Foster, Joe MerrittTx Nat'l GdMay 31, 1939Gladewater, TXApril 12, 2018Sulphur Springs, TX
Foster, Richard EveretteUSNMarch 30, 1939Davidson County, NCJuly 26, 2004Winnsboro, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX16677580
Franke, Marvin HaroldUSNMay 9, 1930Mauston, WIMay 29, 2019Hopkins County, TXYesYes
Franklin, Elder Alvin Jr.USAJuly 12, 1933E.Caney, TXAugust 9, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYesYes115391351
Free, David RoscoePfcUSAMay 28, 1928Peerless, TXJune 27, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYesYes54530214
Freeman, J.E.September 27, 1930Hopkins County, TXMay 8, 2015Titus County, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX146393129
Friday, Bob BrockUSAFSeptember 15, 1930Scroggins, TXApril 1, 2014Tyler, TXSmyrnaWood County, TXYesYes127294896
Friddle, James DuvallUSNJanuary 7, 1931Hopkins County, TXFebruary 5, 2015Smith County, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes15970909
Frizzell, Lawrence LesleyCplUSANovember 1, 1933El Dorado, Ark.March 12, 1989Bonham, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes30740464
Frost, Bruce Sr.USNDecember 4, 1941October 30, 1901February 1, 2019Dallas, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYesYes9585627
Fuller, Albert LeeSFCUSAMay 9, 1938Como, TXApril 30, 2014Mt.Pleasant, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TXYesYes128913202
Fuller, James ChrislerUSAFJuly 15, 1938Vicksburg, MSMarch 20, 2014Lindale, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes126641578
Gaddis, William DonaldUSAJune 28, 1928Red River County, TXApril 21, 1999Hopkins County, TXShirleyHopkins County, TX93825139
Gafford, Bobby CarolOctober 27, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 27, 2017Cumby, TXYesYes
Gafford, Kenneth LeeSp4USAJanuary 4, 1935January 1, 2004GreenviewHopkins County, TX18891659
Gafford, Thomas MurrelPfcUSASeptember 13, 1929Slaton, TXDecember 10, 1985Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes8983501
Gaines, KennethUSNJanuary 16, 1941Hopkins County, TXNovember 20, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX218869768
Gamblin, Gayle DeloeUSAJune 1, 1930Pleasant Valley, TXDecember 3, 2020Sulphur Springs, TX
Gamblin, James KennethUSNJune 17, 1928Hopkins County, TXDecember 21, 1986Dallas, TXRestlandDallas, TX77392396
Gammill, James G.Tec3USNOctober 14, 1933ArkansasMay 21, 1982Idabel, OKArbalaHopkins County, TXYes5456514
Gammill, Sanford AndyUSAOctober 7, 1929Oklahoma December 23, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXArbalaHopkins County, TX156333295
Garrard, R. K. A1CUSAFApril 16, 1935
Garvin, Charlie BenUSANovember 3, 1932Merkel, TXAugust 17, 2015Big Springs, TXSerenity GardensMidland, TXYesYes
Gatturna, JohnUSNApril 27, 1932New York, NYNovember 17, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes138978092
George, Floyd JuniorPfcUSMCMarch 12, 1931Winnsboro, TXJune 22, 1985Dallas, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes60274248
Gideon, Hoyt WayneNovember 22, 1929Grand Saline, Tx.April 14, 2000Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes37098852
Gideon, Jimmy Gilbert 'Jim'USANovember 20, 1932Grand Saline, Tx.August 10, 2020Corpus Christi, TXVeterans Corpus Christi, TX214360060
Gilbert, Andrew JacksonUSAJuly 17, 1931Van Zandt County, TXOctober 14, 1985Hunt County,TXCumbyHopkins County, TX70786449
Gilbert, Charles E. USASeptember 29, 1934Collin County, TXDecember 9, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXRidgeviewAllen, TX195663266
Gilbert, J. D. CplUSADecember 14, 1933Hopkins County, TXOctober 29, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXSouth LibertyHopkins County, TXYesYes99957816
Gill, Milton J. Jr.April 8, 1929Plano, TXOctober 16, 1985Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes51634404
Gilpin, E. Max1LtUSAFJanuary 22, 1933Brinker, TXOctober 18, 2012Ridgeland, MSParkway Memorial Madison County, MSYesYes99257549
Gilreath, Charles NelsonDecember 15, 1931Clarksville, TXFebruary 4, 2004Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes57423834
Glaze, BertramUSAFMarch 24, 1930Hopkins County, TXNovember 29, 1977Dallas, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TX19280300
Gldewell, Howard F. CplUSARestlawnHopkins County, TX
Glenn, Billy GeneUSAOctober 13, 1928Hopkins County, TXApril 20, 2012Paris, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX88901581
Glover, RobertArmy Nat'l Gd.October 1, 1938Como, TXMarch 16, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TXYesYes188105087
Godfrey, Charles James 'Shorty'USNJuly 20, 1929Franklin County, TXJanuary 14, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXFairviewYes
Goins, Clyde EdwinUSAFAugust 19, 1933Natchitoches Parish, LAApril 14, 2016Hopkins County, TXNeltaHopkins County, TX161036697
Gonzalez, Jose AngelUSNAugust 11, 1935Alice, TX
Goodgion, Roy EdwardUSAJuly 22, 1930Big Spring, TXDecember 14, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYes18080035
Gossett, James ValtonMarch 15, 1931Pickton, TXFebruary 19, 2011Tyler, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYesYes65962334
Gowin, Henry ClayUSANovember 12, 1930MissouriNovember 12, 1988Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes57247676
Granger, Robert C. 'Bob'PfcUSAOctober 17, 1933Dallas, TXDecember 5, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXNew PicktonHopkins County, TXYesYes73743368
Gray, Dr. G. W. "Bill"1LtUSAJanuary 12, 1924Garland, TXMarch 4, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes89777861
Gray, Gene Patton 'Pat'LCDRUSNApril 13, 1930Randolph, TXApril 3, 1963Glynco, GARestlawnHopkins County, TX37917053
Gray, Howard MonroeUSAJuly 19, 1928Dallas, TXMarch 20, 2001Paris, TXShady GroveHunt County, TXYes26042456
Gray, Richard Jr.PfcUSADecember 20, 1929Hopkins County, TXDecember 4, 1983Hopkins County, TXIndependence Baptist ChurchHopkins County, TX61710741
Grayson, Wally WinstonCplUSANovember 22, 1932Arbala, TXJuly 23, 1996Tucson, AZElmhurstGuymon, OKYes9983220
Green, Gene E.CplUSAAugust 31, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 10, 1985Harris County, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TX25530822
Greenup, Landon LeeSp6USADecember 10, 1927Tulsa, OKNovember 9, 2008Cooper, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYes34846864
Gregg, Brice DuaneUSAMay 16, 1931Lamar County, TXMarch 1, 2017Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX176908164
Gregg, David HowellPvtUSAJune 6, 1929Birthright, TXOctober 26, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes58426613
Gregg, William LoydCplUSAJuly 1, 1930Hopkins County, TXJuly 3, 2007ComoHopkins County, TX55398511
Griffin, Milford A.USAApril 3, 1931Hopkins County, TXOctober 19, 1995Tarrant County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX25290622
Grimes, Donald RayUSMCMarch 4, 1939Gregg County, TXJanuary 13, 2010Paris, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX61026968
Haberlin, Joseph J. SgtUSAFSeptember 25, 1928Philadelphia, PAFebruary 22, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXMemorylandHunt County, TXYes25074317
Hadaway, Gene HoraceCplUSAMay 23, 1932Delta County, TXJune 21, 1998Dallas, TXLake CreekDelta County, TX49620883
Halcomb, W. A. "Dub"A1CUSAFMay 25, 1933Como, TXJune 2, 1972Van Zandt County, TXComoHopkins County, TX53146391
Hale, James Arthur 'Jimmy'USAJune 14, 1934Hopkins County, TXOctober 19, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYesYes217517405
Hale, Onie Vastle Jr. CMSGTUSAFMarch 26, 1928November 23, 1997BrashearHopkins County, TX8983562
Hall, Billy JamesUSAAugust 5, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 10, 1989Sulphur Springs, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478044
Hall, Coy WayneSP4USAMarch 13, 1937Hopkins County, TXSeptember 5, 2000Sadler Grayson County, TX59560941
Hall, Delvis AllenUSAOctober 30, 1932Hopkins County, TX
Hall, Lloyd WilburnCplUSADecember 20, 1928Caddo Mills, TXFebruary 27, 1994Sulphur Springs, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TXYes21771862
Ham, Thomas EugeneUSAFAugust 24, 1931Dunklin County, MONovember 6, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYesYes138508438
Hamilton, Ira DonaldSp4USAMay 9, 1934Franklin County, TXAugust 3, 1983Dallas, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TX15590061
Hamilton, James February 12, 1937Ardmore, OKJanuary 24, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TX141742922
Hamilton, Thomas AlvisCplUSAMay 10, 1932Sulphur Bluff, TXMay 6, 1992Dallas, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes72259592
Hammargren, GlenPvtUSAJuly 4, 1932MinnesotaDecember 12, 1980Denton County, TXRockdaleHopkins County, TX36116381
Hammock, Michael RossFNUSNFebruary 18, 1932Sudan, TXOctober 25, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.YesYes119756340
Hammons, Ed. JackS/SgtUSAFMay 18, 1931Breckenridge, TXMay 15, 1979Sulphur Springs, TXMartin Spgs.Hopkins County, TXYes35876722
Hansford, Beauford George 'Boot'CplUSAAugust 18, 1930Racine, MOJanuary 12, 2007Cumby, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes17699822
Hardesty, Bennie BertUSAFMarch 2, 1935Chattanooga, OKOctober 25, 2004Carrollton, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes89842953
Hardgrave, Johnie RayUSAMay 3, 1940Cheyenne, WYMay 16, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXcremated110669156
Hargrave, JohnieMSgtUSAMarch 27, 1909Johnson County, Ark.December 5, 1978Russelville, Ark.ResthavenRussleville, Ark110680652
Hargrave, Kenneth ErcilRMSNUSNSeptember 19, 1921Hopkins County, TXSeptember 22, 1972Los Angeles, CAPine ForestHopkins County, TXYes62995469
Hargrave, Murray Lee Jr.PvtUSANovember 3, 1933Birthright, TXAugust 15, 1978Tyler, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes64168365
Harred, Kenneth PatrickUSNAugust 19, 1940Hopkins County, TXJune 27, 1998Hopkins County, TXNeltaHopkins County, TX86809065
Harris, Hershel Jr. USNMarch 19, 1930Hominy, OKJanuary 30, 2013Yantis, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes104398726
Harris, James Clifton 'Buster'USAJuly 12, 1927Gunter, TXAugust 14, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXNeltaHopkins County, TX214413347
Harris, Lawrence BradfordUSADecember 2, 1937Van Zandt County, TXDecember 31, 2018Tarrant County, TXRock HillWood County, TXYesYes125394646
Harris, Rex EdwardLt.USMCFebruary 28, 1933Como, TXSeptember 22, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes9585816
Hart, Billy GeneUSAApril 4, 1928Hopkins County, TXSeptember 28, 2013WinterfieldHopkins County, TXYes117865402
Hart, Bruce TolbertCplUSAJune 23, 1926Pickton, TXJanuary 8, 1996Rock Springs, WYWinterfieldHopkins County, TX18780672
Hartley, Raymond Edgar1SgtUSAApril 9, 1921Birchtree, MOAugust 22, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXWinterfieldHopkins County, TXYes15548430
Hartzog, Donald R.USCGMay 21, 1936
Hathcoat, Julius OlanUSAMarch 27, 1931Hopkins County, TXApril 8, 1965Sulphur Springs, TXBethelHopkins County, TXYes38348857
Hatley, Billy W.USAFFebruary 17, 1933Hopkins County, TX
Hatley, Billy W.USAJanuary 5, 1934Lone Oak, TXJuly 26, 1998Dallas, TXLone StarRains County, TXYes178763201
Hawkins, Billy RayUSAMay 21, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 1, 1980El Reno, OKYes
Haygood, Clyde ArthurUSAFOctober 12, 1931Dallas County, TXMarch 31, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX144375242
Hazelwood, Herman EarlUSNMay 20, 1927Hopkins County, TXOctober 5, 2015Tyler, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TX
Hazlewood, Royal EdgarCplUSMCJanuary 1, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 30, 2006Bonham, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes36049792
Henderson, Harvey E. 'Tut'MSgtUSAFMarch 13, 1917Tira, TXDecember 28, 1977Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes67578525
Henderson, James R.September 10, 1933Dallas, TXFebruary 15, 2008Dallas, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYes60192595
Henderson, Sidney RayUSAFSeptember 16, 1933Hopkins County, TXMarch 10, 1997Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes
Hendricks, John CarsonUSAFOctober 11, 1929PennsylvaniaAugust 21, 1986Hunt County,TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes57876320
Herring, James Jackson 'Jack' Jr.USAFOctober 5, 1929Waco, TXJune 30, 2020Woodstock, GANew ShirleyHopkins County, TX212147968
Hester, Kenneth VictorCplUSAMarch 21, 1932Como, TXJanuary 15, 1997Garland, TXRestlandDallas, TX
Hethcoat, Charles Luke Jr.June 8, 1919January 2, 1987Minerl Wells, TXWoodlandMinerl Wells, TXYes144668126
Hicks, ArdellP2CLUSAJune 7, 1936Hopkins County, TXJune 8, 1999Dallas County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX89884752
Hicks, Kenneth LelandCplUSAJuly 26, 1931Sulphur Bluff, TXJune 24, 1989Grand Prairie, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37918806
Hicks, Lynn DearlMSgtUSAFMay 7, 1930Hopkins County, TXNovember 11, 1970Dallas, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TX40120113
Higgins, Joe D. USAFAugust 27, 1935
Higgins, Oran Harrison Jr. USAFDecember 25, 1928Springfield, COJanuary 28, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYesYes85654183
Hill, Reginald EugeneBMC3USNAugust 2, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 6, 1996Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37919080
Hines, Donald E. 'Don'USAJuly 21, 1935Bennington, OKApril 2, 1994Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes49051710
Hinkle, Spencer DeanUSAJune 24, 1935
Holder, Felix MahlonUSAFMarch 27, 1929Brashear, TXOctober 28, 1987Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX36726923
Holland, Jerry B.SP4USAApril 19, 1933Houston, TXJune 10, 1996Houston, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes55239157
Holland, Mary Lou Branom1LtUSAFOctober 26, 1931Hopkins County, TXDecember 2, 1974Dallas County, TXRidgewayHopkins County, TX41079836
Holt, Carver CleoUSAJanuary 14, 1931Emory, TXJune 30, 2015Dallas, TXcremated148639877
Hooker, JerryUSAJuly 11, 1942Dallas County, TXAugust 6, 2020Yantis, TXYantisWood County, TX214204958
Hooks, DeWayneCW3USAAugust 14, 1934Hopkins County, TXJuly 12, 1994Denver, COFt.Logan Nat'l Cem.Denver, CO803611
Hooten, Delbert JoeUSAMarch 19, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 19, 2002Dallas, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes53751337
Hopkins, Arthur LeeMSgtUSADecember 5, 1924Navarro County, TXOctober 1, 1982Hopkins County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX57487891
Horton, Cary Jr.USASeptember 11, 1938Wake Forest, NCJanuary 18, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYesYes186805532
Horton, HaroldUSAFOctober 11, 1923Hopkins County, TXFebruary 28, 2002Hopkins County, TXCaneyHopkins County, TX23587929
Horton, Wm. HenryUSAFMay 18, 1933Knox, TXApril 15, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes
Hoskinson, Earnie AlbertUSANovember 14, 1933Hardin County, KYApril 3, 2010RestlawnHopkins County, TX59506698
Hough, Norman ColeSNUSNMarch 5, 1937MississippiApril 9, 1999Kaufman County, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX18919110
Houston, Floyd F.USAFNovember 1, 1928March 29, 2005Winnsboro, TXHarmonyHopkins County, TXYesYes62892956
Howard, Charlie Byrd 'Sam'PfcUSAMarch 28, 1929Hopkins County, TXJune 25, 1993Sulphur Springs, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478105
Howard, Edward RaySgtUSAMarch 19, 1929New Boston, TXSeptember 10, 1995Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36727040
Howard, Thomas Wm. Sr.MSgtUSANovember 24, 1924Hopkins County, TXOctober 24, 1982Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYes51617881
Howell, Gerald CliftonUSAFDecember 12, 1936Kreole, MSDecember 17, 2001Ft.Worth, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes58462246
Hudson, James DavidSNUSNMarch 13, 1932Cameron County, TXJanuary 1, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX37921045
Huie, Archie D.USAApril 24, 1929Sulphur Bluff, TXFebruary 20, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes39383656
Huie, Wilford LeeUSAMarch 8, 1934Sulphur Bluff, TXAugust 21, 2010Paris, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes57645527
Humphries, Billy RaySFCUSASeptember 1, 1935El Dorado, Ark.October 5, 2002Hopkins County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX37133088
Hux, James E.USAFRDecember 31, 1925Hopkins County, TXDecember 15, 1972Hopkins County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX37921444
Hyde, Gene RaySOG2USNFebruary 6, 1939Yantis, TXOctober 27, 2015Yantis, TXYantisWood County, TX154336703
Hynson, Jewel E. 'Joe'USAApril 11, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXJune 2, 2016Houston, TXHouston Memorial GardensBrazoria County, TX164154497
Ingram, Marlin C. USAAugust 22, 1933Wood County, TXSeptember 27, 2015Quitman, TXClover HillWood County, TXYesYes
Irby, Billy MiltonPvtUSAJuly 6, 1931Titus County, TXAugust 7, 1950S. KoreaOld SaltilloHopkins County, TX14625655
Irby, Paul LelandUSAJanuary 20, 1927Hopkins County, TXAugust 11, 2016Franklin County, TXPine HillHopkins County, TX169671471
Irby, Roger ByronCplUSAMarch 17, 1933Hopkins County, TXFebruary 8, 1974Mt.Vernon, TXPine HillHopkins County, TX13530856
Ivory, NathanielUSAMarch 23, 1929Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 19, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes25697512
Jackson, Billie G. CplUSAMarch 21, 1933Emblem, TXApril 11, 2021Brashear, TXEmblemHopkins County, TX111192261
Jackson, Jimmie 'TiBo'USAFJanuary 13, 1930Hopkins County, TXNovember 26, 2018Hopkins County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYesYes195046549
Jaggers, Kenneth TaylorCplUSANovember 5, 1930Franklin County, TXSeptember 25, 2009Mt.Vernon, TXRock HillFranklin County, TXYes106966448
James, Billy FrankCplUSA November 25, 1930TexasJune 4, 1944Harris County, TXPicktonHopkins County, TX71387359
James, Durwood W.Cpt.USA April 26, 1922Hopkins County, TXJanuary 11, 1999Phoenix, AZNat'l Cem. Of Az.Phoenix, AZ829458
Jenkins, James RalphUSAFebruary 21, 1932Seymore, TXApril 29, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYesYes66737903
Jenkins, Kenneth RayUSAAugust 31, 1932Reilly Springs, TXDecember 31, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX220532944
Jenkins, Moody ClentonUSA August 24, 1935Hopkins County, TX
Jennings, James EdmondUSNRJuly 10, 1933Hopkins County, TXDecember 2, 2004Rockwell County, TXGrove Hill Dallas, TX64516368
Johnson, Clyde VernonUSA September 9, 1929Kansas City, KAJuly 5, 2013Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes113512587
Johnson, James Samuel USAFJanuary 21, 1930Hunt County, TXJanuary 14, 2001Wood County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX30740538
Johnson, LloydUSNFebruary 14, 1929Mt.Vernon, TXMarch 1, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXRichlandHopkins County, TX125824042
Johnson, Robert CarlMsgtUSAFJanuary 6, 1931Tiona, PANovember 10, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXFt.Sam Houston Nat'l Cem.San Antonio, TX16663309
Johnson, Wayne PaulUSAFJuly 15, 1933Wood County, TXAugust 29, 1996Dallas, TX YantisWood County, TXYes5580227
Johnson, William TheodoreUSAFebruary 18, 1916Hunt County, TXOctober 22, 1978Tyler, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes58512712
Joiner, Jerry BobUSA July 13, 1932Wood County, TXFebruary 28, 1953Tarrant County, TXHarmonyHopkins County, TX27182343
Jones, BobbySP4USA March 7, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 13, 1996San Antonio, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TX51623714
Jones, Clyde W.A1CUSAFJanuary 2, 1935Hopkins County, TXSeptember 4, 1981Roseburg, ORNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes60273481
Jones, Harold EugeneCplUSAJune 29, 1930DaytonJanuary 24, 2001Dallas, TXPine HillHopkins County, TXYes28829941
Jones, JamesUSA August 13, 1935Miami, OKJuly 12, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes113891350
Jones, Roland EugeneCplUSAMay 14, 1932Jones County, TXMay 5, 2009Sulphur Springs, TXdonated U.T.S.W. Med centerYes64689576
Judkins, James ManleyUSAFApril 24, 1931
Junell, Billy GeneCplUSAAugust 11, 1929Cumby, TXJanuary 10, 1991Sulphur Springs, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes61339671
Keahey, Dellas EltonSpcUSANovember 1, 1931ColfaxFebruary 22, 2004Van, TXColfax Van Zandt County, TXYesYes22759140
Keelin, Willard HarmonUSAMay 17, 1935Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 27, 2007Hill County, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TX28463056
Keen, HermanUSAFebruary 26, 1932Quitman, TXDecember 8, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes205364310
Keith, David Mack USA January 21, 1942Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 3, 1997Dallas, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes9585981
Kelley, Billy WayneGM2USNDecember 31, 1926Dike, TXNovember 10, 1988Sulphur Springs, TXNeltaHopkins County, TXYes87161160
Kelley, Marcus FarrisMsgtUSAFDecember 5, 1913Birthright, TXOctober 23, 1992Lawton, OKFt.Sill Post Cem.Ft.Sill, OKYes172292448
Kemp, Ray LaRueUSN June 19, 1936Houston, TXMay 8, 1989Mt.Pleasant, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes84239480
Kenney, Harold LelandUSANovember 16, 1933Hopkins County, TXAugust 12, 2009Sulphur Springs, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TX60400620
Kenney, James PaulSgtUSAFebruary 27, 1933Booneville, Ark.February 8, 2011Mineola, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes35551980
Kennington, Henry FloydSgtUSMCJanuary 27, 1930Coushatta, LAJanuary 12, 2007Hopkins County, TXHolley SpringsMartin, LA
Kernes, James DanielUSA May 25, 1931Kiowa, OKApril 16, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXEnonWood County, TXYes101099636
Key, Bennie JamesUSN July 18, 1921Norfleet, Ark.October 18, 1992Cumby, TXDoneltonHunt County, TXYes29694465
Kimble, Jasper JoesphUSMCFebruary 14, 1928
Kimmel, Walter E.CplUSAAugust 2, 1931Sapula, OKDecember 2, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes30740548
King, Warren EwardUSAFAugust 18, 1931Yantis, TXAugust 15, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes
Kingery, John LowellUSN February 22, 1933Roaring SpringsSeptember 17, 2000Bonham, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYes62983620
Kirk, Travis GlynnCM3USNOctober 13, 1923June 5, 1981Llano Randall County, TX19853609
Kneemiller, Robert 'Bob'USA May 3, 1932Harrisburg, MOMarch 3, 2005Tyler, TXArbalaHopkins County, TXYesYes69569901
Knighten, Willie BeePfcUSASeptember 28, 1933Wabbaseka, Ark.November 6, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXSt. LukeHopkins County, TXYes23671123
Lambert, Robert USARMay 9, 1939February 7, 2015Sulphur Springs, TX142351166
Lampp, Edwin GeneCplUSASeptember 26, 1929Hillsboro, TXAugust 16, 2008Paris, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes29206394
Land, Alan EliUSANovember 15, 1929Sweetwater, TXOctober 10, 2000Casper, WYFriendshipHunt County, TXYes27668840
Landers, James Walter "Termite"July 3, 1928Brinker, TXJanuary 5, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes55445873
Lane, Bobby GayUSAJune 6, 1930Paris, TXDecember 3, 1970Houston, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TX23203232
Lane, Dan MoodySgtUSAAugust 28, 1926Peerless, TXAugust 23, 1985Dallas, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes91967406
Langston, George E.USADecember 25, 1933February 10, 2002Old TarrantHopkins County, TX61972347
Lanier, James EdwardCplUSAApril 8, 1930Childress, TXFebruary 28, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes19497892
Largin, W.D.USAF
Lascko, George StevenUSNOctober 25, 1924Cleveland, OHAugust 16, 1989Cleveland, OHAll Saints Summit County, OH160010071
Lasley, CharlesPfcUSAFebruary 17, 1929Carruthersville, MOOctober 20, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36572329
Latham, George E.
Law, George Albert Jr.USNApril 16, 1936Pecos, TXMay 1, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXcremated189385041
Lawrence, Delbert AllenUSAFSeptember 1, 1929Hopkins County, TXNovember 21, 2002Duncanville, TXGrove HillDallas, TXYes116982012
Lawrence, Donald RayUSANovember 30, 1931Hopkins County, TXNovember 6, 1996Dallas, TXTiraHopkins County, TX53828271
Lawrence, Richard L. USAACJune 28, 1933Coldspring, NYFebruary 24, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes86133245
Lawson, Jack WayneUSAFMay 25, 1933Hopkins County, TXSeptember 19, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYesYes203145626
Lawson, Paul AlvinUSAJuly 8, 1929Hopkins County, TXMarch 14, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXAiquierHopkins County, TX127249935
Ledbetter, Monree DeanUSAJune 3, 1932Hopkins County, TXApril 5, 1976Andrews County, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX16000035
Lee, GordonUSAMay 16, 1933Williams County, NDSeptember 25, 2021RestlawnHopkins County, TX
Lee, Lloyd LesterNat'l Gd.September 13, 1928Greenville, TXOctober 22, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX61510559
Lee, Sidney Samuel USANovember 10, 1924Aspermont, TXOctober 16, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXMt. OlivetFt.Worth, TXYes60252616
Lennon, EugeneUSAOctober 3, 1936Wood County, TXJuly 10, 2017Quitman, TXYantisWood County, TX5583177
Leonard, Kenneth W. SP3USAAugust 29, 1933Haskell, TXFebruary 26, 2005McKinney, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes19520885
Leshe, Gene Sr.USANovember 27, 1934Shreveport, LAMarch 22, 2017Yantis, TXRock HillWood County, TX177639516
Lewis, Thomas O.USAFAugust 25, 1929Allen Parish, LAJuly 1, 2010Gilmer, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX58580995
Lile, Henry AvonSNUSNAugust 25, 1925Pickton, TXFebruary 20, 1980Dallas, TXUnion HillMt.Pleasant, TXYes25095717
Littlefield, Bobby Gene 'Tiger'A2CUSAFNovember 8, 1928Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 13, 2007Tyler, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes55430507
Littrell, Jesse CalvinUSANovember 25, 1930Emblem, TXJune 21, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXEmblemHopkins County, TXYesYes10569855
Logan, Byron MorrisUSAMay 13, 1925Como, TXSeptember 15, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes55110155
Loggins, James CliffordUSNOctober 27, 1928Delta County, TXApril 16, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes88651029
Long, Billy WaynePfcUSAMarch 5, 1931Hopkins County, TXJuly 1, 2016Franklin County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX166524396
Long, Freddy AlfredCplUSAOctober 26, 1928Cumby, TXOctober 1, 2005Dallas, TXLongHopkins County, TX11928091
Looney, James Donald Sr.S/SgtUSAJanuary 31, 1932Ft.Stockton, TXMarch 6, 2005Dallas, TXSouth LibertyHopkins County, TXYesYes78609925
Loving, Solon Ollie Jr.1lt.USAFAugust 20, 1931November 12, 1978Dallas, TXMt.Vernon CityFranklin County, TX74805506
Luckey, Glen RayUSMCDecember 21, 1928Hopkins County, TXMay 21, 1991Cumby, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes57382976
Lunceford, Loyd JeffUSAMarch 16, 1934Hopkins County, TXMay 3, 1990Dallas County, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYesYes9168768
Lundgren, Bennie DerrellCpt.USAJuly 6, 1929Logansport, LAMay 24, 1977Carthage, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes
Mabe, Millard "Dee"USANovember 7, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 8, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYesYes
Mabe, Roger LeeUSANovember 7, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXApril 17, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX145170070
Mabe, Wm. GeraldUSMCApril 12, 1930Hopkins County, TXJuly 4, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX113375288
Maddox, Randall B. USAFJune 29, 1929Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 17, 1981Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37960280
Maddox, William RobertUSAMay 29, 1927Cumby, TXNovember 1, 1995Dallas, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX70210985
Maddry, James DavidUSNOctober 4, 1927Cotton Valley, LASeptember 5, 2006Bossier City, LARestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37393162
Maddux, Remi LavernS/SgtUSAFJuly 4, 1934AlbionJanuary 14, 1976Sulphur Springs, TXPine ForestHopkins County, TXYes63034845
Maffia, Gene1Lt.USAAugust 19, 1916Chicago, ILJanuary 31, 1996Cooper, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes25698227
Mahaffey, Aubrey GlennLt.Col.USAFMarch 8, 1923Uvalde, TXNovember 28, 2009Burnett, TXHigh Valley Baptist ChurchBend, TXYes67795557
Mahaffey, Charles WilliamBT2USNOctober 19, 1930Brashear, TXJune 23, 2012Plano, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYesYes92513905
Mahand, Gay L. 'Jim'USAJuly 14, 1930Hunt County, TXJuly 31, 2002Irving, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes19605830
Malone, Jarrell HughUSAFOctober 28, 1935Van Zandt County, TXFebruary 5, 2018Brashear, TXBrashearHopkins County, TX128368851
Manico, Norman F.SgtUSMCJune 6, 1931Kings County, NYMarch 2, 1995Hopkins County, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX9586026
Mann, Arthur CaudleA1CUSAFMay 21, 1933Saltillo, TXJuly 7, 1999Lawton, Ok.Little WashitaCommanche Cty. OKYes10433527
Mann, Bobbie GenePfcUSAApril 12, 1931Hopkins County, TXJanuary 17, 1980Franklin County, TXWeaverHopkins County, TX40393930
Margadonna, Robert E.August 20, 1932Marlborough, Mass.August 26, 1992Dallas, TX
Marlar, Clarence O. 'Pistol'USAFMarch 4, 1919Cumby, TXJuly 28, 1994Dallas County, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX61249186
Marriner, John IsaacSgtUSAJanuary 25, 1935New JerseyFebruary 14, 2017Leesville, LACentral Louisiana VeteransLeesville, LA190032053
Marriott, James Edwin Jr.SP3USAJuly 19, 1933Hunt County, TXDecember 30, 1999Dallas County, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX69970375
Martin, Arnold EdwardUSASeptember 21, 1937Hopkins County, TXDecember 23, 2015
Martin, Billy JackPfcUSMCMay 30, 1930Birthright, TXOctober 22, 1987Dallas, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes41728492
Martin, Earl WalterSgtUSAMay 15, 1929Hopkins County, TXNovember 19, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes23465144
Martin, Edward Irl "Cedric"PfcUSADecember 4, 1933Sulphur Bluff, TXFebruary 19, 1993Tyler, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes54330243
Martin, Eldridge CoyCplUSANovember 17, 1924Weathford, TXJanuary 5, 1999Dallas, TXRock SpringsFrankilin County, TXYes5318906
Martin, L. A. USAFJanuary 3, 1921December 7, 2001CitySulphur Springs, TX54180708
Martin, Lester WyleyPvtUSAJuly 20, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 12, 1986Sulphur Springs, TXOld TarrantHopkins County, TXYes54329568
Marts, Kenneth RayUSAFJanuary 23, 1936Hopkins County, TX
Massey, William DurwoodMajUSAMay 1, 1924Hopkins County, TXSeptember 23, 1977San Antonio, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes54154121
Matthews, Bruce Jr. USCGMarch 20, 1919Como, TXApril 10, 1997Sulphur Springs, TXComoHopkins County, TXYes53369956
May, Grady Robert Sr.USAApril 29, 1926McKinney, TXFebruary 27, 2009Como, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes9586110
May, James T.April 13, 1924Decatur, ILJanuary 29, 1994Tyler, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes91995055
Maynard, Joe DonaldSgtUSANovember 9, 1929Delta County, TXMarch 21, 2002Cooper, TXOaklawnHopkins County, TXYes
McBrayer, James RayLt.Col.USAFSeptember 17, 1921Bonham, TXJune 7, 2005Colorado Springs, COFt.Logan Nat'l Cem.Denver, CO24741175
McBrayer, James Roy Jr.Col.USAFJune 2, 1916Oklahoma City, OKMarch 14, 1992Ft.Sam Houston Nat'l Cem.Huntsville, TX3033406
McCaig, Raymond ClarenceUSAJuly 2, 1931Commanche County, OKMarch 10, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes86599614
McCarley, William Harold Jr. USAFOctober 31, 1933January 23, 2016cremated
McCary, Ray BoydUSAAugust 10, 1932Chambers County, TXSeptember 18, 2004Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes90033830
McClain, Clyde RayCplUSAJanuary 5, 1931Waco, TXAugust 3, 2012Tyler, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX144647506
McClendon, Dewey FredUSAFMay 8, 1934Commerce, TXOctober 16, 1998Greenville, TXRosemoundHunt County, TXYes31508521
McClendon, Joe ConnerUSADecember 12, 1927Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 12, 1975Dallas, Texas
McCool, James VincentUSAFFebruary 29, 1928Bowie County, TXNovember 7, 2004Grayson County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX55398534
McCormack, Don A.A1CUSAFJanuary 6, 1932Birthright, TXJanuary 4, 1994Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes64212716
McCracken, William LutherTec5USAFJuly 29, 1929Hopkins County, TXMarch 4, 1982Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX5582652
McDaniel, William Marshall 'Mac'USNApril 14, 1933Lakelure, NCJuly 20, 2019Carrollton, TXStouts CreekHopkins County, TXYesYes`
McDonald, BillUSAFOctober 29, 1930Hopkins County, TXNovember 2, 2013Waco, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes119731968
McDonald, Charles KeithUSAFJanuary 21, 1931Hopkins County, TXOctober 22, 1996Shreveport, LAReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes19015504
McDonald, Herschell L.PvtUSAFebruary 10, 1930Delta County, TXMarch 22, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXBrighamCampbell, TXYes79896007
McDonald, Phil Jr.USNApril 13, 1934Reilly Springs, TXApril 16, 1997Bryan, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes7728391
McDonald, Ronnie E. 'Pappy'USNJanuary 4, 1936Hagerstown, MDSeptember 9, 2020Cumby, TXMt. CarmelWolfe City, TXYesYes
McGee, Johnnie ThomasSFCUSAAugust 10, 1917Petersburg, TNAugust 27, 2002Eastland County, TXGreenleaf Brownwood, TX21354977
McGlamery, Joe MacUSAOctober 17, 1925Pickton, TXApril 4, 1991Pickton, TXPicktonHopkins County, TXYes71634647
McGowan, Bascom M. SSM3USNSeptember 10, 1930Hopkins County, TXMarch 11, 1982Ft.Worth, TXMt. OlivetTarrant County, TX108337505
McIntire, Donnie CledisPvtUSAOctober 23, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 27, 1986Dallas, TXPicktonHopkins County, TXYes73767615
McIntire, Robert E. S/MajUSMCMarch 13, 1924Sulphur Springs, TXJune 18, 1990Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes37995141
McKeever, James TravisS/SgtUSAFNovember 21, 1931Hopkins County, TXJuly 9, 2014Winnsboro, TXUnionHopkins County, TXYesYes132616203
McKinney, Kenneth EarlUSAFFebruary 19, 1932Delta County, TXSeptember 29, 2002Dallas, TXCaneyHopkins County, TX36703099
McKinney, Wayne JonesUSAFOctober 5, 1931San Angelo, TXSeptember 10, 2004Tyler, TXRose HillTyler, TXYesYes
McKinnon, Larry JoePfcUSASeptember 8, 1935Winnsboro, TXMay 8, 2002Lubbock, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TX72450847
McLarry, Edmond PerryS/SgtUSAFNovember 5, 1933Hopkins County, TXJanuary 19, 2018Ft.Sam Houston Nat'l Cem.Bexar County, TX187176124
McLaughlin, Joe EarlUSAFFebruary 10, 1930ChanningDecember 30, 2010Parker County, TX
McLeroy, James E.USNMay 14, 1931Lone Oak, TXSeptember 20, 1996Commerce, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TXYes55327616
McMahan, Kenneth (James)USANovember 18, 1928Weaver, TXDecember 4, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes38001981
McMahan, Walter J.PvtUSAMay 13, 1930Hill County, TXSeptember 27, 1990Hopkins County, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX62413586
McMeans, Russell MarionPfcUSAOctober 27, 1929ValeraFebruary 16, 2003Burnett, TXBlufftonLlano County, TXYes59415346
McMillan, Luther ElmoUSNFebruary 16, 1910Hopkins County, TXApril 15, 1968Dallas, TXLaurel LandDallas, TX115231936
Mead, Wesley Earl USNRSeptember 22, 1926Oak Park, ILMay 3, 2014Richardson, TXSt. Joseph Columbarium Richardson, TXYesYes215468915
Mellore, Morris OrvilleSgtUSMCSeptember 19, 1925Medford, ORAugust 5, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXChapel of the Chimes MemorialAlameda, County, CA25961941
Meriwether, John b.Col.USAJuly 21, 1918Dallas County, ALAugust 20, 1990Bedford, TXBluebonnet Hills Memorial ParkTarrant County, TX71309010
Merlino, John FrankUSNNovember 23, 1924Detroit, MIMay 2, 2000Winnsboro, TXYes
Merrell, Cliford A.SSML2/CUSNApril 14, 1923Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 26, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TX72214359
Merritt, Roy Lee Jr.September 28, 1932Hopkins County, TXDecember 20, 1969Sulphur Springs, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYes53147636
Messimer, Joseph LeonUSAJuly 5, 1937Frere, TXSeptember 16, 2006Dallas, TXLeeWood County, TX127313087
Miller, Harold DwainUSAJune 20, 1928Brashear, TXJanuary 23, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYesYes83987811
Miller, Jerry AnsonSgtUSMCJune 3, 1931Cumby, TXApril 16, 2004CumbyHopkins County, TX69888820
Miller, Lenzy Jr. USANovember 14, 1928Hopkins County, TXFebruary 28, 2005Los Angeles, CAEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes82746799
Miller, T. J. USAJuly 3, 1934Hopkins County, TXOctober 1, 2012Tyler, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYesYes98147956
Miller, Thomas E.USNMay 4, 1909Hopkins County, TXMay 1, 1983Hopkins County, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX24663283
Miller, Wilford ThomasUSANovember 22, 1936Pickton, TXDecember 14, 2009Dallas, TXCaneyHopkins County, TXYes46346763
Miller, William MichaelM/SgtUSAJuly 15, 1923Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 23, 1979Sulphur Springs, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYes15452834
Mills, Joe James Jr.USA August 15, 1939Belville, TXApril 27, 2020Paris, TXYesYes
Mills, R. Wm. 'Bob'SgtUSAFJanuary 6, 1923Hunt County, TXOctober 3, 1974Portland, ORMt. ZionHopkins County, TX55401999
Mills, Wendell E. SM/SgtUSAFJuly 15, 1931Trenton, TXApril 11, 2008Dallas, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYesYes26228627
Minick, James CarlNat'l Gd.December 16, 1936Quitman, TXJune 28, 2000Sulphur Springs, TXNew PicktonHopkins County, TXYes73768528
Minter, Judge Joseph RobertPfcUSAMarch 28, 1932Pickton, TXAugust 3, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXPicktonHopkins County, TXYesYes56617097
Minter, William DeweyRD2USNJune 26, 1932Plainview, TXOctober 12, 2003San Antonio, TXShiloh Lafayette County, Ark.62168181
Mitchell, Charles MeredithUSMCDecember 25, 1936Lubbock, TXJanuary 11, 2012Tyler, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYesYes83382369
Mitchell, Samuel Arthur Jr. USNDecember 8, 1932Lubbock, TXJanuary 17, 2000Ft.Worth, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYes16055052
Mitchell, Wilburn E. DwightPvtUSAJanuary 31, 1930Hopkins County, TXDecember 24, 1961Tarrant County, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX18954638
Moffitt, Edward JackUSAAugust 22, 1932Quitman, TXJuly 7, 1997Cumby, TXVan SickleHunt County, TXYes15012296
Moniz, Daniel Morris Jr. USMCJune 18, 1935Hilo, HAJune 21, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYesYes
Moore, Billy MackSP4USAOctober 12, 1930Hopkins County, TXFebruary 6, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TX124719117
Moore, Marlin Paul USASeptember 24, 1924Charleston, TXMarch 19, 1994Sulphur Springs, TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes72455448
Moore, Thomas HowardUSNJanuary 16, 1926Antlers, OKJanuary 14, 1995Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes
Morgan, Billy RayCplUSAFebruary 12, 1928February 22, 1994Sulphur Springs, TXHouston Nat'lHouston, TXYes38433406
Morgan, Dorman AllenUSAAugust 13, 1936Brannom, TXApril 22, 2015Como, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TXYesYes145458722
Morgan, James R. USAApril 24, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXApril 13, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes51095810
Moro, Alvin OscarPvtUSADecember 28, 1930Humble, TXJune 3, 2008Winnsboro, TXMorganBosque County, TXYes45681029
Morrison, Bobby L.USMCJanuary 24, 1932Brashear, TXJuly 22, 2013Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX114190435
Morrison, Kay LurineUSAFMay 19, 1937Campbell, TXNovember 29, 2016crematedYesYes173320304
Morts, Kenneth RayUSAFJanuary 25, 1936Hopkins County, TX
Mosley, Wm. WaynePfcUSADecember 2, 1931Hopkins County, TXDecember 31, 1991Sulphur Springs, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TXYes51698762
Moss, Joe EddCplUSANovember 3, 1931Tira, TXApril 24, 1998Ft.Worth, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes67520317
Mote, Jerry CarlUSMCMay 31, 1935Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 24, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX174360480
Mund, Aaron Kumler 'Gangie'USAAugust 12, 1932Eldorado, TXSeptember 13, 2019Sulphur Springs, TX
Murrey, BernieUSNAugust 1, 1932Ft.Worth, TXSeptember 27, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYesYes59416869
Myers, Herman H. Jr.EM2USNAugust 26, 1929LouisianaOctober 6, 1997LouisianaCitySulphur Springs, TXYes56854601
Myre, James RobertCNUSNNovember 18, 1925Greenville, TXJanuary 7, 2019DFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes196123172
Nash, Carl EdwardPfcUSAMay 30, 1932Hopkins County, TXMarch 12, 1991Dallas County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TX23478219
Neal, Ira Jr. USANovember 29, 1927Hardeman County, TXDecember 1, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX155609516
Neal, Jack GayleUSAJanuary 4, 1933Palacious, TXJanuary 24, 2016Dallas County, TXYesYes
Nelson, John BillyA1CUSAFAugust 13, 1934Birmingham, ALAugust 25, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX21183483
Nestor, Richard LynnUSAJanuary 30, 1929Parson, W.V.August 25, 2003Brashear, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18954939
Newcomb, James RussellNav Av CadetUSNJanuary 29, 1934Dallas County, TXNovember 21, 1956Memphis, TNArlington Nat'l Cem.Arlington, VAYesYes49296258
Newsom, Silas LavonneUSAJune 23, 1933June 11, 1984Dallas County, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TX66461951
Newsom, Y. B. PfcUSAFebruary 16, 1932Hopkins County, TXOctober 2, 1982Garland, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18955005
Newsome, Raymond MackUSAFJune 4, 1931Hopkins County, TXFebruary 28, 2019Rockwall, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYesYes146662777
Nichols, Ernest RandallUSNOctober 15, 1930Hopkins County, TXAugust 20, 2011Hopkins County, TXComoHopkins County, TX75213584
Nichols, RayburnUSAFebruary 22, 1933Yantis, TXJanuary 14, 2018Tyler, TXYantisWood Cty. TX186661090
Nix, Joe CarlSgtUSAMay 13, 1929Lawrence County, TNJune 17, 2006Dallas County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX14667778
Nix, LeonUSAApril 9, 1932Cullman, ALJune 19, 2014Tyler, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX131607409
Noel, Billy George
Noles, Freddy Sr.A3CUSAFJanuary 2, 1931Hopkins County, TXMarch 26, 1998Winnsboro, TXRestlandCarthage, TXYes30023837
Nordin, Thomas WayneUSAFDecember 12, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 17, 1997Amarillo, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes14686460
Norenberg, Jack C.MSgtUSAFebruary 5, 1926Eureka, CAJuly 12, 1988Sulphur Springs, TXRestlandHopkins County, TXYes31010269
Normandeau, James HaroldUSASeptember 21, 1927Lamar County, TXDecember 3, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYes24303777
Nugent, John RichardCapt.La.Nat'l Gd.March 22, 1931Shreveport, LAJune 6, 2014Sulphur Springs, TXCenturies Memorial ParkShreveport, LAYesYes131219482
Oliver, Samuel WhiteJuly 31, 1929Mobile County, ALNovember 11, 1970Tarrant, TXGreenwood Memorial ParkTarrant County, TX51796135
Oliver, Samuel White Jr. S2USNJuly 30, 1926Waco, TXOctober 2, 1974Falls County, TXWaco Memorial ParkWaco, TX90644616
Ondeck, Christopheer KennethUSAFOctober 13, 1930W.Mifflen, PAJanuary 4, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TX186478181
Onley, Howard BentonUSAAFMay 14, 1920TexasMarch 26, 2006Grayson County, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX54326758
Orr, Jack M.USAFebruary 27, 1928Hopkins County, TXFebruary 28, 1990Dallas, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes64213323
Orwosky, Eugene FranklinUSAFJuly 16, 1931MichiganJanuary 13, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX83397767
O'Shield, Lewis EdwardSgtUSAMarch 12, 1931Hopkins County, TXOctober 13, 1996Odessa, TXSunset MemorialOdessa, TX141109779
Oswald, Bobby DerellA2CUSAFJuly 31, 1936Monroe County, ALMarch 17, 2016Hopkins County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX159851834
Owens, Joe D.A1CUSAFAugust 26, 1923
Owens, Robert C.SgtUSAFebruary 24, 1928Mt. Pleasant, TXDecember 26, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXConnerHopkins County, TXYes60626961
Owens, Thomas CharlesSgtUSAJuly 4, 1928Emory, TXMarch 24, 1991Dallas, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TXYes35813040
Pace, Joesph 'J.C.'USAFNovember 16, 1927Old BostonMarch 29, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXRestlandDallas, TX160284523
Pangle, John R. USNOctober 25, 1937Marshall County, NCJanuary 28, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXYesYes141983334
Parish, Walter EldridgePfcUSANovember 4, 1929Hunt County, TXJuly 9, 1991Dallas County, TXAiquierHopkins County, TX90772287
Partin, Fred ByronUSNJuly 26, 1931Temple, TXApril 4, 2017McKinney, TXOaklawnCooper, TXYesYes178134676
Patterson, Jerry KenSgtUSAOctober 17, 1940Tira, TXJanuary 14, 2006Jefferson, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYes60012691
Payne, Clennon GayUSAMay 13, 1930Weaver, TXApril 23, 1993Saltillo, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes27251071
Payne, Gaylon EdwinUSAFFebruary 23, 1935Hopkins County, TXSeptember 18, 2016Smith County, TXWeaverHopkins County, TX170178296
Payton, Floyd L.USAMarch 25, 1930Paterica, TXMarch 5, 2017Tira, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYesYes177063241
Penland, Dale SteveCplUSAJanuary 18, 1933Altus, OKNovember 4, 2013Dike, TXConnerHopkins County, TXYesYes119884939
Perkins, Joe B.USAJuly 3, 1935Sulphur Springs, TXAugust 4, 2015Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes150363739
Perry, Johnny FrankM/SgtUSAFJune 7, 1931Midland, TXMay 26, 2009Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes37887070
Peters, David MillerT/SgtUSAFOctober 13, 1935Canadian County, OKApril 12, 2004Smith County, TXOld SaltilloHopkins County, TX26167721
Petty, CleonPfcUSANovember 17, 1929Hopkins County, TXNovember 23, 1970Waco, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TX23478276
Petty, LeonUSANovember 27, 1927Hopkins County, TXFebruary 26, 1982Sulphur Springs, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes84285254
Petty, RalphUSAJune 18, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 12, 1996Tyler, TXSt. LukeHopkins County, TXYes23671155
Peugh, Lawson RayA3CUSAFApril 25, 1931Brashear, TXOctober 4, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYesYes23486959
Phillips, Clarence LeonTx Nat'l GdNovember 9, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 11, 2008Lubbock County, TXResthaven Memorial ParkLubbock, TXYesYes
Phillips, Jimmy D. SgtUSAFNovember 23, 1932Reilly Springs, TXMay 2, 2003Yantis, Tx.YantisWood County, TXYes35583102
Pickett, Wm. ThomasPfcUSAJanuary 18, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 12, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes97010703
Pierce, James RoyUSAAugust 12, 1928Hopkins County, TXOctober 19, 1998Dallas County, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes67528367
Pierce, Kenneth William FNUSNNovember 23, 1934Hopkins County, TXJanuary 25, 1981Dallas County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX6089410
Pierce, Wondell WarnickFTUSNJanuary 13, 1930Dawson County, TXNovember 25, 2000Cooke County, TXSunny PointHopkins County, TX13677534
Pipkin, Buford LeonUSNFebruary 2, 1933Hopkins County, TXApril 6, 2007Lubbock County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX54762946
Pippin, Thomas Morris Jr.USAFebruary 2, 1932Miller Grove, TXNovember 18, 2015Rowlett, TXMiller GroveHopkins County, TXYesYes155137069
Plunkett, Charles LeeUSASeptember 27, 1933Hopkins County, TXJuly 25, 2016Tyler, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX167479501
Plunkett, Richard LynnUSNNovember 3, 1928Cumby, TXJanuary 15, 2007Commerce, TXCumbyHopkins County, TX 17688060
Plunkett, Robbie JamesUSMCApril 16, 1930Cumby, TXJuly 6, 2019Commerce, TXdonated med. Science201002111
Poe, Thomas Ray 'Mudflap'USAFAugust 5, 1936Commerce, TXJanuary 6, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYesYes12951780
Pogue, Joe Raymondstorekeeper2CLUSNFebruary 4, 1929Hopkins County, TXNovember 12, 2018Dallas County, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes194709091
Pogue, Merle AvonSgtUSAOctober 13, 1928Yantis, TXJanuary 31, 1993Clovis, N.M.Rock HillWood County, TXYes126775169
Porter, Robert SammyUSAFMarch 17, 1932Chattanooga, OKApril 18, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX209282234
Potts, James Ed.ANUSNSeptember 6, 1941Dallas County, TXDecember 21, 1987Hopkins County, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX18955331
Pounds, Billy EugeneM/SgtUSAFAugust 6, 1934Wood County, TXNovember 15, 1998Jackson County, MSSeymoreHopkins County, TX66645024
Powell, Paul Jr. USMCJanuary 4, 1929Wheeler County, TX
Preas, James RobertUSAFJanuary 20, 1937Cooper, TXJanuary 14, 1990Dallas, TXOaklawnCooper, TX139440036
Presley, Kenneth RayUSANovember 10, 1936Clarksville, TXFebruary 6, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes
Preston, Joseph IsaacPfcUSAJune 7, 1930Hopkina County, Texas
Preston, Paul EugeneUSAMay 27, 1933Hopkins County, TXAugust 17, 2017Hunt Cty. TXRestland Memorial ParkDallas, TX182513775
Price, FrankiePfcUSAMay 12, 1931Gafford Chapel, TXJune 27, 2003Dallas, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYesYes7839460
Price, Gaylon ClaudeAMN3CUSNMarch 26, 1932Dallas, TXJanuary 9, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX220874654
Price, Sherman GaryA2CUSAFNovember 16, 1938Quitman, TXJanuary 22, 1977Dallas, TXMyrtle Springsnear Quitman, TXYes30810937
Pridmore, Amos. B. USMCJanuary 29, 1931Morgan County, ALAugust 27, 2006Tyler, TXCampbellHunt County, TXYes
Pritchett, Billy JoeUSMCMarch 4, 1932Hopkins County, TX
Pruitt, David W. USNApril 18, 1935May 19, 1902August 14, 1995January 19, 1900RestlawnHopkins County, TX38014690
Pruitt, Marion RichardUSA
Puder, Raymond ToddUSMCApril 27, 1934Elyria, OHSeptember 12, 2021Colleyville, TX
Pullen, William WaymonUSAJune 16, 1932Hopkins County, TXMay 10, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TXYesYes69725143
Purvis, Elmer WayneUSAFOctober 1, 1932Albany, OKAugust 9, 2007Quitman, TXYantisWood County, TXYes22272336
Quarles, Ben FranklinPvtUSAFebruary 17, 1929Angelina, TXJune 4, 1999Morris County, TXTiraHopkins County, TX60958188
Raley, Charles DonMarch 26, 1932Wood County, TXMarch 22, 1997Yoakum County, TXPicktonHopkins County, TX71236021
Ramey, Jack Allen Dr. USAFebruary 29, 1932Hopkins County, TXFebruary 8, 2010Kerrville, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes53773625
Randolph, James ErnestM/SgtUSAJune 21, 1930Dallas, TXDecember 4, 2004Houston, TXHouston Nat'l Cem.Harris County, TX72745781
Rawson, Thomas PerryUSASeptember 13, 1936Rexburg, IDFebruary 27, 2005Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes27138622
Ray, Shem Jr.USAApril 22, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXNovember 18, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXYesYes155188416
Reese, Roger IrwinT/SgtUSAFMarch 27, 1923Newton County, TXFebruary 11, 2006Hopkins County, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TX24862774
Reppond, Glenn Wm.USAOctober 12, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 12, 2011Paris, TXMt. SterlingHopkins County, TXYesYes73299453
Rhodes, Lewie Earl SgtUSMCMarch 5, 1931Gafford Chapel, TXJanuary 7, 1995Emory, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes 50879271
Rholes, David RayUSAAugust 25, 1930Mineola, TX
Richey, B. C. YN3USNJuly 3, 1931Como, TXMarch 12, 2000Glennallen, AlaskaGlennallen Glennallen, AlaskaYes166611749
Richey, Lem Faulk Sr.RCTUSAApril 8, 1930Hopkins County, TXMay 3, 2004Hunt County,TXPine ForestHopkins County, TX26568174
Richey, Lewis DarwinUSNNovember 13, 1921Pine Forest, TXJuly 13, 1986Solano County, CAVallejo, Ca.Yes
Riley, Norman GlennUSNMay 10, 1932Lufkin, TXDecember 27, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXLake ForkRains County, TXYes
Roberts, Billie GeraldCplUSAFAugust 5, 1930Lawrence, OKOctober 28, 2001Tyler, TXMcMahonHolclenville, OKYes27489815
Roberts, Gregory LeeUSAFJanuary 10, 1929Okmulgee, OKJuly 8, 1990Brashear, TXShirleyHopkins County, TXYes81827279
Roberts, Jones WayneUSAFSeptember 11, 1930Cordell, OKSeptember 1, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX231633280
Robinson, Granson WayneSP4USADecember 24, 1934Wood County, TXApril 18, 1989Black OakHopkins County, TX62421040
Roland, OnealOctober 17, 1935Sulphur Springs, TXMay 2, 1993Galveston, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TXYes52165045
Roland, Robert BoosePfcUSAJuly 3, 1929McKinney, Tx.December 27, 2007Hopkins County, TXMel HavenHopkins County, TXYes51893389
Ross, James EwinUSNNovember 8, 1937Sulphur Springs, TXApril 14, 2015Dallas, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TX145064491
Ross, Kenneth DuaineUSASeptember 8, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 10, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXOld TarrantHopkins County, TXYes25658937
Ross, LloydCplUSADecember 30, 1928Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 8, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31015849
Rost, James WarrenCol.USADecember 28, 1928Terre Haute, INApril 19, 2018Ft.Worth, TXGreenwood Memorial ParkFt.Worth, TXYesYes189131590
Rowell, CloydUSAMay 6, 1928Emblem, TXMarch 13, 2007Tarrant County, TXEmblemHopkins County, TX18419802
Rowell, FloydUSAMay 6, 1928Emblem, TXSeptember 30, 2018Dallas, TXEmblemHopkins County, TXYesYes193626481
Rowell, Moneta (Smith)USNSeptember 3, 1927Emblem, TXAugust 12, 2018EmblemHopkins County, TX109856231
Sanders, Harry EugeneUSA
Sanders, Norman RaySSgtUSAFJanuary 29, 1928Beaumont, TXOctober 2, 2002Dallas, TXunknown110347778
Sandifer, Joseph Orland
Satterwhite, Audrey GenePfcUSAJune 22, 1929Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 17, 1998Sulphur Springs, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes8984036
Scalf, Troy AllenCplUSAFebruary 14, 1932Bryan, OKAugust 30, 2009Hopkins County, TXSunny PointHopkins County, TX41418503
Scarborough, Billy GenePfcUSAMay 4, 1933Hopkins County, TXSeptember 6, 1989Sulphur Springs, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TXYes92001498
Schwetner, DanielNat'l Gd.August 6, 1934Rowena, TXNovember 12, 2018Sulphur Springs, TX
Scott, James Burford Jr.September 3, 1927Tahoka, TXJanuary 14, 1987Dallas, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31027935
Self, James RandolFAUSNApril 25, 1936Hopkins County, TXJune 6, 2000Franklin County, TXGreenwood Memorial ParkHopkins County, TX40297903
Sells, Vernon HowardUSAJuly 8, 1933WisconsinMay 19, 1996Paris, TX
Sewell, Charles RobertsonUSNRFebruary 7, 1927Malvern, Ark.May 31, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXAll Faiths Memorial ParkTucson, AZ179330129
Sewell, Dalton JoeCplUSAMarch 26, 1933Como, Tx.September 5, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYes16061297
Sewell, Sonny JuanS/SgtUSMCFebruary 13, 1930CrowellMay 18, 1975Sulphur Springs, TXMartin SpringsHopkins County, TXYes35923455
Shackelford, Robert JoeUSAJune 30, 1932Grayson County, TXApril 11, 2011Paris, TXShannon Rose HillFt.Worth, TXYesYes68330459
Shaw, J.O.USAMay 23, 1933Pecan Gap, TXOctober 17, 2017Cooper, TXOaklawnDelta County, TXYesYes184368613
Sheffield, JamesUSAFOctober 2, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXJune 5, 2021Sulphur Springs, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX228283751
Shell, Billy FrankUSADecember 12, 1929Hopkins County, TXNovember 18, 2017ArbalaHopkins County, TX185303470
Shell, Joe EdwardUSMCMay 22, 1932Dodridge, ArkJanuary 16, 1986Kemp, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TXYes18519083
Shell, Vivian Lanell (Gammil)WACUSADecember 3, 1931Sayre, OKJune 26, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXArbalaHopkins County, TXYesYes148373049
Shelton, Kenneth WayneSFCUSAApril 5, 1936Colorado, TXJune 11, 2001Franklin County, TXConnerHopkins County, TX60723804
Shipley, Dan Spears1stLt.USAFMay 21, 1929Forney, TXDecember 19, 2011Burnett, TXnon cem. BurialYesYes131620421
Shores, Richard AlbertA1CUSAFMarch 7, 1931FloridaSeptember 12, 1989Dallas, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYes96301483
Shrode, Carl LeonCMSGTUSAFJuly 1, 1930Hopkins County, TXDecember 28, 1998Houston, TXNeltaHopkins County, TXYes50350325
Shull, Jiles Perry Jr. USANovember 29, 1934Dawson, TXAugust 12, 2012Paris, TXSmith Henderson County, TXYesYes95769566
Simpson, Dempsey HowardUSAOctober 14, 1932Farris, OKMarch 20, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXHallAntlers, OKYes69447613
Sims, Barris EdwarsUSAMay 19, 1941Como, TXMay 8, 2020CoffeyHopkins County, TXYesYes210012692
Sims, Charles LloydUSAFApril 3, 1939Hopkins County, TXSeptember 22, 1993Longview, TXLibertyHopkins County, TX78651490
Sims, Charles ThomasUSAAugust 24, 1929Hopkins County, TXSeptember 29, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYesYes153076173
Sims, Ronald ElvisUSAFOctober 19, 1936Sacramento, CASeptember 17, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXcremated23487238
Sims, Tommy JoeUSAAugust 29, 1936Hopkins County, TXFebruary 29, 2016Black OakHopkins County, TX77420258
Sires, Edward IvoryUSANovember 24, 1928Fannin Cty. TXMay 27, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYesYes36058943
Sisson, Ralph EmerySSgtUSAFJuly 21, 1928Covington, OKJuly 13, 2009Tyler, TXWhitehouseSmith County, TXYesYes60394805
Skeen, Don (Harold)USAAAOctober 13, 1929Sulphur Bluff, TXApril 6, 1990MarylandSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes72448956
Skidmore, Billy WaynePvtUSANovember 13, 1929Sulphur Bluff, TXJanuary 8, 1996Mt.Vernon, TXFairviewFrankilin County, TX52298409
Slay, James LeoUSAFMay 3, 1931Ardmore, OKApril 13, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXNew HarmonyFannin County, TXYesYes145267942
Smiddy, Richard DaleUSNApril 23, 1931Hopkins County, TXApril 19, 1990Dallas County, TXLittle Bethel Duncanville, TX145632254
Smith, Almie E. USASeptember 1, 1934Hopkins County, TXOctober 13, 2018Titus County, TXMahoneyHopkins County, TX193994537
Smith, Bobby L.USNApril 5, 1932Linden, TXMay 12, 1985Greenville, TXGrundy Memorial ParkHunt County, TX165953046
Smith, Bobby LeeUSMCAugust 27, 1931Dallas, TXDecember 13, 2016Point, TXLone Star Rains County, TX174752455
Smith, Callie WayneUSAJune 7, 1931Hopkins County, TXJanuary 26, 2004Rockport, TXMission Burial Park N.San Antonio, TXYes131344300
Smith, Gayle EdwardUSAJanuary 25, 1930Ft.Worth, TXJuly 28, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXMt.OlivetHopkins County, TXYesYes
Smith, George T.A3CUSAFSeptember 23, 1933Prosper, TXApril 1, 1954Del Rio, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX38041162
Smith, Harry WilsonUSAFMarch 16, 1929Laurel, MSSeptember 8, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes96820676
Smith, Henry WeldonA3CUSAFApril 20, 1920Hopkins County, TXDecember 25, 1989Dallas, TXGrove HillDallas County, TX187361310
Smith, J. P. USAJuly 26, 1931Eastland, TXMarch 17, 2013Paris, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes106930923
Smith, James S. April 14, 1905
Smith, Joe L. USMCDecember 11, 1928Kaufman County, TXJanuary 2, 1998Rockwall, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18966761
Smith, Joe ValtonUSNOctober 21, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 4, 2018Grapevine, TXShirleyHopkins County, TXYesYes187120469
Smith, Luke E. USAFDecember 30, 1933Cumby, TXOctober 23, 2000Rowlett, TXCumbyHopkins County, TXYes70204464
Smith, Theodore M. CplUSAJanuary 23, 1932June 7, 1962RestlawnHopkins County, TX38041362
Smith, Thomas TaylorUSAFebruary 15, 1934Hopkins County, TXJanuary 19, 2019Yuba County, CABrownsvilleYuba County, CA196289612
Smith, Tommy JamesSp4USAApril 4, 1934Saltillo, TXOctober 8, 2011Wood County, TXStouts CreekHopkins County, TX78313405
Smith, Wayland RayFRUSNMay 31, 1931May 26, 2003Mt. SterlingHopkins County, TX18524990
South, Leslie Earnest Jr.USNAugust 17, 1930Abilene, TXMay 4, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes52046225
Sparks, Kenneth RaySgtUSADecember 25, 1932Pickton, TXMarch 8, 2013Dallas, TXPicktonHopkins County, TXYesYes106392484
Speaks, Billy Joe Sr.USAFebruary 19, 1933
Speed, Billy DonUSAJanuary 25, 1941Hopkins County, TXAugust 21, 1984Sulphur Springs, TXPeerlessHopkins County, TX92002477
Speed, Delwin MuralUSAAugust 22, 1935Hopkins County, TXMay 25, 1994Dallas, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TXYes55355346
Speed, Wm. Lennon Sr.USASeptember 16, 1927Ridgeway, TXApril 11, 2006Sacramento, CAGridleyGridley, CAYes150411312
Spencer, Donald GeneCplUSAOctober 15, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 20, 2000Birthright, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYes64252647
Spencer, Johnny WesleyUSAJune 11, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 2, 2013Wortham, TXWortham Freestone County, TXYesYes118066751
Sprague, Lem Richard 'Dick'PfcUSAJanuary 17, 1932Hopkins County, TXJuly 15, 2005Winnsboro, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31128975
St.Clair, Morris DeanUSAFAugust 9, 1932White Deer, TXSeptember 27, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TXYes59395986
Standbridge, George T. IIIUSAOctober 20, 1930Redding, Mass.May 16, 2018Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYes189812452
Stapleton, Louie RaySgtUSAMay 5, 1928Hopkins County, TXAugust 25, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18966868
Stearns, Charles EdwardUSAFOctober 19, 1929Irving, TXAugust 11, 2019Hopkins County, TXcrematedYesYes129315158
Steed, Lewis DurwoodSP4USAJune 18, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXApril 24, 1998Bonham, TXOld TarrantHopkins County, TXYesYes6092929
Stephens, Charles M. Dr.USNNovember 4, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXSeptember 18, 2020Temple, TXBellwood Memorial ParkTemple, TXYesYes215863113
Stephens, Elzie LoreenUSASeptember 12, 1928Yantis, TXMay 5, 2014Wood County, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes129406167
Stephens, Joe PinkneyUSAAugust 22, 1929Taylor County, TXAugust 17, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXYantisWood County, TXYesYes57336846
Stephenson, Cloveis LesterT/SgtUSAFOctober 27, 1919Hopkins County, TXNovember 3, 1992Shasta County, CACitySulphur Springs, TX54533285
Steward, Teddy GeraldSNUSNDecember 26, 1939Commerce, TXApril 16, 2005Cumby, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes15796427
Stewart, EdwardUSAF
Stewart, Jerry W.USMCDecember 12, 1934Corsicana, TXApril 11, 2020Winnsboro, TXYesYes
Stewart, Thomas Michael 'Tom'USAJanuary 28, 1933Chicago, ILDecember 11, 2020Sulphur Springs, TX
Stoker, James DavidT/SgtUSAFJanuary 30, 1933Winnsboro, TXApril 12, 1998Carrollton, Tx.RestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36487031
Stone, Bobby GeneUSNJuly 11, 1929Knox City, TXMarch 20, 2002Mesquite, TXBrashearHopkins County, TXYes8984160
Stovall, Kenneth VerlUSAFDecember 12, 1931Pencil Bluff, Ark.April 30, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXLone ValleySims, Ark.YesYes178984648
Stracener, Leeman RayUSAApril 18, 1933Divide CommunityJanuary 17, 2021Brashear, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TX146659883
Stubblefield, Roy Jr.USNSeptember 11, 1930Hopkins County, TXNovember 25, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes90232993
Stubblefield, Thomas LoydCplUSADecember 25, 1929Hopkins County, TXJuly 1, 1954Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes53923109
Stubbs, Marvin RayM/SgtUSAFNovember 23, 1925Hopkins County, TXJanuary 1, 2019Sulphur Springs, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TXYesYes195751060
Surber, Luther 'Marlin'USAFJanuary 9, 1935Broken Bow, OKApril 18, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXArden Ashdown, Ark.Yes145330698
Suttle, Wiley Ronald Sr.USAFFebruary 14, 1937Fairfield, TXAugust 11, 2010Dallas, TXLibertyHopkins County, TXYesYes61355634
Swearingen, Lawrence C. 'Larry'MajUSAJune 27, 1929Alice, TXOctober 29, 2002Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes58087496
Tacker, Thomas H. T/SgtUSAFJune 1, 1930Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 16, 1992Ft.Worth, TXArbalaHopkins County, TXYes69097563
Tatom, Ben Earl April 14, 1904Shirley, TXOctober 2, 1997N.Richland Hills, TXMt. OlivetHopkins County, TX68032195
Taylor, Charles LeeUSNMay 2, 1932October 3, 1996Pleasant RidgeWood County, TX142799998
Taylor, Haywood ShearnCplUSAJuly 15, 1931Orange, TXJune 14, 1982Sulphur Springs, TXJettOrange, TXYes72116200
Taylor, James HenryUSAFJune 11, 1937Sulphur Springs, TXJanuary 19, 2020Miller Grove, TXDougherty Rains County, TX206425792
Taylor, Lewis T. USAOctober 31, 1926Freestone County, TXMay 31, 2000Wood County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX31129607
Teale, Donald LeeSgtUSASeptember 10, 1929Chicago, ILOctober 1, 2004Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes12545291
Temples, Lynn C. S/SgtUSAFJune 10, 1928Hopkins County, TXOctober 12, 2007Sulphur Springs, TXShooks ChapelHopkins County, TXYes22197654
Thomas, Edsel B. SgtUSAJuly 23, 1927Sulphur Springs, TXApril 27, 1904Sulphur Springs, TXNeltaHopkins County, TXYes87249588
Thomas, Herbert D. USNOctober 7, 1934Honey Grove, TXFebruary 19, 2020Miller GroveHopkins County, TXYesYes207300978
Thomas, James BurtonUSAJune 2, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 12, 1997Mansfield, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes58540282
Thomas, James RayUSNJanuary 1, 1935Yantis, TXMay 12, 1992Dallas, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYes5356701
Thomas, Marvin RussellUSASeptember 23, 1926Ft.Worth, TXDecember 8, 2002Dallas, TXHillcrest MemorialDallas County, TXYes39595651
Thomas, Robert E. Jr.M/SgtUSAFApril 12, 1926Bloomburg, PAJanuary 23, 1989Quitman, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31129424
Thomas, William WeltonCplUSAJune 13, 1931Hopkins County, TXFebruary 11, 1987Hopkins County, TXEast CaneyHopkins County, TXYes23478366
Thompson, Charles G. SKCMUSNAugust 26, 1930Winnsboro, TXJanuary 31, 2005Paris, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes10429216
Thompson, Clovis J. USANovember 17, 1937Ridgeway, TXApril 28, 2000Dallas, TXEmblemHopkins County, TXYes10569913
Thompson, Jerry ClydeCapt.USMCMay 14, 1939Pittsburg, TXOctober 6, 2017Tyler, TXMartinburg Camp County, TXYesYes184061112
Thompson, Jim NobleUSADecember 1, 1930Paris, TXJune 17, 2003Paris, TXEvergreenHopkins County, TXYes8037083
Thompson, Joe BobSSgtUSAFOctober 27, 1931Hopkins County, TXJuly 4, 1994Dallas, TXTiraHopkins County, TXYes60186299
Thorne, Raymond DaleUSAJuly 5, 1929Rotan, TXFebruary 17, 2018Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TX187410578
Tilley, Claud AlfordUSAApril 12, 1929Chandler, OKJuly 15, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31129519
Toland, Raymond MelvinUSANovember 1, 1933Hollis, OKJanuary 9, 1996Italy, TXShady GroveHunt County, TXYes26042618
Toliver, Bailey LeeSFCUSAFebruary 14, 1927Haskell, TXSeptember 10, 2014Haskell, TXWillow Haskell County, TX135829188
Tompkins, Charles J. Jr. A2CUSAFJune 27, 1931OklahomaFebruary 1, 1965Bell County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX38060825
Tracy, John ElvisPvtUSAJanuary 22, 1936Farmers Branch, TXSeptember 28, 2008Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes30448789
Traghella, Leno LinoN.G.February 19, 1934Chicago, ILFebruary 6, 2020Grand Prairie, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYesYes207044571
Tubb, Larry RussellRMSNUSNSeptember 11, 1937Hopkins County, TXOctober 24, 1999Hopkins County, TXConnerHopkins County, TX50298952
Tubb, Vandal EarlPvtUSMCOctober 5, 1935, TXApril 25, 1999Sulphur Springs, TXConnorHopkins County, TXYes50299337
Tuck, BillUSMC
Tucker, Glendale LarueUSNAugust 19, 1933Emblem, Tx.October 28, 2020Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TX149958269
Tully, Johnnie L. PvtUSAJanuary 3, 1930Dike, TXJune 27, 2007Saltillo, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes36487751
Turner, Bobby RaySP3USADecember 20, 1931GoberFebruary 8, 2002Temple, TXGober Fannin County, TX77280264
Turner, Truman L. USAFJuly 6, 1921August 1, 1986RestlandDallas, TX189519724
Vail, Lewis H. USAFNovember 29, 1928Decatur, MichiganApril 16, 2018Pickton, TXPine ForestHopkins County, TXYesYes153671435
Van Valien, James LonginoMay 22, 1920February 13, 1999Bexar County, TXFt. Sam Houston Nat'l Cem.Huntsville, TX1273653
VanWey, Carvin EarlUSAApril 3, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXMay 5, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes146115941
VanWey, PowellUSAAugust 2, 1931Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 12, 2014Grand Prairie, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes140177387
Vaughan, Albert WesleyUSAJanuary 31, 1939Hunt County, TXNovember 26, 2005Hunt County,TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX12870186
Vaughn, Wm. CalvinUSAFebruary 11, 1930Wood County, TXDecember 30, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXForest AcademyHopkins County, TX64003330
Vicars, Coy OliverUSA
Vititow, Billy BobUSAMarch 4, 1933Hopkins County, TXSeptember 24, 2017Dallas County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYesYes183767337
Vogt, Leo GeorgeUSAApril 26, 1931Corn, OKJune 4, 2012Sulphur Springs, TXcrematedYesYes91529760
VonDall, Ronald JohnUSMCAugust 17, 1938Belcourt, N.D.January 13, 2015Temple, TXElmHopkins County, TX141353442
Wadley, Ellis LeeUSAMarch 14, 1930Tuckerman, Ark.January 15, 2017Sulphur Springs, TX175431157
Walker, Ben D.USAJanuary 30, 1936Big Springs, TXAugust 14, 2016Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes168546320
Walker, Elvis HulonLt.Col.USAFDecember 11, 1923Hopkins County, TXDecember 22, 2003Dallas County, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX23359779
Walker, Freddie BobUSMCDecember 1, 1937Lamar County, TXMay 29, 1985Travis County, TXMt. ZionHopkins County, TX55690371
Walker, George Henry Jr.USAFebruary 2, 1923CookvilleOctober 15, 2014Newsome, TXCoopers ChapelMt.Pleasant, TXYes138238572
Walker, WillardPfcUSAMarch 28, 1928Hopkins County, TXJune 15, 1975Sulphur Springs, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes57399757
Wallace, Billy JoeUSAFJanuary 19, 1930Hopkins County, TXOctober 30, 1986Sulphur Springs, TXRichlandHopkins County, TXYes16132972
Wallace, Kenneth G. USAFMarch 20, 1933Reilly Springs, TXJanuary 19, 2003Paris, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TXYes15200220
Walls, O. C. USA
Ward, FrankSgtUSAFebruary 9, 1931Sulphur Bluff, TXDecember 24, 2010Hunt County,TXSulphur BluffHopkins County, TXYes63399077
Warren, EugenePvtUSAJanuary 20, 1930September 12, 1997CoffeyHopkins County, TX188102845
Warren, James Earl Rev.USAJanuary 20, 1930Celina, TXJuly 14, 1989ChannelviewRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31132304
Warren, Lewis DwayneUSA
Washington, George C. Jr. 'Troas'USAJune 3, 1931Hopkins County, TXMarch 21, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes31132373
Watson, Chapman E. PfcUSADecember 24, 1931Franklin County, TXNovember 14, 1984Grand Prairie, TXNorth HopkinsHopkins County, TX62660682
Watson, MackUSAFDecember 3, 1928Forney, TXFebruary 19, 2003Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes25705314
Watts, Edward EltonUSAApril 11, 1927Hopkins County, TXOctober 5, 2019Hopkins County, TXMiller GroveHopkins Co, TXYesYes203674701
Weatherford, William Riley Jr.SP4USAOctober 20, 1934Lamesa, TXOctober 11, 2000Emory, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18982654
Webb, Billy JoeUSNMay 5, 1929Foreman, Ark.October 12, 2000Sulphur Springs, TX
Webb, Bobby JoeCplUSAJanuary 11, 1933Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 15, 2011Sulphur Springs, TXPleasant GroveHopkins County, TXYes67044528
Webb, Raymond LloydUSNSeptember 6, 1935Dallas, Tx.August 2, 1998N.Richland Hills, TXGafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYes50833675
Weir, Billy HermanUSASeptember 22, 1928Birthright, TXNovember 15, 2004Dallas, TXTiraSulphur Springs, TXYesYes59948772
Wells, Jim DaleUSNJanuary 20, 1935Mountainair, N.M.April 27, 2013ConnerHopkins County, TXYesYes109611015
Wells, O. C. PfcUSA
Wells, Vernon HowardUSAJuly 8, 1933WisconsinMay 19, 1996Paris, TXDillon Summit County, CO29576263
Wells, William J. W. O. USADecember 12, 1924Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 29, 1987Temple, TXKilleen Memorial ParkKilleen, TXYes
Wesson, Chuck USAMarch 10, 1932Dallas, Tx.January 27, 2018CliftonSulphur Springs, TXYesYes
Wesson, Haskell NobleS/SgtUSAFDecember 1, 1930Hopkins County, TXOctober 12, 1992Dallas, TXYantisWood County, TX5628530
West, Bo USAJune 28, 1934Big Springs, TXSeptember 6, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXYesYes
West, Bobby BowlesUSA
West, Harry LeeCplUSMCDecember 21, 1930Chuquecamata, ChiliJanuary 27, 2001Sulphur Springs, TXDFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TXYes10205397
West, James E.SgtUSAJune 25, 1936Collin County TXAugust 3, 2006Dallas County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX15199309
Westbrook, Paul GlennUSANovember 17, 1931Hopkins County, TXApril 1, 2008Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, Tx.56897824
White, Charles EdwardTx Nat'l GdMay 28, 1937November 29, 1966Parker County, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TX38061409
White, Tommy USASeptember 27, 1933Greenpond, TXMarch 24, 2018Ft.Worth, TXGreenpondHopkins County, TXYes188318300
White, William KennethUSAMay 7, 1929Sulphur Springs, TXFebruary 2, 2012Saltillo, TXWeaverHopkins County, TXYesYes84471809
Whitson, Jerald EdwardSNUSNJuly 4, 1934Knoxville, TNJuly 7, 2021Reilly Springs, TXReilly SpringsHopkins County, TX229540690
Wilemon, Hugh FrancisJanuary 23, 1939May 3, 2015Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes146023361
Wiles, Marvin Jr. January 18, 1926Dolen, SDDecember 23, 1984Como, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYes90399435
Willey, HarlanUSAJanuary 25, 1928Hopkins County, TXJanuary 19, 2019Gafford ChapelHopkins County, TXYesYes196241965
Williams, Billy JamesJune 1, 1932April 2, 1970Denver, COWest ChapelCamp County, TXYes100017468
Williams, Henry WendellUSAMay 9, 1932Hopkins County, TXAugust 8, 1990Cokedale, COMemory GardenAmarillo, TXYes167369884
Williams, John GardnaUSN
Williams, John Henry Jr.SgtUSAJune 20, 1928Anadarko, OK.August 23, 2010Sulphur Springs, TXEvergreenLamar County, TXYesYes68023752
Williams, Lewis ErbyUSNMarch 14, 1925Texarkana, Ark.November 22, 2004Hopkins County, TXBlack OakHopkins County, TX62446713
Williams, Lloyd J.USNNovember 13, 1928Colorado Spgs, COOctober 13, 2000Hopkins County, TX
Williams, Plas Amos "Ray"USAAugust 1, 1935Durant, Ok.December 22, 2017Sulphur Springs, TXPatroon Patroon, TXYesYes
Williams, Talmage MauriceUSNNovember 23, 1927Pickton, TXFebruary 13, 1997Pine Forest, TXPine ForestHopkins County, TXYes18659998
Williams, Wilbur JoeSgtUSAMay 10, 1932Hopkins County, TXApril 8, 1985Dallas, TXCitySulphur Springs, TXYes21370857
Williamson, Billy DeanUSNSeptember 5, 1931Hopkins County, TXOctober 6, 2017Titus County, TXcremated184128044
Williamson, Billy TrueUSAF
Williamson, Earnest FredUSAJanuary 28, 1930Norphlet, ArkansasNovember 11, 2020DFW Nat'l Cem.Dallas County, TX221381835
Williamson, Garland WendallUSADecember 29, 1928Sulphur Springs, TXDecember 12, 1971San Patricio, Tx.CitySulphur Springs, TX58951739
Williamson, John AskewUSADecember 13, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXMarch 19, 2015CitySulphur Springs, TX188171821
Williamson, Robert Michael Dr.USAApril 25, 1930Hopkins County, TXFebruary 8, 2013College Station, TXbody donated to science106426018
Williard, Bobbie Jean (Thompson)USNJuly 3, 1928OklahomaMay 15, 1969Virginia Beach, VARestlawnHopkins County, TX38063914
Willis, Alfred CarrollUSAFebruary 26, 1931Posey, TXOctober 6, 2015Birthright, TXPoseyHopkins County, TXYesYes23184885
Wilson, DonaldMM3USNNovember 10, 1929Wylie, TXNovember 26, 2001Tyler, TXLongHopkins County, TXYes10879365
Wimberly, Jack LeonardCplUSAJuly 20, 1931CalgarySeptember 12, 2005Bonham, Tx.TiraHopkins County, TXYes60184134
Winstead, Billy JoePfcUSAMay 23, 1930Greenville, Tx.October 31, 1996Sulphur Springs, TXCaneyHopkins County, TXYes15099577
Wolff, Robert Ritter 'Bob'SgtUSAAugust 4, 1930Chicago, Il.August 6, 2010Dallas, TXcrematedYesYes93899981
Wood, Edward LeonUSAFJuly 21, 1934Sulphur Springs, TXMay 10, 2019RestlandDallas County, TXYesYes199025536
Woods, OctaveUSAJuly 5, 1931Peerless, TXJune 22, 2018Miller Grove, TXPippen & HillHopkins County, TX72561304
Woolverton, Albert Hatten Jr. USAFebruary 27, 1931Rice, TXSeptember 3, 2006Sulphur Springs, TXRoselawnDallas County, TXYes15648287
Wooten, Clyde EdwardUSAMarch 2, 1933March 5, 1995Bluebonnet Hills Memorial ParkTarrant County, TX 185302743
Wooten, Henry Lee Sr. Rev.CplUSAFebruary 14, 1930Smith County, TXMay 4, 2004Dallas, TXPleasant HillHopkins County, TXYes62428489
Worley, James DurwoodUSAFOctober 28, 1930Claiborne Parish, LAOctober 18, 2015Sulphur Springs, TXRestlawnHopkins County, TXYesYes153957182
Wright, JamesPfcUSMCFebruary 28, 1929Sulphur Springs, TXOctober 21, 1980Sulphur Springs, TXSt. LukeHopkins County, TXYes70646592
Wright, Joseph WheelerA1CUSAFJanuary 6, 1932Arab, Al.January 4, 2007Hutchins, KansasShirleyHopkins County, TXYes 63733762
Wright, Lee Arthur Sr.P2CUSAApril 24, 1932Sulphur Springs, TXJuly 22, 2002Sulphur Springs, TXSt. LukeHopkins County, TXYes70729109
Wright, Vernon ParnellUSAJanuary 18, 1934Greenview, TXOctober 22, 1922Sherman, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes5453617
Wyatt, Delbert Roy2nd Lt. USAJune 29, 1931Wood County, TXSeptember 19, 2007Hopkins County, TXSeymoreHopkins County, TXYesYes23503960
Wyatt, Elton DormanUSNJune 28, 1930June 13, 2006Lubbock, TXLevelland MunicipalHockley County, TX23189503
Wyatt, Vernon P.PfcUSAGreenviewSulphur Springs, TX
Yarborough, William DelbertSM/SgtUSAFJuly 7, 1921Hopkins County, TXJanuary 10, 2000South CarolinaSouthland Memorial GardensW.Columbia, S.C.Yes114898854
Yates, Clifford OdellUSAMarch 21, 1928Dallas, TXNovember 10, 2002Miller Grove, TXGreenviewHopkins County, TXYes18988592
Young, Brodie WayneUSAFJune 2, 1935October 27, 2016RestlawnHopkins County, TX171753866