Hopkins County Clerk Returns

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Hopkins County Clerk Returns 1846 – 1855

Forty-two individual land files from Hopkins County are now available for researching online through the Texas General Land Office. These documents represent reports of headright certificates filed with the TGLO by the county Boards of Land Commissioners and the District Courts from 1836 to 1855. The reports, called returns, had to be filed with the GLO on a quarterly basis by the county clerks and clerks of the district courts. The first report filed by the Hopkins County clerk states “Report of Unconditional Certificates issued by the Board of Land Commissioners of Hopkins County from the 22nd quarter ending Sept. 2, 1846 it being the first quarter after the organization of said county unto the 26th quarter ending September 3, 1847”. Each additional succeeding report gives the quarter and the dates for filing.

Typical information found in these returns includes the numbers assigned to the conditional and unconditional certificates, the name of the person to whom the headright certificate was issued, the county in which the conditional certificate was issued, quantity of land granted in acres, names of witnesses, and the date an unconditional certificate was issued. Some returns include immigration dates and marital status of recipients of certificates.

The conservation and scanning project is an ongoing process as money becomes available from private and corporate contributions as well as state funding.

Each return file is in a pdf document that can be easily accessed and copies of all papers in the file may be printed at no charge.   Log into the General Land Office website www.glo.texas.gov

Click on the link “Land Grant Database”.  In the “Land Grant Search” screen select the county by clicking on the arrow and clicking on Hopkins. In the Class Field type in “clerk return”. Click the search button. To view the clerk returns you may either click on the numbered link or the pdf.
You can call TGLO 512-463-5277 for more information or help.

NameConditional DateCounty where livingClassAcresUncond. DateWitnesses
Petty, Hubbard5 April 1841Red River464011 Jan 1847Nathan Petty, George Birdwell, Milton Finley
Petty, NathanApril 1841Red River464011 Jan 1847J.C. Russel, Milton Finley, Hubbard Petty
Adams, Daniel6 Dec 1839Red River232012 Apr 1847D.O. Horton, M. W. Matthews, William Wilkins
Montgomery, John3 May 1841Lamar364011 Apr 1848William Wilkins, James Ward
Montgomery, James3 May 1841Lamar33206 June 1848James Ward, William wilkins
Evans, Lemuel by adm.
    James H. Lewis7 Jan 1840Harrison36406 June 1848Henry Acres, Harvy Acres
Blythe, William T.4 May 1841Bowie332021 Nov 1848A.G. Melton, D.O. Horton
Brackene, Azariah heirs30 Dec 1839Red River264021 Nov 1848William T. Brackene
Hudson, Absolum B.4 Jan 1841Red River464021 May 1849John Jackson, Eldridge Hopkins
Hopkins, Eldridge4 Jan 1841Red River464021 May 1849A.B. Hudson, John Jackson
Bailey, James M.13 Sept 1841Lamar432021 May 1849Mansel W. Matthews, Abner Hill
Owens, Lewis S.20 May 1841Paschal464021 May 1849M.W. Matthews, James M. Bailey
Puller, John4 July 1842Fannin432021 May 1849Jno P. Reeves, Washington Barker
King, Timothy5 Sept 1843Red River332021 May 1849A.B. Hudson, Eldridge Hopkins
Morgan, Zacheus4 Apr 1842Red River432019 Nov 1849John F. Morgan, John Reed
Morgan, Joseph4 Apr 1842Red River432019 Nov 1849John F. Morgan, John Reed
Morgan, John F.5 Sept 1842Red River464019 Nov 1849Zacheus Morgan, John Reed
Thompson, Edward6 Dec 1839Red River232019 Nov 1849Robert E. Matthews, Thomas N. Skidmore
Graves, Robert C.21 Apr 1840Harrison332019 Nov 1849Benjamin Merrill, Eli Merrill
Barclay, Hugh6 Dec 1841Bowie432019 Nov 1849Eldridge Hopkins, Elias Wallace
Merrill, Eli4 Jan 1841Paschal432018 Feb 1850Robert C. Graves, Benjamin Merrill
Merrill, James W.3 July 1841Bowie332018 Feb 1850Robt C. Graves, Benjamin Merrill
Cameron, John7 Mar 1842Lamar432020 Feb 1850B.W. Millholland, John Reed
Byrd, Jesse28 Sept 1841Lamar432020 Feb 1850Robt E. Matthews, Eldridge Hopkins
Beebe, Luman7 June 1841Paschal432020 Feb 1850Harmon Blackmon, Curtis Beebe
Beebe, Curtis7 June 1841Paschal464020 Feb 1850Luman Beebe, Harmon Blackmon
Blackmon, Harmon7 June 1841Paschal432020 Feb 1850Curtis Beebe, Luman Beebe
Edmondson, John5 July 1838Bastrop264020 Feb 1850Hiram C.Russell, James Russell
Evans, John7 Jan 1840Red River364019 Feb 1850Edward Thompson, Hiram C. Russell
Duke, Isham28 Dec 1839Red River364019 Feb 1850Mansel W. Matthews, A.G. Melton
Daniel, James P. by adm
    John M. Ewing26 Sept 1839264017 Nov 1851Wilson E. Ewing, H.(?) L. Ewing
Matthews, Barton W.5 Dec 1839232017 Nov 1851Hiram C. Russell, Joseph J. Matthews
Rowland, John4 Jan 1839264016 Feb 1852Bradford C. Fowler, Benjamin Clark
Porter, Wm. N.29 Aug 1839364016 Feb 1852E. Hopkins, Joseph J. Matthews
Matthews, John W.18 Sept 1843464016 Feb 1852George Birdwell, Joseph J. Matthews
Matthews, Wm. H.2 Aug 1841432016 Feb 1852George Birdwell, Joseph J. Matthews
Howard, Arington64030 Oct 1855Board of Hopkins Co.
Merrill, Benjamin5 July 1841Bowie128012 Nov 1849R.C. Graves, Eli R. Merrill
McLaughlin, John9 Aug 1855Bowie32020 Aug 1855G.H. Crowder, Josiah Smith
Teal, Patmos14 Nov 1839Red River64026 Nov 1855Ben A. Vansickle, Saml H. Davis
Norwood, W.C.32027 Nov 1854Wm. Eason, E. Mitchell
Brachene, William T.30 Dec 1839264019 Feb 1850Hyrum C. Russell, Abner Hathway