Cemeteries List

Sources of Hopkins Cemetery Records include:

These cemeteries are located in Hopkins County. It is possible there are other family cemeteries we have missed. With the exception of a few of these listed, June England Tuck and Deborah Tuck Young included them in their book, Hopkins County Cemeteries, now out of print.  A special thanks to Mrs. Tuck, Mrs. Young, and others that have published their works on the web and allow HCGS to link to them!

Aiguier Cemetery

Arbala Cemetery

Armstrong-Bennett Cemetery (also known as Bennett Cemetery

Banks Cemetery

Barker Cemetery

Bennett Cemetery

Black Oak Cemetery A-D

Black Oak Cemetery E-N

Black Oak Cemetery O-Z

Bone Cemetery (also known as Proctor Cemetery)

Brashear Cemetery

Camp Ground Cemetery

Caney Cemetery

Cash Family Cemetery

Causey Cemetery

Clapp Cemetery

Clifton Cemetery

Coffey Cemetery

Combs Cemetery

Como Cemetery

Como Cemetery( A-F)

Como Cemetery) G-N)

Como Cemetery( O-Z)

Connor Cemetery

Cumby Cemetery (A-G)

Cumby Cemetery (H-Z)

Deaton Cemetery

East Caney Cemetery

Emblem Cemetery (A-K)

Emblem Cemetery (L-Z)

Forest Academy Cemetery

Fowler Cemetery

Fox Cemetery

Gafford Chapel Cemetery (A-L)

Gafford Chapel Cemetery (M-Z)

Gamblin Cemetery

Garroutte Cemetery

Graham Cemetery

Greenpond Cemetery

Greenview Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Gregg Cemetery

Hackleman Cemetery

Hargraves Cemetery

Harmony Cemetery

Hays Cemetery

Hurley Cemetery (private)

Independence Baptist Church Cemetery

Irons Cemetery

Ishamel Cemetary

Johnson Family Cemetery

Johnson Chapel Cemetery

Karney Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery

Lindley Cemetery

Little Self Cemetery

Long Cemetery

Long Family Cemetery

Mahoney Cemetery

Martin Springs Cemetery

McFall Cemetery

Mel Haven Cemetery

Melton Cemetery

Miller Grove Cemetery

Mitchell Creek Cemetery

Montgomery Cemetery

Morgan Cemetery

Mt. Sterling Cemetery

Mt.Zion Cemetery(A-M)

Mt.Zion Cemetery(N-Z)

Nelta Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery

Newberry Cemetery

North Caney Cemetery

North Hopkins Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery

Odd Fellow Cemetery

Old Camp Ground Cemetery

Old Gregg Cemetery

Old Hargrave Cemetery

Old Morgan Cemetery

Old Saltillo Cemetery

Old Shirley Cemetery

Old Tarrant Cemetery

Peerless Cemetery

Pickton Cemetery

Pine Forest Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery

Pippin and Hill Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Cemetery (also known as Plunkett Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Cemetery North

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Plunkett Cemetery (now known as Pleasant Grove Cemetery)

Posey Cemetery

Reilly Springs Cemetery

Reilly Springs Cemetery– Partial listing only

Restlawn Memorial Park

Richland Cemetery– Transcribed by Jo Ann Cross

Ridgeway Cemetery

Robertson Cemetery

Rockdale Cemetery

Ross Cemetery

Rushing Cemetery

St. Luke’s Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Saltillo Cemetery

Sanchez Family Cemetery

Self Cemetery

Seymore Cemetery

Shirley Cemetery (also known as New Shirley Cemetery and Sherley Cemetery)

Shooks Chapel Cemetery

Spence Cemetery

Stephens Cemetery

Stewart Cemetery

Stouts Creek Cemetery

Stuart Family Cemetery

Sulphur Bluff Cemetery

Sulphur Springs City Cemetery

Sunny Point Cemetery

Sunny Point Cemetery (additional)

Tira Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery (additional)

Waggoner Cemetery

Weaver Cemetery

Welch Cemetery

Westerman Cemetery

Williams and Wilson Cemetery

Wilson Cemetery

Winterfield Cemetery

Wise and Clifton Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery